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Sexually Harassing and Intimidating Women, Then Sending "Final Warning" to Silence Them by Further Intimidation

posted by Rianne Schestowitz on Feb 19, 2024,
updated Feb 19, 2024

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Editorial note: A high-level authority said that writing about this is lawful; it's OK to publish and there is "no law against it".

AT the end of January I wrote this article about the abuse I had received and the abuse my family had also received.

Today, I am going to show intimidation letters that the host has received. This was an attempt to take down my articles, which merely described what happened and named the culprits.

Imagine a bunch of abusers daring or having the audacity to try to silence me, targeting my articles, trying to remove them, essentially to prevent their victims talking about what they were subjected to.

I don't believe that showing evidence of what a person did to me is immoral. Au contraire - it's important to document the behaviour of serial abusers and let the public judge.

The minds of the abusers don't work this way or don't work at all; and how dare I talk about it? How dare I speak about the abuse I received? Or how dare I show evidence to the world, exposing the abusers? All this stuff is based on publicly available information and highly abusive messages sent to me, even directly.

What would they resort to next? Threatening my family or threatening the host? What else? Death threats? Violent language? This stuff must be shown for the public to fully understand, not just for cops in my city to document, as they have.

My message to the abusers: who are you, threatening companies in addition to an innocent woman, who did nothing to you? I documented racist abuse directed at me by a privileged Canadian who lives on taxpayers' money, effectively a burden to society, bored all day, and abusing people online like it's a hobby, then gagging them. Because how dare they speak about it?

The matter has been escalated to the local authorities here; when I last spoke to the authorities they called them "trolls" and advised me to "ignore the trolls" (they said even worse things about them, but I would rather not say).

They told me "don't even reply", but I never even spoke to the troll, let alone spoke back. We're not dealing with sane people here but with people trying to break into my online accounts and abuse me via E-mail. Are they going to send me even more threats if I'm going to complain about it? What is this, the mafia?

To be clear, I'm not even mentioning their names anymore, it's not worth it at all (free publicity), but I want the people out there in the public to know what they have done to me.

Even though it's not about a personal issue (even mentioning their names would give the wrong impression), they made it all personal all along. It was them who kept mentioning my name, sexually harassing me, defaming me and so on. I responded to that.

Here is one of the abusers trying to take down my articles by threatening the host:

Re: Copyright Infringement Notice

Taking a screenshot of a Web page accessible to everyone is not copyright infringement, more so when it is relevant to my article about abuse that I received.

Re: Final Warning - Copyright Infringement and Doxxing

There was no doxing either. This is projection. We were the ones being doxed. The "Final Warning" part is just more intimidation from people who already tried to intimidate and blackmail us for months prior.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to issue a final warning regarding the ongoing copyright infringement and doxxing activities that have been occurring on websites hosted by [host]. I must emphasize the seriousness of this matter and the need for immediate resolution.

Since there's no legal ground for this, there's no "seriousness" and no "immediate resolution" is required. You don't just fire threats at webhosts with terms like "Final Warning" and expect them to blindly comply with such demands. They can accept legitimate complaints, not some rantings of a madman.

*Copyright Infringement: *

I have previously notified you of copyright infringement issues concerning the following URLs:


These are screenshots. They are not copyright infringing, either.

I am the exclusive copyright holder of these images and have provided clear evidence of this fact. Failure to address this issue constitutes an ongoing violation of my rights as a copyright holder.

No, one does not own the screenshots. The Web pages are large, they're owned by companies, and if some little photo exists in them (uploaded by the user), that does not make the screenshots infringing.

*Doxxing: *

In addition to copyright infringement, there are URLs on websites hosted by [host] that are involved in doxxing activities, specifically targeting me, a transgender woman. These URLs are:


No, all of them are just publicly available and publicly accessible material. There is simply no doxing here. It was actually me who got doxed in 2022. This is just projection again.

The perpetrator falsely claims to be the victim, arguing that the victim of online crimes and other crimes is somehow 'doxing' by merely talking about the abuse.

Imagine Harvey Weinstein accusing his rape victims of 'doxing' him.

This doxxing is harmful, invasive, and discriminatory, and it directly violates my rights and privacy as a transgender woman.

No, if a transgender woman keeps attacking women online, for no reason whatsoever (maybe envy or misogyny), then pointing that out using publicly available material including examples of the abuse is not doxing, it's very much necessary. If you want to be spared negative publicity, then stop attacking women.

*Human Rights Violation in Ontario, Canada: *

The webhost is not in Ontario, Canada.

Falsely claiming otherwise would add up to a pattern of deceit.

I wish to make it explicitly clear that if these issues are not promptly and effectively addressed, I will have no choice but to bring this matter before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario for violation of Section 1 and 9 of the Human Rights Code, R.S.O. 1990, c. H.19.

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario deals with issues in Ontario. Sending frivolous complaints to Ontario tribunals can result in very negative judgements for the complainant, as courts exist not to be instrumentalised for harassment. Pretending the host is subjected to laws or courts in Ontario would not work and would probably upset the court, if anything.

It is already public information (in the Canadian government's site) that the abuser herein has a long history of frivolous filings there, so this is more of the same.

What will be the excuse this time?

The copyright infringement and doxxing activities not only infringe on my copyrights but also violate my human rights in Ontario, Canada. The violation of my human rights is a matter of grave concern, and it necessitates immediate action on your part.

There is no copyright infringement and no doxing. Also, this court is inapplicable. If the court is tricked into thinking otherwise there can be legal consequences for the filer.


1 Every person has a right to equal treatment with respect to services, goods and facilities, without discrimination because of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, marital status, family status or disability. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.19, s. 1; 1999, c. 6, s. 28 (1); 2001, c. 32, s. 27 (1); 2005, c. 5, s. 32 (1); 2012, c. 7, s. 1.

This is Canadian law and it is also inapplicable because a racist, sexist person attacking a woman online does not give this person a "right" to silence the victim.

*Infringement prohibited*

9 No person shall infringe or do, directly or indirectly, anything that infringes a right under this Part. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.19, s. 9.

So maybe stop attacking women.


46.2 (1) Every person who contravenes section 9 or subsection 31 (14), 31.1 (8) or 44 (13) or an order of the Tribunal is guilty of an offence and on conviction is liable to a fine of not more than $25,000. 2006, c. 30, s. 8.

So the abuser, who quotes the above, might be liable to pay the women being attacked, including me.

Who is actually breaking Canadian law here?

I am aware that [host] is based in the United Kingdom, but it is essential to understand that the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario has jurisdiction in this matter, and any ruling against you will be publicly available to the world and the press. Your location does not exempt you from being held accountable for these violations, which have had a severe impact on my rights and well-being.

This is untrue because the tribunal would not pick such a case at all. It would be thrown out as inadmissible and, if false information is provided to trick the tribunal, the filer would face severe legal consequences. Yes, in Canada.

This warning is final, and I expect immediate action to remove the infringing content and cease the doxxing activities within 10 business days from the date of this letter.

Look at the language of blackmail from a person who attacks women and then tries to silence them.

Failure to comply with this final warning will leave me with no alternative but to pursue legal action to protect my rights and seek justice as a victim of doxxing and human rights violations. I am prepared to take all necessary steps to ensure that my rights are upheld and justice is served.

Even lying to tribunals?

Please consider this letter as a final opportunity for [host] to address these serious matters before legal action is taken.


This blackmail attempt was thrown out by the host. Ticket closed.

Attacking women, blackmailing hosts, and falsely presenting (or misrepresenting) laws is the repertoire of a person just like that whom I wrote about months ago. The public needs to be aware of these nasty tactics. I won't be bullied into silence.

Vintage Women Clip Art Restored from Public Domain Images, Art DecoNouveau Flappers

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