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Elon Musk is Buying a Dying Train Wreck Tomorrow (Twitter)

Video download link | md5sum 261359f77eb56782bd80069121b82f96 Twitter is in Trouble and Mass Layoffs Loom: Twitter is Concerned That Its Most Valuable Users Quit in Droves Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: The disingenuous takeover by Elon Musk and associates (including the Saudi 'royal' family, in dire need of reputation laundering) is a disaster in the making; Twitter is going to die even faster than before

THE thing every lawyer can understand is how contracts work. When Mr. Musk decided to buy Twitter he actually committed to buying it. He would have to find very exceptional and valid circumstances to bail out of the legal committal ("buyer's remorse" isn't a legally valid reason). Twitter knows it. That's why Twitter sued. He is now compelled to buy something he knows to be worthless (even a Twitter whistleblower has since then confirmed it) and he plans to lay off about 75% of the staff after the transaction completes! Tomorrow apparently (based on report). No wonder Twitter staff is in a state of panic and this will certainly impact morale, hence operations.

Twitter is a dead man walking or a zombie site. After losing money year after year for like a decade it still cannot find a way to sustain itself. Musk won't change this. Musk is a master of grifting, not business. He knows how to steal (or pocket) taxpayers' money.

"Musk is a master of grifting, not business. He knows how to steal (or pocket) taxpayers' money."If press reports are correct, Musk and the Saudis still want a dying platform, or maybe they just have no choice (because of a legal commitment made previously on the SEC record, not verbally/orally).

Why would anyone want to buy such a company? It's a liability, not an asset. Crazy Kanye West (buying Parler) has no clue what to do with his money, Musk is trying to become a cult leader, and logic is thrown out the window! Impulsive behaviour.

Facebook's shares fell to about 100 dollars this week (down from almost 400), so the bubble of social control media is clearly imploding. Musk et al are overpaying and they know it. Too late, they have no choice...

"Why would anyone want to buy such a company?"As for Facebook, it's trying to cling onto Microsoft for survival, just like Netflix. There seems to be not much of a future there ("metaverse" is pure hype, not a business plan).

Shown and discussed in the video above are two articles [1, 2].

"Twitter was all along some temporary home. It's certainly not a place for journalism and the Library of Congress dumped it (no more archiving) quite a few years ago.""Heavy tweeters have been in "absolute decline" since the pandemic began, a Twitter researcher wrote in an internal document titled “Where did the Tweeters Go?”," says the more authoritative and "Exclusive" report. After posting 951,000+ tweets I quit Twitter, so I must be one of those "heavy tweeters" that they lost. In the golden days of Twitter I could get about 25 million impressions in a month, but now (after leaving) all my old tweets combined are just north of 10 thousand views per month. That's the thing about social control media; it only gives visibility to new stuff while old stuff ages poorly.

Let's hope Twitter will be gone in the next 5 or 10 years. Many of these so-called "heavy tweeters" probably won't miss it and won't shed a tear when all their past writings go offline. Twitter was all along some temporary home. It's certainly not a place for journalism and the Library of Congress dumped it (no more archiving) quite a few years ago.

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