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schestowitzThe Bank of New Zealand deploys Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 < >Feb 19 00:00
schestowitzWeird one for someone like Jeremiah Gray:  Linux Haters Make a Few Valid Points < >Feb 19 00:04
schestowitzWhat tha fork?? Linux Foundation peddles Mono?? 19 00:11
schestowitzBenchmark Your Computer with Debian 5 Lenny < >Feb 19 00:11
twitterLinux Haters is a waste of time for anyone to read.Feb 19 00:12
schestowitzYesFeb 19 00:12
schestowitzDon't appreciate blogs whose feedback is called "flames"Feb 19 00:12
schestowitzIt means they provoke and troll for reaction. That's not news.Feb 19 00:12
schestowitzSJVN has been very kind to us recently... also to Debian.. 19 00:13
twitterIt's not constructive criticism.  Yes, troll.Feb 19 00:13
twittercool for Debian.Feb 19 00:13
benJImanOf course is highly constructive.Feb 19 00:14
schestowitzbenJIman: very funny.Feb 19 00:14
schestowitz* [benJIman] ( Benjamin WeberFeb 19 00:15
schestowitz* [benJIman] #boycottnovell Feb 19 00:15
schestowitzYou quit OpenSUSE?Feb 19 00:15
benJImanWhat makes you think that?Feb 19 00:15
schestowitzYou're usually at 'home'Feb 19 00:16
benJImanhome?Feb 19 00:16
schestowitzNow you stalk just a channel you antagonise.Feb 19 00:16
benJImanNo, freenode just doesn't show the channels that you're not in.Feb 19 00:16
schestowitzNot true.Feb 19 00:19
schestowitzUnless there's an option you enabledFeb 19 00:20
benJImanJoin #suse if you don't believe me.Feb 19 00:20
twitterBoycott Novell is constructive.  It advocates freedom and shines a light on corruption.  That takes research and effort, the result is valuable.Feb 19 00:21
schestowitzbenJIman: I take you word for it, thanks.Feb 19 00:25
twitterGray's article is more about how Linux Hater "misses the point" and may not be honest than it is about a few "valid" technical points.Feb 19 00:26
schestowitzI'm still mystified as to your interests for hanging out here.Feb 19 00:26
twitterStill, it's better to have not mentioned Linux Hater at all.  The site should be a dark little corner only W.E. and true M$ believers read.  Even they would get bored.Feb 19 00:27
twitterHas benJiman ever provided a useful fact?Feb 19 00:27
schestowitzby Scott McNealy: 19 00:27
schestowitztwitter: mostly advocacy of Microsoft/Novell techFeb 19 00:28
twitterSure, I remember all or that.  I just wondered if he every said anything useful.Feb 19 00:28
benJImanI have mentioned several corrections to factually incorrect articles. Of course you might not like your conspiracy theories being spoilt by facts.Feb 19 00:28
schestowitzHe is here to 'had balance' in the sense that he only ever weighs in to contradictFeb 19 00:29
twittername calling is not useful, BenJiman.Feb 19 00:29
schestowitzThat's like me joining a #britneyspears channel or something to vilify her fans on occasionsFeb 19 00:29
schestowitzbenJIman: correct information in your platfform if possibleFeb 19 00:30
twitterOr like advocating Novell and M$ in a Boycott Novell blog?Feb 19 00:30
schestowitzI don't intrude Novell sitesFeb 19 00:30
twitterEveryone loves facts benJiman.Feb 19 00:31
twittercan you remember one that actually "spoilt" a working theory of corruption?Feb 19 00:32
twitterYou know, a basic thesis kind of spoil.  Like a "fact" that would prove Mono is not some kind of M$ Patent encumbered trap, when M$ and Novell executives have all been extensively quoted such things.Feb 19 00:33
twitter 19 00:34
twitter 19 00:35
schestowitzWhy does Susan link to "Microsoft: "Waaah! Linux stole our IP" (and 1337 DVD)" < >. Old stuff..Feb 19 00:35
schestowitzFacts (talking points):Feb 19 00:35
schestowitz*If you don't support the invasion, you don't support the troopsFeb 19 00:35
schestowitz*There are two parties in the elections, so there is democracy. Cherish it.Feb 19 00:36
twittergenerally, the "facts" detractors here come up with are petty technical details that don't make much of a difference.  That and insults.Feb 19 00:36
twitterDon't know why he linked to it, let me see if I've got it in my patent extortion list.  Groklaw had all sorts of great quotes that I'll have to check too.Feb 19 00:39
twitterHmm, both of those articles are from 2006.Feb 19 00:39
twitterDid someone spam them out?Feb 19 00:40
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schestowitzEdward Said, "The Myth of the Clash of Civilizations" 1 < >Feb 19 02:57
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schestowitzGood video: 19 03:51
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MinceRgeekingsFeb 19 09:17
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oiaohm  << Bait and switch any one.Feb 19 10:44
schestowitzYes, seen that.Feb 19 10:44
oiaohmQuestion is how many other programs is Microsoft planing to do that with.Feb 19 10:45
schestowitzAlready done beforeFeb 19 10:46
schestowitzThey are killing services massively.Feb 19 10:46
schestowitzBN has many examples.Feb 19 10:46
oiaohmIs it me or is MS panicing.Feb 19 10:46
schestowitzIt has been for a whileFeb 19 11:07
schestowitzI'm doing a related post ATMFeb 19 11:07
schestowitzSeen Cringely article calling for Microsoft to sack half the staff?Feb 19 11:07
oiaohmIf MS does that they are dead in the water.Feb 19 11:08
oiaohmDevelopers are the life blood of software development.Feb 19 11:09
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schestowitzYes, I know.Feb 19 11:11
schestowitzBut Microsoft bleeds too much money in most divisionsFeb 19 11:11
schestowitzGoogle has a good product: search+adsFeb 19 11:12
schestowitzMicrosoft has OfficeFeb 19 11:12
oiaohmRedirecting staff.Feb 19 11:12
schestowitzIt forces WIndows upon OEMsFeb 19 11:12
oiaohmNot cutting them.Feb 19 11:12
schestowitzoiaohm: maybeFeb 19 11:12
oiaohmProblem is cut staff how long before Linux and others will just run MS down.Feb 19 11:12
oiaohmIts either redirect staff or open source bits.Feb 19 11:13
oiaohmIe open source bits they can cut staff.Feb 19 11:13
oiaohmNow Ms open sourcing bits?Feb 19 11:13
schestowitzHehe.Feb 19 11:18
schestowitzWho would help them code?Feb 19 11:18
schestowitzLook at Symbian.Feb 19 11:18
schestowitzJust making it open won't bring in volunteers to serial thugs.Feb 19 11:18
oiaohmMore taking existing open source bitsFeb 19 11:22
oiaohmAnd firing staff that made the closed source bits.Feb 19 11:23
oiaohmIf I was MS web engine developers I would be paniking right now.  Ie MS looking at webkit.Feb 19 11:23
oiaohmIt could save them a lot of money.Feb 19 11:23
schestowitzThey refuted the WebKit reports.Feb 19 11:34
oiaohmthey may have.Feb 19 11:35
oiaohmBe truthful how much money do they make out the web browser.Feb 19 11:35
oiaohmThere are a lot of points in ms where they can make cuts if the put replacements in.Feb 19 11:36
schestowitzInvestors count too.Feb 19 11:43
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schestowitzHey, ShadyCat Feb 19 11:58
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schestowitzNovell: "Compared with our competitors, I don't think it's a really important matter or a big number."Feb 19 12:14
schestowitzZDeeNET: "Surely it's an important matter to the staff who were laid off?"Feb 19 12:14
schestowitzNovell: "Yes, but again, it's a business, and I'm not close to those decisions. In the UK we have increased the headcount — we've increased the sales staff."Feb 19 12:15
schestowitzGee, this guy is tactless.Feb 19 12:15
schestowitzYeah...we've fired people... but " it's a really important matter or a big number."Feb 19 12:15
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schestowitzTom Espiner : "It's good you are employing more sales staff, but don't they need a product to sell? Could Novell ridding itself of engineering staff hobble it in the future?"Feb 19 12:15
oiaohmThat is the kind of company Novell has always been.Feb 19 12:15
oiaohmNow can you see why I say MS and Novell kinda deserve each other.Feb 19 12:16
schestowitzYeah, I know.Feb 19 12:16
oiaohmThey both screw people.Feb 19 12:16
schestowitzSee my post about this interview (published minutes ago)Feb 19 12:16
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oiaohmNovell pack of weasels from dilbertFeb 19 12:18
oiaohmIf they can justify something is bad.Feb 19 12:18
schestowitzDon't worry, they'll get their asses whooped next weekFeb 19 12:18
schestowitzThrough the big sufferers are Novell employees who already hate the companyFeb 19 12:19
oiaohmPalms new web OS.  Is linux.Feb 19 12:19
schestowitz Ahhh! I'm tired of hearing about "cloud"... like that federal goon who's attacking Google for 'cloud' now.......Feb 19 12:20
oiaohmThis could get really wrong by the end of 2009.Feb 19 12:20
schestowitzoiaohm: maybe earlierFeb 19 12:20
schestowitz 19 12:20
schestowitzIn a survey done by CRN (IIRC, maybe eweek), it was found that Novell is believed to be MOST likely not to survive this year.Feb 19 12:21
schestowitzThis morning Shane wrote: "And, please, let us recall what Symbolset had pointed out- that Novell had problems with their SEC filings, which caused them to potentially have to pay back cash that wouldn't have been due till 2024 otherwise.  Lots of cash, apparently."Feb 19 12:21
schestowitz"Funny thing, they seem to have filed that 8-K asking for an extension until the close of business on the day that the MS deal was to be announced.  Coincidental?"Feb 19 12:22
schestowitzI explored this a lot more closely later on.Feb 19 12:22
schestowitzI really ought to organise this in the Wiki.Feb 19 12:22
oiaohmYepFeb 19 12:22
oiaohmYou are now finding the facts.Feb 19 12:22
oiaohmNovell is dead man walking.Feb 19 12:23
oiaohmWhat move will Novell do when they have nothing left to lose.Feb 19 12:23
oiaohmWhat i quite a few years off.Feb 19 12:23
oiaohmNot a company I would have done a patent deal with.Feb 19 12:23
schestowitzIt occured to me that hackers like FOSS people are daemonised when the stupid press uses the word "hacker" in reference to criminals (crackers): 19 12:24
oiaohmWho started that.Feb 19 12:24
schestowitzOrwell warned about depletion of vocabulary by making words mean exactly the opposite of what they used to meanFeb 19 12:24
oiaohmI would love to know.Feb 19 12:24
schestowitzLike Libertarian.Feb 19 12:25
schestowitzIf we have no words to express ourselves without opposite connotation, then ideas can no longer be expressed that are disenting.Feb 19 12:25
schestowitz*dissenting.Feb 19 12:25
oiaohmYep words change means why most people cannot read bible and understand what it says.Feb 19 12:26
oiaohmLike hell is garbage dump.Feb 19 12:26
oiaohmWorld is only as far as you can see ...Feb 19 12:26
schestowitzI don't know how the press can be countered for the propagandaFeb 19 12:26
schestowitzLook at "pirate"Feb 19 12:26
oiaohmAnd it goes on with words in the bible that have changed meaning over times.Feb 19 12:26
schestowitzWhen someone labels a sharer a "pirate", then you think of people with guns and swordsFeb 19 12:26
oiaohmPirate is something software thiefs they formed them selfs.Feb 19 12:27
schestowitzSoftware thiefs too is not correctFeb 19 12:27
schestowitzTheft is when you take awayFeb 19 12:27
oiaohmAs in the old blieff of pirates freeing goods and giving to the oppressed.Feb 19 12:27
schestowitzNot counterfeiting.Feb 19 12:27
schestowitzNot illegal copies.Feb 19 12:27
schestowitzYou don't 'steal' books when you borrow themFeb 19 12:27
schestowitzNo, Robin Hood ~= PirateFeb 19 12:28
oiaohmfirst software thiefs I am refering to stole disks.Feb 19 12:28
oiaohmThen over time things changed.Feb 19 12:28
schestowitzThat's what "intellectual property " is aboutFeb 19 12:28
schestowitzMake knowledge and sentences be PROPERTYFeb 19 12:28
schestowitzBecause it makes them look physical.Feb 19 12:29
schestowitzIBM should divorce Novell now.... 19 12:36
oiaohmWhy.Feb 19 12:36
oiaohmNovell is a MS money vampire.Feb 19 12:36
schestowitzCanadian Linux firm to supply Brazilian schools with PC-sharing software < >Feb 19 12:37
schestowitzoiaohm: Novell can harm IBMFeb 19 12:37
oiaohmReally.Feb 19 12:37
schestowitzIBM loves SUSE and uses it to keep cost of RHEL down, BUT..Feb 19 12:37
schestowitzNovell legitimises patents of IBM's competitorFeb 19 12:37
oiaohmIBM has the patents that can Nuke Novell of face of earth.Feb 19 12:37
oiaohmSame with MS.Feb 19 12:37
schestowitzRed Hat got what it wanted without the patsFeb 19 12:38
oiaohmMS and IBM already have patent protecitn agreements.Feb 19 12:38
oiaohmGoing back to the OS/2 days.Feb 19 12:38
oiaohmIBM cannot be harmed by the threat of Novell.Feb 19 12:38
oiaohmAttacking Redhat always brings in IBM.Feb 19 12:39
schestowitzIBM depends on development by communityFeb 19 12:39
schestowitzNovell harms thatFeb 19 12:39
oiaohmPart of the reason I think MS fears moving.Feb 19 12:39
schestowitzBob Sutor does not like Mono, eitherFeb 19 12:39
schestowitzNovell is gravitating towards MSFeb 19 12:39
oiaohmAt moment attacking Novell is pointless.Feb 19 12:39
schestowitzHow long before z-series runs MS-branded 'Linux;Feb 19 12:39
oiaohmAnything leaching money off MS bottom line is a good thing to weaken them at moment.Feb 19 12:39
schestowitzIt also weakens FOSS, even moreFeb 19 12:40
schestowitzIBM was unhappy when Novell helped OOXMLFeb 19 12:40
oiaohmOk when the money state turns around then think about linching them.Feb 19 12:40
schestowitzI know because I was toldFeb 19 12:40
schestowitzIBM and MS pull Novell from both endsFeb 19 12:40
schestowitzNovell is run by IBMersFeb 19 12:40
schestowitzJaffe and Hovsepian.Feb 19 12:41
schestowitzIBM endorse the MS deal.Feb 19 12:41
oiaohmNot really.Feb 19 12:41
schestowitzThey have incompetent strategists maybe.Feb 19 12:41
schestowitz*endorsedFeb 19 12:41
oiaohmNovell will have a stratage.Feb 19 12:41
oiaohmquestion is what and when.Feb 19 12:41
oiaohmMS is not to there weakess point yet.Feb 19 12:42
schestowitzMS has 'stores' :-DFeb 19 12:42
schestowitzMaybe they'll sell Netware there? :-) j/kFeb 19 12:43
schestowitzMaybe they'll sell patent vouchers there to GNU/Linux usersFeb 19 12:43
schestowitzLike foodstamps...Feb 19 12:43
schestowitz"I'll have this USB mouse, one Epson cartridge and 4-month patent protection for my Ubuntu"Feb 19 12:44
oiaohmMS stores is another reason we want Novell alive.Feb 19 12:44
oiaohmMS aggreement to adveratise Novell.Feb 19 12:45
schestowitz"That'll be $149, sir. We have a special offer today though. If you buy 6-month Linux protection from Microsoft, you get an extra 2 months free"Feb 19 12:45
oiaohmMakes there stores more of a laugh.Feb 19 12:45
schestowitzWhat it this CNN crapola (in my RSS feed for CNN>>Tech)? 19 12:46
schestowitz "R&B singer Chris Brown has reportedly hired two PR agents specializing in crisis management to help rehabilitate his image following reports that he beat up his girlfriend, pop star Rihanna. PR Week reports that Brown has hired Michael Sitrick, who released a brief statement in Brown's name, expressing sorrow and sadness over the incident while admitting no guilt. "Feb 19 12:50
schestowitzPR, PR, PR... and more spin: "The "majority of American journalists covering climate change, energy, and environment understand that human industry is primarily responsible for global warming," writes Curtis Brainard. Unfortunately, "a small minority of pundits -- most of whom are talking heads and columnists, rather than hard news reporters" is "still trying to deny the well-established basics of climate science." http://www.prwatFeb 19 12:51 19 12:51
schestowitz 19 12:51
schestowitzLook at Sam being attacked for justified convictions.. "It looks like the editor of this article has hatred against Novell,"  ... "Looks the writer seems to hate Novell a lot... " < >Feb 19 13:08
schestowitzLikes Free software = hates Novel????? It's like the "Microsoft hater" label, which refers merely to hatred of CRIME.Feb 19 13:08
MinceRmakes sense -- if someone likes freedom, they probably oppose those who want to take it awayFeb 19 13:09
schestowitzNo, NO! They're teh "HATERZ"!Feb 19 13:10
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schestowitzCornyNovel: 19 13:18
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schestowitz "I will never submit to cloud computing. My OS will always be GNU/Linux or some free software equivalent. I will always be running a pc locally and will never, ever, place my computing future in anyone else's hands. "Feb 19 13:45
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schestowitzMinceR (I quote you here): A critique of Apple's practices and some words about Novell < >Feb 19 14:34
MinceR:)Feb 19 14:35
schestowitzCoal-fired power stations are death factories. Close them < >Feb 19 14:59
schestowitzA 'fraud' bigger than Madoff < >Feb 19 15:00
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schestowitzBush Madoff?Feb 19 15:00
mib_r60ed8apparently moonshite is now accepted into ubuntu for jauntyFeb 19 15:02
schestowitzMoonshine?Feb 19 15:02
schestowitzOr Moonlight?Feb 19 15:02
mib_r60ed8moonlightFeb 19 15:02
schestowitzWas Jo Shields involved?Feb 19 15:03
schestowitzYou can see the devel mailing listsFeb 19 15:03
mib_r60ed8I don't know who that isFeb 19 15:03
schestowitzThey'll try to poison the big distros for MS and NovellFeb 19 15:03
mib_r60ed8he goes by directhexFeb 19 15:03
schestowitzYesFeb 19 15:03
schestowitzThat's him.Feb 19 15:03
schestowitzGot URL?Feb 19 15:03
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mib_r60ed8 19 15:03
mib_r60ed8that's how I found outFeb 19 15:03
schestowitzLook at the blogroll.Feb 19 15:04
schestowitzIs this a Mono devel?Feb 19 15:04
mib_r60ed8probably, it doesn't have a name that I can seeFeb 19 15:05
mib_r60ed8I just noticed the links on the side to miguelFeb 19 15:05
schestowitz 19 15:06
schestowitzDoesn't seem like a Mono personFeb 19 15:06
mib_r60ed8ah, okFeb 19 15:07
trmancowho?Feb 19 15:08
schestowitzI'm writing about it.Feb 19 15:09
schestowitzGive me 1 minFeb 19 15:09
mib_r60ed8the person at worldofcoding.comFeb 19 15:09
trmancoshe is portugueseFeb 19 15:10
trmancoI thinkFeb 19 15:10
mib_r60ed8"so I'll just say I was born in Lisbon, Portugal"Feb 19 15:12
mib_r60ed8looks like you are rightFeb 19 15:12
schestowitz 19 15:12
trmancoyeah, Portugal loves .NET mambo jumboFeb 19 15:13
schestowitzI'm still proofreadingFeb 19 15:13
*schestowitz will need to create a petition or somethingFeb 19 15:13
trmancoLOOOL -Z funny picFeb 19 15:14
mib_r60ed8trmanco, why? people should just program in c so it's fastFeb 19 15:15
twitterI've updated the M$ patent extortion log with links from Groklaw. 19 15:15
trmancomib_r60ed8: why, what?Feb 19 15:16
schestowitztrmanco: can you say that it's an old woman's behind mooning you?Feb 19 15:16
mib_r60ed8why do ppl like it in portugal?Feb 19 15:16
schestowitzBecause it may be too small.Feb 19 15:16
twitterThat picture was nasty.  Left a bad taste in the mouth.Feb 19 15:17
trmancomib_r60ed8: the portuguese government are huge fans of Billy boys ex companyFeb 19 15:17
mib_r60ed8icFeb 19 15:17
trmancoschestowitz: yeah, I guess I can :-PFeb 19 15:18 is only for programmers who are worthlessFeb 19 15:18
twitteralmost like goatseFeb 19 15:18
mib_r60ed8they need dnd to write codeFeb 19 15:18
mib_r60ed8I heard the mono guys even wrote their compiler in .net, probly cuz couldn't write it w/o ez-mode gui programFeb 19 15:20
trmancoI simple kid can call themselves a programmer if they do it in .NETFeb 19 15:20
mib_r60ed8yeaFeb 19 15:21
twitterThey are a programmer, just one that's wasting their time.Feb 19 15:21
trmancoVB 2008 even has some wizard to build up programs... what happen to real programming in MS world... maybe there never wasFeb 19 15:21
mib_r60ed8twitter, yea, should be learning to write real programs in cFeb 19 15:21
twitterperl, fortran, java, or some other free language.Feb 19 15:22
trmancotwitter: yes, I wasted my time... and am still wasting learning .NET crap programming :(Feb 19 15:22
twitterI'm sorry to hear that.Feb 19 15:22
trmancoif I wan't to program, say in GTK I'm on my own, and I like it like thatFeb 19 15:22
twitterHopefully, you are being paid for your torture.Feb 19 15:22
trmancotwitter: no I'm notFeb 19 15:23
mib_r60ed8then why do you learn it?Feb 19 15:23
trmancoschool doesn't usually pay its studentsFeb 19 15:23
twitterforced.Feb 19 15:23
twittersorry.Feb 19 15:23
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mib_r60ed8icFeb 19 15:23
trmancothat is why I say Portugal is a big .NET fanFeb 19 15:23
mib_r60ed8go to another school?Feb 19 15:23
trmanconoFeb 19 15:24
trmanco90% of portuguese schools have .NET stuff to teach to studentsFeb 19 15:24
twitterugh!Feb 19 15:24
mib_r60ed8you stdying to be programmer?Feb 19 15:25
twitterAre any of the remaining 10% worth attending?Feb 19 15:25
mib_r60ed8I want to study thatFeb 19 15:25
trmancoI'm now actually learning c++ and I've sort of read the hole manual in a couple of hours and I got sick of reading .NET shitFeb 19 15:25
mib_r60ed8to help linuxFeb 19 15:25
twitterM$ programming stuff is usually awful, like reading freaky cult literature.Feb 19 15:26
mib_r60ed8twitetr, do you program?Feb 19 15:27
trmancotwitter: I'm not sure if it 90% or 99.9999%, I kinda made a quick briefFeb 19 15:27
trmancotwitter: and programs like VB hide half the code from youFeb 19 15:27
twitterI have programmed in C and fortran.Feb 19 15:27
mib_r60ed8any programs I might use?Feb 19 15:28
twitterdevice development, radiation transport and a little imaging.Feb 19 15:28
schestowitzthe Protuguese needs to be scrutinised for allowing the 'sale' of young people to a criminal origanisation.Feb 19 15:28
trmancomib_r60ed8: go use emacs and GCC :-PFeb 19 15:28
schestowitzWhat sort of examples and message does that send?Feb 19 15:28
mib_r60ed8trmanco: oh, did twitter program those?Feb 19 15:28
trmancoI refuse to program (at home) in .NETFeb 19 15:28
schestowitzCan you not lobby the schools?Feb 19 15:29
trmancoI already told my teacher and it is fine with him, but I'm on my ownFeb 19 15:29
schestowitzThey must not teach .NET or ASP junkFeb 19 15:29
schestowitzIf they do, there's right to protestFeb 19 15:29
mib_r60ed8I heard of them and use gcc to compile stuff on my computerFeb 19 15:29
twitterNah, all of the stuff I've done is deadly specific.Feb 19 15:29
trmancomib_r60ed8: I don't know, maybe he contributed a patch or something :-PFeb 19 15:29
twitterOutside of transport, I used free tools to get my jobs done.Feb 19 15:29
mib_r60ed8I used gcc to compile my kde4.2 over the weekendFeb 19 15:30
mib_r60ed8I looked at the code but it's too hard for meFeb 19 15:30
trmancoschestowitz: I don't know, I have never triedFeb 19 15:30
twitterFor one job, long ago, I learned Win95 API.  The worst thing about VB was the cult like Bull Shit that you had to wade through to learn it.Feb 19 15:30
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*ChanServ gives channel operator status to [H]omerFeb 19 15:31
twitter"New paradigms in programming" and so on and so forth.Feb 19 15:31
trmancoLOLFeb 19 15:31
mib_r60ed8oh, I have to go. study hall is over, bye!Feb 19 15:31
trmancobyeFeb 19 15:31
*mib_r60ed8 has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Feb 19 15:31
trmancoI'm also learning PHP+MySQL :DFeb 19 15:33
twitterbe careful trmanco, the best thing for you to do in school is what your are told.  Make good grades and get yourself into a position to make a change.Feb 19 15:33
trmancoso not everthing is badFeb 19 15:33
trmancotwitter: I'm the best the class has in programming (I'm not lying) or computer related stuffFeb 19 15:34
twittergoodFeb 19 15:34
twitterI'm relatively convinced that I'm blacklisted and wish that I had been more careful in my protests.Feb 19 15:36
schestowitzRepublicans try to block Guantánamo detainees from prisons in their districts < >; No mercy for mercenaries < >Feb 19 15:36
twitteruse TOR, protest anonymously.  Don't get caught - the fuckers are watching.Feb 19 15:37
schestowitztrmanco: "Linux is a cult that captures the best-and-brightest kids." --Jim Gray (Microsoft Research)Feb 19 15:37
schestowitzSource: 19 15:37
twitterM$ is a cult that captures the flunkies.Feb 19 15:37
trmancoschestowitz:Feb 19 15:37
schestowitzMicrosoft is afraid of trmanco typesFeb 19 15:38
schestowitzThe Microsoft Munchkins attacked trmanco in USENETFeb 19 15:38
schestowitzThey still doFeb 19 15:38
trmancoschestowitz: sorry about that I'm not at home... It captured me 2~3 years agoFeb 19 15:38
schestowitzThey try to harm those who promote technologies other than Microsoft'sFeb 19 15:39
trmancoyou guys have to forgive me for this, I'm on a Windows machine :( and I'm not familiar with my IRC client hereFeb 19 15:39
schestowitzWindows?Feb 19 15:40
schestowitzLet's see if I have a nuke proggyFeb 19 15:40
twitterthat's not nice.Feb 19 15:40
schestowitz 19 15:40
trmancoyes, public library... the Ubuntu machines are all ocupiedFeb 19 15:41
schestowitzBack to ICQ days of nuking mates.Feb 19 15:41
schestowitztrmanco: Ah.......Feb 19 15:41
schestowitzSo it's a good thingFeb 19 15:41
schestowitzThe Linux machines are occupied firstFeb 19 15:41
schestowitzLinux=meal; Windows = scrapsFeb 19 15:41
trmancoyes.. only 3 Ubuntu machines... but better than nothingFeb 19 15:42
twitterIt is probably too late for you trmanco.  M$ will do what it can to suck you in make your life hard.Feb 19 15:42
trmancoI'm using Seamonkey thoughFeb 19 15:42
twitterWindows == poison.Feb 19 15:42
trmancotwitter: Microsoft doesn't make my "destiny" I do, I make the decisions around here :-P sort of...Feb 19 15:43
trmancoit is a slow poisonFeb 19 15:44
twitterIt is hard to make decisions when you have no options.Feb 19 15:44
trmancoslow into getting into our lives and slow by designFeb 19 15:44
trmancoI'm livving in a free world, I have my optionsFeb 19 15:44
twitterI can imagine all sorts of ways M$ can keep you from getting a job.Feb 19 15:45
trmancojust because school forced me into MS products, doesn't mean I won't learn free softwareFeb 19 15:45
twitterIf they are friendly with your ISP, they can watch to see where you apply.Feb 19 15:46
trmancoI think I've said this before, people at school laugh at me for being differentFeb 19 15:46
twitterfrom there they can directly or indirectly sabotage your chancesFeb 19 15:46
trmancotwitter: my ISP suports free softwareFeb 19 15:46
MinceRschestowitz: the quote from me doesn't fit in the context though, as it kind of goes against your point :)Feb 19 15:46
twitterah, that is helpfulFeb 19 15:47
trmanco 19 15:47
trmancoit has an open IM service (XMPP)Feb 19 15:47
twitterlike I said, I wish that I'd had the tools and knowledge to protect myself better when I started my advocacy.Feb 19 15:47
trmancoand a bunch of ohter thingFeb 19 15:47
trmancothey heavily contribute to some web email project, can't recall the name nowFeb 19 15:48
trmancoand they use in their email serviceFeb 19 15:48
twitterit only takes one M$ mole to fish you outFeb 19 15:49
twitterM$ takes aim at individuals and will do everything it can to destroy each on their hit list.Feb 19 15:50
trmancoyep that is true, but they sure can die trying to fish me out of the free worldFeb 19 15:51
trmancoI think I'm not on the list yetFeb 19 15:51
twitterI've read they will even go so far as to destroy the businesses of your relatives to eliminate your support network.Feb 19 15:51
twitterIf they have attacked you in usenet, you are on their list.Feb 19 15:52
trmancoyes, "they" do attack me sometimes, it was worse before because I was posting some great advocacy, I stopped because I don't have the time to keep doing it, but I will continue as soon as I canFeb 19 15:53
schestowitztwitter: Bray's mwife?Feb 19 15:54
twitterCan't remember.  Got link?Feb 19 15:54
schestowitzYesFeb 19 15:54
schestowitz 19 15:55
twittertrmanco, do continue your advocacy but do so as anonymously as you can.Feb 19 15:55
schestowitz"Netscape hired me to represent their interests, and when I announced this, controversy ensued. Which is a nice way of saying that Microsoft went berserk; tried unsuccessfully to get me fired as co-editor, and then launched a vicious, deeply personal extended attack.."Feb 19 15:56
schestowitz" in which they tried to destroy my career and took lethal action against a small struggling company because my wife worked there."Feb 19 15:56
schestowitz" It was a sideshow of a sideshow of the great campaign to bury Netscape and I’m sure the executives have forgotten; but I haven’t. "Feb 19 15:56
twitterYes, that's what I remember.  Thanks for the link.Feb 19 15:56
schestowitz“...[C]ut off Netscape’s air supply.” --Paul Maritz, Vice President, Microsoft (Now VMWare CEO)Feb 19 15:56
twitterI will add it to my troll zoo.  I think you have closed the manufacturing abuse comments.Feb 19 15:57
schestowitzYou can put lipstick on a criminal, but it's still a criminal with lisptick.Feb 19 15:57
trmancotwitter: I willFeb 19 15:57
twittercoolFeb 19 15:57
trmancoschestowitz: sort of like the Vista 7 thing, it is just Vista with some more lipstick :-PFeb 19 15:57
trmancoDRM+crappy code+lipstick = VistaFeb 19 15:58
schestowitzJust got this E-mail: "We're all very proud of you, it's excellent that your website is getting so many visitors.  It's  time people started paying attention, don't you think?  :o) "Feb 19 15:59
trmancoanonymous?Feb 19 15:59
schestowitzNo.Feb 19 15:59
trmancookFeb 19 15:59
schestowitzWow! 19 16:02
trmancowowFeb 19 16:04
schestowitzBut they choose specific picsFeb 19 16:04
schestowitzLike the colour of the suit... facial poses.. it's mostly to do with hair colour, I think.Feb 19 16:05
schestowitzOld media vs new media (with FUD): "People's health could be harmed by social networking sites because they reduce levels of face-to-face contact, an expert claims." 19 16:06
schestowitzCraigslist used to complain that newspapers it was harming (classified) only ever covered FUD about Craigslist... which is probably TURE.Feb 19 16:06
trmancospeaking of social networks, schestowitz how is 19 16:08
schestowitzMicrosoft gets away with scamming customers: 19 16:08
schestowitzCould it be like yesterday's story about bribed judges? Who knows..?Feb 19 16:08
schestowitztrmanco: haven't used it since.Feb 19 16:09
schestowitz 19 16:09
trmancoyou can submit a bug report, or a feature requestFeb 19 16:09
trmancofor the export thingyFeb 19 16:09
schestowitzIt says expor.. Export dataFeb 19 16:10
schestowitzYou beat me to itFeb 19 16:10
schestowitzCan it do the complete thing?Feb 19 16:10
schestowitzRaw text?Feb 19 16:10
schestowitzI put like 14k comments in Digg.Feb 19 16:10
schestowitzI have no copies of themFeb 19 16:10
trmancoI have no ideaFeb 19 16:10
schestowitzSame in Slashdot..Feb 19 16:10
trmancoit uses FOAFFeb 19 16:11
schestowitzI don't want to toss my stuff around with someone else owning and controlling itFeb 19 16:11
schestowitzIncluding forgeries.Feb 19 16:11
trmancoto export you profile data, but that is it, the messages don't get exported I thinkFeb 19 16:11
schestowitzFOAD doesn't give the message daraFeb 19 16:11
trmancoschestowitz: have you seen licenseFeb 19 16:11
trmancoAll content and data are available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.Feb 19 16:11
trmancobetter than nothingFeb 19 16:12
schestowitzIf you can pull itFeb 19 16:12
*trmanco checks TwitterFeb 19 16:13
schestowitzThe DB is theirsFeb 19 16:13
schestowitzASUS is pushed to stop low-cost laptops: 19 16:14
schestowitzThey got into bed with Microsoft again... back to price-fixing and collusionFeb 19 16:14
trmanco 19 16:14
trmanconot bad (copyright part)Feb 19 16:14
schestowitzCan't anger The BeastFeb 19 16:14
trmanco:( Asus has good hardwareFeb 19 16:15
trmancotoo bad it usually sleeps with a monopolistFeb 19 16:15
schestowitzWho puts money in ?Feb 19 16:16
schestowitzI really don't know....Feb 19 16:16
schestowitzRedmonk at least admits that they are funded by Microsoft (in part).Feb 19 16:16
trmancoI have to got, see you guys laterFeb 19 16:17
trmancogo*Feb 19 16:17
schestowitz "You must be a current client, or active trialist of The 451 Group's services to view active content."Feb 19 16:17
schestowitzSo basically it's like journalism but not freeFeb 19 16:18
schestowitzWho would pay and what would be the impact?Feb 19 16:18
schestowitz 19 16:19
*sanskumar (n=Shanthos@ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 19 16:19
schestowitz"Feb 19 16:19
schestowitzOur customers fall into three main groups: the vendors and service providers that create, manufacture and distribute these products and technologies; the investment community that initially funds, and then facilitates the sale or public offering of these vendors once they have become successful; and the organizations that buy and use these technologies. "Feb 19 16:19
schestowitzThey don't give names of companies.Feb 19 16:19
twitterJapanese people rarely get gray hair.... the rest of the guy's face has not changed much.Feb 19 16:19
schestowitzSo how do I know whose interests they are biased in favbour?Feb 19 16:19
schestowitzThey visited Microsott last year.Feb 19 16:20
schestowitzWhat good is an analyst who doesn't say where money comes from?Feb 19 16:21
twitterreader subscriptions are a good way to fund a paper, translating that to the web can be difficult.Feb 19 16:21
schestowitzIt's like the US government, which the Obama Brand is trying to Change(R)Feb 19 16:21
schestowitztwitter: yes, and it affects the paper tooFeb 19 16:21
schestowitzBurton is an exampleFeb 19 16:22
schestowitzMicrosoft bribed the buggers with consulting, jobs, etc. for attacking Google, ODF, etcFeb 19 16:22
twitterIs it the Guardian or the Independent that's subscriber based and free on the web?Feb 19 16:22
schestowitz.I'm getting tired of this business of opinion for saleFeb 19 16:22
schestowitztwitter: some of these reports are expensive to readFeb 19 16:22
schestowitzBut who would pay for them?Feb 19 16:23
schestowitzHere goes:Feb 19 16:23
schestowitz1. Tell analyst to do study to show XFeb 19 16:23
schestowitz2. analyst published it with high price tagFeb 19 16:23
schestowitz3. You subscribe to get the studyFeb 19 16:23
schestowitz4 Profit! (to analyst)Feb 19 16:23
twitterIt's an old business.  I've seen a statement from like 1900, where a woman's magazine told his advertisers that they were the real customers.Feb 19 16:23
schestowitzOf courseFeb 19 16:23
schestowitzThe audience is the productFeb 19 16:24
schestowitzPriuvileged audience is productFeb 19 16:24
schestowitzAdvertisers are customersFeb 19 16:24
schestowitzJust swtching on the TV won't generate moneyFeb 19 16:24
schestowitzTo broadcasters, ads are what they call "content"Feb 19 16:24
schestowitzThe show is what they call "fill"Feb 19 16:24
schestowitzIt's there to have you engages and stay for the next "content" (commercial) breakFeb 19 16:25
schestowitzThey think the opposite from what people are led to believe.Feb 19 16:25
twitterIt would not be so harmful if the rest of industry was not so consolidated, but these things are two sides of the same coin.Feb 19 16:25
schestowitzMaybe I should mail 351 Group?Feb 19 16:25
schestowitzAsk them for disclosures?Feb 19 16:25
schestowitz*451Feb 19 16:25
schestowitzI don't want to criticise without asking first.Feb 19 16:26
schestowitzkim.kent@the451group.comFeb 19 16:26
schestowitzI thought about it cause I keep seeing rubbish like this: 19 16:27
schestowitz"Hi, I wish to enquire why The 451 Group does not make any visible disclosure of its clients. Doing so would add great credibility. A response would be greatly appreciated. With kids regards, Roy"Feb 19 16:28
twittergotta go for a while, keep it up.Feb 19 16:38
*Casperin ( has joined #boycottnovellFeb 19 16:39
schestowitzFasthosts to offshore support staff < >Feb 19 16:40
schestowitzHP imposes staff wage cuts < > Always followed by some insults like "you are not skilled enough", the "education system is behind (so we need visas)" and "you get paid too much"Feb 19 16:41
*sanskumar has quit (Remote closed the connection)Feb 19 16:42
schestowitzHostile email from the Open Rights Group < >Feb 19 16:44
*anivar has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Feb 19 16:50
*zer0c00l has quit (Remote closed the connection)Feb 19 16:51
*Casperin has quit ("Leaving")Feb 19 16:53
*zer0c00l (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 19 16:58
schestowitzItalian Judge Declines To Dismiss Lawsuit Charging Google Execs As Criminals For YouTube Video < >Feb 19 16:59
schestowitzItalian Cops Complain That They Can't Listen In On Skype < >Feb 19 17:01
*mib_q9g2a0 (i=51c8b00d@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 19 17:06
*mib_q9g2a0 (i=51c8b00d@gateway/web/ajax/ has left #boycottnovellFeb 19 17:07
schestowitz "And I'll wager that they're not all after the latest Ubuntu package or the Wikipedia selection for schools (which is, let me say, excellent)."Feb 19 17:10
*Casperin ( has joined #boycottnovellFeb 19 17:10
schestowitzByfield says bad things about Debian even ( Debian GNU/Linux 5.0: Flexible and (Almost) Free < > ), despite the fact that he was in Progeny.Feb 19 17:11
*mib_l7mtwm (i=5483adf9@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 19 17:16
*mib_l7mtwm has quit (Client Quit)Feb 19 17:17
schestowitzPR prelude to addiction of African schools (seen before): No word on GNU/Linux in Africa, which is why Microsoft does this.Feb 19 17:23
schestowitz*ping* trmanco Feb 19 17:25
*amarsh04_ ( has joined #boycottnovellFeb 19 17:37
*sanskumar (n=Shanthos@ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 19 17:40
*sanskumar has quit ("Leaving")Feb 19 17:47
zer0c00lgood nightFeb 19 17:48
schestowitzWhat's this site running? 19 17:49
schestowitzIt seems to be WindowsFeb 19 17:49
schestowitzNetcraft says Apache.Feb 19 17:49
schestowitzthe site is case insensitive.Feb 19 17:49
*amarsh04 has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Feb 19 17:51
zer0c00lmay me wamp?Feb 19 17:52
schestowitzThat's what I thioughtFeb 19 17:52
zer0c00lwindows+apache +mysql+phoFeb 19 17:52
schestowitzo they dumped IIS?Feb 19 17:52
zer0c00lyeahFeb 19 17:53
schestowitzOKFeb 19 17:53
schestowitzCause I do a post about itFeb 19 17:53
zer0c00lmay beFeb 19 17:53
schestowitzI want to get the facts rightFeb 19 17:53
schestowitzCan HTTP headers tell more?Feb 19 17:53
zer0c00lwhat about nmap scanFeb 19 17:53
schestowitztrmanco has the utilsFeb 19 17:53
zer0c00lnmap -v -sS -O www.netcraft.comFeb 19 17:53
schestowitzI no longer have the Firefox plugin for HTTP headers.Feb 19 17:53
zer0c00l??Feb 19 17:53
PetoKrausnetcraft?Feb 19 17:53
schestowitznmap is illegal in the UKFeb 19 17:53
PetoKrausis itFeb 19 17:54
zer0c00lohFeb 19 17:54
schestowitzGordon and other Clowns think they'll stop crime by 'banning' somethingFeb 19 17:54
schestowitzLike banning drinking for under 18s actually prevents them from drinking....Feb 19 17:54
zer0c00luse some other os fingerprinting softwareFeb 19 17:55
zer0c00llolFeb 19 17:55
zer0c00lactually it aggravates thingsFeb 19 17:55
zer0c00lban increases crimesFeb 19 17:55
zer0c00l:)Feb 19 17:55
*zer0c00l has quit (Remote closed the connection)Feb 19 17:56
schestowitzYesFeb 19 17:58
*amarsh04__ ( has joined #boycottnovellFeb 19 18:01
*amarsh04_ has quit (Read error: 101 (Network is unreachable))Feb 19 18:16
trmancoback at home /reliefFeb 19 18:22
schestowitztrmanco: quickFeb 19 18:24
*amarsh04 ( has joined #boycottnovellFeb 19 18:24
schestowitzWhat does run on?Feb 19 18:24
trmancoschestowitz, no reallyFeb 19 18:24
trmanconot*Feb 19 18:25
schestowitzI'm going to postFeb 19 18:25
trmancow3m -dump_head 19 18:25
trmancoHTTP/1.1 200 OKFeb 19 18:25
trmancoDate: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 19:45:54 GMTFeb 19 18:25
trmancoServer: ApacheFeb 19 18:25
trmancoX-Powered-By: blankFeb 19 18:25
trmancoConnection: closeFeb 19 18:25
schestowitzMore Microsoft destruction is coming shortly, I reckon. Selling part of MSFT instead officcisal layoffs.Feb 19 18:25
trmancoContent-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8Feb 19 18:25
schestowitztrmanco: cool, thanls.Feb 19 18:25
trmancoyou're welcomeFeb 19 18:26
*amarsh04__ has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Feb 19 18:26
schestowitzHave a look while I still edit: 19 18:27
trmancoso far so goodFeb 19 18:30
schestowitzI made minor edits to make it clearerFeb 19 18:31
schestowitzNow part II :-DFeb 19 18:31
trmanco:pFeb 19 18:32
*amarsh04_ ( has joined #boycottnovellFeb 19 18:33
schestowitzI just need to find a good picture.Feb 19 18:33
trmancoGNU make oneFeb 19 18:34
trmanco:-PFeb 19 18:34
schestowitzToo tough.. 19 18:34
trmancolooolFeb 19 18:34
schestowitzYeah.. I'll use a GNUFeb 19 18:34
trmanco;) goodFeb 19 18:37
trmancohttp://creativecommons.or...Feb 19 18:38
schestowitzI'll take a break now. I'll do part 2 later tonightFeb 19 18:42
trmancookFeb 19 18:45
*amarsh04 has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Feb 19 18:48
*amarsh04_ has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Feb 19 19:15
*amarsh04_ ( has joined #boycottnovellFeb 19 19:16
*amarsh04__ ( has joined #boycottnovellFeb 19 19:20
trmancothe Tux3 filesystem is evolving rapidlyFeb 19 19:21
*amarsh04_ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Feb 19 19:35
trmancotransmission 1.50, wow, looks like I'm living under a rockFeb 19 19:44
*Balrog ( has joined #boycottnovellFeb 19 19:44
*Casperin has quit ("Leaving")Feb 19 20:49
*mib_wvmktw (i=8258be83@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 19 21:40
*mib_wvmktw has quit (Client Quit)Feb 19 21:40
schestowitzI'm tires of hearing interop this and that. :-) 'interop' is just a two-party 'standard'. It's a scam 'standard'. It should be considered propaganda work like "intellectual property" or "piracy".Feb 19 21:58
schestowitz*tiredFeb 19 21:58
balzachere's something funnyFeb 19 22:04
balzac 19 22:04
schestowitzYouTube=shillsFeb 19 22:04
schestowitzNovell too..Feb 19 22:04
schestowitz 19 22:04
schestowitzNovell is flooding YouTube.Feb 19 22:05
schestowitzPirate Bay Supporters Hack Swedish IFPI Web Site < >Feb 19 22:13
schestowitzWeb Application Platform Coghead Shuts Down < >Feb 19 22:13
balzacRoy, I saw you quoted in a recent article regarding the inaccuracy of Net Applications browser statisticsFeb 19 22:21
schestowitzYes, that was an SJVN article. SJVN is doing self torture: 19 22:23
schestowitzbalzac: I made it into another IDG article this week and another next week (InfoWorld). We're being approaches for comments and taken seriously. Heise linked to us yesterday and got us like 10k pageviewsFeb 19 22:24
balzacthat must be niceFeb 19 22:24
balzacI had fantasies of being a successful blogger onceFeb 19 22:24
balzacIt was a combination of good branding and then a lot of hard work.Feb 19 22:25
balzacyou guys earn your trafficFeb 19 22:25
balzaclots of scoops tooFeb 19 22:25
balzacpeople are getting excited by microsoft's troublesFeb 19 22:26
balzacthere's blood in the waterFeb 19 22:26
schestowitzbalzac: I was doing blogging in for yearsFeb 19 22:27
schestowitzIt was personal stuff mostly (you can see if you are curious)Feb 19 22:27
schestowitzBN is just focused on a theme, so it seems to workFeb 19 22:28
balzacI got into it relatively late but made a good effortFeb 19 22:28
schestowitzYes, too many peopleFeb 19 22:28
balzacprior to that, it was all about irc for me.Feb 19 22:28
schestowitzHundreds of millions sharing the same hopesFeb 19 22:28
schestowitzFSDaily has sort of awoken again.Feb 19 22:28
balzacthat's good newsFeb 19 22:29
schestowitzLXer went back for half a day yesterdayFeb 19 22:29
schestowitzIDG lays off massivelyFeb 19 22:29
schestowitzBut that's a good oneFeb 19 22:29
schestowitz.Although some of their *NIX/FOSS-centric ones got laid off too (they told me)Feb 19 22:29
balzacoh well...Feb 19 22:30
schestowitzI don't think I was ever laid off.Feb 19 22:30
schestowitzI just quit when it becomes too boring for me to do good work.Feb 19 22:30
balzacI've been fired and I've quit, but never been laid off.Feb 19 22:30
schestowitzUnisys aint dead just yet... Unisys threatens Itanium with death < >Feb 19 22:32
balzacI've never been part of a company big enough to have lay offs. I've contracted as such companies but never been employed.Feb 19 22:32
schestowitzUnisys is the next SGI.. a zombie on taxpayers' life support (aka Chapter 11/stimulus/bailout/emergency)Feb 19 22:32
schestowitzMicrosoft will likely need bailout tooFeb 19 22:33
balzachell noFeb 19 22:33
schestowitzThey try to hoard people's critical and vital stuff for protectionFeb 19 22:33
schestowitzThis was pointed out around 2006Feb 19 22:33
schestowitzI'll never forget itFeb 19 22:33
balzaccuba is coming out with an distro called NovaFeb 19 22:33
schestowitzThey also lobbied very hard for 'bailout' (public looting)Feb 19 22:33
balzacthey're making a concerted effort to switch to F&OSSFeb 19 22:33
schestowitzBallmer said this was necessary, almost frantically.Feb 19 22:33
schestowitzSteve CrockerFeb 19 22:34
balzacjeezFeb 19 22:34
schestowitzNo va.Feb 19 22:34
schestowitzNo go..Feb 19 22:34
balzacI'm about to get hit badly by the IRSFeb 19 22:34
balzacyeah, I knowFeb 19 22:34
schestowitzIRS..Feb 19 22:34
schestowitzDidn't Obama say something about em?Feb 19 22:34
schestowitzI think Ron Paul did..Feb 19 22:34
schestowitzAbout not needing them or something.Feb 19 22:35
balzacMy taxes paid for last year will afford some bank executive two nights of indulgence with high-priced call-girls, high-grade cocaine and fancy champagne.Feb 19 22:35
balzacmaybe just one night of indulgence for one of these aristocratsFeb 19 22:36
schestowitzHehe. sounds like them!Feb 19 22:37
Balrogerm .....  I'm tired of people writing software that uses GPL code and witholding their modified code :/Feb 19 22:37
schestowitz 19 22:37
schestowitzBalrog: like VMmaritz?Feb 19 22:38
balzacit would be perfectly fair if I robbed one of these guys in personFeb 19 22:38
schestowitzNew York is a crazy placeFeb 19 22:38
Balrogunfortunately, independent developers do it tooFeb 19 22:39
Balrognot many, but it really bugs me when I want to look at code that's supposed to be open and it isn't.Feb 19 22:41
schestowitzHas your code been misused?Feb 19 22:43
Balrogno, not mineFeb 19 22:43
schestowitzMcAfee is almost certainly a violator tooFeb 19 22:43
schestowitzIt can be buried by the FOSS people.Feb 19 22:43
schestowitzIn the mean time it spread FOSS and GPL FUD every now and then, so it should be careful what it asks for.Feb 19 22:44
Balrogwell the GPL has held up in court so far.Feb 19 22:44
Balrogbut that doesn't matter, with court cases being so expensive these daysFeb 19 22:45
schestowitzCisco coming upFeb 19 22:45
BalrogYes. And they deserve it.Feb 19 22:46
schestowitzThey do a lot of Linux/FOSS PR as a result.Feb 19 22:49
schestowitzThey try to instill guilt in the accusers' minds.Feb 19 22:49
Balrogyeah, like that recent FOSS contestFeb 19 22:50
Balrogthat was announcedFeb 19 22:50
schestowitzAnother one is Nokia. My only concern with Nokia, for example, is that it belongs (in the copyrights sense) to a company that promotes software patents in Europe. It also defends DRM and it is sometimes hostile towards the GPL. Feb 19 22:54
schestowitzNokia has just received like .3 billion dollars (or Euros) from Europe to develop Symbian.Feb 19 22:54
schestowitzWhy not Linux????????Feb 19 22:54
schestowitzI believe that like all companies they have the chance to show that they can change and that Symbian open-source is not just a PR ploy intended to save a platform from the bitbucket (remember Palm OS?). If Symbian embraces GPLv3, that would give Linux a a kick in the pants and balzac too would appreciate it.Feb 19 22:55
*Casperin ( has joined #boycottnovellFeb 19 22:56
schestowitzOK, the amount of $600 million. That's almost as much as it cost to develop Linux, assuming volunteer time and all.....Feb 19 22:56
schestowitzEurope needs to invest in a good, open, participatory search engine. What ever happened to that Germany/France-led project they had? Instead they do silly LHC experiments.Feb 19 22:57
schestowitzIDG and that company from a Microsoft employee (OpenLogic) spread FOSS FUD now with the "RISK" buzzword: Feb 19 22:58
schestowitz 19 22:58
schestowitzOMG! Feb 19 22:59
schestowitz "I believe the Android is Linux-based, but I knowFeb 19 22:59
schestowitzSymbian's not, and I don't think LiMo is."Feb 19 22:59
schestowitzAnd that's from the guy running the Linux blog of ZDNet?Feb 19 22:59
schestowitzNo wonder, he doesn't even use LinuxFeb 19 22:59
schestowitzCBSSports shuts out GNU/Linux users 'thanks' to Microsoft: 19 23:09
schestowitzThis one got me annoyed (the comments), so I replied: SILVER LIE it NOT cross-platform. Stop lying, Munchkins.Feb 19 23:11
schestowitz "What does "Novell bashers" mean? People who say the truth? This is not stand-up comedy. There is no "bashing"."Feb 19 23:17
*Casperin has quit ("Leaving")Feb 19 23:23
schestowitzThom Holwerda  is defending Microsoft again (the reason for unsubscribing from OSNews): 19 23:24
BalrogWell, Windows 7 has at least as much DRM as VistaFeb 19 23:28
schestowitzI.e. NotEnough PlaysForSure(R)Feb 19 23:28
BalrogAnd when it comes to Moonlight, one reason it has no use to me is that it won't play content I need to access (i.e. SonicFoundry MediaSite -produced contend from my university)Feb 19 23:29
schestowitzBTW: also irrelevant to Thom's slew of pro-Microsoft propaganda that got long-time subs -- me included -- leaving his siteFeb 19 23:29
Balrogdo you know any good alternatives to that product (SonicFoundry MediaSite)? They want to use something that's at least cross-platform but there doesn't seem to be a good solution.Feb 19 23:30
schestowitzMoonlight can be a vector to DRM or denier of access. MS is already doing Silver Lie 3.0. Novell has only just gained 1.0 compatFeb 19 23:30
BalrogNo, I'm talking about this product which you use to (a) videotape a lecture, (b) put it online. Unfortunately, the company uses Silverlight to do this.Feb 19 23:31
Balrogthis is a hardware + software product.Feb 19 23:31
schestowitzShunning of that is needed.Feb 19 23:32
BalrogIt's nicely done, but the fact it's tied to M$ is not a good thing at all.Feb 19 23:32
Balrogproblem is, are there any other options?Feb 19 23:32
schestowitzWhich is why I am very upset when the MS lackeys bring up the fraudulent argument about x-platformFeb 19 23:32
Balrog(Seems that they use Silverlight for DRM, but we don't care about that at all)Feb 19 23:32
Balrogyeah right, x-platformFeb 19 23:32
schestowitzBalrog: there are other options, including the explanation of ideaology to lecturers.Feb 19 23:33
Balrogdoesn't even work with Mac unless the server admin does some fiddling with the serverFeb 19 23:33
schestowitzI don't know the product, for for duration, preservation, curation eyc. they must avoid DRMFeb 19 23:33
schestowitzThat's what we have CC people like Lessig trying to explain to the world, inc. lawmakers, Obama and so on.Feb 19 23:33
BalrogThe idea is to (a) videotape a lecture and capture slides, (b) post it online so students can view it. It has to be easy to use and portable.Feb 19 23:34
schestowitzDRM does not shore up business.Feb 19 23:34
schestowitzIt's an illusionFeb 19 23:34
BalrogThere's NO requirement for DRM and stuff. WE don't want itFeb 19 23:34
schestowitzThe problem is not solvableFeb 19 23:34
Balrog(the lecturers don't care.)Feb 19 23:34
schestowitzPeople with mics and tripods will grab one DRM-free copyFeb 19 23:34
MinceR 19 23:34
schestowitzThey can then use protable media to mreplicateFeb 19 23:34
schestowitzThey need to find new biz models.Feb 19 23:34
MinceRObama Anti-Trust Chief Asleep At The WheelFeb 19 23:34
MinceR'For me, Microsoft is so last century. They are not the problem,'Feb 19 23:34
Balrogyeah I saw thatFeb 19 23:35
MinceRi wonder how much did that sentence cost.Feb 19 23:35
schestowitzMinceR: I wrote about itFeb 19 23:35
schestowitzPotential cronyFeb 19 23:35
MinceRgood. :)Feb 19 23:35
schestowitzBut she did the Netscape hack jobFeb 19 23:35
schestowitzSubmitted by Mike ElganFeb 19 23:35
schestowitzMicrosoft fan in some waysFeb 19 23:35
schestowitzProud "Windows guy" according to himFeb 19 23:36
schestowitzMust have liked this 'news'..Feb 19 23:36
schestowitzProdding the nominee like it's the Oscars...Feb 19 23:36
schestowitzhaha!Feb 19 23:36
schestowitzpost by Preston GrallaFeb 19 23:36
schestowitzMicrosoft shills galoreFeb 19 23:36
schestowitzand Slashdot drank it!!Feb 19 23:36
BalrogI don't think Google will have a problem. They're behind Android after all, and so much of their other code is FOSS (Google Gears, Google Updater,  and probably others)Feb 19 23:39
MinceRwell, microsoft is the american dreamFeb 19 23:39
MinceRmoneygrubbing at all costs, crushing all opposition via unethical meansFeb 19 23:39
MinceRit's what everybody wants to doFeb 19 23:39
MinceRand the clueless masses worship them for itFeb 19 23:40
Balrogyeah, and it's what was going on in the 1900's too....that led to the failure of many companiesFeb 19 23:40
Balrog(i.e. the railroads, the steel industry)Feb 19 23:40
MinceRa "university" here in budapest even honored SweatyBeastFeb 19 23:40
Balrogwho's SweatyBeast??Feb 19 23:41
MinceRbecause someone who gets rich by ruining an industry and hindering technological advancement by years must be looked up toFeb 19 23:41
MinceRBalrog: Monkey BoyFeb 19 23:41
MinceRalso known as steve ballmerFeb 19 23:41
Balrogah.Feb 19 23:41
MinceRit also says something about what our government dares call our "educational system"Feb 19 23:41
MinceRwell, superficially that wreckage does resemble an educational system...Feb 19 23:41
BalrogWell, it's interesting what goes on at the uni I work / study at. The faculty is mixed over Windows, but the sysadmins hate itFeb 19 23:41
MinceRi'm guessing they're ones who have to solve the problems arising from its useFeb 19 23:42
Balrog(and hate working with stuff like the video-capture ones mentioned)Feb 19 23:42
Balrogyes, unfortunatelyFeb 19 23:42
BalrogI work for them and therefore see it.Feb 19 23:42
Balrog(the sysadmins)Feb 19 23:42
BalrogLately I've been doing Solaris stuff (on SPARC machines) .... it's a pain in a way but you can't compare it to how bad Windows is.Feb 19 23:43
schestowitzMinceR: education system -> training centreFeb 19 23:46
MinceRi'd call it brainwashing, but yes.Feb 19 23:46
schestowitzMany universities are privatized and made property of companies over time, literally (France a recent joiner under Sarkoism)Feb 19 23:46
BalrogThe professors are a mixed bunch. There are a several who prefer cross platform, several (apparently a smaller group) that prefer Windows / .NET / C# / VB, and a few that are too lazy to care.Feb 19 23:46
schestowitzMinceR: that education IS a system of imposed ignoranceFeb 19 23:46
schestowitzIt's about obedience Feb 19 23:46
MinceRi think we should start a new kind of societyFeb 19 23:47
schestowitzPreparing young mind for mode of thought.Feb 19 23:47
schestowitzI had a conversation about this earlier at the gymFeb 19 23:47
MinceRfor people who care about freedom and a life that isn't about trying to do as much damage as everyone else as possibleFeb 19 23:47
BalrogLike for information science + tech students, they require VBFeb 19 23:47
schestowitzThis guy who rebelled many years ago while at school got marginalisedFeb 19 23:47
MinceRone founded on intelligence, not ignorance.Feb 19 23:47
schestowitzMinceR: you ask to undo the AmericanDream(C) merchandiseFeb 19 23:48
schestowitz[H]omer might have something to say about it.Feb 19 23:48
schestowitzHealthy doses of AmericanDream(C) is what  keeps those already in power in powerFeb 19 23:48
MinceRi ask to start something newFeb 19 23:49
MinceRleave the ignorant masses to the hell they love so much.Feb 19 23:49
schestowitzOf course, most people will listen to shill 'studies' and believe that artifically-made fats are OK because "Everyone eats then"Feb 19 23:49
MinceRand then kill them with war robots.Feb 19 23:49
schestowitzThey'll dream of pensions but die at 61 froma heart attackFeb 19 23:49
schestowitzSaves money for the countriesFeb 19 23:49
schestowitzAnd when 401k collapses, the execs will fly over (private jet) for bailout requestsFeb 19 23:50
schestowitzThat's the American DreamFeb 19 23:50
schestowitzTough love... "good for me... tough for everyone else"Feb 19 23:50
schestowitzMinceR: what if all levels were made /not/ ignorant as you suggest?Feb 19 23:51
schestowitzI think we have too much reliant on people being educated that being slaves is acceptance.Feb 19 23:51
MinceRas far as i can tell, clueful people are a scattered extreme minority.Feb 19 23:51
schestowitzAnd that bad engineering and tough love is OK if there is an emergency (e.g. "War" on "terrorism)Feb 19 23:52
schestowitzThat's when people stop caring about their freedom, diet, old mother, etc. and stick together to 'save the Queen' so to speak.Feb 19 23:52
schestowitzSo a level of brainwash sometimes glues an operational society togetherFeb 19 23:52
MinceRand there's always an emergency nowFeb 19 23:53
MinceRwe have always been at war with oceaniaFeb 19 23:53
BalrogAt the school I'm at, computer science students don't need to take any of those courses; information science programs are required to take two .NET coursesFeb 19 23:53
Balrogbut yeah, as a whole, schools aren't that openFeb 19 23:54
schestowitzMinceR: Clash of Cultures modeFeb 19 23:54
schestowitz 19 23:54
MinceR005314 < MinceR> for people who care about freedom and a life that isn't about trying to do as much damage as everyone else as possibleFeb 19 23:54
MinceRs/as everyone/to everyone/Feb 19 23:54
schestowitzGood talk: 19 23:55
schestowitzUbuntu comes to mind as the "Another way"Feb 19 23:55
schestowitzUbuntu not as in the O/S... they sort of hijacked a word that's commonly used in the African press where crisis (real one like hunger) is a lot more commonFeb 19 23:56
schestowitzIn the US, crisis = might have to give up the second carFeb 19 23:56

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