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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: August 17th, 2008

Posted in IRC Logs at 3:44 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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kentma consider the war which has been going on in cola for years – that’s not for free – it’s a very deliberate and calculated campaign.  Interestingly, I think the comes case material has finally convinced some of the long-term regulars that I and others have been right all along about our trolls. Aug 17 00:00
schestowitz Yes, I agree. They smeared Rex a lot too. He knows too much. Aug 17 00:01
kentma Erik’s attack on Rex was truly disgusting. Aug 17 00:01
schestowitz Anything specific? Either way, I’m appalled to find that the brainwash against him sank into the minds of some who absorbed it. Aug 17 00:06
schestowitz Democracy.. free (gratis) speech… just you dare to say the truth. Aug 17 00:07
kentma Erik found a personal ad of Rex’s, and posted the contents.  It was a little off-beat, and enough to really damage Rex’s credibility for a long time.  It was a nasty, unpleasant and quite uncalled-for attack. Aug 17 00:08
kentma Rex has been getting his own back, though :-) Aug 17 00:08
schestowitz I can’t think of anything the trolls can use as ammunition against me (other than libel), but either way, I stopped discussing my personal life in public, having seen how it’s spun to create libel (e.g. the incident where I /helped/ the police). Aug 17 00:10
kentma Unfortunately, one of the tactics of the cola crowd, and I suspect that this is in the comes documentation somewhere too, is to behave like the tabloid press. Aug 17 00:11
schestowitz I don’t know if you saw this, but a COLA troll came here to this IRC channel yesterday (via Tor) and attacked Doug. Aug 17 00:11
kentma No, I didn’t see it.  Can’t say that I’m surprised, though. Aug 17 00:12
schestowitz It wasn’t the first time. Aug 17 00:13
kentma I notice that Microsoft have already started announcing the vapourware for the replacement for Windows Vista – it was on the Ceefax pages yesterday. Aug 17 00:14
kentma Good news, though – the free software licence win was also on the ceefax pages, too. Aug 17 00:14
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schestowitz Yes, both are good news. Aug 17 00:15
schestowitz I try not to mention the 7apouware or midoripourware because that would just help it (unless there’s a real blooper). Aug 17 00:16
kentma Best avoided.  Let Microsoft spend US$billions on trying to persuade the world that they have something up their sleeves.  I doubt many folk will believe them now, but some will. Aug 17 00:17
schestowitz Have you seen this yet? http://boycottnovell.com/2008/08/… A reader sent me the strong case (appended) Aug 17 00:19
*kentma looks Aug 17 00:20
kentma Ah, yes, I recall all of that.  I’ve even read those documents before.  MS’s behaviour was quite appalling at that juncture, certainly cost a lot of British jobs, and really hasn’t changed a great deal since then. Aug 17 00:23
schestowitz I’m posting to COLA at the moment. The trolls attack Rex again (It’s irritating to watch). If they attack viciously in an ad hominem fashion, it means the attacked party is on the right topic, or else the /message/ would be attacked (only assuming it is false) Aug 17 00:23
kentma I think that Vista is now so bad, and Microsoft’s financial performance so bad, ergo ad hominem’s are the most likely modus operandi Aug 17 00:25
schestowitz It is irritating nonetheless. I get the abuse outside COLA too. Aug 17 00:25
kentma yeah, I know.  Me too. Aug 17 00:26
schestowitz have colleagues noticed? Aug 17 00:26
kentma one did, yes, and remarked back to me, but was unsurprised, I think. His Mrs is in politics, so he’s very familiar with this kind of corruption. Aug 17 00:27
schestowitz Smear campaigns. This relates to the attempts to police the Web by gagging, taxation, etc. C/f Lessig, although there are better examples. Aug 17 00:29
MinceR which COLA is this? Aug 17 00:38
schestowitz comp.os.linux.advocacy Aug 17 00:40
MinceR oh. Aug 17 00:48
schestowitz Heh. Made a front pager 20 minutes ago. ;-) Path:   news.demon.co.uk!demon!ellandroad.demon.co.uk!not-for-mail Aug 17 01:09
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schestowitz   Jobs Trumpets App Store’s Bursting Till, Confirms Kill Switch Aug 17 01:09
schestowitz ,—-[ Quote ] Aug 17 01:09
schestowitz | The App Store has taken in about $1 million per day since it opened, Aug 17 01:09
schestowitz | according to Apple CEO Steve Jobs. He’s also confirmed the existence of a Aug 17 01:09
schestowitz | so-called kill switch — a feature embedded in the iPhone that gives Apple Aug 17 01:09
schestowitz | the ability to destroy an app in a user’s phone remotely. Jobs described the Aug 17 01:09
schestowitz | inclusion of the kill switch as a safety measure in case a secretly malicious Aug 17 01:09
schestowitz | program ever got passed around. Aug 17 01:09
schestowitz `—- Aug 17 01:09
schestowitz http://www.technewsworld.com/story/Jo… Aug 17 01:09
schestowitz ht Aug 17 01:09
schestowitz Sh*t. Aug 17 01:09
schestowitz Here’s the URL I wanted to paste: http://digg.com/linux_unix/How_Adobe_can… Aug 17 01:09
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MinceR i almost said that adobe quite obviously doesn’t care about linux and they never will… but then i realized that now more than ever they have the reason to support it Aug 17 01:28
MinceR (now that microsoft is attacking their platform…) Aug 17 01:28
MinceR question is, will adobe be smart enough to realize this. Aug 17 01:29
schestowitz Yes, others were on the same boat. Aug 17 01:29
schestowitz Adobe angered GNU/Linux and Free software people before, but it could become like another Novell *shudders* by attempting a 180. Aug 17 01:29
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MinceR how does the fact that they’d also attack apple with that figure into the equation? Aug 17 03:09
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twitter1 Is there a place to get a video of the whole thing? Aug 17 03:26
twitter1 Stallman video? Aug 17 03:26
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ZiggyFish hey Aug 17 03:35
twitter1 I liked that video.  He said those things, he means those things and he’s right.  Good for RMS. Aug 17 03:38
ZiggyFish twitter1: missed the link for the video Aug 17 03:38
ZiggyFish schestowitz: are you there Aug 17 03:39
twitter1 http://computerworld.co.nz… Aug 17 03:40
twitter1 :) enjoy, it’s reasonable quality. Aug 17 03:40
twitter1 see you tomorrow. Aug 17 03:41
ZiggyFish c ya Aug 17 03:42
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schestowitz http://advice.cio.com/bryan_cote/former_h… Aug 17 08:12
schestowitz Former Hannaford CIO Has Harsh Words for Microsoft and PCI DSS [...] Relating to Microsoft, Homa said, “We used a lot of Linux. None of the breach was anything related to Linux. All of it was Microsoft. Homa went on to say, “Microsoft is so full of holes. That’s why it’s still a target. If you limit your exposure to Microsoft, you’re going to be in a more secure environment.” Aug 17 08:12
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schestowitz That’s the guy who attacked BN: (just spotted) “OpenSUSE 11. It ships with 4.0.4, but you can easily update to 4.1.”T. J. Brumfield. So he’s just pro-Novell/SUSE…. http://dot.kde.org/1218901449/ Aug 17 09:01
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Ziggyfish1 he Aug 17 10:38
Ziggyfish1 hey Aug 17 10:38
schestowitz Hi, Ziggyfish. What’s up? Aug 17 10:39
Ziggyfish1 installed fedora today Aug 17 10:39
schestowitz Cambridge alpha? Aug 17 10:39
Ziggyfish1 seems to be working better than ubuntu Aug 17 10:39
Ziggyfish1 no v9 Aug 17 10:39
schestowitz I’m pretty happy with Mandriva (KDE) on my latest and main install. Aug 17 10:39
schestowitz BTW, Microsoft seems to have trouble ahead. From the news: http://www.chinapost.com.tw/business/asi…    http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/chinese-… Aug 17 10:40
Ziggyfish1 good to here Aug 17 10:40
Ziggyfish1 nic Aug 17 10:41
Ziggyfish1 nice Aug 17 10:41
schestowitz It is apparent that more countries come to realise that the company that dumps to destroy competitors also dares calling them “pirates”  (http://www.crn.com/software/210100364 ). I’ll write about it later, for sure. Aug 17 10:41
Ziggyfish1 that’s a major win for GNU “The CF urged the government body to impose sanctions on Microsoft for the termination of Windows XP sales in Taiwan. “ Aug 17 10:41
Ziggyfish1 can’t wait Aug 17 10:42
schestowitz Same in Korea, where ActievX denies/d Vista users from using government Web sites. Aug 17 10:42
schestowitz They rely on the FTC though. The FTC is corrupt. Debbie Majoras  even quit after some fiasco a while back. She’s in P&G now… Aug 17 10:43
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Ziggyfish1 that’s interesting about the chinese Aug 17 10:50
schestowitz It’s not news, apart from the portion on gathering of evidence. Aug 17 10:51
Ziggyfish1 microsoft is getting hit in every direction Aug 17 10:51
schestowitz The law in China was not suited to handle such abuse from multi-nationals. They not exert billions out of Lenovo, having gotten the population ‘addicted’ (Gates’ term) and corrupted country leaders. Aug 17 10:52
Ziggyfish1 In its recently-ended fourth quarter, Microsoft saw weaker sales growth for Office than anticipated, as customers favored lower-priced versions. The unit that includes Office nonetheless produced more than $3.3 billion in profit in the quarter. Aug 17 10:57
Ziggyfish1 if it wasn’t for the vendors, Microsoft wouldn’t be anything like it is today Aug 17 10:58
schestowitz “For instance, Microsoft, the world’s most valuable company, declared a profit of $4.5 billion in 1998; when the cost of options awarded that year, plus the change in the value of outstanding options, is deducted, the firm made a loss of $18 billion, according to Smithers.” http://etheridge.ca/articles/eco… Aug 17 10:59
Ziggyfish1 lol Aug 17 11:03
schestowitz Novell appears to be playing such games as well. Both companies are deep into buybacks at the moment (giving the illusion of sustainability). Aug 17 11:04
Ziggyfish1 it can only work for so long. Aug 17 11:10
schestowitz Microsoft is at its last breath in the buybacks regard. It has about $26 billion in the bank and 20 of these may seen vanish into the stock, which leaves Microsoft a lot less able to acquire Yahoo. On top of this, profits decline. Aug 17 11:12
schestowitz Microsoft’s installbase can be very deceiving. Very few people actually pay for the software from Microsoft, but people in the west assume that’s the case _simply because they *can* pay for it_. Had Microsoft charged for Office and Windows, the de facto standard would erode immediately. Aug 17 11:14
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schestowitz Check this one out: http://www.groklaw.net/comm…) . Is Novell making OOo dependent on Mono, which only Novell customers can use? Aug 17 15:11
twitter1 I doubt they can do that.  It would be forked right away.  Debian is going to have OO and it’s not going to have mono. Aug 17 15:13
twitter1 The same thing can be said about any package.  Look at IceWeasel as an example. Aug 17 15:14
twitter1 This would broaden the difference between the M$ corrupted and free distributions but the real differences will still be small because M$ does not really have much to offer anyone. Aug 17 15:16
schestowitz Yes, the followups are more sane. Novell put some hooks/OOXML support with mono. Aug 17 15:16
schestowitz The person who just informed me of that made it seem like go-oo has smoke coming out of it. Aug 17 15:17
twitter1 Novell surely stinks.  I don’t know about go-oo Aug 17 15:18
twitter1 Novell might make their version dependent.  OO might too.  Sun is not always a friend of software freedom and neither is IBM. Aug 17 15:20
schestowitz Given Novell’s sponsorship of Mono-based replacement for common apps, I would be surprised if DeIcazaism took over more of the desktop. Aug 17 15:20
twitter1 Debian’s freedom does not make the others less malicious, so there may be something to what you saw. Aug 17 15:20
twitter1 DeIcazaism? Aug 17 15:22
schestowitz What I said there should be the opposite. It would not surprise me if we saw *more* replacements (plural) like banshee. Aug 17 15:22
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schestowitz DeIcazaism=”Microsoft is always the best solution”. ActiveX, .NET, OOXML… Aug 17 15:22
Ziggyfish1 c ya all Aug 17 15:23
schestowitz Hi, Ziggyfish1. Aug 17 15:23
schestowitz twitter1: Novell hopes for a shared monopoly with Microsoft. That’s how things naturally gravitate. Aug 17 15:23
Ziggyfish1 by :P Aug 17 15:23
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twitter1 M$ is gravitating to some kind of black hole. Aug 17 15:32
twitter1 I and l look the same with Pidgin fonts. Aug 17 15:33
schestowitz Pidgin does its /own/ fonts? :-) Prolific. Aug 17 15:34
twitter1 Ha ha, don’t know.  I’m trying to see if mono has infested Debian. Aug 17 15:35
schestowitz Not sure about infestation, but manifestation sure came from Novell. Aug 17 15:37
twitter1 The Groklaw posting did not work, but there’s a ton of stuff with mono in the name.  libmono0 is not installed though OO is.  The thing is that all of that is currently considered free and non encumbered. Aug 17 15:37
twitter1 Debian gets rid of stuff it considers encumbered. Aug 17 15:37
schestowitz Firefox. Aug 17 15:38
twitter1 Over all, that takes us back to what RMS said in New Zealand.  Laws that prohibit the distribution of free software are wrong, and that’s the purpose of software patents. Aug 17 15:39
schestowitz His politics scare Linus. :-( Aug 17 15:39
twitter1 I don’t know the whole Firefox story.  My IceWeasel is 64bit native and Debian ports it to ARM and other platforms. Aug 17 15:40
twitter1 Politics scare Linux. Aug 17 15:40
twitter1 Linus. Aug 17 15:40
PetoKraus firefox… well Aug 17 15:40
PetoKraus that’s cause of Mozilla’s marketing Aug 17 15:40
schestowitz Linus and Linux are related, but I meant Linus. He loves the fame, but freedom he seems to curtail. To RMS, it’s part of a broader call for change. GNU is a tool. Aug 17 15:41
twitter1 I meant Linus but typed Linux.  Politics scare Torvalds. Aug 17 15:42
schestowitz I have a problem with the opposite typo (x and s are adjecent). Aug 17 15:43
schestowitz *adjacent Aug 17 15:43
schestowitz twitter1: politics come at a cost, that’s why. TiVo is one of his ‘customers’. Aug 17 15:43
twitter1 Muscle memory.  I almost never type Linus, so my finger goes to the x everytime. Aug 17 15:43
twitter1 Tivo costs your freedom. Aug 17 15:44
schestowitz But… but… but it’s powerful… http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/fr… Aug 17 15:45
twitter1 It’s taking Torvalds a while to understand that he won’t like where Tivo leads. Aug 17 15:45
schestowitz Why is that? Aug 17 15:46
twitter1 I don’t know what goes on inside Torvalds head, but he often says he wants to ignore politics.  Someone who ignores freedom will come to the wrong conclusions. Aug 17 15:49
schestowitz I think of Linux as open source, not Free software (firmware and all aside). Many people are in the open source biz for a buck. It’s a dev method to them. What Linus doesn’t understand is that without freedom, labour will go. I, for one, would do all that volunteer work if it helped someone’s bottom line (as in money). Novell’s selfishness is of no interest to m/any. Aug 17 15:49
schestowitz twitter1:  to Linus, based on what I’ve gathered, it’s the fear of getting distracted. This comes back to that RMS quote about geeks and politics. They’ll hunt down Linus whether he likes it or not. Aug 17 15:50
schestowitz He already says that he worries about “external issue like patents” and his apathy towards Novell’s behaviour (he has colleague from Novell) ain’t helping much, either. The two issue are related. Aug 17 15:50
twitter1 If everything was like Tivo, there would be no free software.  I don’t think Torvalds would really like that. Aug 17 15:50
schestowitz Well, he uses Fedora on the wife’s PC and his, so he surely *does* care about freedom. But he wants the cake (freedom) and… to eat it too (market share). Aug 17 15:52
PetoKraus completely OOT now, but I seem to be stuck… Aug 17 15:53
PetoKraus do you know any good analog -> digital video convertors? Aug 17 15:53
PetoKraus like: http://www.amazon.co.uk/CANOPUS-ANALO… Aug 17 15:53
twitter1 It’s hard to say what Torvalds really thinks because he does not write everything up like RMS does.  Torvalds probably considers that kind of thing a distraction. Aug 17 15:53
schestowitz He writes about masturbating monkeys, though. Constructive pro0se, you know? :-) Aug 17 15:54
schestowitz Either way, the press is on Linus’ back again because of these insults. He makes Linus seems like a bunch of arrogant pricks, which I think is unhelpful. Aug 17 15:55
schestowitz PetoKraus: I don’t know. I gave away my TV some years ago. I only ever watch TV in the gym now. Aug 17 15:55
PetoKraus i need to transfer my Hi8 cameras Aug 17 15:56
PetoKraus *tapes Aug 17 15:56
schestowitz Ah… the media industry’s upgrade/format treadmill. Aug 17 15:56
PetoKraus yes. Aug 17 15:57
PetoKraus and i am not buying new videocam Aug 17 15:57
schestowitz Better hurry up: http://www.forbes.com/2006/11/30… Aug 17 15:58
twitter1 I hate TVs in the gym. Aug 17 15:58
schestowitz “Alexander Rose, the executive director of the futurist Long Now Foundation, worries about the impermanence of digital information. “If you save that computer for 100 years, will the electrical plugs look the same?” he asks. “The Mac or the PC–will they be around? If they are, what about the software? ” So far there’s no business case for digital preservation–in fact, for software makers like Microsoft, planned obsolescence is th Aug 17 15:58
schestowitz e plan.” Aug 17 15:58
schestowitz “The reality is that it’s in companies’ interest that software should become obsolete and that you should have to buy every upgrade,” Rose says. We could be on the cusp of a turning point, though, in the way businesses and their customers think about digital preservation. “Things will start to change when people start losing all of their personal  photos,” Rose said. Aug 17 15:58
twitter1 People have already started to lose their personal photos.  This may be one of the reasons Vista is a failure. Aug 17 16:00
schestowitz Got examples? Aug 17 16:01
schestowitz BTW, I’m doing a bursty marathon of posts ATM… about Microsoft mainly. Aug 17 16:02
twitter1 I hear these stories from my wife from time to time.  Windows craps out and they lose their photos.  Websites go away.  It makes them think. Aug 17 16:02
schestowitz Oh, but not due to DRM. My parents are the same. Backup is not in their dictionary. Aug 17 16:04
schestowitz People’s miscomprehension when it comes to remote backups is one of the reasons so many have a computer phobia and keep copies of stuff on paper. Paper, paper, printouts trail.. Windows, on the other hand, can be blamed for people assuming that everything on their PC is bound to leak, be destroyed (hello, Windows Home Server) or locked using ransomware. Aug 17 16:06
twitter1 That gives them a better understanding of DRM.  They already know that M$ does not care and will make a buck off them anyway M$ can. Aug 17 16:13
twitter1 They know they can’t skip advertisements and the insulting FBI messages with their DVD player. Aug 17 16:14
twitter1 They know it’s been difficult for them to copy their DVDs in any way. Aug 17 16:15
twitter1 They hate that and know Vista is full of it. Aug 17 16:15
schestowitz Who is they? :-) My family sure seems to know nothing about it. Same with my friends in the gym. They never heard of DRM. They are just too immersed in their xPods and xPhones or whatever. Aug 17 16:18
schestowitz They are taught to stay uneducated about this. Glyn Moody recently wrote about how the companies keep changing DRM brand names to confuse people and make DRM a moving target. Aug 17 16:19
twitter1 Everyone figures it out eventually. Aug 17 16:21
twitter1 It just takes one loss cycle. Aug 17 16:22
twitter1 One of the reasons iPod is so successful is that Apple promises to not screw the customer and shield them from loss. Aug 17 16:23
schestowitz http://opendotdotdot.blogspot.com/2…   http://gizmodo.com/335830/unlocked… Aug 17 16:25
schestowitz http://www.engadget.com/2007/12/12/m… Aug 17 16:25
schestowitz “Microsoft: We Like DRM” @ http://www.forbes.com/2007/02/08/zune-drm-itune… Aug 17 16:25
twitter1 The biggest and ugliest lie is, “things must be this way” Aug 17 16:26
twitter1 It boils down to “our way or the highway” Aug 17 16:27
twitter1 All you need to offer is choices and the lie vanishes. Aug 17 16:27
twitter1 iPod prevents sharing even of free music.  People do understand this but see it as a minor inconvenience because the music can be downloaded by their friends on their own. Aug 17 16:29
twitter1 People who really care can carry around hard drives for swaps. Aug 17 16:30
schestowitz I never heard this explanation of “things must be this way”, but it’s a good way of putting it. Aug 17 16:31
schestowitz The way Microsoft now wishes to raise children involves the crowning of IPR as a religion. Imagine a world where sharing is a sin. Aug 17 16:31
pcole Good afternoon. This is the every man on their own. Aug 17 16:32
twitter1 That’s the message of DRM being an “enabler”.  Publishers keep telling people they will only have digital media if it is “protected” by DRM snake oil.  What they really mean is, “things must be this way, you have no choice” Aug 17 16:32
schestowitz It’s human’s nature to call shots and  pursue more control. If we don’t get enough people educated and resist this, they can get their way. Aug 17 16:33
pcole Maybe that’s why having a community is not in their best interest. Aug 17 16:34
schestowitz Trust in the authority also leads to a dangerous attitude among citizens which is trust that the system is self-regulating and everything will be OK. Aug 17 16:34
twitter1 iPod’s continuity has hurt M$.  People want their freedom, or at least not to be raped continuously Aug 17 16:34
twitter1 WMP has been so hostile that many people now distrust M$ entirely.  iPod and free software are viable alternatives for them. Aug 17 16:36
pcole Outside of being tagged to M$, what’s different about wmp-wma to alternatives? Aug 17 16:38
schestowitz iPod/iTunes monopoly isn’t benign, either. Aug 17 16:39
schestowitz No better than Symphony as an Office alternative. Lesser of two evils is still evil. Aug 17 16:40
twitter1 WMP was worse.  It refused to burn CDs of wma and the drm is far more hostile because M$ has not been consistent.  iTunes is still evil but they have played the perception of fairness game better. Aug 17 16:41
twitter1 Perception of fairness is what big publishers want to change. Aug 17 16:41
schestowitz Well… Aug 17 16:42
twitter1 They would like you to believe that you don’t own your culture and that you need a big publisher to make things fair. Aug 17 16:42
schestowitz Did you know about about multi-billion dollar threat/suit against Apple and Microsoft 2-3 years ago? The software vendors and Hollywood have a love/hate relationship. They are foes and conspiracies at the same time. They now collaborate to reform digital comms. Aug 17 16:44
twitter1 Oh sure, they squabble over who gets more. Aug 17 16:44
schestowitz Yes. Aug 17 16:44
twitter1 The problem for them is that their artists and customers can find better deals. Aug 17 16:45
schestowitz But it runs deeper. Both share the goal of centralising power, be it ‘content’ or ‘tools’. Google has a different attitude. Aug 17 16:45
schestowitz Yes, but they suppress alternatives. Aug 17 16:45
schestowitz Tor swatting, for example, isn’t fair. They tackle fair use now, too (AP). Aug 17 16:45
twitter1 That’s why internet radio is being destroyed and vendors are trying to bake drm into hardware. Aug 17 16:46
schestowitz Google relies heavily on fair use and copyright law depressed their ‘czar’ so much that he nuked his blog some weeks ago. Aug 17 16:46
twitter1 They can’t really suppress the alternatives without looking like the fucking fascists they are. Aug 17 16:46
schestowitz Internet radio too. I have lots of references about this new-age corruption. It’s a case of kill kill kill all competitors. They just need crooked politician to sign some [strike]Xmas wishlist[/stike] law. Aug 17 16:47
schestowitz Royalty fee ‘to damage net radio’ – http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/techn… Aug 17 16:47
schestowitz Big businesses boast of patent benefits, for small businesses – http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/99155/big… Aug 17 16:48
twitter1 They are rushing to put these laws into place before people understand them, but it won’t last.  People will eventually understand and pull these vile laws down. Aug 17 16:48
schestowitz ACTA being a good example. It’s still a secret. Aug 17 16:48
schestowitz The NZ govt. is the only one so far that even mentioned ACTA to its citiczens. Many countries sign it silently. Aug 17 16:49
twitter1 Net neutrality is the biggest threat.  The plan to charge a flat fee for “basic” internet access and charge extra for everything else is the biggest threat to freedom.  It will bring the net back to broadcast truth level. Aug 17 16:49
twitter1 We both know about ACTA from a free internet. Aug 17 16:50
schestowitz I actually posted something about copyrights and patents 20 seconds ago. :-) Aug 17 16:50
*schestowitz slow to respond due to multi-tasking with BN blog Aug 17 16:50
twitter1 Cool.  I’ll check it out later. Aug 17 16:50
twitter1 I have some stuff to do myself that involves a kernel upgrade and a reboot. Aug 17 16:50
schestowitz Net neutrality… did you see the /. FP? Aug 17 16:51
twitter1 no got link? Aug 17 16:51
schestowitz BTW, search Google for ‘microsoft medialaw’. Top 3 results are mine. ;-) Aug 17 16:51
twitter1 nice. Aug 17 16:51
schestowitz twitter1: it might still be in FP. Search page for “stroturf” Aug 17 16:52
schestowitz I saw it in one of my search feeds. I no longer reach /. Aug 17 16:52
schestowitz *read Aug 17 16:52
twitter1 Well, gotta go.  How do I get out of this so that I don’t come back as twitter2? Aug 17 16:52
twitter1 I’d probably have to register a password and all of that.  I’ll bother with it later. Aug 17 16:54
*twitter1 (n=willhill@ has left #boycottnovell Aug 17 16:54
pcole Sorry for interrupting a while back; I’m in learning mode. If Ipod prevents the user from sharing, then a community of ipod users circumventing the non-sharing practice is not in apples’ interest. Does wmv-wma have drm, that is, does it prevent you from sharing with others? Aug 17 17:19
schestowitz I am not very familiar with this. I never touched anything DRM. I believe that WMV/A is DRM-ready/compatible/enabled. It needn’t be though. Aug 17 17:22
*jaded_judas has quit (“KVIrc 3.4.0 Virgo http://www.kvirc.net/“) Aug 17 17:29
pcole Reason I asked is that we have the “beatened dog syndrome”. Most of our kids have been hanging out in the commnunity shelters and are learning Linux. We’re doing our own Lindependence in our neighborhood quietly and we’re pretty successful. The majority of the kids, though, have been windows users all their life and their collection of songs (hip-hop, jazz, etc.) are in the wma format, and that’s how they trade it ba Aug 17 17:31
schestowitz The message got chopped after ” how they trade it ba” Aug 17 17:38
pcole back and forth Aug 17 17:39
schestowitz DRM is a serious lock-in issue. See http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/32… Aug 17 17:39
pcole slowly as we can we try to re-encode most of them to ogg Aug 17 17:40
schestowitz It’s a one-time effort. There are also lots of copylefted music that can fill the gap Aug 17 17:43
pcole Thanks, I will look into that. Also, thanks for the work at BN. Aug 17 17:46
*anivar (n=anivar@ has joined #boycottnovell Aug 17 19:03
anivar schestowitz:  Mammooty withdrawn from M$ move after our open letter Aug 17 19:04
schestowitz Yes, that’s what I thought. Aug 17 19:06
anivar http://fci.wikia.com/wiki/Open_Let… Aug 17 19:06
schestowitz I wasn’t sure if there was a mistake initially… or whether there was a change of heart. Aug 17 19:06
anivar it was a change of heart Aug 17 19:06
schestowitz I saw this response before. Good job. Aug 17 19:07
*Tallken (n=Tallken@ has joined #boycottnovell Aug 17 19:07
schestowitz They also had that Bombay coffee thing with Vista, didn’t they? As far back as 2006… Aug 17 19:07
anivar We Wrote another letter to him after it and  we offered  to train some volunteers from Mamootty fans charitable and welfare Society Aug 17 19:07
anivar because of same reason Aug 17 19:08
anivar He not responded to it yet :-) Aug 17 19:08
schestowitz Well, it’s still Microsoft’s intent that counted. Aug 17 19:08
schestowitz I listed some more examples of things Microsoft tried to stop adoption of FOSS in  Kerala. Aug 17 19:08
anivar But Our second response is well publisized in media (in malayalam, the local language) Aug 17 19:09
schestowitz So, good publicity for FOSS (at the least). Aug 17 19:09
anivar yea. he cant accept m$ image now  because of his public image Aug 17 19:10
anivar m$ offer Aug 17 19:10
anivar schestowitz:  give me ur email I  have to mail a document Aug 17 19:11
schestowitz Sure, go ahead. roy at schestowitz dot com Aug 17 19:12
schestowitz BTW, Needam (???), Microsoft’s MD, has since left the company. It turned out to be an expulsion but maybe just OOXML related (exploiting charities). Aug 17 19:13
anivar May be.. I will enquire in NGO circles about it Aug 17 19:13
anivar I just mailed the draft of FSFI Response to Draft patent manual (not for publication now) Send me your feedback Aug 17 19:14
anivar schestowitz:  On Swpat bangalore protest is on 23rd. Yesterday it was a planning meeting Aug 17 19:17
schestowitz Do you want me to edit and send back? Aug 17 19:17
anivar schestowitz:  send me your feedback Aug 17 19:17
anivar schestowitz:  You got it wrong Aug 17 19:17
anivar The protest took place yesterday morning and photos will probably arrive later. Aug 17 19:17
anivar it is not correct Aug 17 19:17
schestowitz anivar: yes, I thought I was confused about it. I tried to find the dates and couldn’t make sense of it. I also found an article there that I missed. Aug 17 19:17
anivar You said “The protest took place yesterday morning and photos will probably arrive later. ” Yesterdays was planning meeting Aug 17 19:18
anivar http://mm.gnu.org.in/pipermail… Aug 17 19:18
anivar That is the plans came out of the meeting Aug 17 19:19
schestowitz I’ve corrected the text with minimal change. Aug 17 19:21
anivar http://www.new.facebook.com/profile…. it is a facebook page of the event Aug 17 19:21
anivar yea. It looks fine Aug 17 19:21
schestowitz Just added the FB URL. Aug 17 19:22
*twitter (n=willhill@ has joined #boycottnovell Aug 17 19:30
schestowitz [rant] Why do airlines call it an “electronic ticket” if they mail you the darn thing and require you to print it, i.e. produce paper. Now I need to take it to the office. [/rant] Aug 17 19:31
*anivar has quit (“Ex-Chat”) Aug 17 19:46
twitter You can print it out at the airport here. Aug 17 20:10
*moparx has quit (Remote closed the connection) Aug 17 20:11
schestowitz So what’s the point then (producing it). Some years ago I remember the woman at the checkout staring at me for insisting that I have the E-mail on my Palm (I showed her the full E-mail) but not on some piece of paper (physical output). Aug 17 20:11
*moparx (n=moparx@pdpc/supporter/base/moparx) has joined #boycottnovell Aug 17 20:11
twitter The barcode can be scanned. Aug 17 20:12
*schestowitz looks for barcode Aug 17 20:12
schestowitz I see adverts, no barcode. Also, what if it’s printed as plain text? Aug 17 20:12
twitter Sound silly in that case.  Sorry. Aug 17 20:13
schestowitz Oh, dear! ‘eet’ is back. He’s the nastiest troll to even hit us. http://boycottnovell.com/2008/08/15/… Aug 17 20:15
twitter I finally bit the bullet and asked for small laser printer as a Christmas present.  I don’t print much but it’s nice to have and occasionally it can be useful for CAD and small projects.  I gave up inkjet because the ink always dried before I’d print with it. Aug 17 20:16
schestowitz You should have asked for a cartridge instead. It would be cheaper that all that ‘plastic’ around it (printer). Aug 17 20:19
*Tallken has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Aug 17 20:19
twitter I’ve tried all kinds of inkjet over 15 years.  They only made sense when I had more to print.  All of them eventually are fouled or run dry so that they don’t work when I need them. Aug 17 20:23
twitter I refilled the cartridges myself from a big bottle but it was all a pain.  Laser just works when I turn it on and it will last for years at the rate I print. Aug 17 20:24
twitter For color, I go down to a drug store.  This happens a few times a year. Aug 17 20:25
twitter If I had not been given a laser jet, I’d have to run to the office too. Aug 17 20:25
schestowitz I have a scanner. I go from paper to digital, not the other way around. :-) Aug 17 20:26
twitter I have one of those too, a giant HP thing.  For most things my digital camera is good enough.  :) Aug 17 20:27
twitter The digital camera is a lot faster too. Aug 17 20:27
schestowitz Photography is passe, for me at least. It’s too much of a commodity. That, however, is another topic altogether. Aug 17 20:30
schestowitz It relates to IPR debates though. Aug 17 20:30
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host)) Aug 17 20:46
twitter what is IPR?  Intellectual Property Rights? Aug 17 21:00
schestowitz Yes. It’s a bit like programming. With high-level P/Ls, undergrads can easily implement heap sort, but guess what? It’s already patented. Aug 17 21:01
twitter It might be better to describe a photograph in terms of copyright because a photograph reflects an individual’s expressions.  The photographer choses the frame, lighting, etc. Aug 17 21:01
twitter IP is a propaganda term that should be avoided. Aug 17 21:01
twitter I don’t really care if the things I take pictures of have been captured before.  I know my picture will be different. Aug 17 21:02
twitter When it comes to things I’d usually scan, a digital camera is usually faster than my scanner. Aug 17 21:04
twitter I put the thing down under good lighting and then only have one button to press for each page.  It goes by quickly.  My scanner only gets used for old photographs. Aug 17 21:05
schestowitz Yes, I scanned all of mine 2 years ago. It took me days even though I did entire pages on each scan. Aug 17 21:06
schestowitz I’ve just gone though a very long letter from the FSF (India) to the Patent’s office. I hope they get their way. It’s amazing how Microsoft and its pal have corrupted the law (as drafted at least). They have plenty of resources to become the next SCO and here we are resisting it voluntarily (I gacve feedback). Aug 17 21:08
schestowitz It makes me angry that some greedy multi-nationals funnel billions into lawyers and games while others who live on shoestring budget need to fight back really hard merely to protect the STATUS QUO. Microsoft has its share of cronies in India too, e.g. Infy, Wipro… Aug 17 21:11
*trmanco has quit (“I just hit the close button :)”) Aug 17 21:13
*trmanco (n=trmanco@bl5-46-52.dsl.telepac.pt) has joined #boycottnovell Aug 17 21:15
twitter Tyrants always have and use unfair advantages.  Freedom is hard, but slavery is harder.  The stronger M$ gets, the more of your freedom they will take. Aug 17 21:26
twitter Thanks for doing something useful about it. Aug 17 21:27
schestowitz twitter: what’s with the tagging on this one < http://linux.slashdot.org/linux/08/0… >? Just spotted it in my RSS reader… Aug 17 21:29
twitter You mean Silverlight?  Gaming, what else?  The whole story is gamed.  Flash is broken by design and so are websites that use it. Aug 17 21:31
schestowitz Watch the first comment too. Aug 17 21:31
twitter I saw, trolled to hell and back. Aug 17 21:34
schestowitz For instance, the South Korean government bought 120,000 copies of Hancom Linux Deluxe as early as 2002 in an effort to switch approximately 23 percent of its Microsoftbased desktops to open source. ( http://www.mb.com.ph/INFO20080818132804.html ) Aug 17 21:35
schestowitz Slashdot just pisses me off too much to be readable. When they do the Ramji boot-licking it burns my bagel. Aug 17 21:36
*pcole has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Aug 17 22:09
*pcole (i=43f0d869@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-6a97a83627180447) has joined #boycottnovell Aug 17 22:17
schestowitz Watch the comment here: http://bobbrill.net/?p=74 (there seems to be another Peter Quinn). Aug 17 22:23
trmanco that article I posted on digg yesterday is not being dugg as I thought it would be Aug 17 22:56
schestowitz Thanks for submitting it. It seems like it attracted attention nonetheless. Aug 17 22:57
trmanco no problem on submitting it Aug 17 22:57
trmanco I would just like it hitting the front page thats all Aug 17 22:58
*Ziggyfish (n=brendan@123-243-163-103.static.tpgi.com.au) has joined #boycottnovell Aug 17 22:59
schestowitz I did it like 250 times. :-) Aug 17 22:59
trmanco what? hitting the front page? Aug 17 22:59
schestowitz Yes. Aug 17 22:59
trmanco cool Aug 17 23:00
schestowitz I was ranked 17th in Digg before I left for a while. Aug 17 23:00
trmanco nice Aug 17 23:01
trmanco but its hard to hold that position when you have microsoft’s fan boys that bury the article you submit Aug 17 23:02
trmanco articles* Aug 17 23:02
schestowitz That’s what happened. That’s why I stopped with certain types of submission. I got slandered and abused like hell. I still do, but less because the content is not provocative. Aug 17 23:04
schestowitz I’ve also just received minutes ago a private E-mail from someone who is abused by Microsoft Munchkins. I think they try to use his employer against him. Aug 17 23:04
trmanco wow Aug 17 23:06
schestowitz It happens to a lot of people. That’s what got me so into this — the smear campaigns and pseudo-grassroots from Microsoft. It’s a crime. Aug 17 23:07
trmanco the EU should sue microsoft a couple more times :P Aug 17 23:08
schestowitz Sometimes we just need to make public enough evidence. I’ve heard privately from people who want those Microsoft Muchkins in prison. They build a case and gathering evidence is hard. But we already have some ‘smoking guns’. Aug 17 23:08
schestowitz It’s illegal in the EU too. New laws. Since the end of June this year, IIRC. They had to create new laws because of it. Aug 17 23:08
MinceR the EU should forbid m$ from selling their shit in the EU Aug 17 23:09
trmanco nice point Aug 17 23:09
trmanco I agrre with that Aug 17 23:09
trmanco agree* Aug 17 23:09
schestowitz Luckily, Slashdot has exposed LawMedia earlier today. Finally. Google the term ‘microsoft lawmedia’. Microsoft leaves itself open for deposition here. Its dirty activities are leaving trails… Aug 17 23:10
schestowitz BTW, never trust product reviews about Microsoft stuff. It seems safe to say that Microsoft has agencies to fake reviews as well. Sometimes it’s its employees that write them! Aug 17 23:11
trmanco I’ll search “microsoft lawmedia” on Google and press the “I’m feeling lucky” button :) Aug 17 23:12
trmanco ohhh Aug 17 23:12
trmanco http://boycottnovell.com/2008/08/15… Aug 17 23:12
trmanco guess I really am lucky :P Aug 17 23:12
schestowitz Well, results 1-3 are my postings, not just the first. One of them includes many similar examples. Aug 17 23:13
*Spyhawk (n=Spyhawk@adsl-89-217-181-19.adslplus.ch) has joined #boycottnovell Aug 17 23:13
schestowitz I had to give it a look because many people searched for the connection today, so they read this new post. Aug 17 23:14
trmanco so lawmedia is yet another Astroturf agency :| Aug 17 23:17
schestowitz Yes… well, no… they would insist that they are sophisticated people in suits… located in DC. Aug 17 23:18
schestowitz Even better example: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/06/08/as… Aug 17 23:19
schestowitz If you search for “Association for Competitive Technology”. it’s on page 1 Aug 17 23:19
*Spyhawk has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Aug 17 23:22
*hub (n=hub@76-10-128-32.dsl.teksavvy.com) has joined #boycottnovell Aug 17 23:47
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