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Summary: 30,000 blog posts have been published; we're stronger and bigger than ever, and we have no intention of stopping

THIS site grew a lot over the years. It started with shared hosting and within a few years it moved up the scale. Nowadays it runs on 32 CPU cores and this week it transmits, on average, 3 megabytes per second. When it comes to investigative journalism about particular topics (the ones we specialise in), we're in a privileged position. People trust us. We never burned a source, either willingly or unwillingly. We're a strong community which doesn't need Draconian rules being enforced to cooperate peacefully. Our differences are overcome by the need for collaboration and shared goals.

JoyThe previous post was the 30,000th blog post. And sure, we have components other than the blog, but those are harder to quantify.

The past week has been very busy, especially because of the many changes at the FSF. We've heard a number of positive things. And no, RMS is not stepping down; some of his antagonists do. DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT THE MEDIA TELLS YOU ABOUT THE FSF. Get the information from instead. Similarly, is a fountain of lies; sites like JUVE are nowadays reprinting it (almost verbatim) and no site other than us -- and belatedly IP Kat too -- speaks about the kangaroo court scandal. In our eyes, much of the media is complicit in the crimes and the injustice; some of these publishers are paid (bribed) by the EPO to turn a blind eye -- a scandal in its own right!

People trust Techrights. That trust was earned. It's a badge of honour when people whom we expose express anger at us without even a morsel of refutation or rebuttal to what we said. They're just really antsy because their integrity is compromised and everybody knows now. Evidence helps.

A celebrationThe EPO Bundestagate -- Part 2 is set to be published tomorrow. Expect about 20 parts in total, gradually exposing crimes that go all the way up from the rotten EPO to Europe's most powerful government, which facilitates such crimes.

It's hard to promise another 30,000 blog posts (if blogs and blog posts still exist about 15 years from now), but I am still in my thirties and I reckon I can carry on doing this until and into my retirement (from my job). Over the past week and half we've received loads of overwhelmingly positive feedback thanking us for the work on Techrights. The site Techrights became a lot bigger than myself and it continues to grow each year. Thanks to all who have devoted time and effort to make Techrights what it is. We've endured countless attempts to undermine this site.

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