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tessier_"Steve Jobs died" haha,...that's a pretty mean hack.Jan 07 01:33
schestowitzBloomberg already has the obituary.Jan 07 01:36
tessier_Didn't they (or someone) mistakenly run a pre-printed obituary somewhere once?Jan 07 01:38
tessier_They do that just so they can scoop everyone else. Have all of the bio details and everything all ready to go just in case...Jan 07 01:38
tessier_But once someone slipped and actually published it. That's the danger of having that stuff sitting around.Jan 07 01:38
schestowitzYes, they did.Jan 07 01:51
schestowitzI don't know the author's nameJan 07 01:51
schestowitzDina Bass maybe?Jan 07 01:51
tessierGerman billionaire Adolf Merckle, one of the richest men in the world, committed suicide Monday after his business empire got into trouble in the wake of the international financial crisis, Merckle's family said Tuesday in a statement.Jan 07 03:29
tessierAny chance billg invested in that Maddoff fund?Jan 07 03:29
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ushimitsudokitessier: WSJ list of "madoff victims": 07 03:49
neighborleeeekJan 07 03:51
neighborleelet the punishment fit the crimeJan 07 03:51
ushimitsudokiIt does ... he is under house arrest in a $7M manhattan apartment. Doesn't that seem fair?Jan 07 03:52
ushimitsudokiI mean judge is even "considering" putting him in jail: 07 03:53
neighborleejail is too goodJan 07 03:54
ushimitsudokiHe also faces one whole count of securities fraudJan 07 03:54
ushimitsudokiThat will really discourage financial fraud. I can't imagine what more the people can doJan 07 03:55
neighborleeI say let him earn all that money back to his investors,,,with interestJan 07 03:55
neighborleewith commuity service for rest of his lifeJan 07 03:55
neighborleeamazing # of jewish organizations that got itJan 07 03:56
neighborleewoah even steven spielberg ;0-Jan 07 03:57
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tessierushimitsudoki: It is fair. Innocent until proven guilty. The point of putting people in jail before a trial is only to ensure that they don't flee and avoid the trial. People who can be trusted not to flee are commonly put under house arrest.Jan 07 06:17
ushimitsudokitessier: really? most people I know that have been awaiting trial spend that time in jail. I guess that's cause my friends got arrest on main street and not wall streetJan 07 06:20
tessierushimitsudoki: No, it is because they were a flight risk.Jan 07 06:21
ushimitsudokitessier: wow and you know them too! amazing. well, then there it is. argument settledJan 07 06:21
tessierIndeed.Jan 07 06:21
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MinceRr4wrJan 07 09:43
schestowitzShane O'Neill, CIO (typical Microsoft boosters in IDG): "Dip in Windows Is Just a Blip on the Radar"Jan 07 10:50
schestowitzThis guy is like some marketing redhead... sort of like Richard Steel in the UK.Jan 07 10:51
schestowitzIs a Boycott of IE Mobile Brewing? < >Jan 07 10:52
MinceRfunny how they needed that to encourage them to switch to operaJan 07 10:54
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schestowitzUS business moves to the east. "An arm of the U.S. Treasury Department has approved Advanced Micro Devices' plan to create a new foundry company with major investment from the government of Abu Dhabi" < >Jan 07 11:02
schestowitz British PCs can now hack your personal computer without a warrantJan 07 11:10
-christel-[Global Notice] Hi all! I'm about to do a tiny bit of rehubbing to try sort out some desync issues with one of our client servers, affected users ~2500. It will be somewhat bumpy but should be quick! Apologies for the inconvenience and have a nice day.Jan 07 11:25
schestowitz "I can't help but think Matt Hartly is misguided here (and hopefully not intentionally trying to lend Monopolysoft a hand). People pay for what is unique and better. The more things we "just have to get from Linux", the more likely we will put up with some migration discomforts."Jan 07 11:31
schestowitz(Some) LinkedIn Profiles Leading To Malware < >Jan 07 11:32
schestowitzWindows-only LinkIn 'features'...Jan 07 11:32
schestowitz*LinkedJan 07 11:32
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Omar87Hi all.Jan 07 11:35
Omar87 07 11:36
schestowitzVMware is still being hijacked by Microsoft... 07 11:36
Omar87schestowitz: VirtualBox is much better. :)Jan 07 11:36
schestowitzNot for servers.Jan 07 11:37
schestowitzThere is also the userbase issue.Jan 07 11:37
Omar87schestowitz: Did you read my post?Jan 07 11:37
schestowitzYes, I intend to use it later.Jan 07 11:42
Omar87Great! :)Jan 07 11:43
Omar87I just made a small addition to it, I added the Logo of our group. ;)Jan 07 11:44
schestowitzLinux Journal has become pretty useless, but here's a poll to watch: 07 11:45
schestowitzVery nice logo.Jan 07 11:45
schestowitz 07 11:46
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schestowitzThe press didn't notice: "On December 30th, UIQ filed for bankruptcy (as is required of insolvent companies under Swedish law)." < >Jan 07 11:51
schestowitz"It's interesting to look at this story from both sides of the intellectual property argument. It illustrates clearly why companies go to great lengths (and expense) to hold on to and protect intellectual property -- it is a matter of life and death in some instances."Jan 07 11:52
schestowitzWhy is Lotus being wrongly treated like it has something to do with open source (it hasn't): 07 11:56
schestowitzOmar87: "interested know " ->  "interested in knowing"Jan 07 11:59
schestowitzGlyn caught the wonderful news about Vietnam moving to Free software: 07 12:03
schestowitz "I have seen how they brutally destroyed the careers of those who stood in their way (eg, Peter Quinn in Massachusetts). This IS Standard Operating Procedure for Microsoft."Jan 07 12:09
schestowitzAnother reason why Linux 'Foundation' (IBM, Novell and GPLv3 haters) are not good for Free (libre) software: 07 12:11
ushimitsudokithat article - and entire line of thinking - absolutely enrages meJan 07 12:17
ushimitsudokidebian has a perfectly acceptable "non-free" area for non-free firmware/softwareJan 07 12:18
ushimitsudokiand another point is acting like people speaking up on a matter of principle are "zealots". You can argue for idealogical purity and still compromiseJan 07 12:19
schestowitzYes, Carla S blasted him for it.Jan 07 12:19
ushimitsudokiit can just be a matter of making sure the importance of the goals are realized, and not quickly dismissed at the first hint of inconvenienceJan 07 12:19
schestowitzI hare the introduction of daemonisation termsJan 07 12:19
schestowitzIn a world where it's assumed that all drievrs are open, closed ones are sinsJan 07 12:20
schestowitzThen, those who fail to give code (intent) for their 'connectors' should be portrayed as different , or "zealots"Jan 07 12:20
ushimitsudokiSometimes you have to compromise. That's part of life in many areas. It doesn't mean you have to be happy about it, and it doesn't mean you can't express your desire that the compromise was not necessaryJan 07 12:21
schestowitzIBM needs to understand this. T'so works for them now.Jan 07 12:24
schestowitzTs'oJan 07 12:24
schestowitzA summary of patent news of relevance to Free software: 07 12:33
schestowitzBad. 07 12:49
schestowitz "Despite the growing numbers of unemployed, four out of five people who still have jobs believe layoffs will not happen to them--at least not in the next six months, according to a survey released Tuesday by Harris Interactive and"Jan 07 12:57
schestowitz"Furthermore, over half of these people expected an annual bonus in December and 40 percent are looking for a pay raise or a cost-of-living increase this year--even though the economy could be the worst since the Great Depression."Jan 07 12:57
schestowitzThe MSBBC strikes again. Talking Points extraodinaire: 07 13:07
schestowitzMicrosoft and Ballmer buddy Rory Cellan-Jones  (he has a history with them) smashes Apple and to his rescue he has an 'analyst'... where from? The [P]artner GroupJan 07 13:08
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schestowitz (UIQ Files for Bankruptcy)... too late  with the code. FOSS could have rescued them in 2006/7Jan 07 14:02
MinceRsymbian sucks anywayJan 07 14:04
schestowitzPJ: "I've moved six or seven times since starting Groklaw, for my safety." 07 14:05
schestowitz"I get threats, and whenever I do, I tell the authorities and move again. I'm a bit tired of having to do that, and it makes it hard to make a living. With the meltdown, I figure you can't pick up the slack and protect me that way, so the only option is to drift off into the haze."Jan 07 14:05
schestowitz"You may say, oh, you exaggerate. Well, here is one from last week, and please excuse the language: "Your a stupid asshole, please kill yourself, I hope my words cause you to ibiblio die have fun trying to prosecute me for murder, if I ever meet you face to face I WILL kill you, ibiblioin piece of shit.""Jan 07 14:06
MinceRlolJan 07 14:07
schestowitzShe lets the abusers win.Jan 07 14:08
schestowitz"Someone who has been through this type of thing told me that corporations don't want to be traced as the cause of such things. But they do things to make sure one's address is available widely on the Internet, and then if a kook shows up on your doorstep, they look like they are not involved. Connecting some dots?"Jan 07 14:08
schestowitzOn cronies: "Now I was willing to put up with this when there was a crisis, but now that I see the danger to Linux is over, why should I? For that matter, just thinking about the people I write about every day is repulsive. It's a world I never knew existed, until I did Groklaw. I am not exaggerating when I say that I never knew there were such folks on the planet with me."Jan 07 14:08
MinceRit's over?Jan 07 14:09
schestowitzI don't know, but I doubt it'll ever be the same.Jan 07 14:09
MinceRsounds like a microsoft munchkinJan 07 14:10
schestowitzI just ignore the threats I getJan 07 14:10
schestowitzI live in a high-security place.Jan 07 14:10
MinceRgood for youJan 07 14:10
schestowitzHERE WE GO: Satyam Chief Quits, Admits Faking Financial Results < >Jan 07 14:11
schestowitzYou know what Microsoft says... "everyone is doing it"Jan 07 14:11
schestowitz 07 14:12
schestowitz "HyperSpace is based on a compressed Linux OS that boots up while Windows is starting in the background. "Jan 07 14:14
neighborleeschestowitz, alex d efinition of what merits 'free' I find very  amusing ;)Jan 07 14:26
neighborleetalk about a moot point :)Jan 07 14:27
schestowitzYes, I know.Jan 07 14:27
schestowitzJanuary bloodbath:  Japan's Sanyo to axe 1,000 jobs < >. Lots of people are still in denial, thinking it would improve "Real Soon Now(C)"Jan 07 14:28
schestowitzMicrosoft might be a case of a lie growing too bigJan 07 14:29
schestowitzLike, you know... when someone lies about financial figures to meet quarterly expectations.Jan 07 14:29
schestowitzAnd then this lie requires further lying to keep upJan 07 14:29
neighborleesad indeedJan 07 14:29
schestowitzCharlie P snitched on this for illegal financial conductJan 07 14:29
schestowitzSo they (Microsoft) bribed him to shut upJan 07 14:30
schestowitzI reckon Microsoft might be like Satyam... living a lie.. a BIG Lie.Jan 07 14:30
schestowitzMore than 50 million bloggers in China < > Belittling all the rest combined?Jan 07 14:31
Omar87schestowitz: Typo corrected, thanks. :)Jan 07 14:31
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schestowitzOmar87: if you read BN and spot typos, please let me know.Jan 07 14:34
schestowitzThere's this girl I know from Digg who said she'd review my posts, but it's impracticalJan 07 14:35
Omar87schestowitz: I will, don't worry. ;)Jan 07 14:35
schestowitzI sent her, for the first time, an item yesterday.. for proofreading (I never did this before). It's just delaying the whole process, so it's better to post publicly, then  provide feedback, I think.Jan 07 14:35
schestowitz "has already been released on 17 November 2008. The Beta Version was already released in July 2008."Jan 07 14:51
schestowitzIt's not the first time that this site reposts very old news as though it was 'news'Jan 07 14:51
schestowitzIt shouldn't be aggregated in Google News.Jan 07 14:51
neighborleeschestowitz, had no idea about openlazio..very intriguing ;)Jan 07 14:52
schestowitzThey are not covered sufficiently.Jan 07 14:52
neighborleeyeahJan 07 14:53
schestowitzMac fans mourn a weak gig from Apple: 07 15:32
neighborleegotta admit I like some of what apple doesJan 07 15:32
neighborleea good friend has a apple notebook and loves it....they have some clever power supply which if pullled out is no biggie, as its magnetic ;)Jan 07 15:33
neighborleeand slim design on top of  very efficient power utilizationJan 07 15:33
neighborleewish I had one ;)Jan 07 15:33
MinceRah, the magnetic connector that burns itselfJan 07 15:33
neighborleeit does ?Jan 07 15:34
neighborleehers seems fine, unless she's just never mentioned it.Jan 07 15:34
MinceRthe idea seems to be ok, as long as you can keep your magnetic storage devices and credit cards away, i guessJan 07 15:34
MinceR 07 15:34
MinceRthe implementation definitely sucks thoughJan 07 15:34
neighborleeouchJan 07 15:35
neighborleeI wonder if she knows about this..I should prob. mention it just in case o_0Jan 07 15:36
schestowitz*LOL*Jan 07 15:37
schestowitz (Apple Owes Me $99)Jan 07 15:37
MinceR:)Jan 07 15:40
neighborleeouchJan 07 15:40
neighborleenice idea thoughJan 07 15:42
neighborleeapple and innovatin seems to know no bounds o_0Jan 07 15:42
neighborleeexcept ipod <I wont use it, ogg all the way baby>Jan 07 15:42
neighborleelolJan 07 15:42
MinceRand flacJan 07 15:43
neighborleeyeahJan 07 15:43
schestowitzGive me FLAKJan 07 15:44
MinceRapple seems to do rather minimal innovationJan 07 15:44
schestowitzMarketing makes innovationJan 07 15:44
MinceRthat's hardly innovationJan 07 15:45
schestowitz 07 15:46
schestowitzKey point: many projects innovate, but they don't make noise about itJan 07 15:46
schestowitzThey just move on... no bribing of journalists, no filing of patents, etc.Jan 07 15:46
MinceRindeedJan 07 15:49
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schestowitz "Now, instead of 80-90% processor utilization at busy times, it is 80% idle. I like a machine like that because it gives us room to grow."Jan 07 16:47
schestowitzMicrosoft Watch dumped Microsoft about two years ago... replacing Windows with Red Hat. :-)Jan 07 16:47
schestowitzIntel vPro Hacked < >Jan 07 16:57
schestowitzSun buys another bucket for its ship... 07 17:00
schestowitzBlankenhorn BS this time around: 07 17:03
schestowitzGNU/Linux from...Marks & Spencer < >Jan 07 17:10
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schestowitz New York unemployment system crashed < >Jan 07 17:14
schestowitz"THE STATE of New York's computer system that processes its unemployment insurance claims crashed under tidal waves of demand on Monday afternoon and for several hours on Tuesday, overwhelmed by online and phone traffic from thousands of jobless workers."Jan 07 17:14
schestowitzState’s Unemployment System Buckles Under Surging Demand < >. Many companies don't publicly state their cutbacks, e.g. local restaurants.Jan 07 17:15
schestowitzLame: Apple Charging $0.30 Per Song To Ditch DRM < >Jan 07 17:18
schestowitz"In the initial news about Apple going DRM-free, I saw it reported that Apple would let you convert your existing files to DRM-free. However, what was left out of the reports I saw (though, people in our comments pointed it out) was that Apple wants to charge you $0.30 for the privilege of getting rid of the DRM. "Jan 07 17:19
schestowitzRipple effects of corruption: Indian Outsourcers Face Scrutiny After Satyam Debacle < >Jan 07 17:25
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neighborleeschestowitz, this talk of content creation is non sense faict...openlazio ( from examples ive seen ) , can do just thatJan 07 17:53
neighborleethey just dont like the inconvenient truth it represents to  spreading  *light LOLJan 07 17:53
schestowitzThey need to slme meJan 07 17:53
neighborleeyupJan 07 17:53
schestowitzSo they argue over nothingJan 07 17:53
schestowitzSean Goole jumped in to point this outJan 07 17:53
schestowitzThey defend MS XAMLJan 07 17:53
neighborleetransparent indeedJan 07 17:54
schestowitzTo MS..Jan 07 17:54
neighborleemoonlight sheds truth on silverlight,,,ohhhhh the irony ;)haahJan 07 17:54
schestowitzWhere?Jan 07 17:54
neighborleeI just made it up ;)Jan 07 17:54
schestowitzMoonlight is not Silverlight (latest) compatible and never will beJan 07 17:55
neighborleethats my point :)Jan 07 17:55
schestowitzIt's all designed to make Linux work poorly (or "Not Work(C)") on the Web. Microsoft can carry on changing XAML at any time.Jan 07 17:55
neighborleesorry slightly vague, but I thought it was <cute>Jan 07 17:55
neighborleeas is paramount if people are to be more than sheep accepting ordersJan 07 17:56
schestowitzEmployees Overwhelmingly Confident About Layoffs < >Jan 07 17:56
schestowitzMicrosoft Setting Aside Seattle Expansion Plans 07 17:57
neighborleesweetJan 07 17:58
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schestowitz I hope it doesn't bore you. Can you spot typos? :-)Jan 07 18:03
schestowitzOmar87: If you get the change to read these, I think it will be faster for you to just read it quickly and write things like: * Replace "he sayd" with "he says". ;* Replace "the fox run up the hill" with "the fox run to the top of the hill. I really appreciate it!Jan 07 18:04
schestowitzI'm sad about the PJ news... opinions that I see: "I understand that Groklaw isn't going to continue as it was.  PJ's made that pretty clear. There's no longer any reason for her to stay at risk.  The big work has been done, it's time to move on to other things."Jan 07 18:05
schestowitzWhat will happen to now?Jan 07 18:05
schestowitzGroklaw reader says: "She has put herself in the line of fire for a very long time.  No one can sustain being under that kind of stress for too long.  I'd rather see her stop than to work till she breaks down completely."Jan 07 18:06
schestowitz"I also believe she's looking for a different way to do what she MOST loves doing.  I thinkt she's going to write some books now, and *truly* hope there's a publisher out there that has already contacted her."Jan 07 18:06
schestowitz"It will be interesting to see what happens next.  Also, with Groklaw being tidied up and neatly parked and maintained, it can quickly be fired up again if something important happens (That should keep the bad guys on edge!). And I'd bet money that PJ will never stop writing, it's what she> just may not be for Groklaw as much."Jan 07 18:06
neighborleeschestowitz, they also give half truths..maybe mono is in REPO, but its not part of install in either livecd of fedora or lenny insallerJan 07 18:06
neighborleetallerJan 07 18:06
schestowitzTrue.Jan 07 18:08
schestowitzBut I think it might changeJan 07 18:08
schestowitzSome reader thinks we should change BN too.Jan 07 18:10
schestowitz"As I said before and this is good advice: Jan 07 18:10
schestowitz01. Stop posting on COLAJan 07 18:10
schestowitz02. Drop the IRC channel, you are only making yourself a target for the trolls.Jan 07 18:10
schestowitz03. Do *not* respond to the trollsJan 07 18:10
schestowitz04. Don't engage in ad hominem attacks on BN, mention the facts and let people draw their own conclusions.Jan 07 18:10
schestowitz05. Spend you time posting comments on other blogs and forums, leave a link back to BM.Jan 07 18:10
schestowitz06. Make BN a subscription only forumJan 07 18:10
schestowitz07. Change the name or start a new one, TechBlog or something "Jan 07 18:10
schestowitzBad advice mostly.....Jan 07 18:10
schestowitz  Lenovo shares suspended < > "Last week influential Chinese magazine Caijing claimed that Lenovo would imminently slash 200 permanent jobs, had suspended hiring at the firm and planned to sack factory contractors in an attempt to offset tough economic conditions.Jan 07 18:12
schestowitzBarclays cuts more IT jobs < >Jan 07 18:17
schestowitzDoes MS have any insiders in Verizon (maybe 'incentives')? 07 18:26
*cday ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 07 18:26
schestowitzWhat is Verizon smoking for choosing the least successful SE?Jan 07 18:27
schestowitzHey, cday Jan 07 18:27
schestowitzSee 07 18:27
cdayhey, i'm here!Jan 07 18:27
schestowitzMicrosoft may be having Verizon smoke some greens (dollars)Jan 07 18:27
schestowitzThat's how Microsoft gets contracts with companies for ads and search...Jan 07 18:28
schestowitzDigg too... it /BUYS/ clients.Jan 07 18:28
cdayI'm reading about it nowJan 07 18:28
schestowitz"Shares of Microsoft Corp., the world's largest software maker, sank Wednesday after chip maker Intel Corp. said fourth-quarter sales missed already lowered expectations." 07 18:28
cdayHa, I knew digg buddied up to MSJan 07 18:28
schestowitzThey had to issue lots of PRJan 07 18:29
schestowitzAnd prod their favourite journalists in BusinessWeek and suchJan 07 18:29
schestowitzWhat good is the purchase of a client if nobody knows about the 'win'?Jan 07 18:30
schestowitzSomeone in USENET said that BusinessWeek is owned by Microsoft, but it was just a -- well -- figure of speech, so to speak.Jan 07 18:30
cdayI just finished reading about the verizon deal.  it will be interesting to see how  it goes.Jan 07 18:31
schestowitzMicrosoft inside Digg is also a poison pill for Google, which negotiated buying Digg. For similar reasons they say that Microsoft bought a piece of Facebook (to 'secure' it  from the 'evil' companies... like Google).Jan 07 18:31
neighborleeschestowitz, I think its fine to respond when they dont use abusive language and when you make sure that your replies dont target their  trolling..facts must remain facts whether the like it or not...when they start to feel the 'heat' they start to chage the subject or interject nonsense..I think having open discussion proves your not trying to lockin topics which in a free society is always positive..just look at obama and utube ;)Jan 07 18:32
schestowitzneighborlee: depends on what one means by "Trolls"Jan 07 18:32
schestowitzThe ones in BN who heckle are not trolls.Jan 07 18:32
schestowitzThey disrupt, but it's a low level of trolling.Jan 07 18:32
cdayit seems to me that everything MS touches goes downhill.  i'm glad i don't use verizonJan 07 18:33
schestowitzMicrosoft spies on Macs now (of course not): 07 18:34
schestowitzThey should not quote MS on statistics. It habitually lies by changing definitions... there's wiggling room.Jan 07 18:34
schestowitzcday: they used to say the same about FOSS.Jan 07 18:34
cdayi had wondered what benefit MS expected from owning a part of facebook.Jan 07 18:35
schestowitz... that only those who lose run to FOSS or Linux..Jan 07 18:35
schestowitzBut the truth is that those who sell out are failing companies... which Microsoft betrays or devours.Jan 07 18:35
schestowitzThe founder of Facebook has become a buddy of Ozzie (MS President, IIRC)Jan 07 18:36
schestowitz"Keep your enemies closer..."Jan 07 18:36
cdaywas verizon a failing company?Jan 07 18:36
schestowitzI don't think so.Jan 07 18:36
schestowitzIt works with Linux on phonesJan 07 18:36
schestowitzRunning back and fourth between OHA (Andoird) and LiMo, I think.Jan 07 18:36
cdaywill that change?Jan 07 18:36
schestowitzI hope not.Jan 07 18:37
cdayMS has GOT to hate androidJan 07 18:37
schestowitzSamsung sort of got closer to Microsoft.Jan 07 18:37
schestowitzNot just because of the patent deal, but hardware deals too, inc. memoty chipsJan 07 18:37
schestowitzSo they sold Linux out and began pushing harder with some more Win Mobile phone...Jan 07 18:38
schestowitzcday: when Microsoft ingores something important, it means it dislikes it.Jan 07 18:38
schestowitzWhen it mocks it, then it means it hates/fears it.Jan 07 18:38
cdaydon't you think that by spreading themselves so thin, trying to capture every market (whether they understand that market, or not) is surely going to wear them downJan 07 18:38
schestowitzBallmer mocked both the iPhone and Android (several times even). It figures.Jan 07 18:38
schestowitzYes, it's trueJan 07 18:39
schestowitzBut..Jan 07 18:39
schestowitzThey had cash piles from a dying business modelJan 07 18:39
schestowitzLike, you know, software where you must pass file by E-mail to work collaboratively.Jan 07 18:39
cdayaren't those cash piles dwindling?Jan 07 18:39
schestowitzThen came Wikis, SaaS for office tasks, Zimbra, etc.Jan 07 18:39
schestowitzSo they MUST move to something else, i.e. cannibaliseJan 07 18:39
schestowitzThey do very badly at everything they touch so farJan 07 18:40
schestowitzThey lack focus and they are immobiled because of the cannibal's dilemma.Jan 07 18:40
cdayi do think they are their own worst enemyJan 07 18:40
schestowitzAs in, make a good online/Web office suits... well, Microsoft would suffer the most, no? :-)Jan 07 18:40
schestowitzSo it can't move.Jan 07 18:40
schestowitzcday: they are almost in debt now.Jan 07 18:41
schestowitzAlso in the news today:   Microsoft puts search for more Seattle space on hold "Microsoft has put on hold any interest in further expanding its operations in Seattle because of the deteriorating economy, a spokesman said Tuesday." Microsoft Setting Aside Seattle Expansion Plans 07 18:41
schestowitzansion-plansJan 07 18:41
schestowitzThat last URL got chopped: 07 18:41
cdaybut putting expansion plans on hold would only sound normal in this economy.  most people would think nothing of it, or would think it made good sense to be more thrifty now.  it doesn't necessarily mean they are hurting financially, does it? (I hope they are though)Jan 07 18:43
schestowitzThey buy back their own stock.Jan 07 18:43
schestowitzIf they don't buy their stock, their market cap keeps sinking (would be about the same as Google's)Jan 07 18:44
schestowitzIt they buy the stock, they go into debt, which they do. Barron's reported on this last week, saying they would accelerate buybacks.Jan 07 18:44
cdaywhen reading about SCOs subsidaries in other countries, and how they were funneling (laundering?  maybe?) money through them, i also wondered if MS did things like that, they have so many things going on around the world it wouldn't be hard to doJan 07 18:46
schestowitzDid you hear about Satyam today?Jan 07 18:46
cdaysorry, i don't think "laundering" was the correct word to use, hiding or disguising might be more accurate.Jan 07 18:47
*schestowitz looks at MS layoffs news... only MSNBC (yes, still with the "MS") denies the layoffs.Jan 07 18:47
*schestowitz sees lots of Zune news this week... for the wrong reasons :-)Jan 07 18:47
cdaySatyam?  No I didn't hearJan 07 18:47
schestowitzlaundering is not the correct term.Jan 07 18:48
schestowitzBut "soft bribery" is a term that appliesJan 07 18:48
schestowitzIt happens all the time and it needn't be money (liquid)Jan 07 18:48
schestowitzFavourism/nepotism are a routine thing.Jan 07 18:48
cdayYes, I've noticed tons of Zune news, i wondered if they were trying to keep the last zune bug from being rememberedJan 07 18:48
schestowitz2pm <schestowitz> HERE WE GO: Satyam Chief Quits, Admits Faking Financial Results < > <schestowitz> 5PM: <schestowitz> Ripple effects of corruption: Indian Outsourcers Face Scrutiny After Satyam Debacle < >Jan 07 18:49
schestowitzI reckon Microsoft could have a similar story to tell.Jan 07 18:50
schestowitzThe SEC might be in for a surprise. 07 18:50
schestowitzAnd Microsoft already had one of its own employee blow the whistle on financial misconduct. It paid him $4 million to shut up about it.Jan 07 18:51
schestowitzThere's lots of XBox noise ATM as well... but Microsoft pretends Nintendo does not existJan 07 18:51
schestowitzIt only talks about Sony... like the small bully in the class taking on the weakest kid for vanity.Jan 07 18:52
cdayI just read the Satyam article, is that company a MS partner?Jan 07 18:52
schestowitzYesJan 07 18:53
schestowitzAFAIK, they do lots of business with themJan 07 18:53
schestowitzProbably a GOLD-certified partner, but I haven't checkedJan 07 18:53
schestowitz " Amidst the announcement that Woolworths would be shutting down due to bankruptcy, there were the typical "everything must go" sales where the store was practically giving their goods away. "Jan 07 18:55
cdayI'm not a gamer so the xbox competition against other game box companies is generally not something i read about. It doesn't surprise me to know they use the same tactics in that market thoughJan 07 18:56
schestowitzI didn't know that they died... but either way, watch Microsoft harassing a dying company.Jan 07 18:56
cdayWoolworths?  Yikes, they went out of business (here) decades ago.Jan 07 18:57
schestowitzResurrected in the UK? Like a zombie...Jan 07 18:57
schestowitzIIRC, their head is/was a major Bilderbirger.Jan 07 18:58
schestowitz*ergJan 07 18:58
cdayso what do you think will be the final story about yahoo and MS's nasty treatment of them?Jan 07 18:58
schestowitzMaybe they'll buy search at some stageJan 07 18:59
schestowitzYahoo is already too polluted by Microsoft peopleJan 07 18:59
schestowitzOn the board they have Icahn and his buddies and in other key positions they have execs who 'defected' from MS over the months...Jan 07 18:59
cdayi never used yahoo much, but i feel badly for the must be like being eaten alive from the inside outJan 07 19:00
schestowitzThis very much reminds me of how one devastated a country through strangulations (embargo of bombing.. in this case bid, cancellations and endless agitation). Then, when resistance dissolved, they move in and appoint a puppet regime.Jan 07 19:00
schestowitzYes, Yahoo is being taken over from the insideJan 07 19:00
schestowitzI worry about VMware tooJan 07 19:01
schestowitzEMC devours their shares, then marries VMware with its big partner, Microsoft.Jan 07 19:01
schestowitzFrom one hour ago: 07 19:01
schestowitzMore here I've just noticed: VMware hires away Borland CEO < >Jan 07 19:02
cdayI also felt bad for VMware, but they didn't seem to understand the dangers and were (apparently) easy pickin's (Roy, my lunch break is over and the phone is ringing, I must get back to work.  I'll stop in again soon.  bye for now!)Jan 07 19:03
schestowitzAmy Newman covers this too 07 19:03
schestowitz"Prior to Borland, Nielsen held exec management positions at BEA and Oracle and spent 12 years at Microsoft. "Jan 07 19:03
schestowitzI wonder if Borland too got sort of 'occupied' by Microsoft after Microsoft had stolen its staff. Shades of Corel..Jan 07 19:04
schestowitzCya laterJan 07 19:04
*cday has quit ("Leaving")Jan 07 19:04
schestowitzCisco-Microsoft link (new one): Cisco Invests In Microsoft Outlook Startup < >Jan 07 19:17
schestowitzDidn't it buy PostPath (Linux)??Jan 07 19:18
schestowitzIndian press advertises Microsoft's vapourware: 07 19:31
schestowitzMcirosoft find a 'drug dealer' to sub-contract; PEER 1 Selected to Join Microsoft BizSpark Program < >Jan 07 19:37
*neighborlee has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Jan 07 19:42
schestowitz "Satyam, one of India's six largest IT outsourcing companies, counts such Fortune 500 companies as Sony among its customers. [...] That resulted in artificial operating margins of 24 percent of revenue, compared with its actual 3 percent margin." What might Microsoft's be?Jan 07 19:46
twitterM$FT, down 5% today 07 19:50
twitterthey are back under their $20 rock and falling fast.Jan 07 19:50
Axzhere is another how fast are Microsoft geeks... 07 19:51
schestowitz "I'm using this OS as I type," wrote a Pirate Bay user going by the name "al966g." "Looks like it's OK to me, not too much different than Vista but a few new items," the user wrote.Jan 07 19:53
schestowitzVista7Jan 07 19:53
schestowitzNow with 7 new GUI toysJan 07 19:53
AxzNo i mean comeon Windows 7 was few weeks ago already leaked..Jan 07 19:53
Axzwhats news about thatJan 07 19:53
Axzthose nubcakes released it today likes its few secs ago..Jan 07 19:54
twitterProbably a plant.  M$ wants to keep a constant dribble of hype for Vista 7.Jan 07 19:54
twitterThey will spam boards with crap about Vista 7 working, as if Vista itself works.Jan 07 19:55
twitterHaving watched Vista brick itself on someone's computer for Christmas, I know that Vista is still a POS.Jan 07 19:56
schestowitzThe Munchkins are nymshifting. 07 19:56
schestowitzThey are coming and sticking like glue from other sitesJan 07 19:56
schestowitzFirst we had twitter's stalkers, Michaels and "Gentoo user" harassing and smearing cr* in BN. Now we 'inherit' some of LinuxToday's trolls, who are too stupid to change their mail address when they nymshift.Jan 07 19:57
twitterIt's probably the same people with more time on their hands for you.  Without Technocrat, GL and, BN will get the Sog.Jan 07 19:57
schestowitzJust don't reply to them.Jan 07 19:58
twitterI generally don't but they crap flood the comments and make them worthless.Jan 07 19:58
schestowitzI agree and I think I wrote this before... Microsoft 'leaked' things before.. either software or screenshotsJan 07 19:59
schestowitzIt wants to keep the "Windows 7" buzz in the headlines in order for CIOs et al to reckon it's already 'out there'.. It freezes the marketJan 07 19:59
twitterM$ has been hyping Windows 7 since October of 2007.Jan 07 19:59
schestowitzBillG was part of this vapourware tricl.Jan 07 20:00
schestowitz*trickJan 07 20:00
twitterThe market has been frozen since 2001 or so.Jan 07 20:00
schestowitzMicrosoft Clears Gates-Induced Confusion about Windows 7 07 20:00
twitterM$ has not frozen the market, M$ has destroyed it.Jan 07 20:00
schestowitz 07 20:00
schestowitzNathan Myhrvold (MS' patent troll): "The purpose of announcing early like this is to freeze the market at the"Jan 07 20:01
schestowitzNathan Myhrvold (MS' patent troll): " we will just have vaporware"Jan 07 20:01
schestowitzHe wrote this E-mail to BillG and Brad Silverberg (another total thug)Jan 07 20:01
schestowitzBrad Silverberg, Microsoft: "I’d be glad to help tilt lotus into into the death spiral. I could do it Friday afternoon but not Saturday. I could do it pretty much any time the following week."Jan 07 20:02
schestowitz PJ: "Now I was willing to put up with this when there was a crisis, but now that I see the danger to Linux is over, why should I? For that matter, just thinking about the people I write about every day is repulsive. It's a world I never knew existed, until I did GroklawJan 07 20:03
tessier_Have to be a groklaw member to view that.Jan 07 20:04
schestowitzYes, I know.Jan 07 20:04
schestowitzAnyone can registerJan 07 20:04
tessier_Sorry, creation of new accounts has been temporarily disabledJan 07 20:04
tessier_NopeJan 07 20:04
tessier_I think I may have had an account once upon a time, I don't recall...Jan 07 20:05
schestowitzHmmmmm.......Jan 07 20:06
schestowitzMaybe because of spam accounts she shut it down.Jan 07 20:06
schestowitzI had to shut mine down a week agoJan 07 20:06
schestowitzThis was used to scatter back SPAM, which denied the servers outgoing mail, including new comment notificationsJan 07 20:07
*Axz has quit (Remote closed the connection)Jan 07 20:07
twitterTW to have first loss in six years on decline in advertising and fall of cable network and AOL. 07 20:13
twitterthe US fired another 600,000 people last month 07 20:14
twitterIntel saw a 23% decline last quarter 07 20:16
schestowitzJust 23%?Jan 07 20:17
schestowitzWell, it harmed others' business as well.Jan 07 20:18
*isforinsects has quit (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))Jan 07 20:19
schestowitz on Groklaw.Jan 07 20:24
tessier_ah, groklaw's password reset feature worked. Now I can access my account again.Jan 07 20:42
schestowitz"Tessier"?Jan 07 20:46
schestowitz (Virtualization Congress 2009: vote now for the Ulteo presentation!)Jan 07 20:48
tessier_Nope. My username there is treedJan 07 20:51
schestowitzIt can be read as TreeDJan 07 20:52
*Omar87 has quit (Remote closed the connection)Jan 07 21:01
schestowitzKDE4 performance on NVidia 8600GT: problem solved by bying ATI < >Jan 07 21:06
schestowitzSilliness: "Now, the cheapest route of all would be to buy a netbook with Ubuntu pre-installed, blow away the Linux partition, and provision the netbook using an existing Windows XP Pro (or Vista Business or Ultimate license, which will allow you to downgrade, although you need to supply your own XP Pro install image)." 07 21:08
schestowitzGartner's latest FUD finds mouths: 07 21:22
schestowitzUIQ Shuttering Its Operations < >. Good new for mobile Linux.Jan 07 21:22
tessier_ 07 21:23
tessier_This sort of thing really makes me wonder.Jan 07 21:24
schestowitzWhat specifically?Jan 07 21:24
schestowitzThey have been talking about this for yearsJan 07 21:24
tessier_I worked in Vietnam for a year, would like to work there some more, and married a Vietnamese I met while there. I would love to help them out. But they have been saying this for ages.Jan 07 21:24
tessier_Exactly.Jan 07 21:24
tessier_So WTF?Jan 07 21:24
schestowitzMicrosoft and Intel carry on invading like the US in the 60s to cease control agaunJan 07 21:24
tessier_seizeJan 07 21:24
schestowitzYes.Jan 07 21:24
schestowitzHehe.Jan 07 21:24
schestowitzFreudianJan 07 21:24
schestowitzI have refsJan 07 21:25
schestowitzHold ob.Jan 07 21:25
schestowitzI put lots here: 07 21:25
tessier_I wonder who submitted that to /.Jan 07 21:25
schestowitzChristian?Jan 07 21:25
tessier_I wouldn't be surprised if the govt there was just tryign to get leverage against MSJan 07 21:25
schestowitzI know he did cause I voted for it, but it was rejectedJan 07 21:26
tessier_huh?Jan 07 21:26
schestowitzPossible that, too.Jan 07 21:26
schestowitzEDGIJan 07 21:26
schestowitzPeople circulated that Vietnam news by E-mail... at least 3 sent it to meJan 07 21:26 wife may be able to translate that video for youJan 07 21:27
tessier_I'll ask her to take a look at it and see what he is saying.Jan 07 21:27
tessier_Vietnam is a highly corrupt country.Jan 07 21:28
tessier_I have personally watched police and various officials being paid off.Jan 07 21:29
tessier_Police, immigration officials, telecom officials, etc.Jan 07 21:29
tessier_It normally takes weeks to get a DSL line installed there. We paid an "expedite fee".Jan 07 21:29
tessier_My coworker overstayed his visa. He was taken aside to a small room a the airport and asked how much money he had. He gave it to them. He was free to leave the country.Jan 07 21:30
tessier_I have loads of stories like this.Jan 07 21:30
tessier_The culture there is one of corruption.Jan 07 21:30
tessier_That has a lot to do with the war also. The way their society works just invites trouble.Jan 07 21:31
tessier_The US went to VN with good intentions but did not realize the extent of the backstabbing and disarray there. The only way to succeed was with brainwashing which the communists were very good at and had a huge head start on. And we sucked at it.Jan 07 21:32
schestowitzSo could the vote on OOXML be bought?Jan 07 21:32
tessier_I've spent most of the last 3 years studying VNJan 07 21:32
tessier_Oh easily.Jan 07 21:32
schestowitzIIRC, someone commented there to accuse m,e.Jan 07 21:33
schestowitzThat was a long time ago.. haven't checked.Jan 07 21:33
tessier_Degrees from VN are practically worthless. Lots of people buy their degrees and cheat on classes and pay off teachers and admissions officials to get accepted into the better schools etc.Jan 07 21:33
tessier_My wife's godmom was involved in a payoff scandle. She was a school principal who allegedly took money for students to be accepted into her high school whose test results were poorer than others. I say allegedly only to be proper.Jan 07 21:34
tessier_He mistake was she pissed off the wrong people so she got made an example of. Probably didn't cut them in or something.Jan 07 21:34
tessier_HerJan 07 21:34
tessier_Every now and then communist countries try to restore public confidence by exposing a scandle and making an example of them.Jan 07 21:35
tessier_It makes the people feel good. Kinda like our TSA at the airport.. But is really ineffectual.Jan 07 21:35
tessier_My wife's uncle has an english certificate. He doesn't speak a word of english. It was purchased to fulfill a checkbox somewhere so he could get a job.Jan 07 21:35
tessier_etc. etc.Jan 07 21:35
tessier_Hmm...this is probably all going to go on the website and be indexed by google etc. I've already said way too much.Jan 07 21:36
schestowitzre: Vietnam (mail): "Good news i love it, Domino Effect,, let Burma go next, Cambodia,, we should see how we can push in those countries as well. We got a great example now to use."Jan 07 21:36
schestowitzPeople are overenthusiastic about this.Jan 07 21:37
schestowitzI've watched this Vietnam tune for years (since 2006 at the earliest). They practically shout to Wintelsoft: "buy us! We're hard to get"Jan 07 21:38
tessier_The state of computer skills there is very poor.Jan 07 21:40
tessier_There is actually a big opportunity to promote Linux there because most people have no preconceptions.Jan 07 21:41
schestowitzSame in IndiaJan 07 21:41
tessier_But that is because they are villagers. Not sure if that is a good base to start with or not.Jan 07 21:41
schestowitzVery few people have enjoyed computer penetration.Jan 07 21:41
tessier_India has a lot more computer skilled people (for a loose definition of skill) compared to VietnamJan 07 21:41
schestowitzBillG sort of corrupted China by now.. by liaising with the government.Jan 07 21:41
tessier_I employed about a dozen Vietnamese there to work on a Linux related project. They were novices at best and nowhere near up to the task.Jan 07 21:42
twitter"enjoyed computer penetration"?  Roy, you have been reading the wrong kind of stuff lately.Jan 07 21:42
twitterStay away from Wintel rags for a while.Jan 07 21:43
schestowitzHehe.Jan 07 21:44
tessier_Migrate 100% of the governments servers to "open source" by June 30th 3009?!Jan 07 21:44
tessier_2009Jan 07 21:44
schestowitzWell, you know, you word is just an innocent oneJan 07 21:44
tessier_5 months? What are these guys smoking? I think that is proof right there that they aren't serious.Jan 07 21:44
schestowitzJust because people use it in sexual context/conversation does not render it verbotenJan 07 21:44
tessier_enjoying computer penetration means something entirely different to me...Jan 07 21:44
tessier_RightJan 07 21:44
schestowitzI think penetration is common as a term for computing in populationJan 07 21:45
twitterI'd say people have not been lucky enough to use computers.Jan 07 21:45
schestowitzBecause the assumption is that they increasingly enterJan 07 21:45
schestowitzNot going downwardsJan 07 21:45
schestowitzPatents stand in the wayJan 07 21:46
schestowitzThey artificially elevate the priceJan 07 21:46
schestowitzThere is focus on high-cost, few quantities.Jan 07 21:46
schestowitzOLPC tries changing this.Jan 07 21:46
twitterPenetration one side.  Exit wound on the other side.Jan 07 21:46
schestowitzGive computers to x5 as many people at /5 the costJan 07 21:46
twitterI know the term is common, I just don't like it.Jan 07 21:46
twitterIt's not as annoying as "going forward" and a few other buzz words.Jan 07 21:47
schestowitzHehe.Jan 07 21:47
schestowitz...Pervasive...Jan 07 21:47
schestowitzLike invasive pervert or something..Jan 07 21:47
twitterubiquitousJan 07 21:47
schestowitzBillG uses the word... and Mars Shuttleworth uses it all the time.Jan 07 21:48
twittermass producedJan 07 21:48
schestowitz.INNOVA~1Jan 07 21:48
twitterBillG has a lot of idiot echo.  I thought you had been reading that Wintel stuff again.Jan 07 21:48
schestowitzBlogosphere is one of the most hated words, said a surveyJan 07 21:48
schestowitz"Agility.." -- Novell likes that one.Jan 07 21:49
twitterAgileJan 07 21:49
twitterI like Argyle socks.Jan 07 21:49
schestowitzEeeeiicosystemJan 07 21:49
schestowitzNothing to do with ecology BTW :-)Jan 07 21:50
twitter 07 21:50
twitternetiquette instead of mannersJan 07 21:51
twitter 07 21:52
twitterincentivizeJan 07 21:53
twitterrecontextualizeJan 07 21:54
schestowitzMonetise?Jan 07 21:54
schestowitzHated alsoJan 07 21:54
twitteroh yes, potentialJan 07 21:54
schestowitzUnlimited PotentiaJan 07 21:54
schestowitz[to addicts kids]Jan 07 21:54
schestowitz*addictJan 07 21:54
twitterincentivize is to offer some kind of reward.Jan 07 21:56
twitteror to simply rewardJan 07 21:56
twitterat least promise to reward ...Jan 07 21:57
schestowitzIncentive = polite word for bribeJan 07 21:57
schestowitzto incentivise = to briveJan 07 21:57
schestowitz*bribeJan 07 21:57
twitterPodcast, I really hate that word.Jan 07 21:59
schestowitzTurns out the Vietnam story was snuck into /, by EinfeldtJan 07 22:00
schestowitzI hate the word "[*]pod[*]"Jan 07 22:00
schestowitzEven iPodJan 07 22:00
schestowitziLife...Jan 07 22:00
schestowitziI iCant iStand iiiTJan 07 22:00
NeonFlossiAgree with youJan 07 22:01
schestowitzRumor Puts Anonymous Group In Line To Buy Yahoo < > "Michael Arrington writes, "A group of well known Silicon Valley executives and top investment bankers are putting together a Yahoo takeover deal that would be financed largely from debt supplied by Microsoft, we've learned from sources with knowledge of the proposed transaction.""Jan 07 22:04
twitter 07 22:17
twitter 07 22:18
twitterabove from /. about OLPCJan 07 22:18
twitterBillG and Intel getting their wish.Jan 07 22:18
twitterNAS asks why US has NASA 07 22:20
twitterthat's enough bad news for today.Jan 07 22:20
twitterbblJan 07 22:20
schestowitzIntel suffered nonethelessJan 07 22:23
schestowitzIt just tried destoroying everyone else around it, too.Jan 07 22:23
tessier_uhJan 07 22:26
tessier_schestowitz: My wife says the video linked on the ooxml vietnam page has the guy on the mic saying:Jan 07 22:27
tessier_(02:28:13 PM) nqt_bin: in the video, they said that OOXML was not a good software to usJan 07 22:27
tessier_(02:28:14 PM) nqt_bin: useJan 07 22:27
tessier_(02:28:37 PM) nqt_bin: and Vietnam Gov should not sign a contract or some thing with Microsoft to use itJan 07 22:27
tessier_(02:28:45 PM) nqt_bin: to store data and use their softwareJan 07 22:27
schestowitzGoodJan 07 22:28
schestowitzBut I think they voted wrong. :-)Jan 07 22:28
tessier_IndeedJan 07 22:28
schestowitz"It's not good for us" = "you'll have to pay us very handsomely for the elections"Jan 07 22:29
tessier_Was Vietnam one of the countries who joined the higher level ISO membership (I forget what it is called) just so they could vote?Jan 07 22:29
schestowitz 07 22:30
schestowitz Yuck! "Rick Jelliffe"Jan 07 22:31
schestowitzMicrosoft and its lousy spinner (he's paid by them) is trying to deny corruption on /whose/ behalf?Jan 07 22:32
tessier_ 07 22:43
tessier_Office pics from my Vietnam daysJan 07 22:43
schestowitzHere is a photo of your cuffs... with some view around it: 07 22:47
schestowitzYour lady? 07 22:48
schestowitzOh wait.Jan 07 22:48
schestowitzShoot...Jan 07 22:49
twitterInteresting pictures.  It must have been fun.Jan 07 22:50
twitterHere's something disgusting. 07 22:51
twitterYou would think their business is better than ever.Jan 07 22:51
schestowitzRecent: (Vietnamese Twitter-clone Saigonica violates AGPL)Jan 07 22:57
tessier_Yeah, that's her.  Better pics here: 07 22:57
schestowitzThanks.Jan 07 22:57
tessier_Did I link you to Kevin's page?Jan 07 22:57
schestowitz"Joe Francis, creator of the "Girl's Gone Wild" video series, and Larry Flynt, founder of Hustler, will ask Congress for a $5 billion bailout, according to TMZ."Jan 07 22:57
tessier_ 07 22:58
schestowitzKevin?Jan 07 22:58
tessier_First meeting of the Saigon Linux Users's group. Meetings are very sporadic due to practically zero interest.Jan 07 22:58
tessier_Kevin MillerJan 07 22:58
schestowitzShe's graceful. Lucky you! :-)Jan 07 22:58
tessier_A good friend of mine.Jan 07 22:58
tessier_Yeah, she's awesomeJan 07 22:58
tessier_Kevin lives in Vietnam.Jan 07 22:58
schestowitzHow many Americans live there?Jan 07 22:58
tessier_He was the first American I met there. Great guy and big Linux fan.Jan 07 22:58
tessier_He is the main source of Linux advocacy in the whole country afaikJan 07 22:59
tessier_He and I tried to get a LUG and some other stuff going and still try to advocate Linux there.Jan 07 22:59
tessier_Not sure how many. Not many.Jan 07 22:59
schestowitzSo wait.. is this related to the Saigon blog?Jan 07 22:59
tessier_Not at all unusual for me to go all day in downtown Saigon and not see another white person.Jan 07 22:59
tessier_Which saigon blog?Jan 07 22:59
schestowitzThe one I cite a lotJan 07 23:00
schestowitzHe's a treacherJan 07 23:00
schestowitzRides a motorcycle to work and teaches the students BSD and PCLinuxOS, among other stuff.Jan 07 23:00
*r0ver has quit (Remote closed the connection)Jan 07 23:00
tessier_ 07 23:02
tessier_Yeah, that's Kevin.Jan 07 23:02
tessier_EVERYONE in Vietnam rides a motorbike.Jan 07 23:02
schestowitz"The only real LUG action in Vietnam that I am aware of is being conducted by my friend Kevin Miller who lives in Sai Gon and has a website here: [] It was through Vietlug that I met Kevin. "Jan 07 23:03
schestowitzIt's a small world /after all/Jan 07 23:03
tessier_Yep.Jan 07 23:03
schestowitzI've linked to his blog like 50 times I reckon.Jan 07 23:03
schestowitz 07 23:04
tessier_I have crazy videos of the traffic there. Thousands upon thousands of little motorbikesJan 07 23:05
tessier_From one end of the street to the other as far as the eye can seeJan 07 23:05
tessier_And they all ride so closely together. Mere inches or less from you to the other guy.Jan 07 23:06
schestowitzI wonder what's better for the environment: cars with a family and one big engine versus several motorbikes. Depends on how many people you fit it, I guess. Like buses without their capacity actually used..Jan 07 23:07
tessier_Public transportation is best. Modern cars second based. Ancient motorbikes in Saigon the absolute worst.Jan 07 23:12
MinceRgnJan 07 23:27
twitterVery cool and insightful comments, tessier.Jan 07 23:56
twitterI knew there was still something useful at Slashdot.Jan 07 23:57

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Microsoft's Windows Down to 8% in Afghanistan According to statCounter Data
in Vietnam Windows is at 8%, in Iraq 4.9%, Syria 3.7%, and Yemen 2.2%
[Meme] Only Criminals Would Want to Use Printers?
The EPO's war on paper
EPO: We and Microsoft Will Spy on Everything (No Physical Copies)
The letter is dated last Thursday
Links 22/04/2024: Windows Getting Worse, Oligarch-Owned Media Attacking Assange Again
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Links 21/04/2024: LINUX Unplugged and 'Screen Time' as the New Tobacco
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Gemini Links 22/04/2024: Health Issues and Online Documentation
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What Fake News or Botspew From Microsoft Looks Like... (Also: Techrights to Invest 500 Billion in Datacentres by 2050!)
Sededin Dedovic (if that's a real name) does Microsoft stenography
Stefano Maffulli's (and Microsoft's) Openwashing Slant Initiative (OSI) Report Was Finalised a Few Months Ago, Revealing Only 3% of the Money Comes From Members/People
Microsoft's role remains prominent (for OSI to help the attack on the GPL and constantly engage in promotion of proprietary GitHub)
[Meme] Master Engineer, But Only They Can Say It
One can conclude that "inclusive language" is a community-hostile trolling campaign
[Meme] It Takes Three to Grant a Monopoly, Or... Injunction Against Staff Representatives
Quality control
[Video] EPO's "Heart of Staff Rep" Has a Heartless New Rant
The wordplay is just for fun
An Unfortunate Miscalculation Of Capital
Reprinted with permission from Andy Farnell
[Video] Online Brigade Demands That the Person Who Started GNU/Linux is Denied Public Speaking (and Why FSF Cannot Mention His Speeches)
So basically the attack on RMS did not stop; even when he's ill with cancer the cancel culture will try to cancel him, preventing him from talking (or be heard) about what he started in 1983
Online Brigade Demands That the Person Who Made Nix Leaves Nix for Not Censoring People 'Enough'
Trying to 'nix' the founder over alleged "safety" of so-called 'minorities'
[Video] Inauthentic Sites and Our Upcoming Publications
In the future, at least in the short term, we'll continue to highlight Debian issues
List of Debian Suicides & Accidents
Reprinted with permission from
Jens Schmalzing & Debian: rooftop fall, inaccurately described as accident
Reprinted with permission from
[Teaser] EPO Leaks About EPO Leaks
Yo dawg!
On Wednesday IBM Announces 'Results' (Partial; Bad Parts Offloaded Later) and Red Hat Has Layoffs Anniversary
There's still expectation that Red Hat will make more staff cuts
IBM: We Are No Longer Pro-Nazi (Not Anymore)
Historically, IBM has had a nazi problem
Bad faith: attacking a volunteer at a time of grief, disrespect for the sanctity of human life
Reprinted with permission from Daniel Pocock
Bad faith: how many Debian Developers really committed suicide?
Reprinted with permission from Daniel Pocock
Over at Tux Machines...
GNU/Linux news for the past day
IRC Proceedings: Sunday, April 21, 2024
IRC logs for Sunday, April 21, 2024
A History of Frivolous Filings and Heavy Drug Use
So the militant was psychotic due to copious amounts of marijuana
Bad faith: suicide, stigma and tarnishing
Reprinted with permission from Daniel Pocock
UDRP Legitimate interests: EU whistleblower directive, workplace health & safety concerns
Reprinted with permission from Daniel Pocock