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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: February 10th, 2009 - Part 1


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schestowitzWhy is tah Byfield spending time bitching about RMS? 10 00:10
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schestowitzSix carriers promise LiMo phones in 2009 < >Feb 10 00:13
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mib_ozkrg8omg this is some serious evidence... it seems like microsoft might be .... a businessFeb 10 00:16
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schestowitzYou mean the latest post?Feb 10 00:20
schestowitzIt's going to make Digg's FP ( ) and I have at least 3 more Intel anti-Linux posts coming. :-DFeb 10 00:21
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schestowitz*LOL* Check the subject line: 10 00:38
schestowitzHas Linux just been renamed "Linus"?Feb 10 00:39
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twitter"mib_ozkrg8: omg this is some serious evidence... it seems like microsoft might be .... a business" he forgot the words "criminal" and "failing"Feb 10 01:57
twitterByfield is an idiot.Feb 10 01:58
schestowitzDid you read it?Feb 10 01:58
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twitternot yet, but I've read enough from byfield ...Feb 10 01:59
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schestowitzI read only a portion.Feb 10 01:59
twitterI'll have a look at the juvenile thing.Feb 10 01:59
schestowitzBut my theory is that people are given this noation of idols in general for bad reasons, RMS too.Feb 10 02:00
schestowitzThe idea of celebrities and the way they are sold to the public as models is one that's to do with controlling minds and feelings. Celebrities are then used to tell people how to behave, what to buy, etcFeb 10 02:00
schestowitz[H]omer_ no longer agrees with everything RMS says and at times neither do IFeb 10 02:01
twitterRMS is smeared because what he says threatens small minded people.  No two people agree about everything but a lot of what RMS has done is worth emulating.Feb 10 02:01
twitterI rank him with Thomas Jefferson - a leader who clearly articulated rights of men at great personal risk and cost.Feb 10 02:02
twitterRMS's free software rights are a non obvious extension of natural rights.Feb 10 02:02
schestowitzYes, they are means to goalsFeb 10 02:03
twitterThey are also rights in and of themselves.  People have to take them away from you by force.Feb 10 02:03
schestowitzHe has always used his movement and aspirations as a tool to protect activism.Feb 10 02:03
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schestowitzMany others started as software engineers and found the political debate laterFeb 10 02:04
twitterTrue, he says that, but his formulation is very sound and rights are worth protecting for their own sake.Feb 10 02:04
schestowitzIt gets worseFeb 10 02:07
schestowitzWhen I came to think of it, for many decades things improvedFeb 10 02:07
twitter?Feb 10 02:07
schestowitzThe past decade was degradation of rights in most placesFeb 10 02:07
twitteryesFeb 10 02:08
schestowitzReturn to medival ages and barbarismFeb 10 02:08
schestowitzThey call it "war on terrorism", "emergency" and other euphemismsFeb 10 02:08
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twitterByfield, " Another myth-buster: Stallman starts by being polite when you talk to him. Nor is he humorless." Duh.  Only trolls say he's rude like that.  The man is full of good natured fun.Feb 10 02:09
schestowitzWell, it *is* an emergency when one is violently colonialising the whole world only to find that people don't like being stomped on, so they fight back.Feb 10 02:09
twitterByfield, "Stallman would probably be a difficult man to get to know under any circumstances."  LOL, if you can't get to know someone through their writing, I'm not sure what you consider "knowing someone"  Stallman is one of the most self documented and consistent people on the planet.Feb 10 02:17
twitterByfield, " it is hard for a casual observer like me to say where the public man ends and the private one begins."  He's looking for contradictions and can't find any - that's why he has to repeat a bunch of tired stereotypes.Feb 10 02:18
twitterThe "war on terrorism" was used to sneak 1984 onto people.Feb 10 02:19
twittersurveillance, language changes, militarism and a decline in education - these are all attacks on freedom.Feb 10 02:20
twitterThe worst attacks have been the murder and intimidation of journalists.Feb 10 02:21
schestowitzPeople are asleep at the wheelFeb 10 02:21
schestowitztwitter: yes, that tooFeb 10 02:21
twitterThe press has been intimidated but many people are not sleeping.  They have been vocal but unheard.  Look at Jimmy Carter and his book about "Apartheid" in Israel.  He was reduced to a stage wave for the Democratic National Convention.Feb 10 02:23
twitterHis message is too at odds with the toxic crap poured over the airwaves to present.Feb 10 02:24
twitterYet there he is, writing books and talking to anyone who will listen.Feb 10 02:24
schestowitzThere's nothing but agenda there.Feb 10 02:24
schestowitzBut whose is served?Feb 10 02:24
twitterArms producers, religious fanatics.Feb 10 02:25
twitterPeople who exploit Palestinians as slave labor for their subsidized industry.Feb 10 02:25
twitterThere are other, less ugly places where freedom has been chipped away but the result will be just as ugly in the end.  Once you are stripped of your rights, people can and will abuse you all the more.Feb 10 02:31
schestowitzYes, all the same under the sun, but everyone says "We're the good guys" (like Microsoft)Feb 10 02:31
twitterHow good or bad people are is written in their licenses.  What they demand is more important than what they say.Feb 10 02:32
twitterThe wife needs help.  Gotta go.Feb 10 02:32
twittergood night.Feb 10 02:32
schestowitzgnFeb 10 02:34
schestowitztwitter: 10 03:13
schestowitzWe're in FP now (Digg)Feb 10 03:28
balzacyou're the man now, dog!Feb 10 03:44
schestowitzI stay out of BNFeb 10 03:44
schestowitzIt's probably down (don't check)Feb 10 03:45
schestowitzI put 4 pages on cacheFeb 10 03:45
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mib_oks35hHIFeb 10 03:45
balzacI got my dig in on that storyFeb 10 03:45
schestowitzComments here (not stressing the server): 10 03:45
schestowitzHi, mib_oks35h Feb 10 03:45
balzacmib_oks35h: did you arrive via the digg story?Feb 10 03:45
mib_oks35hi didFeb 10 03:46
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balzaccoolFeb 10 03:46
schestowitzHi.Feb 10 03:46
mib_uotl0rwowFeb 10 03:46
schestowitzWhat's up?Feb 10 03:46
mib_oks35hwow?Feb 10 03:46
mib_uotl0rthis is impressiveFeb 10 03:46
balzacthis is Roy Schestowitz himself, a major PITA for M$ and NovellFeb 10 03:46
mib_oks35hwow all you people are so cool?Feb 10 03:46
schestowitzNaaa... hot and angry :-)Feb 10 03:47
balzacare you on ecstasy or are you just really excited by bad news for M$?Feb 10 03:47
mib_oks35h:)Feb 10 03:47
mib_uotl0rno wow so many people hereFeb 10 03:47
schestowitzThere are hundreds more where it came fromFeb 10 03:47
schestowitz23Feb 10 03:47
mib_oks35h193 Diggs so farFeb 10 03:48
mib_uotl0rin a deep dark random as shit chat room on a monday night? wow there so many people period that this many end up hereFeb 10 03:48
schestowitzNot reallyFeb 10 03:48
schestowitzWe usually have about 15-30 people hereFeb 10 03:49
mib_oks35hPlus Digg helpedFeb 10 03:49
schestowitzMaybe a littleFeb 10 03:49
mib_uotl0rkkFeb 10 03:49
schestowitz:-)Feb 10 03:49
balzacThere'll be a sweet after-party here on Freenode and on Mozilla's IRC server as well when Microsoft's decline gets really bad.Feb 10 03:49
schestowitzThis is where thinking takes place :-) Joining of mindsFeb 10 03:49
mib_oks35haww, poor microsoft! :)Feb 10 03:50
schestowitzI have worse ones comingFeb 10 03:50
mib_uotl0ran after party? how does that work with just texr?Feb 10 03:50
mib_uotl0r*text?Feb 10 03:50
balzacno mercy!! Kobra Kai!Feb 10 03:50
mib_oks35h:)Feb 10 03:50
schestowitzLOLFeb 10 03:50
schestowitz"httpd (1.3.41 (Unix))  failed"Feb 10 03:51
schestowitzI can't wait until we're out of page 1 and I can breathe more comfortably.Feb 10 03:51
schestowitzThere's the danger of being suspended.. host's mercyFeb 10 03:52
mib_oks35hlolFeb 10 03:52
schestowitzWere taken offline last weekFeb 10 03:52
mib_oks35hwhy?Feb 10 03:53
balzaclots of trafficFeb 10 03:53
balzacand a wimpy webhostFeb 10 03:53
mib_oks35hthats a good thing...kidaFeb 10 03:53
mib_oks35hkinda*Feb 10 03:53
balzacThey used to call it the "slashdot effect"Feb 10 03:53
balzacnow Digg seems to have the sceneFeb 10 03:54
mib_oks35hyou know it :)Feb 10 03:54
balzachow about that whole rendition of the Queen song?Feb 10 03:54
balzacThat was pretty far outFeb 10 03:54
balzacRoy, that's what I'm talking about when I say the highest number of concurrent users + the highest level of interactivityFeb 10 03:55
balzacEveryone single person wrote one of the lyrics got 200+ diggsFeb 10 03:55
schestowitzDigg effect >> /. effectFeb 10 03:56
schestowitzBeen the case for a while actually.Feb 10 03:56
balzacslashdot screwed up their ratings systemFeb 10 03:56
mib_oks35hhave a look at this: 10 03:56
schestowitzBut it's page dependent, story dependent, time dependent, etc.Feb 10 03:56
balzacI could have told cowboyneal that up or down voting is where it's atFeb 10 03:56
balzacslashdot's rating system is too complicatedFeb 10 03:57
balzacDigg's I find a bit more simple than neccessaryFeb 10 03:57
balzacwhy not reveal the names of every up or down digg?Feb 10 03:57
schestowitz"The digg effect is much less on a weekend. "Feb 10 03:57
schestowitzTrue dat.Feb 10 03:57
schestowitzbalzac: in some sites they doFeb 10 03:57
schestowitzDrigg does thisFeb 10 03:57
balzacI just saw a pic of Kevin Rose chillin with Bill GatesFeb 10 03:58
mib_oks35hcan you see who voted up or down on slashdot?Feb 10 03:58
balzacDrigg is great, but the developer is disillusioned with Drupal politicsFeb 10 03:58
balzacmib_oks35h: not sure, but you can on DailyKosFeb 10 03:58
balzactoo bad it's just a fund-raising "free speech zone"Feb 10 03:59
balzacDrigg is awesome but Tony Mobily, (editor of got disillusioned with Drupal because some obnoxious people were too eager to have their way.Feb 10 03:59
mib_oks35hlater dudesFeb 10 04:00
balzaclater mib_uotl0rFeb 10 04:00
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balzacI'm going to put that module on my site, www.disruptech.comFeb 10 04:01
schestowitzbalzac: pic?Feb 10 04:01
balzacmibbitFeb 10 04:01
schestowitzI know about MS and DiggFeb 10 04:02
balzacIt's good to see your stories getting duggFeb 10 04:02
schestowitzBut it started with a Debian server and Google. Then that Adelson dude went for the Ballmer boots to lick :-(Feb 10 04:02
balzacMS is breathing down the necks of slashdot and diggFeb 10 04:02
schestowitzbalzac: hold on...Feb 10 04:02
balzacand the apache organizationFeb 10 04:03
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schestowitzI'll show you something from hours agoFeb 10 04:03
schestowitzThe Munchkins try to bair mFeb 10 04:03
schestowitz*meFeb 10 04:03
balzacbury?Feb 10 04:03
schestowitz 10 04:03
schestowitzThey bait, then spread assaults on me to all sorts of places... they keep nymshiftingFeb 10 04:04
schestowitzI spotted this one due to a replyFeb 10 04:04
schestowitzThe poster has had hundreds of names (flatfish, remember?) and he's on a crusade against Microsoft rivalsFeb 10 04:04
schestowitzLet me find a video that relates to this... mass mailing and all..Feb 10 04:04
schestowitzFound it: 10 04:05
balzacAnd his message is set to expire, conveniently erasing the record of his smear campaign.Feb 10 04:05
schestowitzSo this guy had external forces trying to ruin him.. how typical in fascism, eh? :-)Feb 10 04:05
schestowitzbalzac: I wouldn't be surprisedFeb 10 04:05
balzacI enjoy psychological "warfare"Feb 10 04:08
balzacIt can be quite amusingFeb 10 04:08
schestowitzI've just replied to it.Feb 10 04:10
schestowitzbalzac: yeah, these don't bother me anymoreFeb 10 04:10
schestowitzThey also read the IRC logsFeb 10 04:10
schestowitzHey, Gary Stewart. Eat a brick.Feb 10 04:10
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balzacI said some provocative things against Bush, which took gutsFeb 10 04:11
balzacThis guy said I ought to be druggedFeb 10 04:11
balzacand he was a democratFeb 10 04:11
mib_y3lmydooh a anti novell chatroomFeb 10 04:11
balzacdid you come from Digg?Feb 10 04:12
mib_y3lmydmaybeFeb 10 04:12
balzacdon't be embarrassed to admit it. I have a digg account too.Feb 10 04:12
mib_y3lmydsomeone gave me a link to this on MSNFeb 10 04:12
balzacokFeb 10 04:12
mib_y3lmydim a computer devloper so i always like seeing microsoft stuffFeb 10 04:13
schestowitzSome people don't get served :-(Feb 10 04:13
balzacmib_y3lmyd: have you tried gnu/linux?Feb 10 04:13
schestowitz"Stupid page won't load. Mirror anybody? I've seen boycottnovell's site on DIgg before..going down..Why can't they invest in a better serrver, since they know their pages gets served on Digg."Feb 10 04:13
mib_y3lmydI use ubuntuFeb 10 04:13
balzaccoolFeb 10 04:13
schestowitzbalzac: the solution is only more than one nodeFeb 10 04:13
balzacI'm using ubuntu as wellFeb 10 04:13
schestowitzI use COral.Feb 10 04:13
schestowitzOther plans for hosting are very priceyFeb 10 04:14
mib_y3lmydI dont like novell. Its censorship software, which means it violates freedom of speechFeb 10 04:14
schestowitzmib_urbv0s: no, not anti NovellFeb 10 04:14
balzacI suggest slicehost.netFeb 10 04:14
balzacI can put your page on a mirrorFeb 10 04:14
schestowitzNovell criticism for particular policiesFeb 10 04:14
schestowitzbalzac: please doFeb 10 04:14
schestowitzPost a link in Digg, tooFeb 10 04:14
balzacwhere can I find the page in question?Feb 10 04:15
balzacif it's down, i meanFeb 10 04:15
schestowitzI'll give you Google cacheFeb 10 04:15
balzaclemme see if my browser cache has itFeb 10 04:15
schestowitzEven Google misbehavesFeb 10 04:16
mib_y3lmydi made a program that kills all novell processes. The people over at novell are nice enough to post it on there siteFeb 10 04:16
schestowitz 10 04:16
balzacmib_y3lmyd: I always remove mono after I install UbuntuFeb 10 04:16
mib_y3lmydwell im goig to goFeb 10 04:17
*mib_y3lmyd (i=46e6f18d@gateway/web/ajax/ has left #boycottnovellFeb 10 04:17
schestowitzUbuntu is like milk with crust on topFeb 10 04:19
schestowitzcrust=monoFeb 10 04:20
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schestowitzHi, mib_gnow09 Feb 10 04:22
mib_gnow09very cool mibbit embed on the site postsFeb 10 04:23
mib_gnow09just made it at the mibbit site?Feb 10 04:23
schestowitzThanks, not mine thoughFeb 10 04:23
schestowitzYes, it's an <embed> thingFeb 10 04:23
schestowitzYou just need to copy and paste it from source with modifications like channel addrFeb 10 04:23
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balzac <-- I hadn't seen this video of Ballmer's freakout remixedFeb 10 04:27
schestowitzJust one moment..Feb 10 04:29
schestowitzServer issues.Feb 10 04:29
schestowitzAnd new commentsFeb 10 04:29
schestowitzOK, I think we handle this Digg effect relatively OK because I was prepared for it (anticipated time)... but the first hour is always hard.Feb 10 04:36
schestowitzWe got a comment from a former Intel engineerFeb 10 04:36
schestowitzbalzac: regarding that video, I put it in BN 2 years agoFeb 10 04:42
schestowitzOK, it's 5am here, I'f off. Catch you later/in the morning.Feb 10 04:56
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mib_19wujothe "66 pages of microsoft evilness" article is fantasticFeb 10 06:09
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Omar87Hi allFeb 10 07:14
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MinceRr4wrFeb 10 09:16
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schestowitzMorning.Feb 10 09:32
schestowitzSome error pages returned, as usual.Feb 10 09:33
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oiaohmI see you found where Intel Linux interest has come from.Feb 10 09:36
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schestowitzoiaohm: yes, but we did before, too.Feb 10 09:39
schestowitzoiaohm: there are some more comments there that have not showed up yet (using cache)Feb 10 09:39
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schestowitzBN has been pretty troll-free for the past 2 weeks. They come in bursts. But people keep suggesting moderation, not realising that the moment censorship is embraced is the moment we get slammed for it, too.Feb 10 10:22
schestowitzSuggestion made by someone: "I really wish you would just dump the shills from BN. IMHO all those false negative comments on the site puts it in a bad light. It's different if you receive a critical response directly from de Icaza, but these unknown anonymous shills astroturfing BN with their spewage makes it look as though the vast majority of people disagree with your assertions, whereas in reality it's only a handful of..."Feb 10 10:23
schestowitz"nymshifting munchkins deployed by Microvell, and you're allowing them to continue wallpapering the site with their pro-MSFT/NOVL propaganda. I know you're anti-censorship, but I think you need to draw the line at blatant astroturfers, especially when they do so much damage."Feb 10 10:23
*Omar87 has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Feb 10 10:23
oiaohmIt been really good for Linux since Intel started using internally for chip development.Feb 10 10:42
oiaohmThat started Linux desktop rework a really important event.Feb 10 10:42
oiaohmYep the complete netbook out break might never had happened if MS had improved there posix compadiblity.Feb 10 10:43
schestowitzI mistakenly did not disable comments.Feb 10 10:47
schestowitzSo some people lose their comments that they try posting.Feb 10 10:47
schestowitzI got two mails this morning..Feb 10 10:48
schestowitzOne says: "You're a hero man. Keep fighting."Feb 10 10:48
schestowitzAnother says: "Thank you Roy a.o. for persisting in bringing these things to the light. In a way it's even more important than the original mission of Groklaw! "Feb 10 10:48
schestowitzI'm doing 2 more COmes posts ATM.Feb 10 10:48
oiaohmSo having another server problem or cache cause hell schestowitzFeb 10 11:01
schestowitzIt fails for you?Feb 10 11:02
oiaohmNot at moment.Feb 10 11:02
oiaohmSeen a few odd mysql lines from wp.Feb 10 11:02
schestowitzOh, I see....Feb 10 11:02
schestowitzI forgot to monitor itFeb 10 11:03
oiaohmso far they appear and disappear.Feb 10 11:03
schestowitzThanks. What do they say?Feb 10 11:04
oiaohmJust wp could not connect to mysql for some odd reason.Feb 10 11:05
schestowitzOh, that happens sometimes.Feb 10 11:06
schestowitzHeavy load, still.Feb 10 11:06
schestowitz2 FPs in less than a day and FP effect > /, effectFeb 10 11:06
oiaohmOk answer I was after.Feb 10 11:07
oiaohmIf it was not normal for current load investagation was needed.Feb 10 11:07
oiaohmYes its a real sign wp and mysql are getting stressed a little too much.Feb 10 11:07
schestowitzHave a look, see what you think (just posted): 10 11:10
schestowitzI don't even know how many visits we get because most of them are channeled to remote cache.Feb 10 11:10
schestowitzThis makes statistics not comparable anymore, but at least the /info/ is served, and that's what's most important to me. Late in the year maybe I'll summarise some key points in an ebook, I dunno..Feb 10 11:11
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schestowitzAw s*.. "Server Load  34.46 (4 cpus)"Feb 10 13:07
schestowitzTotally dead.. almostFeb 10 13:07
schestowitz"Memory Used  85.8 %"Feb 10 13:07
*burmas ( has left #boycottnovell ("Konversation terminated!")Feb 10 13:08
*GhostOfEruaran is now known as EruaranFeb 10 13:09
EruaranhelloFeb 10 13:09
EruaranI've had a run in with another shill on youtubeFeb 10 13:09
schestowitzHey, what shill?Feb 10 13:09
EruaranRather unexpected this timeFeb 10 13:09
EruaranAnd guess whatFeb 10 13:09
schestowitzAdmission?Feb 10 13:09
Eruaransurprise surprise, he's buddies with drphysx and links to his video on his channelFeb 10 13:10
Eruaranor, they're the same personFeb 10 13:10
Eruaranwhich might explain why he blocked me so quicklyFeb 10 13:10
Eruaranblocked, comments deleted etcFeb 10 13:10
EruaranI didn't do anything wrong or even say anything to him... I wasn't even overly critical of Windows 7Feb 10 13:11
Eruaranblocked, just like thatFeb 10 13:11
EruaranfascinatingFeb 10 13:11
schestowitzdrphysx?Feb 10 13:12
Eruaranhe shills hard for Microsoft, like drphysx doesFeb 10 13:12
schestowitzMicrosoft has presence in YouTube... they use it to "Evangelise"Feb 10 13:12
Eruarandrphysx = youtube user and M$ shillFeb 10 13:12
schestowitzMeaning to promote in disguiseFeb 10 13:12
EruaranWindows7videos = M$ shill (I have flagged all his videos as spam: mass advertising)Feb 10 13:13
schestowitzBN seems to have broken the server.Feb 10 13:13
schestowitzIt hardly responds.Feb 10 13:13
Eruaranreally ?Feb 10 13:13
schestowitzI hope we don't get suspended for this.Feb 10 13:13
schestowitzI don't know what led to a sudden surgeFeb 10 13:13
Eruaranattack ?Feb 10 13:13
schestowitzI don't think soFeb 10 13:14
schestowitzI don't know actually.Feb 10 13:14
oiaohmDid the surge start building about 2 months ago.Feb 10 13:14
schestowitz" failed"Feb 10 13:14
schestowitzWhy 2 months?Feb 10 13:14
oiaohmThat is about the time I ripped Linux Hater apart for the first time.Feb 10 13:15
schestowitzWordPress gives error pages rather than time outFeb 10 13:15
oiaohmCaused by reactos developers using him as a defence.Feb 10 13:15
schestowitzOne might suggest that Intel/Microsoft have reasons to harm the availability of the server at this time.Feb 10 13:15
oiaohmIt has seamed to cause ripples.Feb 10 13:16
schestowitz"Server Load37.84 (4 cpus)"Feb 10 13:16
oiaohmcan you get a break down.Feb 10 13:16
oiaohmThere is a risk here that is mysql.Feb 10 13:16
schestowitzI have backups, but...Feb 10 13:19
oiaohmI am talking about mysql being at a critical mass for some reason.Feb 10 13:20
oiaohmThat is creating load.Feb 10 13:20
schestowitzShane ought to be looking into a solution for the hostFeb 10 13:20
EruaranI can't get boycottnovell up hereFeb 10 13:20
schestowitzEruaran: don't tryFeb 10 13:20
EruarannpFeb 10 13:20
*zer0c00l (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 10 13:21
oiaohmCan you get a breakdown of services you are running and the load they have schestowitzFeb 10 13:22
schestowitzIn a way, but not quiteFeb 10 13:22
schestowitzI can get mysql stats and uptimeFeb 10 13:22
oiaohmYou can reach a point where index's in mysql are cuasing load.Feb 10 13:22
oiaohmInstead of reducing it.Feb 10 13:22
oiaohmForm of fragmentation in mysql.Feb 10 13:22
schestowitz 10 13:23
schestowitzoiaohm: I don't think I can do much about this. I have no control over mysqlFeb 10 13:24
oiaohmswitch malfunction is different.Feb 10 13:25
oiaohmYou get massive load on the front edge of server and no load in the database.Feb 10 13:25
schestowitz"Feb 10 13:26
schestowitzWordPress database error: [MySQL server has gone away]Feb 10 13:26
schestowitzSELECT option_value FROM wp_options WHERE option_name = 'siteurl' LIMIT 1"Feb 10 13:26
oiaohmHaving the load each service you have running it taking gives us a idea where problem is.Feb 10 13:26
schestowitzoiaohm: I know.Feb 10 13:26
schestowitzBut there's no easy way to check.Feb 10 13:26
schestowitzIntel releases eight-headed* beast < >Feb 10 13:27
oiaohmI would put in a polite email to the service provider that you are having problems.Feb 10 13:27
oiaohmAnd that information that would be useful to tell what is going on is kinda not accessable.Feb 10 13:27
schestowitzYes, I'll do thatFeb 10 13:29
oiaohmThat way you informed them.Feb 10 13:30
oiaohmMost annoying if you have another switch malfunction.Feb 10 13:30
oiaohmI have had a complete network ground to a stop by a switch.Feb 10 13:31
schestowitz"Our site, (account name boycottn) is down and I wish to know what I can do to help bring it up again. Shane Coyle  and I currently try using distributed caching to reduce server load."Feb 10 13:32
*oiaohm_ ( has joined #boycottnovellFeb 10 13:33
*oiaohm has quit (Nick collision from services.)Feb 10 13:34
*Casperin has quit (Remote closed the connection)Feb 10 13:36
*jose_X (n=jose@ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 10 13:36
jose_Xschestowitz, is mysql down?Feb 10 13:36
schestowitzI guess.Feb 10 13:37
schestowitzIt's all very touch and go right now.Feb 10 13:37
jose_Xmy refreshes still return pages that suggest so... for the Slated page on the LGPLv2 issuesFeb 10 13:37
jose_Xyeah, i had some probs yesterday but only momentarily.. i'll try laterFeb 10 13:37
schestowitzNetApp lays off staff < >; Intel kills off IDF Taipei < >Feb 10 13:38
jose_Xlast i read, Dan had quoted from the website.. but i didn't get to read itFeb 10 13:38
schestowitzjose_X: it's heavy load that led to issue, but I think something else must have caused this tooFeb 10 13:39
schestowitzNot just DiggFeb 10 13:40
jose_Xa heavy load could mean a lack of resources which would lead to inaccessibilityFeb 10 13:40
jose_Xmaybe someone is running a script pulling down pagesFeb 10 13:41
jose_Xcan you tell?Feb 10 13:41
schestowitz"pop  failed"Feb 10 13:41
jose_XI'll let you figure it out on your time.Feb 10 13:41
schestowitzmysql claimed to be up as a serviceFeb 10 13:41
schestowitz"Server Load  39.89 (4 cpus)"Feb 10 13:42
schestowitz"Memory Used  74.7 %" (it was higher beforeFeb 10 13:42
schestowitzjose_X: hard to tell because I wasn't watching closely. Running awstats would slow it down further.Feb 10 13:42
jose_Xi just got a different web page.. let me quote from itFeb 10 13:42
jose_X>> This either means that the username and password information in your wp-config.php file is incorrect or we can't contact the database server at localhost. This could mean your host's database server is down.Feb 10 13:42
schestowitzYes, both are interchangedFeb 10 13:43
schestowitzDon't request pages though, it's not helpingFeb 10 13:43
jose_Xi'll stopFeb 10 13:43
jose_Xi only refreshed a few timesFeb 10 13:44
schestowitzI was in the middle of writing something when it happened.Feb 10 13:44
jose_Xbtw, i did one more and got the usual page with a bunch of lines each showing a query and saying the database failedFeb 10 13:44
schestowitzI envy some of those who have a bif server, but..Feb 10 13:44
schestowitzThe thing is, if you come to rely on 'Big Sites', then they control youFeb 10 13:44
schestowitzWhen you tryst to Host Your Own(tm), then you're left without ability to reach far and wideFeb 10 13:45
jose_Xso what are you doing?Feb 10 13:45
schestowitzI'm OK. I don't talk about personal life much because some hounds are stalking for dirt.Feb 10 13:46
jose_Xi meant what type of hostingFeb 10 13:46
jose_X:-)Feb 10 13:46
jose_Xno need to answer about the hosting either if you don't wantFeb 10 13:46
jose_Xbut you were giving options and I wasn't sure if what you meantFeb 10 13:47
schestowitzIt's one server.Feb 10 13:47
schestowitzI used cache, but it's not helping much at the momentFeb 10 13:48
schestowitzWe turn away many visitors who could know about MS-Intel slimeFeb 10 13:48
jose_Xdo you Host Your Own(tm)Feb 10 13:49
schestowitzNo, it's a hostFeb 10 13:49
jose_XokFeb 10 13:49
jose_Xwhat a shame.. i wanted to get back to that thread now .... [baby will eventually stop pouting]Feb 10 13:50
schestowitzBlogging Hits Crossroads: A-Listers Giving Up < >Feb 10 13:52
jose_Xroy, i'm getting the page but it is taking a while to receive all of it.Feb 10 13:54
schestowitzCool!Feb 10 13:54
schestowitz:-)Feb 10 13:54
jose_Xhip hip...Feb 10 13:54
schestowitzAt least it ain't dead.Feb 10 13:54
jose_Xit's aliveFeb 10 13:54
schestowitzjose_X: don't hammer on itFeb 10 13:54
schestowitzLet me explain whyFeb 10 13:55
schestowitzI said it here beforeFeb 10 13:55
jose_Xleft off with your comment of almost 2 hours agoFeb 10 13:55
schestowitzWhen we get overloaded (thousands+ visitt/hour) I cache the pages hit mostFeb 10 13:55
jose_Xi won't hammer on it.. i know enough to give up after a bit so as not to aggravateFeb 10 13:55
schestowitzWhen you visit 'sidal' pages then you don't land on cacheFeb 10 13:55
jose_Xsidal?Feb 10 13:55
schestowitzSort of.Feb 10 13:56
schestowitzSo whatever is left of the resources is used up by non-DiggersFeb 10 13:56
jose_Xwhat does sidal mean?Feb 10 13:56
schestowitzI still don't know what 'tiled' the server out of controlFeb 10 13:56
schestowitzLike side-related... it's  not a woirdFeb 10 13:56
jose_XokFeb 10 13:56
schestowitzI took it from SeinfeldFeb 10 13:56
jose_Xi'm laughing at the constructionFeb 10 13:56
MinceRew, seinfeldFeb 10 13:57
schestowitzWhen George says "sidal nudity"Feb 10 13:57
jose_Xmakes senseFeb 10 13:57
jose_Xsort ofFeb 10 13:57
MinceRnudal sidity?Feb 10 13:57
schestowitz:-)Feb 10 13:57
schestowitzSounds almost like nudal sodomy or somethingFeb 10 13:57
schestowitzYayFeb 10 13:59
schestowitzI can get to the cache via DiggFeb 10 13:59
schestowitzThat's where the heaps of witnesses come at the momentFeb 10 13:59
schestowitzFunny thing is, many sites think of visitors as customersFeb 10 13:59
MinceRbtw, how do you measure the number of visitors/hits when you rely on CoralCDN?Feb 10 14:00
schestowitzI just think of visitors as power to drive change. If they are better informed, then as you find in Digg comments, they loudly call for the EU commission to put the handcuffs on Microsoft.Feb 10 14:00
schestowitzThat's what we need...Feb 10 14:00
schestowitzMinceR: I can't, that's the thing.Feb 10 14:00
MinceRicFeb 10 14:00
schestowitzTBH, I don't care muchFeb 10 14:00
schestowitzGroklaw disabled logging altogether, for performanceFeb 10 14:00
schestowitzI can't do this with my host thoughFeb 10 14:00
*r0ver has quit (Remote closed the connection)Feb 10 14:08
schestowitz"Server Load  7.96 (4 cpus)"Feb 10 14:27
schestowitz:-oI'd need to check what's doing thisFeb 10 14:27
schestowitzIs Massachusetts? is MA Massachusetts or can it be Maine?Feb 10 14:29
schestowitz"I hope intel moves to linux for chip design. Also, Microsoft should be afraid of linux, just this year i move almost my entire family to linux and they love it and like it better than windows. and if my grandma likes it better than windows then Intel should have no problems making the switch"Feb 10 14:32
jose_Xroy, from that a-list blogging going down link: "The weak, those whose prime devotion is getting rich, getting famous, getting laid, or getting approval will be culled. In the end, as in the beginning, it’s about purity and (some type of) artistic integrity."Feb 10 14:35
jose_Xma is massFeb 10 14:36
jose_Xme is maineFeb 10 14:36
schestowitzOKFeb 10 14:37
schestowitzCause I think you're arguing with a neighbour of Novell Inc.Feb 10 14:37
jose_Xyeah, probablyFeb 10 14:37
schestowitzSome of the comments we get are actually from (i.e. people sit there in Novell headwuarters and mess about with Boycott Novell rather than get actual work done)./Feb 10 14:38
jose_Xintel should have no probs making the switch.. lolFeb 10 14:38
jose_Xbecause of grandmaFeb 10 14:38
schestowitzYou can teach grandma to hack on CAD designs :-)Feb 10 14:38
jose_Xi'm looking for the license file in gccFeb 10 14:39
jose_Xwas downloading.. now am opening up the bzip2Feb 10 14:39
twitterheh, I know a gradma that used to hike TNT under her school uniform.Feb 10 14:39
schestowitz 10 14:39
schestowitzwget oneFeb 10 14:40
jose_Xnevermind.. it's still downloadingFeb 10 14:40
jose_Xwget about halfwayFeb 10 14:40
jose_Xlooked briefly but didn't find a web version of each pageFeb 10 14:41
jose_Xso downloading the whole bundleFeb 10 14:41
jose_X62% doneFeb 10 14:41
jose_Xthe moonlight folks are confusedFeb 10 14:41
jose_Xbut then they said that gcc and others do the same thing..Feb 10 14:41
schestowitzI found it funny when "O'Brian" said that he was not a programmerFeb 10 14:41
jose_Xso I am going to checkFeb 10 14:41
jose_Xhe said thatFeb 10 14:41
schestowitzHe insisted that he shortly took some night school or somethingFeb 10 14:42
schestowitzThere are things that are dubious there.Feb 10 14:42
jose_Xsure, whateverFeb 10 14:42
twitterWho does No'Brain claim to be?Feb 10 14:42
jose_Xsometimes it's difficult to say who has what experience.. surely he understands some thingsFeb 10 14:42
*[H]omer_ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Feb 10 14:43
jose_Xi figure devs, legal, or marketing are the most likely.. what else is there?Feb 10 14:43
*[H]omer_ (n=[H] has joined #boycottnovellFeb 10 14:43
twitterExperience is easy to get these days.  All you need is an itch to scratch and some free tools.Feb 10 14:43
jose_Xhave you heard of LinuxFeb 10 14:43
jose_X;-)Feb 10 14:44
twitteryes, but the M$ Astroturfers usually have their head buried in the sphincter known as Visual Studio or some other nasty Bill Gates gave them.Feb 10 14:44
twitterA few are starting to show free software clues.Feb 10 14:45
schestowitzThe server goes mad again.Feb 10 14:45
schestowitzHold onFeb 10 14:45
jose_Xit wasn't meFeb 10 14:45
jose_X:-)Feb 10 14:45
schestowitzI'll rerirect to cacheFeb 10 14:46
schestowitzGoogle cacheFeb 10 14:46
schestowitztwitter: he doesn't claim to be anything. He was asked half a dozen times and then declinedFeb 10 14:47
schestowitzServer restablisedFeb 10 14:48
schestowitz 10 14:48
schestowitzJust redirects to GoogleFeb 10 14:48
twitterDid you see the Google, M$ patent nonsense this morning?Feb 10 14:50
twitterAbout sync?Feb 10 14:50
schestowitzThe MSBBC carries two paopganda pieces for net censorhip this morning: 10 14:50
schestowitztwitter: I didn't see that, no.Feb 10 14:50
twitterGoogle it.  Gozallez and other trolls are making a big deal about Google "needing" M$ patents to sync with Exchange - claiming it shows the value of M$ IP.Feb 10 14:51
*mib_2pbbjy (i=a55f9101@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 10 14:51
oiaohm_LOLFeb 10 14:52
oiaohm_They miss the point.Feb 10 14:52
*mib_2pbbjy has quit (Client Quit)Feb 10 14:52
twitterShows their ability to obscure their formats and extort money.Feb 10 14:52
jose_Xvalue of ms IP .. hah... you mean the monopoly stupidity of the patent officeFeb 10 14:52
oiaohm_If google gets everyone onto there mail system why will compaines bother building for MS support any more.Feb 10 14:52
twitterMy Visor has been able to do two way sync with M$ shit for ten years, no patents required.Feb 10 14:52
schestowitzRedirecting to Coral again.Feb 10 14:52
*mib_og7w6v (i=5992239d@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 10 14:53
twitterIt did better with KDE, again no patents required.Feb 10 14:53
schestowitzIt really drains hours of time each time BN makes Digg's FP. I guess it's worth the investment of time, but had we had a better sevrer......Feb 10 14:53
*mib_og7w6v has quit (Client Quit)Feb 10 14:53
schestowitztwitter: sounds typical. They also do this with Scalix and maybe Novell too.Feb 10 14:53
schestowitzSee this morning's post about Gates' hypocrisy re: patents.Feb 10 14:54
*rami_ has quit (Remote closed the connection)Feb 10 14:54
MinceRperhaps google and m$ are getting closer to each otherFeb 10 14:54
twitterLet me go dig up some links.  BBL.Feb 10 14:54
schestowitzTo Microsoft, there are two leverage points here; i) makes the competition more expensive; ii) make MS richerFeb 10 14:55
schestowitzThis is extortion obscured as "innovation"Feb 10 14:55
schestowitzWhich Microsoft knows nothing about unless it's innovative stealing. The company built itself copying ideas and stealing staffFeb 10 14:56
Eruaran 10 14:59
*mib_gvm43b has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Feb 10 15:00
schestowitzLarge Hadron Collider delayed again < >. Aren't there better ways to use resources?Feb 10 15:00
EruaranA nice OpenCV/KDE4 vidFeb 10 15:00
schestowitzEruaran: thanks.Feb 10 15:01
schestowitzI need to make an introduction page to GNU/Linux in BNFeb 10 15:01
EruaranHow about a mini collider where they bash m&m's into each otherFeb 10 15:01
*rami (n=rami@ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 10 15:03
*oiaohm_ has quit (Remote closed the connection)Feb 10 15:03

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