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Eleanor Williams, Erinn Clark & Debian: prison for false accusations

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Mar 22, 2024

Reprinted with permission from Daniel Pocock.

There are two interesting stories from the sleepy Cumbrian seaside town of Barrow this week. One is about the biggest arms contract in history, the Aukus nuclear submarines and the other is about a young white woman spreading false accusations of abuse on Facebook.

Eleanor Williams

(Related: call for the arrest of Molly de Blanc)

Nils Melzer, the UN's former special rapporteur for torture, has explicitly warned about cybertorture, the use of Google and social media to create rumors about harassment and abuse. Melzer is arguing that Facebook is used as a weapon, a lot like those submarines. Therefore, the thought of this teenage girl hijacking facebook to dupe the population of Barrow is rather disturbing. After all, these are the same people who will be building these submarines. The thought of somebody hijacking one of those submarines is one of the strongest arguments for nuclear non-proliferation. Yet if the people of Barrow were so easily whipped up into a mob by facebook, can we rely on them to secure the submarines against infiltration?

For what its worth, the world's largest stock of weapons grade plutonium is a short distance from Barrow in Sellafield. Sellafield was formerly known as Windscale. They renamed it after the UK's worst nuclear accident, just as Facebook rebranded with the name Meta after their recent scandals. If you had to choose, would you rather live next to Sellafield or live next to a toxic woman like Eleanor Williams or Erinn Clark?

Looking through the summary of Eleanor Williams' prosecution, we find many similarities to the toxic women infesting the open source world. After Miss Williams began her online vendetta, vigilantes defaced the house of one male victim, writing the word "rapist" on the wall. This is exactly what happened to the home of Jacob Appelbaum in Berlin.

Jacob Appelbaum, Berlin, rapist, vandalism

Here we repeat the leaked email that Erinn Clark sent on debian-private. Women like this whipped up the mob that put graffiti on Appelbaum's home just as Miss Williams's behavior is responsible for graffiti in Barrow.

Subject: Re: Expulsion of Jacob Appelbaum <error>
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2016 12:56:58 -0400
From: Erinn Clark <>

* Erinn Clark <> [2016:06:21 12:53 -0400]: > I disagree with the decision to make a public statement [...]
Should be: I disagree with the decision *NOT* to make a public statement

In 2021 it was Molly de Blanc from GNOME, Elana Hashman (from Red Hat and now Apple) and their rent-a-mob who created the RMS Open Letter dripping with false accusations against Dr Richard Stallman. Other conspirators include Máirín Duffy and Aleksandra Fedorova from Red Hat, Ariadne Conill from Alpine Linux and numerous others. Volunteers looked over private records from the DebConf6 fight and found it was Amaya Rodrigo Sastre writing malicious gossip to turn people against Ted Walther.

The similarities between Eleanor Williams and these open source brats are striking. Therefore, why does Williams get eight years in prison while these other women get a career at IBM / Red Hat?

If women want to create a petition about an issue then we will be the first to sign it. When they create a petition about a person, that is not the same as a petition about an issue. A petition or vote about a person is harassment and bullying.

In fact, the offences of Erinn Clark, Molly de Blanc, Elana Hashman, Máirín Duffy, Aleksandra Fedorova and Ariadne Conill and others are far worse. According to the sentencing report for Miss Williams, now 22 years old, psychiatric professionals who examined the woman couldn't find any medical explanation for her social media vendettas. If we look at the Red Hat women, we can see they have a strong motivation in the form of a salary and free trips to technical conferences. In fact, Molly de Blanc admits she has no money to pay people and no skills of her own, she has made her entire career by ingratiating herself to the men who award the travel funds to open source conferences.

We hope the people of Barrow will learn from their experience with Miss Williams and be better prepared to protect the Aukus submarines against social engineering infiltration. Likewise, we hope that the wider open source community will cease to be fooled by toxic women and their imitation Codes of Conduct.

Related news: Manchester women investigated for false abuse claims against French international footballer Benjamin Mendy.

Barrow, submarine, Aukus

Evidence: Molly de Blanc and Elana Hashman are listed as co-conspirators in RMS Open Letter cyberbullying campaign

Molly de Blanc, Elana Hashman

Evidence: Ariadne Conill spread false rumors about a mentor having a relationship with an intern

The full story is published on Outreachy.Dating.

Ariadne Conill

Ariadne Conill

Evidence: Aleksandra Fedorova is well known for harassing Dr Richard Stallman and other volunteers

Aleksandra Fedorova

Evidence: Máirín Duffy harassing Dr Richard Stallman (RMS)

Máirín Duffy

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