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Welcome Back, Linux Journal!

Welcome back, dear old friend...


Summary: Linux Journal is coming back under the ownership/umbrella of Slashdot folks, who are sadly preoccupied and obsessed with Microsoft talking points and PR campaigns

LAST year we wrote with great sadness about the end of Linux Journal and worked very hard behind the scenes to keep it going/staying online (it later on in the same year went offline for a period of time). We wrote a number of articles on this issue back then.

"It should be noted that the last owner of Linux Journal was the top sponsor/patron of the FSF."The good news is that Linux Journal is back (announced minutes ago!). The bad news is, the new owner is a tad iffy.

Our message to the new owner: keep promoting GNU/Linux as a free-as-in-freedom platform and don't promote Microsoft's falsehoods.

The site is now in a critical state; it says subscriptions aren't on the agenda and all articles will be freely accessible to everybody. We hope those articles will promote GNU/Linux and not 'Microsoft Linux'... (the ZDNet agenda)

Don't let the business model be "perception management"... (reality distortion)

Break in emergencyOnly a couple of hours ago this new owner joined the googlebombing campaign, helping Microsoft promote proprietary software/spyware using the word "LINUX" (they drown out news about actual GNU/Linux issues with Edge SPAM -- something we refuse to do). Sites that today (and maybe tomorrow too) have helped Microsoft's googlebmbing of "LINUX" (to promote proprietary software of Microsoft) deserve condemnation and ridicule. Don't they know what they participate in? We did lots of memes the last time around (when this was last done; they do this every few months). GNU/Linux news sites should write about the new Mozilla Firefox release (81), not some vapourware (with a future date) of Microsoft. Firefox comes with many GNU/Linux distros, unlike this proprietary software that nobody uses and isn't even released yet. That the new owner of Linux Journal promotes this Microsoft agenda isn't a positive thing or encouraging sign. But let's hope it can improve. And no, we won't be adding any links that help/contribute to the googlebombing campaign. It should be noted that the last owner of Linux Journal was the top sponsor/patron of the FSF.

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