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"Check Point" + Microsoft Partnerships Extend to Anti-GNU/Linux FUD

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Nov 26, 2023,
updated Nov 26, 2023

Ransomware is affecting Windows well over 90% of the time, so a close partner/pusher of Microsoft tries to alter the narrative (change reality itself)


Check Point Software Technologies Recognised as a Microsoft Security 20/20 Partner Award Winner for Most Prolific Integration Partner

The ROI of Cloud Security with Microsoft and Check Point


The Platform Matters: A Comparative Study on Linux and Windows Ransomware Attacks: Our special partner

That's based on a firm with a conflict of interest to declare

Comparative Study Results on Linux and Windows Ransomware Attacks, Exploring Notable Trends and Surge in Attacks on Linux Systems

THE latest "study" (see above, the media parrots this already) fails to disclose an obvious conflict of interest. It's more like marketing (FUD) than actual "research", or marketing thinly disguised as "science", a la Linux Foundation "Research" (by 'former' Microsoft staff) and Microsoft Research, an extension of the PR division (hiding the fact that Microsoft spends more money on indoctrination, bribes, and "lobbying" than on anything else).

Check Point is an enormously sleazy company that invites people to job interviews for roles that are already occupied by somebody else just to tick some boxes and pretend there are openings (or a fair selection process). They do even worse things, then try to cover up scandals. Check Point has a huge share of scandals; look that up sometimes.

A probable cause of all this is, Microsoft is desperately trying to change perceptions and narratives around Windows ransomware, as ransomware is predominantly a Windows issue. See below (visualised). The media lies by omission about the nature of ransomware. It needs to call out Windows. It very seldom does.

Microsoft ransom

Imagine Microsoft trying to lobby some decision-making person (somebody inside a company, public officials etc.) to choose Windows over GNU/Linux and then citing this 'independent' "research" about how GNU/Linux is suddenly infested with ransomware and is thus very risky. "Microsoft loves Linux", right? So said Pedophile Bright.

Need a fake "study"? Invoke some proxy...

This is the role of Check Point and Microsoft will reciprocate with "awards" and Azure "deals", to name two forms of exchanges. Microsoft, which bribes Wikipedia (highest sponsorship tier), can even insert these 'studies' as Wikipedia references. Don't underestimate Microsoft's malice. They do not hire honest people; they fire them for "breaching NDAs" or something...

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