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Gemini Links 21/05/2023: ScummVM and Lagrange 1.16

  • Gemini* and Gopher

    • Personal

      • Angel Rocks Hike 2023-05-20 (east of Fairbanks, AK, USA)

        Emily and I went on a hike today to Angel Rocks, a trail east of Fairbanks, which goes along the Yukon River and then passes several "tors", or rocky outcroppings. I have many pictures to share, so I'll just list them each with a brief description.

      • 🔤SpellBinding: DGIZNRL Wordo: ROBES
      • it's you and me, phone - entertain me

        The ego-driven, hyped privilege of the mental/emotional DEMAND that a device I own *entertain* me. And also, why? Entertainment is good and needed in the world, especially that rendering physiological stimulation, feedback of positive consequence, et al., but why the effort/stress of picking up my phone and thinking: "ok, let's find some digital amusement"

    • Technical

      • To remember that ScummVM is great

        I had a knowledge of ScummVM existence for a long time but I've been playing only occasionally in several games for a short while that way. /Pierre Gilhodes/ created this month Gobliiins 5 as the classical 2D original [Gobliiins] style game, so I've been made to run also the first Gobliiins again. I've tried the playable Gobliiins 5 demo, and then I've returned to the original Gobliiins series.

      • Will code you a chatbot for free, Anyone interested?

        My chatbots can be tailored to your needs for Personal use (just not NSFW/Sex Bots, Please!). They can run in a terminal or cmd or with GUI and text-to-speech (see the link below in the demos section). My chatbots can, if needed, run on a Linux web server for online usage.

      • Internet/Gemini

        • How to Download Konpeito Using Diohsc

          Well, it has been ages since I wrote to my gemlog, something that I should do more often, but needless to say it has been a very busy year, and a lot of my attention has also gone to my GoToSocial instance, which is doing fairly well.

          Even though I don't browse Gemini much these days, I still hold a lot of appreciation for the content that is available on the network thanks to the great user community. This is a sentiment that has been echoed recently in our chat room.

        • Re Hello others

          Your client must present a certificate and then Bubble will present a registration link. I can see how that might not be entirely clear from just those instructions. If you are using Lagrange on desktop, navigate to the Bubble instance, look for the "Identity" menu in the menu bar at the top and select the option "New Identity for Domain". Create your certificate and refresh the page. If you're using Lagrange on Mobile you won't have a menu bar, but you'll have a toolbar. Look for the person icon and click on it to get the same menu as above. Other clients will have other ways of adding client certificates. Some clients might not have support for them, although it is in the Gemini spec.

      • Announcements

      • Programming

        • When Test Driven Development Shines

          TDD is often explained as a flow chart to follow, along an example of the “don’t code it until you test it” rule; in Ainent’s post the example given is that if “2 + 2” is a test case then the answer should be hard-coded as 4; it’s the next test case that will force you to “implement” addition.

* Gemini (Primer) links can be opened using Gemini software. It's like the World Wide Web but a lot lighter.

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