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Interesting Quotes from SUSE Forums

A reader has informed us of some quotes of interest. These come from, which very recently suffered technical issues.

It is worth seeing how they try to spin the Samba deal in Novell's favour, despite the fact that Groklaw, for example, used that deal to explain Novell's stupidity.

Here's a side topic:

I hope this is also a little step closer to loosening all those tightly held asscheecks on the matter of Novell (and others) working together with Microsoft to get better interoperability between Linux and MS product.

Here is the reasonable response:

It's interesting that Samba never saw the need to sign a deal similar to the MS/Novell covenant, in order to get full protocol interoperability information. Not only that, no revenue is changing hands. All in all a good deal worked out by the PFIF legal team. Here's a podcast by Jeremy Allison that explains the deal.

In another separate thread you'll find more of these sour grape excuses, targeting Ubuntu, as usual.

Normally, we wouldn't feel the need to post a forums announcement from another forum, but the actions of the Ubuntu Forums members it addresses hurt everyone in the Linux community, and are antithetical to the spirit of the global Linux community.

This seems very reasonable, but one might say that assigning liability to Ubuntu Forums is a bit unfair.


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