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Who's Attacking the Fathers or Founders of Free Software (and Who For)?

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Nov 25, 2023

Yesterday: Tracing Back Orchestration of Attacks

Still relentlessly and sometimes viciously attacking the people behind the GPL until they get cancer or something:

An irregular reminder that the executive director of the Software Freedom Law Center is paid more per hour than the executive director of the Software Freedom Conservancy

Not disclosing the obvious conflict of interest (Microsoft-funded SFC), e.g.:

Conservancy and MJG

Conservancy and MJG

There is an ongoing series here which we expect to go on and on for many months, lasting until some time next summer (based on the outline of future parts, organised logically and mostly chronologically).

The series will deal with the mob connections around Microsoft, e.g. people who tried to work there, people who Microsoft wanted to work there, people who are visited/briefed by Microsoft employees, and people who commandeer a bunch of lunatics (clinically, not name-calling here)) online.

Yesterday we noticed that the smears against Professor Eben Moglen carry on; the people who do this fail to disclose their conflict of interest, e.g. professional affiliation and ties to the defendant, which seems to smear to exclude Professor Moglen from his own case!

Anyway, further to yesterday's post (this is very much connected to the people who also attack Professor Moglen and Dr. Richard Stallman), let me say a few words about what we'll be using for our research, other than the perpetrators accidentally showing their cards (some of them seriously lack tact and social skills). My wife and I both work on the series and it'll show some truly "explosive" things.

"We used Gource earlier," a person noted. "It might be useful in finding insight about [redacted]]'s sock puppets and enablers. For example, he seems to have a following over on and some of those accounts might be related to his attacks; same for the website pointed to the other day listing him as a 'friend'..."

Since we started this series countless accounts have been deleted, but we took nearly a thousand screenshots of what we needed (before these deletions). It's hard to hide, isn't it? The Web does not forget that fast, does it? This can be a feature when dealing with sociopathic whakadoodles.

"Gource is easy to use," we were told, "and a python or Perl script can extract and prepare data for it. Perl is of course easier to use to munge data into key-value pairs for use in Gource."

That was a long time; we did this months ago, so it doesn't matter if they notice now (too late). We have all the data we need and we'll be back on Monday with the next part of the very long series.

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