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No Linux Foundation IRS Disclosures Since 2018

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Summary: The publicly-available records or IRS information about the Linux Foundation is suspiciously behind; compared to other organisations with a "tax-exempt" status the Linux Foundation is one year behind already

THIS morning we published two short but very important posts [1, 2] about the Linux Foundation and Microsoft, which helps protect actual sexual predators, not perceived ones. Not defamed people, thrown under the bus to distract from the real culprits.

The video above concerns further findings. We remind people that Microsoft's co-founder Bill Gates visited Jeffrey Epstein in prison, knowing very well what he had done. Seems like Bill Gates was just trying to hide something and protect himself, e.g. in case of interrogation like this month's trial. The facilitators include the son of the real Maxwell, Bill's mom (she's a wealthy Maxwell), not just a partner of Epstein.

We're meant to think that the Free software community is a bunch of perverts when it is in fact those looking to demonise it who are the biggest offenders. Read this new article (mentioned in the video above). "Billionaire Bill Gates Uses Money to Shape the Media" is the title and it covers some of the important points.

"As usual with the Linux Foundation, it's not really transparent; their doors are shut, they're only accountable to corporations they front for, and we're meant to think they care about GNU/Linux users because they have "Linux" in their name."The video then points out that right now, when it is almost 2022, the IRS is still not releasing documents/filings of the Linux Foundation. Not even for 2019. ProPublica's Nonprofit Explorer says: "The IRS has provided extracted financial data for this filing, but has not yet released the source documents."

We've checked the IRS site directly and it's even further behind than ProPublica's Nonprofit Explorer. And other organisations do have their 2019 filings online, fully available. The FSF is shown to have a revenue of $2,628,996 in 2018, $2,183,470 in 2019, and then $1,149,602 in 2020 (after the campaign to defame the FSF and crush it). The EFF had a revenue of $15,913,065 in 2018, $14,232,158 in 2019, and $12,212,821 in 2020. Why is the Linux Foundation so far behind the rest?

According to the EFF's latest available IRS filing, they were in fact operating at a loss, maybe for the first time ever. Same with 'Linux' Foundation some years ago...

They're no longer true to their original (stated) goals. The site of the IRS says about the Linux Foundation: "Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 20-November-2020". Over a year ago and the latest filing they have online is 2018!

"An organization can be automatically revoked again if it fails to file required returns for three consecutive years," the IRS notes. We can't help but wonder if Zemlin et al got so greedy that they've put at risk their IRS "tax-exempt" status. As usual with the Linux Foundation, it's not really transparent; their doors are shut, they're only accountable to corporations they front for, and we're meant to think they care about GNU/Linux users because they have "Linux" in their name.

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