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'Linux' Foundation Promoting Microsoft and Scams While Microsoft Intensifies Its Attacks on Linux (by Proxy and From the Inside)

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Summary: It's very sad to see what the "Linux" brand has become and how Microsoft's vicious attacks on Linux as a project -- not just the trademark -- aren't just ignored by the so-called 'Linux' Foundation as it actively participates in some of these attacks

THE so-called 'Linux' Foundation is participating in Microsoft's attacks on the Linux brand and the GNU/Linux community. Zemlin and his friend (who do not even use Linux) are certainly getting rich this way, but it's crystal clear at whose expense. While Microsoft sabotages Linux from the inside -- as it has done since the Novell days (the above shows what Microsoft is doing to Mesa) -- Zemlin et al are openwashing Microsoft projects that promote proprietary software and surveillance. In effect, the "Linux" brand is being misused to promote the opposite of what Linux stands for. As shown above, Zemlin et al are also promoting utter scams now, under the guise or veneer of "research". This is incredible! How much more corruption will the "Linux" brand become associated with?

They piggyback Earth day to promote polluters. Speaking of which, the Linux Foundation does greenwashing spam for Microsoft. These liars from Microsoft already use Earth day for inversion of facts. Well, lying isn't the worst thing for them to worry about, but just like in the case of the Linux brand, it's clear who stands to lose. Earth Day 2022 became a joke because of what the most polluting corporations did with it...

"The failure of the media to call out this infiltration and deceit likely contributes to its demise. Many of today's "articles" is just sponsored puff pieces. They don't even resemble reporting, they're like corporate whitepapers."Speaking of fake "research", this new Webspam example shows how profoundly misused the term “research” is and finally, in the above video, we also show Microsoft's old friends in ClownStrike badmouthing Linux by spinning a collective of crackers who target Microsoft Windows... as a "Linux systems" thing.

Microsoft is deeply involved in a number of anti-Linux operations. Sadly, Zemlin et al nowadays participate in these anti-Linux operations, e.g. by perpetuating the talking points about "Open Source" being a security nightmare (even when the security issues are the fault of Microsoft, e.g. GitHub and NPM sending malware).

The failure of the media to call out this infiltration and bald-faced deceit likely contributes to its demise. Many of today's "articles" is just sponsored puff pieces. They don't even resemble reporting, they're like corporate whitepapers.

To give an hour-old example of parrots for Microsoft allies and 'former' staff, see this new piece (published around the same time I recorded the video). It says: "In a blog post, the CrowdStrike Cloud Threat Research team said the LemonDuck botnet tried to monetize its efforts via simultaneous campaigns to mine cryptocurrency like Monero."

They're not investigating the full extent of the situation, the context, conflict of interest and so on. It's just mindless churnalism, based on "tweets" or blog posts.

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