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NPR and PBS, Both Funded by Bill Gates, Try to Save Him

Yestserday: [Meme] Bill Gates Keeps Digging Himself Deeper in the Grave Each Time He Speaks (it's the Gates "media tour" again, and he chooses media that he controls and pays)

PBS on Gates

Summary: Bill Gates continues to corrupt the media and corrupt social control media (such as Twitter) using his money

Contrary to what the headline at the top says, this is classic paid-for fluff. The interview noted above is totally 'softball'. The questions could be asked better and it was probably carefully choreographed for PR purposes. Bill Gates comes across as guilty as hell, pretending it was only about "dinners" (usually he sends other people to speak about that). Remember he pays PBS and NPR, both of which give him a platform with those questions added only at the end. Are NPR and PBS trying to do reputation laundering for Gates just to justify to themselves taking bribes from him?

"Are NPR and PBS trying to do reputation laundering for Gates just to justify to themselves taking bribes from him?"Gates says: "well, he's dead" (about Jeffrey Epstein). Yes, Bill, and your right-hand man is right there in his will. Will NPR and PBS ever publicly admit it was a mistake to take bribes from Gates or will they carry on trying to 'fix' his image (while even his wife and his best friends walk away from him)? Using media that he has been paying for over a decade he is interjecting himself into "the news" again, using publications/channels that do not disclose this and downplay the true severity of the situation. Meanwhile he buys a lot of public land, captures decision-making authorities, and then funnels public (taxpayers') money into his own pockets. Same ol' modus operandi.

Also yesterday: How big corporations and Bill Gates took over the UN food Summit - The Grayzone

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