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EPO 'IT' Systems: “Software from Minsk” or “Spyware from Microsoft”?

Video download link | md5sum 3989adeb01d4fd669f2448c85ece8e94 Microsoft Proxies in Belarus? Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: As we're beginning to see, the EPO's connections to rogue companies (or shells/proxies/satellites) operating under rogue regimes (like the EPO's own) lead us to Microsoft, as usual (Microsoft is the world's champion of crime)

THE VIDEO above was recorded just before it became very noisy outside (the match is still going on at the time of writing this post). It's meant to explain a bunch of things about the latest part in the ongoing series (see Part I, Part II, Part II, and Part IV) because tomorrow, in Part V, we'll look even more closely at the firm which the EPO outsources work to (rumours suggest this is why the EPO sent its data to Microsoft).

"Microsoft is as reliant today as it was back there on cheating, corruption, infiltration, blackmail, and graft."The crisis of the EPO is a crisis of corruption. With corrupt officials like Benoît Battistelli and a culture of overt nepotism (António Campinos is a part of that) one can expect cover-up and perpetual deflection. The EPO will never repair itself; outside intervention is urgently and desperately needed, but the media has been complicit in its silence.

When we started covering the EPO so closely (looking deep inside the belly of the beast since 2014) we didn't realise we'd stumble upon quite so many Microsoft scandals. As pointed out in the video above, Microsoft was always been a subject of interest to us, as it signed a patent collusion ("deal") with Novell way back in 2006. Microsoft is as reliant today as it was back then on cheating, corruption, infiltration, blackmail, and graft.

Check out this new article This too is corruption. Biden is in effect giving Microsoft a bailout (at taxpayers' expense). Just like Trump did several times...

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