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In Age of Its Demise Microsoft Leans on Corruptible Analysts, Infiltration, Loans and Tax Avoidance


Summary: IDG/IDC do their trick again, selling false perceptions about GNU/Linux and about Microsoft, which keeps sliding down while finding new financial ways of hiding its weaknesses

YESTERDAY we wrote about Microsoft hiring liars to defame Free software more frequently than before. Some of those liars call themselves "academics" or "analysts", but to them the business model is to find the criteria and data which allows them to come up with the required deception and then massively promote it using corporate media arms. IDG does this a lot with IDC as we have shown over the years, which is why Microsoft loves paying IDG/IDC a lot of money, sometimes quite explicitly in order to assist with Microsoft lobbying (we have given examples of that too). Earlier this week IDC released its periodic GNU/Linux FUD and this was covered not just by gullible sites that still take and accept the figures at face value (despite there being detailed rebuttals) and the IDG/IDC overlap, where IDG sites basically promote IDC lies (fake numbers that do not actually reflect on what they are said to represent), can also be seen here. Yes, IDG gives exposure to its own 'studies' but wraps all it together as 'news', as usual. They know that they deceive, they are told so, but they carry on (see our wiki for details). That's just corrupt, unfair, and totally unprofessional. Yesterday we wrote about IDG's latest Microsoft whitewashing, which is basically an attempt to wed Microsoft and the "open source" community, using amazing spin and serious omissions. As the 451 Group helps show, Microsoft's vision of "open source" is one of Microsoft licences and acceptance of software patents (no GPLv3 allowed). How noble, eh?

Over at Identica, Silner writes: "This PHP story got me wondering if Microsoft's new strategy is divide and conquer: divide !OpenSource from !Linux?"

In reply he got: "That is their old strategy: divide "open source" from Linux, Linux from GNU, GNOME from GNU, stuff GNOME with Mono."

Silner responds with a question: "What is their new strategy though? You know, I leaning towards the idea they're hedging their bets"

The context can be seen in Identica along with more analysis. "I should have said the Gnu strategy. I missed that one," Silner added.

It is correct to say that Microsoft is trying to fragment the community. The Mono and Moonlight boosters (Novell employees) are doing the same thing and they also try to incite Ubuntu members against us, using lies. Popey, for example, is under the misguided impression that we are against Ubuntu when in fact we've defended the project since it was conceived. Separately, wrote Popey, "Wow! Windows 8 will have multiple desktops! Welcome to 1985!"

You always know that Microsoft is having a tough time when it brings up Vista 8 promises, just as it was harping about WinFS for many years, promising to deliver Longhorn (successor of XP) by the end of 2003, along with WinFS. People who know Microsoft's vapourware tactics will understand that it just shows how fragile the company really is. It is facing a situation where few rich billionaires take money out of Microsoft while Microsoft is borrowing money and sees its cash cows Office and Windows falling without signs of this fall stopping. The company has troubling times ahead, just like every company (they all stagnate eventually). Meanwhile, people like Bill Gates are getting even richer while avoiding tax (the Gates Foundation is essentially passing all taxation to the poor by also exempting Warren Buffett). See this new discussion in Twitter [1, 2] which speaks about tax avoider Gates who is still acting like the United States economist for Obama. It's about this article which is titled "Bill Gates Addresses The 'Completely Unsustainable' Crisis In Public Pensions" (Gates is an quotable economist now?):

There are long-term problems with state budgets that a return to economic growth won’t solve. Health-care costs and pension obligations are projected to grow at rates that look to be completely unsustainable, unless something is done. But so far, many states aren’t doing much to deal with their fundamental problems. Instead they’re building budgets on tricks – selling off assets, creative accounting – and fictions, like assuming that pension fund investments will produce much higher gains than anyone should reasonably expect.

How about asking Gates to stop evading tax and actually contribute something other than lobbying, e.g. instructing governments (usually so that they give taxpayers' money to companies he invests in)?

In summary, this whole corrupt nature of Microsoft is not the only sign of its demise. Microsoft has always been corrupt, it just happens to be very visible this month.

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