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Links 12/09/2022: Linux 6.0 RC5 and Qt 6.3.2

  • GNU/Linux

    • 9to5Linux9to5Linux Weekly Roundup: September 11th, 2022

      This week has been a bit slow in Linux news and releases, but we still got a new major Blender release with lots of goodies for graphics artists, a new Raspberry Pi OS update with a bunch of improvements and bug fixes for fans of the tiny computer, and a new release of Salix Linux for lazy Slackers.

      On top of that, I take a first look at the Arch Linux-based Crystal Linux, and tell you all about the new updates of KDE Plasma, KDE Gear, LibreOffice, and GNOME Shell on mobile. Below, you can enjoy these and much more in 9to5Linux’s Linux weekly roundup for September 11th, 2022.

    • Desktop/Laptop

      • OpenSource.comHow I recovered my Linux system using a Live USB device |

        I have a dozen or so physical computers in my home lab and even more VMs. I use most of these systems for testing and experimentation. I frequently write about using automation to make sysadmin tasks easier. I have also written in multiple places that I learn more from my own mistakes than I do in almost any other way.

        I have learned a lot during the last couple of weeks.

        I created a major problem for myself. Having been a sysadmin for years and written hundreds of articles and five books about Linux, I really should have known better. Then again, we all make mistakes, which is an important lesson: You're never too experienced to make a mistake.

        I'm not going to discuss the details of my error. It's enough to tell you that it was a mistake and that I should have put a lot more thought into what I was doing before I did it. Besides, the details aren't really the point. Experience can't save you from every mistake you're going to make, but it can help you in recovery. And that's literally what this article is about: Using a Live USB distribution to boot and enter a recovery mode.

    • Audiocasts/Shows

    • Kernel Space

      • LKML: Linus Torvalds: Linux 6.0-rc5
        It's Sunday afternoon, time for another -rc release.

        Things look fairly normal for the rc5 timeframe, at least in number of commits, and in the diffstat.

        A bit over half the diff is drivers: GPU, rdma, iommu, networking, sound, scsi... A little bit of everything.

        The rest is the usual random fixes, with i2c doc updates standing out, but also various DT updates, a few filesystem fixes (btrfs and erofs), some core networking, and some tooling (perf and selftests).

        Nothing looks particularly scary, so jump right in.


      • LWNKernel prepatch 6.0-rc5 []

        Linus has released 6.0-rc5 for testing. "Nothing looks particularly scary, so jump right in".

      • The Register UKRetbleed fix slugs Linux VM performance by up to 70 percent ● The Register

        VMware engineers have tested the Linux kernel's fix for the Retbleed speculative execution bug, and report it can impact compute performance by a whopping 70 percent.

        In a post to the Linux Kernel Mailing List titled "Performance Regression in Linux Kernel 5.19", VMware performance engineering staffer Manikandan Jagatheesan reports the virtualization giant's internal testing found that running Linux VMs on the ESXi hypervisor using version 5.19 of the Linux kernel saw compute performance dip by up to 70 percent when using single vCPU, networking fall by 30 percent and storage performance dip by up to 13 percent.

        Jagatheesan said VMware's testers turned off the Retbleed remediation in version 5.19 of the kernel and ESXi performance returned to levels experienced under version 5.18.

      • WCCF TechAMD readies additional RDNA 3 Code, GPU Reset Mode created for Radeon RX 6000 Series in Linux 6.1

        AMD has added a significantly important AMDGPU kernel graphics driver update to the DRM-Next before the Linux 6.1 merge window closes.

    • Applications

      • Linux Shell Tips6 Best To-Do List Managers for Linux Command Line

        As you grow your Linux operating system experience and become imprinted on its command-line environment, you start having more and more exciting tasks to do. With time, it might become impossible to keep track of what computing task or project milestone you have successfully accomplished.

        Such a scenario might reduce your Linux OS productivity. However, with every problem associated with a Linux operating system, there is always a Linux-oriented solution. The best way of keeping track of your Linux OS activities/objectives is via a to-do list manager.

        In this article guide, we will walk you through the analysis and installation of some recommended to-do list managers for your Linux command-line environment.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • H2S MediaHow to install VSFTPD to Setup FTP Server on Ubuntu 22.04

        This tutorial is to know how we can install, config, set up and use the VSFTPD FTP server on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy JellyFish using the command terminal.

        Vsftpd is an FTP server that is very consciously designed for security. For example, the program checks its configuration and the rights of all files it is to access before starting and refuses to start if it is configured incorrectly.

        Furthermore, Vsftpd is the only FTP server in the “main” branch of the Ubuntu distribution, i.e. it is guaranteed to be maintained and provided with security updates. This does not have to be the case with other FTP servers from the “universe/multiverse” branches.

        Last but not least, Vsftpd is very easy to set up. Without cumbersome configuration files, you can let the local users access their home directory or set up anonymous FTP access. Apart from this open source FTP server; PureFTPd and ProFTPD are some other popular names in the category.

      • Daniel Stenbergconvert a curl cmdline to libcurl source code |

        The dash-dash-libcurl is the sometimes missed curl gem that you might want to know about and occasionally maybe even use.

      • Linux HintRedis XTRIM

        Redis streams are an append-only data structure that provides a set of highly efficient read and insert operations with a memory-efficient storage mechanism. Internally, the Redis streams use a Radix tree data structure which is a space-optimized tree with high memory efficiency.

        Redis streams store data as a list of entries where each entry consists of key-value pairs. At a low level, these entries are packed into macro-nodes, as shown in the following.

      • Own HowToHow to Burn ISOs with Balena Etcher on Linux

        In this tutorial you will learn how to burn an ISO image to your USB flash drive or harddisk. Balena etcher is a cross platform app that allows you to create bootable devices in a matter of seconds, it is very easy to use and doesn't require any technical knowledge, so feel free to try balena etcher.

        Since balena etcher is a cross platform app, you can run in Linux, Windows and MacOS. However, in this tutorial we're going to explain how to use it on Linux.

      • Trend OceansHow to Install Fish Shell with Starship on Linux distributions - TREND OCEANS

        In our previous posts, we already discussed that bash is not the only shell to use in a Linux system, and for this reason, we have come up with the zsh shell, but on the internet, the fish shell is highly appreciated for its simplicity.

        When I say simplicity, then I mean it because when you install the fish shell on your system, most of the basic functionality of the shell takes place automatically, like tab completion, which is one of the prime features of this shell. Not only that, but you will also find syntax highlighting, which will alert you that you are typing the wrong program name in the “red” color. If it’s a valid program, then the colour will turn blue.

        Moreover, you can use some of the built-in commands and keybindings which take the fish shells to different levels in terms of flexibility, like my favourite options for navigating around previous and next directories using prevd and nextd, or I can use the shortcut Alt + Left arrow and Alt + Right arrow for the same.

      • Linux CapableHow to Install Inkscape on Linux Mint 21 LTS

        Inkscape is a fantastic vector graphics editor that is free and open-source. It is primarily used to create Scalable Vector Graphics, but it can also import and export other formats. Inkscape is great for anyone who wants to get creative with their artwork, as it has many features that bring any design to life. These features include scalability and the ability to import/export so the artwork can be used in any vector graphics program. Inkscape can also render primitive vector shapes and text, making it even more versatile. Thanks to its wide range of capabilities, Inkscape is a potent tool for anyone looking to create unique vector graphics.

        In the following tutorial, you will learn how to install Inkscape on Linux Mint 21 LTS release series using two installation methods of APT or Flatpak to install the graphics editor using the command terminal.

      • Red Hat OfficialHow to reconfigure Ceph storage in OpenShift Data Foundation | Enable Sysadmin

        Installing OpenShift Data Foundation (ODF) with external Ceph storage is pretty straightforward: some clicks on the OpenShift console, execute a script inside the Ceph cluster, and you are ready to go. Changing those configurations is not as clear.

      • ID RootHow To Install Neovim on Linux Mint 21 - idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Neovim on Linux Mint 21. For those of you who didn’t know, Neovim is a project that seeks to aggressively refactor Vim such as improving the codebase, allowing for easier implementation of APIs, improved user experience, and plugin implementation.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of a Neovim text editor on Linux Mint 21 (Vanessa).

      • Linux HintHow Much Space Does Ubuntu Require?

        Ubuntu is one of the widely used Linux distributions as it is properly being managed by Canonical. Canonical releases a new version of Ubuntu every six months and each update of Ubuntu comes with new features and improvements. And every update needs some space from your hard drive. So, it is better to have a rough estimate of how much space Ubuntu requires with its all-upcoming updates.

      • Trend OceansHow to Disable 'su' Access for Sudo Users in Linux - TREND OCEANS

        The su (aka substitute user) command is used by Linux users to transition from the current user to another user or super user (root account) without changing the current working directory or user environment.

        A standard user with sudo access has extra privileges while using the su command. For instance, if a user with sudo access uses the su command to try to switch to the root account, they are required to supply their own password.

      • Linux HandbookHow to Check Crontab logs in Linux

        As a Linux user, you are probably already familiar with crontab. You can automate tasks by running commands and scripts at a predefined schedule. Want to automatically take backups? Crontab is your friend.

        I am not going into the usage of crontab here. My focus is on showing you the different ways to check crontab logs.

        It helps investigate whether your cronjobs ran as scheduled or not.

      • UNIX CopJBoss EAP on Podman

        JBoss EAP is an open-source platform for highly transactional, web-scale Java applications. JBoss EAP combines the familiar and popular Jakarta EE specifications with the latest technologies, like Eclipse MicroProfile, to modernize your applications from traditional Java EE into the new world of DevOps, cloud, containers, and microservices.

        JBoss EAP includes everything needed to build, run, deploy, and manage enterprise Java applications in various environments, including on-premise, virtual, private, public, and hybrid clouds. JBoss EAP is based upon the popular open-source project WildFly.

      • [Older] Initial Steps to Secure Rocky Linux 8

        Rocky Linux is a downstream, binary-compatible Linux distribution of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). It was founded by a co-founder of CentOS Linux after Red Hat announced that CentOS will no longer be developed in its current format. I wrote this article back in May of this year for Vultr to show how to improve the security posture of a Rocky Linux 8 server.

      • Digital Ocean[Older] How To Install Cassandra and Run a Multi-Node Cluster on Ubuntu 22.04

        Apache Cassandra is an open-source, masterless, and distributed NoSQL database system. Cassandra is suited for mission-critical applications and multi-node setups because it’s scalable, elastic, and fault-tolerant. Cassandra database management works through a node system, and nodes are held within a cluster.

      • UNIX CopHow to install Appwrite with Docker on Ubuntu 22.04 & Debian 9

        In this post, you will learn How to install Appwrite with Docker on Ubuntu 22.04 & Debian 9

        Appwrite is a free, open-source back-end server that offers main APIs required to develop and build applications bundled together as a set of easy-to-use Docker Containers. It offers a simple yet modern user-friendly interface that can be used to keep a track of APIs, Users, Resources and other more. It allows you to run your backend code in a secure environment to easily customize your app. It also has GEO & Localization features and fetch GEO data according to the users.

      • TecMintHow to Install Universal Media Server in Ubuntu Linux

        Universal Media Server (UMS) is a cross-platform and free DLNA-compliant, HTTP(s) PnP Media server, which provides a number of capabilities such as sharing multimedia files such as images, videos, and audio between modern devices such as game consoles, smart TVs, Blu-ray players, Roku devices, and smartphones. UMS was originally based on a PS3 Media Server in order to ensure greater stability and file compatibility.

        UMS streams a wide range of media formats with little or absolutely no configuration. It is powered by a number of multimedia tools such as VLC media player, FFmpeg, AviSynth, MEncoder, tsMuxeR, MediaInfo, and many more.

      • UNIX CopHow to Install Gedit on Ubuntu 20.04 | 22.04 LTS

        In this guide, we will show you how to install Gedit on Ubuntu systems

        gedit is the default text editor of the GNOME desktop environment and part of the GNOME Core Applications. Designed as a general-purpose text editor, gedit emphasizes simplicity and ease of use, with a clean and simple GUI, according to the philosophy of the GNOME project. It includes tools for editing source code and structured text such as markup languages.

        It is free and open-source software under the GNU General Public License version 2 or later.

      • Digital Ocean[Older] How To Set Up Shiny Server on Ubuntu 20.04

        While many people turn to the open-source programming language R for statistical and graphics applications, Shiny is an R package that allows you to convert your R code into interactive webpages. With Shiny, you can use Shiny Server (available in both a free, open-source format and a paid, professional format) to host and manage Shiny applications and interactive R markdown documents.

      • Digital Ocean[Older] How To Set Up MinIO Object Storage Server in Standalone Mode on Ubuntu 20.04

        The ability to store unstructured blobs of object data and make them accessible through HTTP APIs, known as object storage, is integral to the modern technology landscape, especially with cloud-based backup solutions and high-availability content delivery networks (CDNs).

        MinIO is an open-source object storage server compatible with the Amazon S3 cloud storage service. Applications configured to interface with Amazon S3 can also be configured to interface with MinIO, which means you can use MinIO as a viable alternative to S3 for more control over your object storage server. The service stores unstructured data such as photos, videos, log files, backups, and container/VM images and can provide a single object storage server that pools multiple drives spread across many servers.

      • UNIX CopHow to install Ionic Framework on Ubuntu & Debian Servers

        In this post, you will learn How to install Ionic Framework on Ubuntu & Debian Servers

        Ionic Framework is an open-source, cross-platform mobile development framework that can be used to initiate, develop and maintain Vue, React, Angular etc application easily on compatible system. It uses web core technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript for development. Ionic is designed to work beautifully on all current platforms and mobile devices. It uses NodsJS as it backend. It is a pretty straight-forward application which uses a command-line utility.

      • Digital Ocean[Older] How To Install Cassandra and Run a Single-Node Cluster on Ubuntu 22.04

        Apache Cassandra is an open-source, masterless, and distributed NoSQL database system. Cassandra is considered highly suited for mission-critical applications and multi-node setups because it’s scalable, elastic, and fault-tolerant. Cassandra database management works through a node system, and nodes are held within a cluster.

      • How To Play Epic Games On Linux | IWMBuzz

        With some exclusive titles and alluring deals for PC players, Epic Games Store is attracting more attention than ever. While the Epic Games Store (or EGS) has a better client, I still prefer Steam because it is officially supported on Linux and runs without any hacks. Unfortunately, Steam does not have titles like Immortals Fenix Rising and Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Even while some titles, like Hitman 3, are timed exclusives, the Epic Games Store still boasts a wide selection of fun games.

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

      • K Desktop Environment/KDE SC/Qt

        • 9to5LinuxKDE Frameworks 5.98 Makes File Transfers Faster in KDE Apps, Brings More New Features

          The monthly KDE Framework releases continue and KDE Frameworks 5.98 is here with more new features for your favorite KDE apps and the KDE Plasma desktop environment, starting with support for relative paths in path bars of various KDE apps, such as Dolphin and Gwenview, and the ability to generate thumbnail previews for .arw RAW image files.

          Also new is support for various mouse-based methods of adding more cursors using the multi cursor feature in Kate and other KTextEditor-based apps, support for the Kate text editor to allow font customization of documents in the Print dialog, as well as the ability to clear the Command Bar’s history.

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • Programming/Development

      • Qt 6.3.2 Released

        I am happy to announce we have released the Qt 6.3.2 today.

        The Qt 6.3.2 will be the last release from Qt 6.3 series. As a patch release Qt 6.3.2 does not add any new functionality but It contains more than 330 bug fixes, security updates and other improvements to the top of Qt 6.3.1 release. See more information about the most important changes and bug fixes from the Qt 6.3.2 release note.

      • QtQt WebAssembly Q-A, Part 1

        WebAssembly is a bytecode representation that is meant to be targeted by high-level programming languages such as C++ and to be executed inside a virtual machine in a browser. It will change the way you design your embedded devices, applications, and other software. Qt for WebAssembly allows you to run your C++ applications on popular web browsers, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox – and our efforts to support more browsers are continuous.

      • Perl / Raku

        • PerlSaving Perl packages through local

          In Perl there is an expression local. It substitutes the specified value with undef until the end of the block. The values can be global hashes, arrays and scalars, as well as elements or slices of hashes and scalars. The problem is that package hashes are not saved by local. By package hashes I mean a hash with a colon at the end (%Package::) which stores the package symbols (GLOB).

      • Python

        • Linux HintPandas Dataframe Unique

          The most popular Python library which is utilized in data science is called Pandas. It offers Python programmers high-performance, user-friendly, and data analysis tools. Once you understand the fundamental functions and how to utilize them, Pandas is a potent tool for altering data. In “pandas” the standard methods for storing data in a tabular form are the DataFrames. We can utilize some “pandas” methods for getting the unique values in the “pandas” DataFrame’s column. When we need to get unique values in the DataFrame’s columns and don’t want duplication of values in the “pandas” DataFrame’s column, we can use the methods that “pandas” provides for doing this. Let’s look at such methods in this guide, along with some examples and output to get unique values in the DataFrame’s column of “pandas”.

        • Linux HintPandas DatetimeIndex

          Pandas contribute to one of the rapid, adaptable packages which is popularly used as a machine learning tool that honors to be an open-source package by python. It is being built after Numpy for making the data import, analysis, and cleaning much easier.

          Pandas’ dataframe datetime column contains all the information of the specific recorded data in years, months, dates & times (in hours, minutes & seconds). DatetimeIndex is the method that converts this datetime column into an index column and attributes the output date as an index in the dataframe. It also allows access or analyze the data at that specific date, year, month, and time (in hours, minutes, and seconds) or range of dates for further operations instead of going through all the dataframe. In this article, we’ll get to know how we can convert the datetime column of the dataframe (pandas) into an index column using the python programming language or python script.

        • Linux HintPandas Display Max Rows

          Pandas are among the most popular tools used today by data scientists to analyze tabular data. To deal with tabular content, it offers a quicker and more effective API. Whenever we view data frames during analysis, Pandas automatically sets various display behaviors to default values. These display behaviors include how many rows and columns to show, the accuracy of floats in each data frame, column sizes, etc. Depending on the requirements, we may occasionally need to modify these defaults. Pandas have a variety of approaches for altering default behavior. Leveraging the “options” attribute of pandas enabled us to change this behavior.

        • Linux HintPandas Insert Row

          “A Python framework for working with data frames is called Pandas. It may be used for a variety of purposes, including reading, exporting CSV files, and converting NumPy arrays to dataFrames. Three parameters make up the Pandas dataFrame. DataFrames are quite helpful since they offer a simple way to print a table view and then modify it as needed. You might need to establish a new data frame and add rows selectively when using the dataFrame for data analysis to generate a data frame with particular records.

          Unless you assign names to each row, the index will be the integer starting at zero for the associated row. Additionally, it is simple to refer to a column by its name, such as “Data,” or by its location within the DataFrame.”

        • Linux HintPandas Insert() Column

          “Python provides a wide range of data structures and operations for handling numerical and time series data. The DataFrame we have created or imported in Pandas can be used for a variety of purposes. The columns in the data frame can also be adjusted, along with the data source. Pandas make many of the tedious, time-consuming tasks associated with working the data simple. There are four ways to add a column to a DataFrame in Pandas, but in this article, we are using the panda’s column “insert()” function.

          Once we have built or loaded our dataFrame in Pandas, there are a variety of things we could want to accomplish. For example, we might keep manipulating data, for instance, by changing the columns in the data frame. Next, we must understand how to include columns in a data frame If the majority of the data are coming from one data provider, but some data are coming from another. A column can be easily added to a Pandas dataFrame.”

        • Linux HintPandas isna

          “Pandas is one of the packages of python language that makes the data analysis much better and easier to go on with. In the domain of computer science, analyzing the data and preprocessing is almost at every step, and in which the missing data is a whole lot time-consuming and crucial process to do. So, here comes the “pandas isna,” which is a function that is used to detect the missing values from the data. It works in a way that returns a boolean similar size object, which indicates the values in the given data are “NA”, which means none, and the characters such as strings that are empty declared.

          The missing values show as the “nan” or “none,” as explained. Pandas isna method does not have any parameters involved. The return type is a dataframe with a boolean. The “NaN” indicates the “true” values. Otherwise, every other data is mapped as “false”. For the implementation of the codes, we will be using the tool “spyder,” which is in infused “python” language. The pandas isna is a new object of panda whose input object is of the same size.”

      • Java

        • Linux HintJava File Input Stream in Ubuntu 20.04

          “In this article, we will be discussing different ways to read data from files into a byte array by using the Java Input Stream class. This class represents a sorted stream of bytes from a file. There are multiple functions in the Java Input Stream class that are commonly used and will be discussed in this article, like the read(), available(), skip(), and close() methods. These methods are used to read files of different extensions like bin or txt files and can be altered to get information from any point in the file. We will be implementing these methods in the Ubuntu 20.04 environment in this article.

          There are many more methods of File Input Stream class which are also very helpful in getting data from a file; some of them are int read(byte[] b), this function reads data from the input stream up to b.length bytes in length. File Channel gets the channel(): The specific File Channel object connected to the file input stream is returned using it. Finalize() is used to ensure that the close() function is invoked when there is no longer reference to the file input stream.”

        • Linux HintJava File List Files in Ubuntu 22.04

          “In this article, we will be focusing on the list files function in the File class in the Java programming language. The list files function returns the name of the files in the form of an array and is usually called in the File[] data type variable. The files class object is used for getting the directory name for the list files function so that it knows where to look for the files. We will be implementing several examples of this function in our article.”

        • Linux HintJava ObjectInputStream

          “Information written via the object of an ObjectOutputStream is primarily accessed using the ObjectInputStream class. The main objective of the ObjectInputStream class would be to reconstruct the basic data and entities that are produced by employing ObjectOutputStream class. By making use of a SocketStream, ObjectInputStream may also be employed to transfer objects across different hosts. Therefore, we have decided to write a helpful guide for our Ubuntu 20.04 system to cast off the objectinputstream class object to read data from the file input stream. Let’s start with the opening of a console.”

        • Linux HintJava ReadFields

          “To read objects that have previously been written by ObjectOutputStream, we use the ObjectInputStream class of the package and the package that has the readFields() function. The persistent fields are read from the stream and made available by name using the function. The Readfields() function is a non-static function that can only be accessed through the class object; if we attempt to get the method directly by class name, we will encounter an error. When reading fields, the readFields() function may raise an exception.”

        • Linux HintPrintWriter Class

          “This class offers text-output stream object representations that are formatted for printing. It uses every print technique available in PrintStream. It lacks ways for writing unencoded byte streams, which a program should utilize instead of writing raw bytes. Unlike the PrintStream class, which does automatic flushing anytime a newline character is output, this class only performs flushing whenever the println, printf, or format operations are called. These techniques substitute the platform’s internal line separator with the newline character.

          Despite several of its constructors being capable of doing so, this class’s methods never throw I/O exceptions. The client can verify if any errors have been encountered by using the checkError() call.”

  • Leftovers

    • Counter PunchIt’s All Gonna Break

      Every time I see a Gen X critic declare pop culture dead, I remember all of the columns and cover stories that asked “Is Irony Dead?” after 9/11. To be sure, a survey of American media right now wouldn’t exactly be encouraging, or particularly exciting: the highest grossing movie of the year, Top Gun: Maverick, is a sequel to a 36-year-old movie featuring another performance from Tom Cruise where he refuses to pass the torch and mature up on the mantle. No: this man must live, he must win, and he must get the shirtless volleyball montage exactly right, otherwise the movie would be a failure. Say what you will about his scary religion, the man knows what will make him a lot of money. I liked Top Gun: Maverick more than Tony Scott’s admittedly much better looking 1986 original, but Joseph Kosinski’s actually did feel like an elegy for the art form of popular cinema.

    • Science

      • HackadayIf The Blade Sees Its Shadow, It’s Another 64th Of Accuracy

        If you’ve bought a miter saw in the past few years, you might have noticed the LED “laser” that came with it. The goal was to show where on the piece the saw was going to cut. But over a year or two, you might have found the laser to have drifted or skewed into a crooked line. [Fisher] decided that his after-market laser wasn’t entirely accurate enough and added a shadow line instead. (Video, embedded below the break.)

    • Hardware

      • HackadayEngraving A Puzzle Box? Here’s A Collection Of Single-Line Cryptex Fonts

        Here’s a neat resource from [MSRaynsford] that is worth bookmarking for anyone who gets creative with laser engravers, CNC routers, or drawing robots: SVGFonts are single-line symbol fonts that [MSRaynsford] created for his laser-cut and engraved cryptex puzzle boxes. They provide an easy way to engrave text as symbols.

      • HackadayFull Transparency: Stronger FDM Prints

        We always look forward to [Stefan’s] CNC Kitchen videos. They are usually useful, but always carefully thought out and backed with experimental data. His latest is about creating transparent and strong FDM prints. You normally don’t associate the FDM process with clear prints even with clear filament. The problem is the filament doesn’t lay down in a particular structure, so light scatters producing a sort of white color. However, [Stefan] found a post on Printables called “How to Print Glass” which changes the structure of the part and, of course, [Stefan] wanted to see if the process also led to stronger parts.

      • HackadayA Crowned Pulley Keeps Robot’s Treads On Track

        [Angus] at Maker’s Muse recently created a new and tiny antweight combat robot (video, embedded below) and it has some wonderfully clever design elements we’d like to highlight. In particular: how to keep a tracked robot’s wheel belt where it belongs, and prevent it from slipping or becoming dislodged. In a way, this problem was elegantly solved during the era of the steam engine and industrial revolution. The solution? A crowned pulley.

    • Security

      • Kubernetes BlogAnnouncing the Auto-refreshing Official Kubernetes CVE Feed | Kubernetes

        A long-standing request from the Kubernetes community has been to have a programmatic way for end users to keep track of Kubernetes security issues (also called "CVEs", after the database that tracks public security issues across different products and vendors). Accompanying the release of Kubernetes v1.25, we are excited to announce availability of such a feed as an alpha feature. This blog will cover the background and scope of this new service.

      • LWNSecurity updates for Monday []

        Security updates have been issued by Debian (gdk-pixbuf, libxslt, linux-5.10, paramiko, and zlib), Fedora (webkit2gtk3), Mageia (gstreamer1.0-plugins-good, jupyter-notebook, kernel, and rpm), Slackware (vim), SUSE (bluez, clamav, freetype2, frr, gdk-pixbuf, keepalived, libyang, nodejs16, python-PyYAML, qpdf, samba, and vim), and Ubuntu (linux-azure-fde and tiff).

      • QtSecurity advisory: zlib in Qt

        zlib through 1.2.12 has a heap-based buffer over-read or buffer overflow in inflate in inflate.c via a large gzip header extra field and has been assigned the CVE id CVE-2022-37434.

      • 10 Best Email Security Practices to Avoid Data Breach

        Never assume that your email security is adequate. Since the invention of the telephone, communication between individuals has advanced significantly. Letters, payphones, cordless calls, and electronic mail are just a few examples.

        If you are finding yourself wondering what email breach security is, you have come to the right place.

        Email is used by most firms, and they even rank among the most crucial channels for business communication. Its adaptability in conveying information from future events, clients, team memos, and a few more renders it a unique corporate weapon.

    • Defence/Aggression

    • Environment

      • Energy

        • HackadayRenewable Hydrogen Sucked From Thinish Air

          Stored hydrogen is often touted as the ultimate green energy solution, provided the hydrogen is produced from genuinely green power sources. But there are technical problems to be overcome before your average house will be heated with pumped or tank-stored hydrogen. One problem is that the locations that have lots of scope for renewable energy, don’t always have access to plenty of pure water, and for electrolysis you do need both. A team from Melbourne University have come up with a interesting way to produce hydrogen by electrolysis directly from the air.

    • Finance

      • TruthOutPrivate Equity and Hedge Fund Industries Pour Over $347 Million Into Midterms
      • Common DreamsOpinion | Barbara Ehrenreich Showed Us the Need for Socialist Policies

        In 2009, as a deep recession triggered an epidemic of layoffs and foreclosures, The New York Times asked Barbara Ehrenreich to write a series of articles about poverty in the United States. She visited Los Angeles, where I introduced her to community, tenants' rights, and union organizers. She also traveled to Detroit, Dallas, Baltimore, Saint Louis, Racine, Wisconsin, Wilmington, Delaware, and New York, talking with low-income people as well as with poverty researchers and activists. When she got back to her home in Virginia, she emailed me, "I'm ready to look over my notes and see where I've gotten to. It's a bit overwhelming, but I'm feeling my anger level rising, so I better figure something out."

      • IT WireiTWire - Austrac says probe ongoing into betting firm Entain Group

        The Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre, the agency tasked with preventing, detecting and responding to criminal abuse of the financial system, has launched an investigation into sports betting and gaming company Entain Group.

    • AstroTurf/Lobbying/Politics

    • Censorship/Free Speech

      • Torrent FreakKiwi Farms: The Slippery Slope of Curating the Web

        Despite broad public protests, Cloudflare initially declined to cut its ties with Kiwi Farms. When death threats came into play, the company quickly changed its position. The removal of Kiwi Farms will likely increase calls for voluntary curation of the web, and may reach way beyond Cloudflare. Domain registrars, registries, and ISPs may actually be better targets. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Gemini* and Gopher

    • Technical

      • Science

        • Moving tons

          How stupid is it to move around by (mainstream) motorized vehicles? Can we make up a scale?

          Sorry in advance to physicists: I used weight and mass interchangeably. If it helps make up for it, I do know the difference!

          I found online some numbers that I'll present next. I didn't include any trains because the weights I found varied too much to be reliable to me since I don't understand much about them (e.g. one page said between 4t and 20t). For the coach bus, since they didn't vary that much (relatively), I even picked the lightest. Some pages showed weights in pounds, which I assumed to be avoirdupois pounds and converted to kg with the unitconv CHICKEN egg

* Gemini (Primer) links can be opened using Gemini software. It's like the World Wide Web but a lot lighter.

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