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EPO as the 'Ministry of Truth' of Team UPC and Special Interests

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Summary: The 'Ministry of Truth' of the patent world is turning the EPO's Web site into a propaganda mill, a misinformation farm, and a laughing stock with stock photography

EPO’s Web Site is a carnival/festival and "a Parade of Endless Lies and Celebration of Gross Violations of the Law", as we called it last month. On Tuesday/Wednesday these charlatans who edit the site tried to pass off the corrupt regime (warning: link) as a supporter of science/academia -- to cite just one recent example (among many more!) and a week prior to it, as I show in the video above, the "Website updates" (warning: link) were all just "ads" for the UPC, in effect relaying a bunch of falsehoods to fake the initiation of UPC -- something that will likely be challenged in court quite soon.

EPO panzerThe EPO's Web site is for the patent litigation "sector", which lives in a different planet and vainly disregards the European economy, European laws, and even European constitutions. In the video above I compare this to the BBC's "COVID denier" mode (spreading misinformation while calling people to take more and more vaccine doses, under the false assumption COVID-19 as a problem has been resolved; there were over 100,000 new cases confirmed today).

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