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[Video] 'Late Stage Capitalism': Microsoft as an Elaborate Ponzi Scheme (Faking 'Demand' While Portraying the Fraud as an Act of Generosity and Demanding Bailouts)

posted by Roy Schestowitz on May 15, 2024,
updated May 18, 2024

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Microsoft as Its Own Client
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Preview for Microsoft as Its Own Client

The other week (about a week ago) we saw misleading Microsoft propaganda like "Microsoft to build $3.3B datacenter campus in Wisconsin" (don't click unless you must; it is "yet another bribe using, yet again, nonexistent money," according to an associate). Some have rightly compared this to Trump's "Forgotten Foxconn Plant" scam. The finer details are not known, but I discuss what I could gather. Watch the video.

Being able to express or explain the facts isn't easy because of the buzzwords. Notice how they keep saying "hey hi" (AI) everywhere, along with words like "training". The response/debunking should not reuse terms like hey hi "investment" but instead speak of rescue plan or bailout. Because that's what seems to be happening here. Microsoft did the same elsewhere in the world and complicit media (relaying the Microsoft propaganda) makes this possible.

"A key item to discover is where how they are pretending to have money and where they are pretending to get it from," an associate said. "Maybe it is the OpenAI 'purchase'..." (which they never paid for)

Remember that Microsoft's hey hi is all loans. Microsoft never made money from this thing, so it is trying to tie that to other products. Basically call everything hey hi and then say it "pays off" (like printing oil money or building mega airports).

This is basically loans. Microsoft is sinking into massive debt. "Not just that but loans from the very parties they are pretending to buy out," the associate opined. "Microsoft used to give money to schools but the schools bought Macintoshes (back when those were a good thing to have) and promptly started 'donating' Windows licenses instead. The press release would read "Donated $n" in big letters and then buried way down in the text would be the constraint "... equivalent in software licenses". And since Microsoft could set the value of said license, it was in effect printing money. Now the contracts are considered trade secrets and, I strongly suspect, there are multiple gag clauses in the contracts regarding all kinds of costs including breaches."

So basically all those "investments" in countries for hey hi are nothing but a scam. Indeed, those are BRIBES and they are a case of using FAKE money... that does not exist. This is the media spreading fake news for Microsoft. Below we show the latest example.

World Street | Microsoft to invest €4 billion in France; Indeed lays off 1000 employees; OpenAI unveils GPT update, and more

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