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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: October 27th, 2008 - Part 1


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schestowitz"Steven Rubin is counsel in WolfBlock’s Intellectual Property/Information Technology Practice Group"Oct 27 00:00
schestowitzNo bias here. :-))Oct 27 00:00
schestowitzET=Enemy Territory.Oct 27 00:00
pombat42Ok! I do know that one. mind slow today.Oct 27 00:01
schestowitz 27 00:01
pombat42Wolf=good gameOct 27 00:02
twitterYou listen to someone who says " Roy is forgetting that WMV is free software and thus roy is once again attacking free software while defending proprietary Ogg."?Oct 27 00:02
pombat42the complete ogg spec is in the public domain.Oct 27 00:05
twitteryes, that's true so AlexH is full of shit.Oct 27 00:10
twittereveryone knows thatOct 27 00:10
schestowitzIt's not him.Oct 27 00:11
schestowitzIt's a reverse troll.Oct 27 00:11
twitterTroll just the same.  Why don't you block that idiot?Oct 27 00:12
pombat42u think i am alex?Oct 27 00:15
*dsmith_ ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 27 00:15
schestowitz "I agree there's a huge amount of astroturfing going on here. They're doing their best to stifle you."Oct 27 00:15
schestowitzpombat42: no, it's someone in BN comments.Oct 27 00:15
pombat42sorry.. i'Oct 27 00:15
twitterno, pombat42Oct 27 00:15
pombat42im not alexOct 27 00:15
pombat42ok i c..sorryOct 27 00:15
schestowitzHaha.Oct 27 00:15
schestowitzAmbiguities.Oct 27 00:15
schestowitzBig post: I need a break now.Oct 27 00:37
PetoKrausdo you, by any chance, have a link to that user interface image of vistaOct 27 00:48
PetoKrausthe "consistent" user interfaceOct 27 00:49
MinceRgnOct 27 00:49
schestowitzwhat's a vista?Oct 27 00:51
PetoKrausi guess you know what image do i meanOct 27 00:51
PetoKrausi just don't know where it is :/Oct 27 00:51
schestowitz "This seems like a quite negative article, which doesn't entertain any notion that there could be legitimate concerns about the Novell/Microsoft deal."Oct 27 00:53
schestowitzPetoKraus: I don't know which image? Developer guidelines for GUIs?Oct 27 00:53
PetoKrausno noOct 27 00:53
PetoKrausit was in a blog of a guyOct 27 00:53
PetoKraushe analysed what macintosh did with OS xOct 27 00:53
PetoKrausand there was a screenshot with VISTA desktopOct 27 00:54
PetoKrauswith "consistent" UIOct 27 00:54
schestowitzIt doesn't ring a bell.Oct 27 00:55
PetoKrauswellOct 27 00:56
PetoKrausfinally i see the articleOct 27 00:56
schestowitzURL, pls?Oct 27 00:57
PetoKrausi mean, _that_ article, by BBOct 27 01:01
schestowitzIt's an attack on us. I told you it would be like this. There's history there.Oct 27 01:02
schestowitzHe would have done the article regardless of whether we responded or now --- axe to grand and all.Oct 27 01:02
schestowitz*grindOct 27 01:02
schestowitzBig names join defections from Republican camp < >Oct 27 01:04
schestowitzRMS is linking to this thing: Crossing the Rubicon.. Simplifying the case against Dick Cheney < >Oct 27 01:06
tessierI don't know why I bother because Roy is always so much faster than I am but: 27 01:07
schestowitzI'm going to reply in Linux.comOct 27 01:10
schestowitztessier: the number keeps declining. They approved $40bn in buybacks less than a month ago, IIRC (the timing).Oct 27 01:11
pombat42MS is trying to milk what amounts to a dry nipple. companies are not upgrading to newer versions of office and are certainly not upgrading to vista.Oct 27 01:13
pombat42The only live nipples are the preconfigured market and educational unitsOct 27 01:13
pombat42colleges etcOct 27 01:13
pombat42Vista is XP with eye candy. Office is office is office is office. All very much the same for a business userOct 27 01:14
pombat42the economy is killing themOct 27 01:14
schestowitzLike many others. Sub-notebooks win big though. All the OEMs go in this direction now...Oct 27 01:19
schestowitzAs such, the price of Windows (XP of course) sank to around $18 and Microsoft's Windows revenue declines, as per their latest report, as well as previous one/s. Some OEMs also put StarOffice on XP-based sub-notebooks. Big ouch..Oct 27 01:21
PetoKrausschestowitz: as I promised, here's the conversation with bruce: 27 01:22
pombat42the subs are still too close to the price point of low end full laptopsOct 27 01:23
schestowitzBrilliant: "'Tolerating' an opinion just means to not otherwise try to prevent people from voicing it except by arguments to the contrary. This implies that people who call publishing an opinion which is not in line with some or all of their own 'intolerant' are actually themselves guilty of being intolerant."Oct 27 01:24
schestowitzpombat42: yes, price-fixing. Wait until AMD and ARM enter this arena. OLPC was supposed to cost just $100 and do some moe.Oct 27 01:25
pombat42I have a friend who works as a network troubleshooter for Nortel who uses a netbook because of size. he travels a lot and loves it.Oct 27 01:26
schestowitzThanks, PetoKraus. Read it.Oct 27 01:27
PetoKraushe pissed me ofOct 27 01:28
PetoKraus*offOct 27 01:28
PetoKrausi mean, i asked him to send me a link once it's publishedOct 27 01:28
schestowitzI told you he was trouble.Oct 27 01:28
PetoKrausnah, he quoted me quite alrightOct 27 01:28
PetoKrausthough he made me look like a "incompetent dummy"Oct 27 01:28
schestowitzPetoKraus: that was his intention.Oct 27 01:28
schestowitzTo portray the site as a bunch of teens.Oct 27 01:29
schestowitzHe wanted to discredit the site, not to review it.Oct 27 01:29
schestowitzI think I told you, no?Oct 27 01:29
PetoKrauswell, it was obviousOct 27 01:29
schestowitzI noticed that [H]omer_ had left a reply there a while agoOct 27 01:29
PetoKrausme as wellOct 27 01:30
PetoKrausis he a native speaker?Oct 27 01:31
PetoKraus"informational hub", come on! there's no such a wordOct 27 01:31
schestowitzHe's Canadian.Oct 27 01:32
PetoKrausyeahOct 27 01:32
schestowitzAll in all, as much as he tried to harm us, it may have backfired, as expected.Oct 27 01:33
PetoKraus:) yesOct 27 01:34
schestowitzHis writing about us only validates the site as a hub. Novell was unhappy about it. Watch the anonymous comments voicing anger that he didn't contact Novell (I see 2 comments)Oct 27 01:34
PetoKrausyes, it was quite funny to seeOct 27 01:34
PetoKrausalso, the replies on linuxtoday are goodOct 27 01:34
PetoKrausyou know, one of the most important personality traits of good sysadmin isOct 27 01:35
PetoKrausparanoia. endless paranoiaOct 27 01:35
schestowitzThis article pulled a lot more attention than anything they publish (see # of comments in )Oct 27 01:35
schestowitzParanoia for whom?Oct 27 01:35
schestowitzFor me or for Free software. Of course, Microsoft would never want to harm Free software. ;-) No sirre, Bob..Oct 27 01:36
PetoKrausschestowitz: it's meant to be just paranoiaOct 27 01:36
PetoKrausdon't trust anythingOct 27 01:36
PetoKraushand compile the sources :POct 27 01:36
schestowitzRead them too.Oct 27 01:37
schestowitzStudy it.Oct 27 01:37
PetoKrauswell, how are you gonna hand-compile without reading, manOct 27 01:37
schestowitzThe truth is that you just need to rely on peers for it. Pass sources, not binaries.Oct 27 01:37
PetoKraus:) yes. My friend, or aquintance, he's paranoidOct 27 01:38
schestowitzIt's like Wikipedia. If there's something bad in it, an eyeball will catch it somewhere along the way. It's all visible.Oct 27 01:38
PetoKrausand schyzofrenic. And addicted to XanaxOct 27 01:38
PetoKrausperfect sysadminOct 27 01:38
schestowitzXanax.Oct 27 01:38
schestowitz*LOL*Oct 27 01:38
PetoKraustime to sleep. Got stereochemistry exam tomorrowOct 27 01:41
PetoKraus*todayOct 27 01:41
pombat42good luck on your examOct 27 01:43
schestowitzYes, good luck.Oct 27 01:43
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twitterLiked the apple insider story, 27 02:57
twitterBB's article got attention, that's not a backfire it's what he planned.Oct 27 02:58
schestowitzThe harm is probably small compared to what can be seen as recognition, but there ya go...Oct 27 02:59
schestowitzIt's not as though we got any more traffic.Oct 27 02:59
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mib_bgzn1tBlack screen of death article is excellent, I enjoyed it, thanksOct 27 03:09
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twittergood nightOct 27 03:40
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MinceRgeekingsOct 27 07:39
schestowitzRBS slashing 16,000 staff : 27 08:47
schestowitzShould I ask to let me write an article (for them to publish) explaining the Novell/Microsoft deal? I suspect they'll agree.Oct 27 09:09
schestowitzMaybe it's worth doing an article about how the press demonises independent thinkers.Oct 27 09:28
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ZiggyFish1I like the sound of this < 27 09:31
ZiggyFish1Another useful feature is integration of multimedia content from the BBC that was previously available only on computers running Microsoft Windows Media Player software. Under the 8.10 version of the operating system, some selected, high-quality streamed BBC content will be available free of charge to Ubuntu users through the built-in Totem Movie Player and Rhythmbox applications.Oct 27 09:31
schestowitzOh, for a moment there I thought BBC had done something. It's just another Ubuntu-Fu piece.Oct 27 09:32
ZiggyFish1I do like the sound of being able to play the content on Linux thoughOct 27 09:33
schestowitzIt should have been trivial. The MSBBC, whose media division is now controlled by Erik Huggers of (formerly) Microsoft, is trying to spread Microsoft proprietary formats.Oct 27 09:35
*moparx has quit ("leaving")Oct 27 09:43
schestowitzHave Terrorists Co-Opted Twitter? < > OMG! Kill Twitter. It's evil. It facilitates many groups. Kill USENET too because a fraction of it might contain copyrights infringement. Heck, just bring down the Web.Oct 27 09:47
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 27 09:47
ZiggyFish1hehOct 27 09:48
schestowitzZiggyFish1: good news for you guys in Australia. A local shop reports that shoppers demand Linux. Linux Mag says that over 40% of the sub-notebooks run GNU/Linux.Oct 27 09:49
schestowitzU.S. Army warns of Twittering terrorists < >Oct 27 09:50
schestowitz"Microsoft has declared a security emergency, rushing out a patch for a flaw that exposes nearly all of the billion PCs running its Windows operating systems to potentially serious hack attacks." Microsoft Yells 'Fire!' - Then Bars the Doors < >Oct 27 09:51
ZiggyFish1lolOct 27 09:52
schestowitzWow. My friend was right yesterday. He said world markets would collapse today. 27 09:56
schestowitz (White House urges patience on rescue plan)... 27 09:56
schestowitzThey've tried everything.Oct 27 09:57
schestowitzFTSE 100:3,711.23Oct 27 09:57
ZiggyFish1lolOct 27 10:00
schestowitzNot so funny actually. It's down like 40% since 52-week high and people lose their homes now.Oct 27 10:08
PetoKrauslolOct 27 10:10
PetoKraus"But for some strange reason, the installed Gentoo doesn't allow normal users to run any administrative applications."Oct 27 10:10
PetoKrauswhat a dick! it's called securityOct 27 10:10
MinceR 27 10:31
MinceRsounds like kaspersky sold out to someoneOct 27 10:31
MinceRor they're just plain cluelessOct 27 10:31
schestowitzAnnual Kaspersky Labs Fearmongering (2008 Edition)! < >Oct 27 10:33
schestowitzThis is horrible: SplashTop Security Hole Still Exists < >Oct 27 10:38
schestowitzThe Open Standards 2008 conference scheduled to be held in Sydney this week has been cancelled due to a lack of registrations. < >Oct 27 10:42
schestowitzStandards were killed by Microsoft/ISO tag-team corruption. From the above: "Some of the speakers listed to hold talks included Lachlan Hunt from Opera on HTML5, Rick Jelliffe from Topologi with an Overview of XBRL, Microsoft’s Lawrence Crumption with a presentation entitled ‘Openly Excited: Microsoft, Open Source and Open Specification’"Oct 27 10:43
schestowitzSo 2 our 3 of are Microsoft or their cronies (Rick Jelliff). 'Open' 'standards'... brought to you by the company that blackmailed, bullies, bribed and lied for it...Oct 27 10:44
schestowitzImages of planet Earth... 'owned' rather than shared.. 27 10:49
MinceRthe part i liked especially is how they declare symbian to be the most secure os because it has mandatory code signingOct 27 10:49
schestowitzDoesn't iPhone have that too? To an extent?Oct 27 10:50
MinceRit might, after all it's even more locked downOct 27 10:53
schestowitzAnd still not secure.. 27 10:53
MinceRyou don't need to convince me that symbian and the iphone os both suck :)Oct 27 10:54
MinceRi wonder what our resident apple fanboy will say about it though :>Oct 27 10:55
schestowitzDo you get sound on that one?Oct 27 10:56
MinceRi'm not trying, i'm at workOct 27 10:57
schestowitz is broken. The other tools seems to have deficiencies.Oct 27 10:57
schestowitzProceed to till to purchase your binary app... 27 10:58
MinceR 27 10:59
MinceRthere are also firefox extensions and command line tools to do soOct 27 11:00
MinceRMagic's Video is one such extensionOct 27 11:00
*ZiggyFish1 has quit (Remote closed the connection)Oct 27 11:00
MinceRor you can use the Live HTTP Headers extension to grab the .flv url from the communication it does when loadingOct 27 11:01
schestowitzI see greasemonkey-extensionOct 27 11:10
schestowitzAnd 27 11:10
schestowitzFor some reason, greasemonkey won't add menu items as it should.Oct 27 11:10
MinceRi've only tried to handle gametrailers through greasemonkeyOct 27 11:11
MinceRnot youtubeOct 27 11:11
schestowitzSessionrestore is broken now.Oct 27 11:13
schestowitzTurns out I had a defunct process running. It's fine now.Oct 27 11:18
schestowitzThis one < > seems to work and it's brilliant. Hats off to you. I can now produce Ogg versions more quickly.Oct 27 11:22
schestowitzApple earnings, profits, and cash embarrass Microsoft < >. Red Hat did pretty well too. Same with WInd River.Oct 27 11:29
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*libervisco_ ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 27 12:14
schestowitzBallmer is doing "DEVELOPERS! DEVELOPERS! DEVELOPERS!" again... days ago in Brasil.. 27 12:38
schestowitzThey put dancing monkey in Brazilian TV: 27 12:39
schestowitzOuch. AMD admits to some borked ATI Radeon HD 4830s < >Oct 27 12:41
schestowitzLook at this chart: (Austrian market down from  almost 5000 to just 1680 points)Oct 27 12:56
schestowitzMoD's London brass resist job cuts : 27 12:58
schestowitzSpendings continue nonetheless (at least for good cause): 27 13:01
schestowitzHooray! The Wicked e-Voting Witch is Dead... < > -> 27 13:01
twitterBallmer must have seen you laughing at Advertisers, advertisers, advertisers, baby!Oct 27 13:02
twitterPawns and one night stands either way.Oct 27 13:07
schestowitz Let's call it "fingerprint theatre". It makes you feel safe. Sci-fi stuff all ova' the place!Oct 27 13:08
twitterThe Open Standards 2008 conference failure sounds typical of M$ tactics.  They get in and stink the place up to kill their competitor's get together.Oct 27 13:10
twitterI've read they used to do this to Apple.  They would get into developer conferences and then hype up cross platform development that Mac heads had no interest in.Oct 27 13:11
twitterDevelopers would lose interest, thinking the conference was all about M$ and the conference would sink.Oct 27 13:11
schestowitzAnyway, that's deadOct 27 13:12
schestowitz "I've no idea whether AMQP is indeed the bee's knees, as Red Hat would have us believe, but I do know this: if Microsoft *really* wants to join in the open fun, it must always freely license its contributions, as Red Hat says it has done for AMQP. If the devil *insists* on supping with you, do check that you have a good supply of long spoons first."Oct 27 13:12
twitterJust insist on GPL3.Oct 27 13:13
schestowitzMicrosoft 'steals' the show in this year's OSBC... talks software patents (links in the first sentence here: )Oct 27 13:13
schestowitzWatch what happens in Wall Street today when it opens.Oct 27 13:14
twitterGo for the article deal if you can get it.  They would enjoy the circulation.  The owe you an apology for letting BB smear you, the least they could do is let you explain how rotten the M$/Novell deal was.Oct 27 13:16
twitterGPL3 torpedoed that deal but that won't keep M$ from trying to pull another SCO with Novell.  Both attacks are equally fictitious.Oct 27 13:19
schestowitz "For example, after someone from our table ordered a Coke, he informed us (and the waitress) about a Coke boycott due to the murder of several Columbian employees, and directed us all to  Whenever someone asked him a question, he didn’t hesitate at all, or try to think of an answer."Oct 27 13:19
schestowitzI'll pop a quick E-mail.Oct 27 13:23
schestowitzI send a request for a writing spot.Oct 27 13:26
schestowitzFWIW: "Several months ago, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols referred me to you, suggesting that I ask about writing opportunities (I currently write for Datamation). As you probably know, Bruce Byfield published quite a damning article on Friday and I wish to publish a polite article that explains why the Novell/Microsoft deal is to be viewed cautiously."Oct 27 13:26
schestowitz"One commenter in Bruce's article explicitly asked for such an article, which I can deliver in a clear and professional way." We shall see what happens.Oct 27 13:27
*libervisco_ is now known as liberviscoOct 27 13:27
schestowitzRyan Paul is, sadly enough, still boosting Mono... 27 13:29
*kentma ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 27 13:33
schestowitzMicrosoft is gaming Uncle $am... "One important Microsoft employee seems favorably inclined: Steve Ballmer donated the maximum amount of $2,300 to Reichert's campaign in November 2007 and again in June 2008."Oct 27 13:35
schestowitzHaha. Bless Radu... "Bruce is not so great when comes to writing, and one of the latest proofs is the confusing article on Boycott Novell: Champion of freedom or den of paranoia?" < >Oct 27 13:44
schestowitzLinux Hater is CLOSING SHOP. :-) 27 13:46
twitterM$ budget cuts, later Linux Hater.  :)Oct 27 13:47
schestowitz*LOL* Well, assuming you believe the theories...  Miguel know who this writer is.Oct 27 13:48
schestowitz*knowsOct 27 13:48
kentmaschestowitz: that's an amazing sign of the times...Oct 27 13:48
schestowitzkentma: what specifically?Oct 27 13:49
kentmathe linux hater blog running out of funding...Oct 27 13:49
schestowitz:-)Oct 27 13:49
schestowitzI don't know if it's a shill blog.Oct 27 13:49
twittertrombonechamp has a cool mom and a not so cool LUG.  You know that RMS won't speak at any group with Linux in it's name?  He seems to have loosened up.Oct 27 13:49
kentmaof course it's a shill blog...  why else would it be there?  If "linux hater" really wanted to improve linux and distros he/she could've got involved.Oct 27 13:50
twitteryeah, I just made the budget cuts up as a joke.  no telling why they folded up shop, but it was a bullshit waste of time in any case.Oct 27 13:50
schestowitzFor all I know (some of it is in the URL above), Miguel knows who he is, but he also works with Microsoft/FOSS turncoats, one of which is in this IRC channel. Oh wait!! he's gone too.Oct 27 13:50
schestowitzWhere is cj?Oct 27 13:50
schestowitzMicrosoft cutting down on surveillance? /sarcasmOct 27 13:50
kentmatwitter: it's a buget cut, of course, the question is /why/Oct 27 13:50
twitterbecause they are running out of moneyOct 27 13:51
kentmatwitter: indeed...Oct 27 13:51
twitterand they know the abuse is backfiring anyway, they've known this for years actuallyOct 27 13:51
schestowitzThey just axed a half-billion budget (Microsoft)Oct 27 13:51
kentmatwitter: I also suspect that the foolishness of criticising linux when most of your customers are busy adopting it is probably dawning on the MS marketing and products people.Oct 27 13:51
schestowitzOne source I can recall also said that they chopped a lot of marketing (yes, no kidding)Oct 27 13:52
kentmaindeed.  Once the lock-in is over, you need to start being nice to your customers.Oct 27 13:52
schestowitzBut for all I know and can remember, the half-a-billion-USD chop affects the online business.Oct 27 13:52
schestowitzSome of it is summarised here: 27 13:52
kentmaschestowitz: if they're cutting 0.5bn there, there'll be other cuts too.Oct 27 13:52
twitterThe Mojave advert was downright insulting to their customers.  I'm not sure they have learned anything.Oct 27 13:52
schestowitzkentma: I've asked for room... to do an article about Novell/Microsoft.Oct 27 13:52
kentmaschestowitz: good luck...Oct 27 13:53
schestowitzroblimo migh be cautious, but Lee would be cool.Oct 27 13:53
schestowitzkentma: staff too, allegedly. They have hiring and spending freezes in place.Oct 27 13:53
kentmaIt deserves coverage, it's more about whether LC are prepared to potentially jeopardise advertising revenue in the name of journalistic integrity.Oct 27 13:54
twitterIf does not give you space for a story, the comments did you justice anyway.Oct 27 13:54
kentmaI'd heard about staffing freezes, too.Oct 27 13:54
schestowitzThe Surface had it's pice jacked up to $13500, which i hilarious 'cause they wanted to kill the project one year ago and now they have a recession... not just the price going up by 250%Oct 27 13:54
twitterThat price will kill it better than anything else.Oct 27 13:54
schestowitzkentma: it's affecting everyone (staffing), but Microsoft is ludicrous to pretend it's not suffering.Oct 27 13:55
kentmaagreed... anyway, off to get some food and lie down again  -  I'm a bit unwell today - see you soon.Oct 27 13:55
schestowitzIt's a version of Vista with no developers around it to implement apps supportive of the interfaces. Surface will die like SPOT watch (another BIllG fantasy that died last year)Oct 27 13:56
schestowitzGet well soon, kentma Oct 27 13:56
kentmataOct 27 13:57
*kentma has quit ("Leaving.")Oct 27 13:57
schestowitzAustralia trials national net filters : 27 13:59
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Oct 27 14:02
schestowitzIt ought to be added the Fake Steve Jobs (another 'anonymous' blog) was shut down some months after its author got exposed -- a Microsoft/SCO shill Daniel Lyons.... reverse-trolling.Oct 27 14:03
twitterfrom the trombonechamp, "Someone (who obviously wasn’t a big fan of his) tried to outsmart him about his opinions on copyright.  ... This man wanted to know if, since he advocated for people to break the copyright of proprietary software licenses, he also advocated for people to break the GPL license.  ... Stallman, obviously frustrated by this questions, told the man that it was not about breaking licenses, it was about doing whaOct 27 14:11
schestowitz"Roy, we'd be happy to have you write for us, but the Novell/Microsoft deal was a long time ago. Absent any new developments, I think all the points have been made and made again. If you feel Bruce's article was damning, we'd consider a bylined response to it, as long as it didn't devolve into a point-by-point attempt to address specific issues. "Oct 27 14:11
schestowitzI'll pass.Oct 27 14:11
twitter:-(Oct 27 14:13
schestowitzAt least Novell/Microsoft can't bar us from publishing. Anyway, it's only fair that they won't (Re)publish old news. The site is howtos, reviews and news. It's rarely about op-eds.Oct 27 14:14
twitterBB's sear was pure Op-Ed.Oct 27 14:15
twitterIt was covered a lot of stale Novell/M$ ground.Oct 27 14:15
twitterand got it wrong.Oct 27 14:15
schestowitzIt mentioned almost none of the reasons for criticism... as if he sees nothing wrong with it and neither should the reader.Oct 27 14:16
twitterI don't know what a byline is.Oct 27 14:16
schestowitz"Den.."Oct 27 14:16
schestowitzLike aninals.Oct 27 14:16
twitterParanoiaOct 27 14:16
twitterlike bullshitOct 27 14:16
schestowitzThen comparing the site to a bunch of paranoid TEENSOct 27 14:16
schestowitz"Don't take them seriously"Oct 27 14:16
schestowitzIt's a zoo... they are animals (den)...Oct 27 14:16
schestowitzParanoid... writing based on emotion, not facts.Oct 27 14:17
twitterThe article was not up to any reasonable journalistic standards.Oct 27 14:17
schestowitzAnyway, I won't bother with a Byfield Byline. :-)Oct 27 14:17
schestowitzWaste of time really... not everyone fell for that mental trap.Oct 27 14:17
twitterIf you write a byline, whatever that is, it should be about the low quality of the smear.Oct 27 14:17
schestowitzNo, it would not be personal.Oct 27 14:18
twitterBB's article was personal, that's not professional.Oct 27 14:18
schestowitzEither way, let's forget about it. People who know BN have more to judge by.Oct 27 14:18
schestowitzPeople who never knew BN are at least aware of its existence now.Oct 27 14:18
twitterCool.Oct 27 14:18
schestowitzBB 'pulled a Sam Varghese'Oct 27 14:18
twitteran O'GarraOct 27 14:19
schestowitzHe mailed me BTWOct 27 14:19
schestowitzNo, O'Gara is another level.Oct 27 14:19
twitter"friendly terms" of course.Oct 27 14:19
schestowitzO'Gara is packing up, flying airplanes and spending days spying on a person's car, friends, family..Oct 27 14:19
schestowitztwitter: yes, friendly.Oct 27 14:20
*ld50 ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 27 14:22
twitterO'Gara did what she did because PJ wanted to be anonymous.  You are out in the open.Oct 27 14:22
twitterO'Gara used anonymity itself as a smear.Oct 27 14:22
twitterEveryone, even Steve Ballmer, is friendly.  The difference is BB is wrong and took it to a personal level.Oct 27 14:25
schestowitzNobody in the Linux sites pay attention to Sys-ConOct 27 14:25
schestowitz*paysOct 27 14:25
twitterThey question you have to ask is why did he do it.  Does he really think BN and others who champion software freedom "discredit" the free software community?Oct 27 14:25
schestowitzFree software would not have survived it it were not for opinionated 'rebels' (in the digital sense). It's naive to assume that we can now sit down just smoking a peace pipe and writing code.  Oh lookie! Bill&Steve are bribing politicians again... 27 14:29
schestowitz /s/bribing/'contributing to campaigns'/ Maybe they need to pass some new laws against that 'freedom' thingieOct 27 14:30
twittercheck out MSFT today.  Down 3% already while the rest of the market is down 1%.Oct 27 14:30
twitterThey could be flirting with a new 52 week low.  We shall see.  Novell is dinking around $4Oct 27 14:32
schestowitzIt'll probably settle further down. EU is down about 3%Oct 27 14:32
schestowitzAsia even worse.Oct 27 14:32
schestowitzMy friend Mike was right. He said this would happen and Bush is just urging for 'patience'.Oct 27 14:33
schestowitzWhat's fear-inspiring is what effect this may have on far-right-wing parties, whose capitalisation is sometimes anger. As I said earlier, the market in Austria is down about 60-70%  in ONE YEAR.Oct 27 14:34
twitterNo telling at this point but there's not much to wait for.  AIG predictably burned through it's bail out money in no time and up to 10% of the $700 was going toward bonuses.  The impact of all that is zero.Oct 27 14:35
twitterYes, it is scary when people are robbed like this.  Those doing the robbing will find scape goats as an excuse for more looting and power grabbing.Oct 27 14:36
schestowitzSlate (Microsoft press): Linux Is Making Me Insane < >Oct 27 14:37
schestowitzGot a ref on the AIG bonus thing? I heard about it. Bonus for corruption and all....Oct 27 14:38
schestowitz"۩ 2008 Washington Post." > Melinda Gates, no?Oct 27 14:39
schestowitz+Slate (Microsoft)Oct 27 14:39
schestowitz"Washington Post Buys Microsoft's Webzine > The Washington Post Co. said yesterday it is buying Slate in an effort to boost the media company's online traffic but does not plan any editorial changes at the eight-year-old Web magazine." 27 14:40
schestowitzMelinda Gates Joins Washington Post Co. as Director : 27 14:40
schestowitz"The Washington Post Co. elected Melinda French Gates -- a former Microsoft Corp. executive and wife of founder Bill Gates -- to its board yesterday, adding the spouse of the world's richest person to a 10-member board that already includes the world's second-richest person, Warren E. Buffett."Oct 27 14:41
schestowitzI think we got a rant here.Oct 27 14:41
*zoobab has quit (Remote closed the connection)Oct 27 14:41
*ld50 has quit ("Lost terminal")Oct 27 15:16
*trmanco ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 27 15:19
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 27 15:29
PetoKrauslol, i am testing the OOo 3.0 pdf import extensionOct 27 15:38
PetoKrausgreat!Oct 27 15:38
schestowitzThe engine for this was made available as free software some time ago. It can be used for many useful things.Oct 27 15:40
PetoKrausyeahOct 27 15:40
PetoKrausit's amazingOct 27 15:40
schestowitzGoogle has a proprietary engine to translate PDFs to HTML.Oct 27 15:40
PetoKrausAND gpl 3.0Oct 27 15:40
schestowitzIt's possible to build a search engine for PDFs in this way.Oct 27 15:41
schestowitzThere was a tool called killdoc or killword that can be used to mass convert RedmondB1nar1ies into plain text.Oct 27 15:42
PetoKrausi can't find the import of OOXML feature in OOoOct 27 15:43
PetoKrausis it by extension?Oct 27 15:43
PetoKrausah, it seems it's in-builtOct 27 15:44
PetoKrausbtw, did you know that: if you under gentoo emerge openoffice-bin, you get clean OOo binary, but if you emerge openoffice, you get openoffice + Gooo patches?Oct 27 15:44
schestowitzGentoo is being Novellised as well then, eh?Oct 27 15:49
schestowitzSame with some other distros. Novell wants to 'steal' Sun's contract and at the same time pollute the sofwtare with stuff its customers are 'allowed' to use.Oct 27 15:50
trmanco 27 15:50
schestowitzWhy do they put a picture of a villain at the top?Oct 27 15:55
PetoKrauswell, most users emerge openoffice-bin, since merging OOO takes 4 hours and 6gb hddOct 27 15:56
PetoKrausboth are LGPL-2 licensedOct 27 15:57
trmancoschestowitz, don't knowOct 27 15:58
schestowitzBillg: "Let's face it, the average computer user has the brain of a Spider Monkey."Oct 27 15:58
trmancolooks weird and absurd, all I can say is that it is made "the Portuguese way"... but at least they have a reference to Ooo3Oct 27 15:59
schestowitzBill and Nathan (Myhrvold) think of themselves as Gods with a God-given right to think and innovate... and become patents trolls that threaten others who dare to think. Anyhoo...Oct 27 16:00
schestowitz 27 16:05
PetoKrauswhat theOct 27 16:06
PetoKrausah, i see nowOct 27 16:06
PetoKrausthat pseudo-RMS guyOct 27 16:06
PetoKrausoh, it's RMS himselfOct 27 16:07
schestowitzYes.Oct 27 16:09
PetoKrausyou know, gnash renders a bit badlyOct 27 16:09
PetoKraus:DOct 27 16:09
schestowitzgnash doesn't like RMS?Oct 27 16:09
PetoKraus:D yeahOct 27 16:11
PetoKraus -> look at the amount of €£€£ raisedOct 27 16:15
schestowitzI saw it the other day.Oct 27 16:19
schestowitzGod bless them.Oct 27 16:20
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Oct 27 16:47
*mib_s1h0mn (i=564af055@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellOct 27 17:02
mib_s1h0mnhello, did you read his article 27 17:04
*mib_s1h0mn has quit (Client Quit)Oct 27 17:06
schestowitzHe beat me to it.Oct 27 17:06
schestowitzI posted about it a minute ago.Oct 27 17:06
schestowitz 27 17:07
schestowitzBB wrote to say (with permission to quote: "Basically, I've reached a point where I'm less concerned with who's right and who's wrong in such issues than the effect of such large scale  disputes on the entire free software community. "Oct 27 17:38
schestowitz"Regardless of the  details, I think that these disputes can only keep people from working  together, and harm free software as a cause." Well, I might publish an article after all... we'll see.Oct 27 17:38
twitterPeto, if gnash is having trouble use clive.Oct 27 18:22
schestowitzChanges coming to Sun: 27 18:26
twitter"The Washington Post Co. elected Melinda French Gates" oh no.Oct 27 18:29
schestowitzFunny one... Asay and Rosenberg were in InfoWorld (the former invited by the latter), then they both moved to CNET and now a joint domain: 27 18:30
schestowitztwitter: it's old news (WP): 27 18:31
twitterHere's a link to the 10% figure.  It's what portion all of the banks will spend on staff.   Given the half million dollar parties AIG likes to throw, 10% is a low estimate.Oct 27 18:34
schestowitzWell, do out there (the parties), have a good pay. You sponsor it after all.Oct 27 18:35
twitterHmm, speaking of parties and slime, Slate's Farhad Manjoo disses Ralph Nader as well as Ubuntu.Oct 27 18:48 27 18:50
schestowitzIt's a mixed bag... Farhad ManjooOct 27 18:51
schestowitzOops. 27 18:51
twitterOh my, the comments are not friendly.  " If you're the tech saavy columnist for Slate, then Slate is seen as a joke"Oct 27 18:53
schestowitzWhere?Oct 27 18:54
schestowitzTuxMachines is still pointing to proprietary software.. 27 18:54
twitterIt was the second comment.Oct 27 18:55
twitterThe first one said about the same thing.  Stuff about ten minutes of use and unfair judgments.Oct 27 18:56
twitterOne thing that stood out to me is him dissing package managers for needing to add repositories for non free junk.Oct 27 18:57
twitterDoes he really expect free software distributions to bear the cost of distributing non free code?Oct 27 18:58
schestowitzFunny that one... 27 18:59

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