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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: April 23rd, 2009 – Part 2

Posted in IRC Logs at 2:24 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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oiaohm MinceR the problem with patents you lose you may not get another chance. Apr 23 12:11
oiaohm Open source world is keeping on hitting them. Apr 23 12:11
oiaohm Arm based hardware will be another hit. Apr 23 12:11
MinceR i’d like to hit them with arm-based “hardware” ;) Apr 23 12:12
oiaohm Its picking the right thing to hit them with. Apr 23 12:15
oiaohm Hit them with the wrong thing they may come out of it stronger. Apr 23 12:16
schestowitz gtg bbl Apr 23 12:16
oiaohm MS is getting more aggressive because they are getting more worried. Apr 23 12:28
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trmanco Ubuntu 9.04 has been released Apr 23 13:54
trmanco the ubuntu site is being hammered Apr 23 13:55
zer0c00l schestowitz, in a quest for ms documents , i found a cool thing on adobe Apr 23 14:10
zer0c00l :P Apr 23 14:10
trmanco wow, linuxjournal RT’d one of my dents Apr 23 14:11
zer0c00l schestowitz, adobe is too like ms Apr 23 14:11
oiaohm Both are pure software companies. Apr 23 14:12
oiaohm There are limited ways for them to make profit. Apr 23 14:12
zer0c00l oiaohm, yes Apr 23 14:14
zer0c00l oiaohm, they threatened educational institutions of audit Apr 23 14:15
zer0c00l and forced they to buy their software Apr 23 14:15
zer0c00l them Apr 23 14:20
zer0c00l *them Apr 23 14:20
oiaohm Really does not matter long term. Apr 23 14:21
oiaohm Most pure software companies are finding it hard. Apr 23 14:21
zer0c00l oiaohm, their traditional software model is dying Apr 23 14:21
oiaohm Orcale has made a great move. Apr 23 14:24
oiaohm Pure software changing to a solution provider. Apr 23 14:25
oiaohm Of course IBM kinda worked that out long ago. Apr 23 14:29
oiaohm Users want solutions not software as such. Apr 23 14:37
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mib_072gjt hello roy ,I m seller_liar Apr 23 14:45
mib_072gjt a alternative to secondlife is smalltalk’s cobalt project Apr 23 14:46
mib_072gjt http://www.opencroquet.org/index.php/Cobalt Apr 23 14:46
mib_072gjt katapult can be a good alternative for gnome do Apr 23 14:48
mib_072gjt gnome do alternatives Apr 23 14:50
mib_072gjt http://floatingsun.net/2007/12/06/… Apr 23 14:50
schestowitz Hey Apr 23 15:00
schestowitz I got back Apr 23 15:00
schestowitz seller: can you add the URLs to the Wiki? Apr 23 15:00
zer0c00l schestowitz, check your mail please Apr 23 15:02
zer0c00l Sun Announces New MySQL, Michael Widenius Forks: http://developers.slashdot.org/article.p… Apr 23 15:03
zer0c00l http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/dow… Apr 23 15:06
zer0c00l it Apr 23 15:06
zer0c00l ubuntu 9.04 is not LTS Apr 23 15:07
zer0c00l updates upto 2010 Apr 23 15:07
schestowitz Yup :-) Apr 23 15:09
schestowitz brb Apr 23 15:10
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schestowitz What might Oracle do with/to JavaFX? Apr 23 15:22
trmanco I’m wrting about Ubuntu Apr 23 15:25
trmanco :) Apr 23 15:25
schestowitz I think people know it’s out !! :-) Apr 23 15:32
schestowitz All clear for Google Street View http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/rss/-/… Apr 23 15:33
schestowitz Is it just me who finds it disturbing that Obama’s admin calls many people “Czars”? This is still democracy? http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/rss/-/1… Apr 23 15:35
trmanco in portuguese Apr 23 15:36
schestowitz I’m sure Portugal knows about it too Apr 23 15:36
trmanco most of my traffic come from brazil, it should be morning there Apr 23 15:36
trmanco comes* Apr 23 15:36
trmanco afternoon, something like that Apr 23 15:36
schestowitz http://www.prospotlight.com/pro/twinpea… Obama To Name Melissa Hathaway Cybersecurity Chief Apr 23 15:36
schestowitz trmanco: interesting, i never thought about that Apr 23 15:37
schestowitz The origin of Portuguese is not the largest nation that speaks it. Same with English, which Americans warped. Apr 23 15:37
trmanco yep Apr 23 15:37
trmanco and Brazil has more foss activity then portugal Apr 23 15:38
trmanco last time a wrote about Ubuntu, that was the 8.10 release back in october, I got on the 31th more then 800 uniques Apr 23 15:39
trmanco I normally receive about 300 per day Apr 23 15:39
schestowitz There are many Free (libre) PDF readers. “Stop using Adobe Acrobat Reader”  < http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news… > Apr 23 15:39
schestowitz trmanco: sounds like quite a mania Apr 23 15:40
trmanco :-p Apr 23 15:40
trmanco I’m sort of being hammered right now Apr 23 15:40
trmanco >> There are a total of 36 Users online now: 1 Member, 32 Guests and 3 Bots. Apr 23 15:41
trmanco this isn’t normal Apr 23 15:41
zer0c00l LOL, seems like people are storming  to download ubuntu   some one advised  me “don’t download now i am getting only 42 kbps “ Apr 23 15:44
mib_072gjt Bosnia mirror is good Apr 23 15:45
schestowitz No torrents? Apr 23 15:45
mib_072gjt no Apr 23 15:45
schestowitz The MAFIAA is criminalising torrents Apr 23 15:46
mib_072gjt because of pirate bay takeover , mafiaa thinks is the king of world Apr 23 15:46
trmanco schestowitz, yes there are torrents Apr 23 15:51
trmanco I’ve seen dent’s on identi.ca stating that the download speeds were great Apr 23 15:52
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zer0c00l trmanco, you have link? Apr 23 16:00
zer0c00l to that torrent file? Apr 23 16:00
trmanco zer0c00l, give me a a minute Apr 23 16:00
trmanco http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/200… Apr 23 16:01
zer0c00l trmanco, thanks Apr 23 16:01
trmanco http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/ Apr 23 16:02
*Eruaran waits for the lights to go out at #ubuntu+1 Apr 23 16:08
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Omar87 Hi Apr 23 16:18
trmanco hello Apr 23 16:18
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schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2009/04… < Does Microsoft Use Extortion to Sign MOUs? Apr 23 16:22
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zer0c00l schestowitz, nice post ;) Apr 23 16:26
trmanco Vista keeps BSOD all the time – Blue screen – any ideas?: http://groups.google.com/group/24hoursuppor… Apr 23 16:29
trmanco haha Apr 23 16:29
schestowitz zer0c00l: thanks. Apr 23 16:30
schestowitz zer0c00l: short and to the point Apr 23 16:30
schestowitz This enables me to do more posts and get the points across quickly to the impatient (me included ;- ) ). Apr 23 16:31
schestowitz zer0c00l: could use help though Apr 23 16:31
schestowitz We have many antitrust/smoking gun posts Apr 23 16:31
schestowitz We have no index for them. At one stage we’ll have pages in the Wiki about that. Apr 23 16:31
zer0c00l :) Apr 23 16:32
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schestowitz I could use help.3 ladies offered help, but in another area. Apr 23 16:32
schestowitz Groklaw has good indexes Apr 23 16:32
schestowitz Ones I can refer to as a research resource Apr 23 16:32
zer0c00l i can help schestowitz Apr 23 16:33
zer0c00l but i have exams coming on may 6 and 7 will be free after may 20 :) Apr 23 16:34
zer0c00l i have just completed my course Apr 23 16:34
zer0c00l will be leaving the school soon Apr 23 16:34
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trmanco http://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-4.4/changes.html Apr 23 16:36
trmanco GCC 4.4 has been released Apr 23 16:36
Balrog cool. Apr 23 16:36
schestowitz zer0c00l: I will do lots later in the year on BN… Apr 23 16:36
trmanco Module: gnote Apr 23 16:37
trmanco       Version: 0.2.0 Apr 23 16:37
schestowitz zer0c00l: let’s coordinate when it clears up Apr 23 16:37
trmanco gnote 0.2.0 has also been released Apr 23 16:37
schestowitz url? Apr 23 16:37
schestowitz trmanco: I want to promote it Apr 23 16:37
Balrog http://www.figuiere.net/hub/blo… Apr 23 16:37
trmanco Balrog, that was fast :-P Apr 23 16:37
Balrog ;) Apr 23 16:38
schestowitz Microsoft Has Already Decided: Google is Dirty, Microsoft is Clean http://boycottnovell.com/2009/04/23/… Apr 23 16:43
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trmanco brb, going to study some math Apr 23 16:52
schestowitz GNOME may be getting rid of Mono, eventually. http://boycottnovell.com/2009/04/… Apr 23 17:00
schestowitz I wonder how screwed up kids would be with literature if they were raised only with a hexadecimal system Apr 23 17:01
Omar87 So, should we be worried about OO.o after Oracle has swallowed Sun? Apr 23 17:09
Balrog GNOME won’t get rid of Mono Apr 23 17:14
Balrog Linux distros probably will, though Apr 23 17:15
Balrog (remember, de Icaza started GNOME) Apr 23 17:15
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schestowitz Balrog: I know. Apr 23 17:25
schestowitz That may change Apr 23 17:25
schestowitz it’s free software Apr 23 17:25
schestowitz Ownership doesn’t work that way Apr 23 17:25
Balrog I hope so, but I’m afraid not. Though probably GNOME will not allow Mono to become an integral part… Apr 23 17:25
Balrog that has practical problems, btw Apr 23 17:26
trmanco back Apr 23 17:26
schestowitz Balrog: that’s why gnote is so important Apr 23 17:27
schestowitz search BN for background on Tomboy Apr 23 17:27
schestowitz It’s not yet another Mono project Apr 23 17:27
schestowitz See its role in GNOME! Apr 23 17:28
Balrog “GCC now supports optimizing for the Cortex-A9, Cortex-R4 and Cortex-R4F processors and has many other improvements to optimization for ARM processors” Apr 23 17:29
Balrog yes, I understand about gnote. Of course some say it’s not good to have such a fork, but why should I have these large, slow Mono libraries just to run Tomboy? Apr 23 17:30
Balrog hmmmm Apr 23 17:33
Balrog http://it.slashdot.org/article.pl?… Apr 23 17:33
Balrog “Researchers Show How To Take Control of Windows 7″ Apr 23 17:33
Balrog ‘There’s no fix for this. It cannot be fixed. It’s a design problem,’ Apr 23 17:33
Balrog but it does require physical access Apr 23 17:33
trmanco bloated piece of crap Apr 23 17:34
Balrog trmanco: win7 or mono, are you referring to? Apr 23 17:35
trmanco well, both Apr 23 17:35
Balrog heh yeah. Apr 23 17:35
Balrog it’s annoying though that I sometimes have to use small utilities that are written for windows in .NET … and that requires mono :( Apr 23 17:36
schestowitz All good points, Balrog Apr 23 17:37
schestowitz Vista7 was found hijackable 3 times before Apr 23 17:37
schestowitz Ones that I could think of Apr 23 17:37
schestowitz Months apart Apr 23 17:37
schestowitz I’ll see if I can find the records of this Apr 23 17:37
schestowitz I really do believe that Novell might be sold this year (but it’s hard to guess who to): http://boycottnovell.com/2009/04/2… Apr 23 17:37
Balrog yeah :( Apr 23 17:37
trmanco   Gnote 0.2.0 released  : http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.linu… Apr 23 17:37
Balrog interesting that Sun was sold but Novell wasn’t… Apr 23 17:38
trmanco text got a little messed up Apr 23 17:38
trmanco he Apr 23 17:38
trmanco the doc already replied Apr 23 17:38
trmanco Sender: Doctor Smith <> On Thu, 23 Apr 2009 17:43:33 +0100, Tony Manco wrote: Apr 23 17:39
trmanco > What is Gnote? Apr 23 17:39
trmanco Linux slopware. Apr 23 17:39
trmanco Apr 23 17:39
trmanco > Gnote is a experimental port of Tomboy to C++ Apr 23 17:39
trmanco TomBoy is much better. Apr 23 17:39
trmanco what an idiot Apr 23 17:39
zer0c00l http://arun-sag.blogspot.com/2009/04/ho… my post :P Apr 23 17:40
Balrog at the moment, Tomboy is more stable and has more features. But Tomboy has been around for a long time, while Gnote just came out a couple of weeks ago Apr 23 17:40
trmanco yeah, but how can something “non-native” can be better than a “native” app Apr 23 17:40
trmanco if you know what I mean Apr 23 17:40
Balrog I know what you mean, but I’m talking about overall user experience Apr 23 17:41
trmanco mono works like a VM right? like java Apr 23 17:41
Balrog give Gnote some time and it will quickly surpass Tomboy Apr 23 17:41
trmanco of course it will :-P Apr 23 17:41
Balrog yes, that’s how mono works. Otherwise I couldn’t run a CLI .NET program (from Windows) by typing ‘mono ./program.exe <args>’ Apr 23 17:41
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schestowitz IBM supports ODF, not OOXML (new Microsoft FUD rebutted): http://boycottnovell.com/2009/04/2… Apr 23 18:02
schestowitz Balrog: gnote will have anything that tomboy has Apr 23 18:02
schestowitz It’s a matter of porting/translation Apr 23 18:02
schestowitz It’s not a catchup; it overrides Tomboy. Apr 23 18:03
schestowitz I wish ‘hub’ luck Apr 23 18:03
schestowitz He devalues the crown jewel of the company which sacked him Apr 23 18:03
trmanco some more mirrors http://www.ubuntu.com/getubunt… Apr 23 18:03
schestowitz http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foo ‘”During the United States v. Microsoft trial, some evidence was presented that Microsoft had tried to use the Web Services Interoperability organization as a means to stifle competition included e-mails in which top executives including Bill Gates referred to the WS-I using the codename “foo”.’ Apr 23 18:05
Balrog yes… Apr 23 18:07
trmanco another piece of software moves to Git -> http://www.gimpusers.com/news/2009-0… Apr 23 18:10
Balrog trmanco: Adium for mac moved from svn to Mercurial last week Apr 23 18:10
trmanco mozilla uses mercurial IIRC Apr 23 18:10
trmanco I never have tried mercurial though, only have used bzr and git Apr 23 18:11
Balrog OK. I hear they used it because git has some problems Apr 23 18:12
Balrog (but they do unconventional things in their repo.) Apr 23 18:12
trmanco hehe Apr 23 18:13
trmanco what kind of problems? Apr 23 18:13
Balrog stuff related to filesystems Apr 23 18:14
Balrog also some fo the developers don’t like is Apr 23 18:14
Balrog it * Apr 23 18:14
Balrog http://adiumx.com/blog/2… Apr 23 18:14
trmanco http://www.w3.org/News/2009#item61 Apr 23 18:15
Balrog “It would be helpful for interoperability if all browsers could support the same codecs. However, there are no known codecs that satisfy all the current players: we need a codec that is known to not require per-unit or per-distributor licensing, that is compatible with the open source development model, that is of sufficient quality as to be usable, and that is not an additional submarine patent risk for large companies. This is an ongoing issu Apr 23 18:16
Balrog Apr 23 18:16
Balrog Pidgin uses monotone for VCS Apr 23 18:18
Balrog monotone is not fun to work with :( Apr 23 18:19
trmanco http://www.h-online.com/security/Linux-cach… Apr 23 18:19
trmanco Linux cache poisoning attacks easier than on Windows? Apr 23 18:19
trmanco oh buy wait -> Root privileges are needed to execute the attack. Apr 23 18:19
trmanco but* Apr 23 18:20
trmanco more microsoft fud Apr 23 18:20
Balrog does it work? Apr 23 18:20
Balrog looks like a CPU bug …. Apr 23 18:20
Balrog also it only affects VM’s Apr 23 18:21
trmanco I have no idea Apr 23 18:21
schestowitz Heise is not very MS-sensitive Apr 23 18:32
schestowitz So I’d hold off the “MS FUD” before looking closelty Apr 23 18:32
schestowitz Who are the ‘researchers’ (posers)? Apr 23 18:32
trmanco schestowitz, anonymous Apr 23 18:33
trmanco I wasn’t saying that heise was spreading fud, I know it’s a reliable source for now Apr 23 18:33
trmanco An anonymous security expert on the Microsoft Subnet blog has published sample code for a cache poisoning attack on Linux. Apr 23 18:33
trmanco and it’s only on intel based chips Apr 23 18:34
trmanco and you need root, so wtf Apr 23 18:35
Balrog it’s a chip bug. You could do the same on windows Apr 23 18:35
trmanco yeah, they are also saying it’s harder on windows Apr 23 18:35
trmanco but they don’t say why Apr 23 18:35
Balrog because there’s no /dev/mtrr on windows Apr 23 18:36
trmanco Was The Pirate Bay Judge Biased?: http://mashable.com/2009/04/23/… Apr 23 18:37
trmanco here neither Apr 23 18:37
trmanco I’m I being lucky? Apr 23 18:37
PetoKraus i’m just reading that Apr 23 18:37
trmanco am I* Apr 23 18:37
PetoKraus i actually just wanted to post the torrentfreak link Apr 23 18:38
Balrog I already read it. It was on slashdot Apr 23 18:38
PetoKraus http://torrentfreak.com/pirate-bay-… Apr 23 18:38
trmanco ah Apr 23 18:38
PetoKraus it’s interesting news Apr 23 18:38
trmanco yes Apr 23 18:38
trmanco I haven’t got to torrentfreak yet Apr 23 18:38
Balrog heh yeah. corruption Apr 23 18:38
trmanco my feeds are ordered alphabetically Apr 23 18:38
Omar87 Hey guys, you gotta check this out: http://blogs.techrepublic.com.co… Apr 23 18:39
schestowitz Vista 7 Security “Cannot be Fixed. It’s a Design Problem.” http://boycottnovell.com/2009/04/23/vis… thanks, Balrog Apr 23 18:42
trmanco schestowitz, I tweeted Balrog ‘s link Apr 23 18:42
schestowitz RIAA was caught reappointing judges befoire Apr 23 18:43
schestowitz IOW tilting a trial Apr 23 18:43
schestowitz By choosing a decider Apr 23 18:43
schestowitz Very cxorrupt Apr 23 18:43
schestowitz But hey, it’s the MAFIAA. They didn’t earn this name for no reason. Apr 23 18:43
schestowitz Omar87: thanks Apr 23 18:45
schestowitz It’s a WIndows oriented Web site… :”I’d really like to get a netbook, but I’m not ready to jump to Linux yet and the thought of buying a 2009 computer running a 2001 operating system just doesn’t seem right to me. “ Apr 23 18:45
schestowitz I think Microsoft shill Ou runs/ran it Apr 23 18:45
trmanco Windows Trojan That Infected Over 3.6 Million PCs Evolves with Worm Behavior: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Windows-… Apr 23 18:45
Omar87 schestowitz: Yeah, true. Apr 23 18:51
trmanco Mono and FAT: http://nocturn.vsbnet.be/node/141 Apr 23 18:51
trmanco here is the post he was referring to -> http://www.lamalex.net/2009/04/i-eat… Apr 23 18:52
Omar87 schestowitz: I just wonder, why the hell do I keep reading/hearing this sentence everywhere? “I’m not ready to switch to Linux..’BLAH BLAH BLAH’ “, It always makes me feel as though Linux was proposing to marry them. :) Apr 23 18:53
Balrog what abou wubi…? Apr 23 18:53
Balrog people don’t need to ditch windows to use linux Apr 23 18:53
schestowitz trmanco: my ref t RMS is used there Apr 23 18:54
schestowitz So maybe it’s inspired by BN Apr 23 18:54
schestowitz Omar87: yeah, true. Apr 23 18:54
schestowitz Omar87: I’m not ready=I’m lazy to learn Apr 23 18:54
schestowitz I doubt they even tried Apr 23 18:54
schestowitz Many tossed a live cd and gave it a whirl Apr 23 18:55
Omar87 It really sounds like when a man comes to woman saying: “Would you marry me?”, and then she says: “No, sorry, I’m not yet ready for marriage..” Apr 23 18:55
schestowitz Omar87: yeah :-) Apr 23 18:55
Omar87 schestowitz: lol, :D. Apr 23 18:55
Balrog lol Apr 23 18:56
schestowitz A bit like me and snowboarding Apr 23 18:57
schestowitz Went back to skiing after one day of trying (and a sore thumb) Apr 23 18:58
trmanco More speed to come from the first Firefox 3.6 alpha: http://www.betanews.com/article/More-s… Apr 23 18:59
schestowitz This is good:  http://www.theregister.co.uk… EMC became a shill for Microsoft… with Tucci Apr 23 19:02
trmanco Intel Said to Face Fine, Rebate Ban in EU Decision: http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=n… Apr 23 19:02
schestowitz Microsoft’s results are out in 3 hours Apr 23 19:02
trmanco I little old… you might have seen it already Apr 23 19:02
schestowitz trmanco: not enough Apr 23 19:02
schestowitz Intel should not be fined Apr 23 19:02
schestowitz It should be banned Apr 23 19:02
schestowitz Embargoed from Europe Apr 23 19:02
schestowitz Only this way it might learn to stop its crimes Apr 23 19:03
trmanco well, ban microsoft too Apr 23 19:03
schestowitz I read in the UKian press that they still work on the draft of the ruling Apr 23 19:03
schestowitz So it’s factual Apr 23 19:03
schestowitz trmanco: that too was proposed (MS ban) Apr 23 19:03
schestowitz A German MP raised it Apr 23 19:03
schestowitz It was neglected Apr 23 19:03
schestowitz Microsoft has too many cronies to stay in no matter how much crime it commits (e.g. OOXML at the time) Apr 23 19:04
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trmanco We fight Apr 23 19:06
trmanco One bot-infected PC = 600,000 spam messages a day: http://www.computerworld.com/action/art… Apr 23 19:07
trmanco wow Apr 23 19:07
schestowitz Microsoft is using it’s ‘news’ turf to attack Android (“msnbc.com”): http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/30313661 Android at six months: A one-phone pony Apr 23 19:10
trmanco Apr 23 19:11
trmanco real people don’t take that site serious :-P Apr 23 19:12
schestowitz Steve Wozniak: “I’m very sympathetic to the whole idea; Linux people always think the way I want to think.” http://lifehacker.com/5222989/how-appl… Apr 23 19:15
schestowitz “darkfox @schestowitz iPhone OS at two years: A one-phone pony.” Apr 23 19:15
schestowitz trmanco: I’m not sure they can make the distinction Apr 23 19:16
schestowitz Many people still watch Fox because “it’s what’s there on TV” Apr 23 19:16
*zer0c00l (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovell Apr 23 19:18
MinceR strange Apr 23 19:21
MinceR earlier Wozniak said it was all about getting stuff for free Apr 23 19:21
MinceR and how he hated it Apr 23 19:21
schestowitz Hehe. Defaced with spam: http://www.thinkdigit.com/details… Apr 23 19:23
schestowitz MinceR: yes Apr 23 19:23
schestowitz Maybe he pretends now Apr 23 19:23
schestowitz He advises for a company that might be using lots of Linux now Apr 23 19:24
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schestowitz Head of FSF just mailed me… Apr 23 19:35
Balrog important stuff ……? Apr 23 19:36
schestowitz Hmmmmmmmmm :-( http://www.linuxpromagazine.com/on… Apr 23 19:36
schestowitz Some people think about a OOo Foundation already Apr 23 19:37
schestowitz Balrog: no, not important Apr 23 19:37
Balrog ok. Apr 23 19:37
schestowitz They set up something news Apr 23 19:37
schestowitz *new Apr 23 19:37
schestowitz new image in ubuntu 9.04 page: http://www.ubuntu.com/files/buttons/b… Apr 23 19:38
schestowitz I can’t help giggling when I see this chap because of that old picture of 2 dudes with something like “I like Ubuntu” Apr 23 19:38
schestowitz I’ll treat Ubuntu release like news people are already tired of. I’ll just post links to reviews Apr 23 19:39
schestowitz Short story, re FSF Apr 23 19:40
schestowitz They set up a new advertising network. I am very interested and they chose to contact me (FSF president). This solution was needed; it’s about time. With AdSense we earn just enough to pay hosting (and a little more). Apr 23 19:41
schestowitz They  don’t yet plan on announcing this until they have a number of sites signed up. Apr 23 19:42
schestowitz So I want say the names… Apr 23 19:42
schestowitz Raja Koduri is leaving ATI < http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news… > Apr 23 19:43
Balrog ok. Apr 23 19:44
Balrog schestowitz: flash 9 crashes a lot on this linux machin Apr 23 19:45
Balrog machine * Apr 23 19:45
Balrog it just fails to work after a while Apr 23 19:45
schestowitz http://www.bizjournals.com/austin/storie… (Dell sued by city of New Orleans over crime cameras) Apr 23 19:45
schestowitz I try to use Ogg Apr 23 19:45
Balrog yes, I know… Apr 23 19:46
*Omar87 has quit (“Leaving.”) Apr 23 19:46
Balrog did you look into making a  long video directory that’s excluded from backups? Apr 23 19:46
schestowitz zoobab01: re Zuck: “He used to be a VB coding hack who did roadshows with Microsoft back in the early 90s. ” http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.php… Apr 23 19:47
schestowitz Balrog: I haven’t, no.. Apr 23 19:48
Balrog ok … Apr 23 19:48
schestowitz There are AstroTurfers in LinuxToday Apr 23 19:48
schestowitz “Ubuntu 9.04: Nothing Short of Amazing [...] Such a wonderful release couldn’t have come at a better time.” http://www.itnewstoday.com/?p=286 Apr 23 19:50
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 23 19:55
schestowitz MinceR: your missus is coming back: http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2009/0… Apr 23 20:02
MinceR he’s not my “missus” Apr 23 20:02
MinceR he’s just a plain liar and criminal. Apr 23 20:02
schestowitz Oh… errr… wrong URL :-D Apr 23 20:03
schestowitz Still, better than seeing billg becoming state cio or us fuhrer Apr 23 20:04
MinceR it would only reduce the signal propagation delay. Apr 23 20:04
schestowitz I know. Apr 23 20:04
Balrog oh … python is using mercurial (http://arstechnica.com/open-source/news… rather-old news) Apr 23 20:04
schestowitz here’s a business model Apr 23 20:04
*mib_m0o3sl has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 23 20:05
*mib_gmyia5 has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 23 20:05
*mib_ey0o48 has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 23 20:05
*Ap0G33 has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 23 20:05
*mib_amdwi0 has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 23 20:05
schestowitz Experts: Malicious program targets Macs < http://edition.cnn.com/2009/TECH… > Apr 23 20:06
schestowitz Time to unsubscibe from CNN. Not healthy feeding them…. Apr 23 20:06
schestowitz They also have a new arrangement Apr 23 20:06
schestowitz CNN is dying online Apr 23 20:06
schestowitz So they now import articles from CNET (Paul Allen, CBS,, et al) Apr 23 20:07
schestowitz They also have a prominent column to MS lackey (and MVP) Chris pirillo Apr 23 20:07
Balrog heh. if you download and run untrusted code on any system, that’s going to happen Apr 23 20:07
schestowitz So CNN becomes some aggregator to MS-influenced mouths. Apr 23 20:07
schestowitz They NEVER cover FOSS or Linux in their tech section Apr 23 20:07
schestowitz Never Apr 23 20:07
schestowitz Balrog: exactly Apr 23 20:07
schestowitz With Microsoft, you needn’t do anythingf Apr 23 20:08
schestowitz Like an open port screaming “rape me” Apr 23 20:08
schestowitz RPC Apr 23 20:08
Balrog (in the case of the Mac botnet, it’s pirated iWork and Photoshop with trojans planted into the installers) Apr 23 20:08
Balrog heh yeah. absolutely Apr 23 20:08
schestowitz Animated cussors Apr 23 20:08
schestowitz Affecting Vista too BTW Apr 23 20:08
schestowitz *cursors Apr 23 20:08
schestowitz Balrog: the program just does what it’s supposed to do Apr 23 20:08
Balrog yes. Apr 23 20:08
schestowitz You run an executable that say, “let me have you” Apr 23 20:09
schestowitz *says Apr 23 20:09
schestowitz Or you could run a script (.sh) with rm -rf Apr 23 20:09
schestowitz COULD Apr 23 20:09
Balrog except that you don’t know it’s there. But that could happen with Linux (if someone got access to a default repo …) Apr 23 20:09
Balrog rm -rf isn’t what they care for anymore… Apr 23 20:09
schestowitz It won’t replicate itself, either Apr 23 20:09
Balrog more like install botnet software. Apr 23 20:09
MinceR afaik osx has very few mechanics to make exploiting vulnerabilities more difficult though Apr 23 20:09
Balrog yes, that’s very difficuly Apr 23 20:09
MinceR address space randomization and such Apr 23 20:09
MinceR even windows has more of those, afaik Apr 23 20:10
MinceR s/nics/nisms/ Apr 23 20:10
schestowitz MinceR: safari and quicktime have holes Apr 23 20:10
Balrog MinceR: yes, ASR isn’t too good in 10.5; 10.6 has it done pretty well Apr 23 20:10
schestowitz Some are Windows-targetting Apr 23 20:10
Balrog also Quicktime is totally being rewritten from the ground up Apr 23 20:10
schestowitz Red Hat randomises too Apr 23 20:10
MinceR maybe they could steal such stuff from WideOpenBSD ;) Apr 23 20:10
schestowitz Schneir wrote about it ages ago Apr 23 20:10
schestowitz Vista still gets it WRONG Apr 23 20:10
Balrog I don’t know. BSD doesn’t use Mach-O executable format and the dyld runtime-linker Apr 23 20:11
Balrog (dynamic linker *) Apr 23 20:11
schestowitz Dennis Fisher, August 7th, 2008: “Two security researchers have developed a new technique that essentially bypasses all of the memory protection safeguards in the Windows Vista operating system…” Apr 23 20:11
schestowitz zoobab01: http://www.ip-watch.org/weblog/2009/04… Apr 23 20:12
*mib_amdwi0 (i=d51df84b@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-466739544f9b2723) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 23 20:16
*silentivm (n=renan@ has joined #boycottnovell Apr 23 20:17
*mib_amdwi0 has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 23 20:42
*magentar has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 23 20:42
*magentar (n=magentar@ has joined #boycottnovell Apr 23 20:47
schestowitz Adobe’s bad behaviour in education: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/04/23/ad… Apr 23 20:48
schestowitz “NEPOMUK and Strigi do not work in the vast majority of Linux distributions. We’ll see why, and how we can fix that. ” http://rudd-o.com/en/linux-and-free… Apr 23 21:06
*mib_ey0o48 (i=54c30a28@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-0ddd4b29f3789d36) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 23 21:09
amarsh04 funny, nepomuk works on Debian, even under KDE 3.5.X Apr 23 21:11
*mib_gmyia5 (i=d45d91e9@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-01ea71d4a720f982) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 23 21:11
schestowitz Yeah, took me by surprise too (that remark) Apr 23 21:22
schestowitz Bruce Perens publishes new works in his Web site now: http://perens.com/works/articles/MorganHill/ Apr 23 21:29
schestowitz What’s w/ this pretense that Debian is dying? “Will Debian survive the rise of Linux?”  < http://debaira.blogspot.com/2009/04/will-d… > Apr 23 21:33
schestowitz Diskeeper Considering Linux, Mac OS X Defrag Software < http://www.thevarguy.com/2009/04/23/diskeep… > Doctor makes up disease to sell potion. Apr 23 21:35
schestowitz Matt Cutts Talks About Ubuntu 9.04 Speed And Bugs < http://www.lockergnome.com/linux/2009/… >  “Ubuntu is definitely ready for anyone who wants to learn to use it. “ Apr 23 21:37
schestowitz MSFT results out any moments now… Apr 23 21:39
schestowitz Blasts kill 78 in Iraq’s bloodiest day in a year < http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/… > Time to quite Iraq already. Apr 23 21:41
schestowitz Microsoft’s results are quite horrific: http://www.reuters.com/article/marke… http://www.forbes.com/feeds/ap/2009/04/… http://blog.seattlepi.com/micr… Apr 23 21:42
schestowitz IDG slogging Linux, still: http://www.itworld.com/operating-system… Apr 23 21:43
*mib_ey0o48 has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 23 21:45
*mib_gmyia5 has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 23 21:45
schestowitz Wait… this guy actually is *in* Debian, I think.. http://debaira.blogspot.com/2009/0… Apr 23 21:46
schestowitz We’ve begun writing a list of applications</a> that need to be removed. Don’t forget mononono. http://boycottnovell.com/wiki/index… (500 pageviews in a day..) Apr 23 21:55
schestowitz Microsoft earning are down 32 PERCENT!! Apr 23 21:57
amarsh04 debian development pace has been fairly healthy from what I’ve seen running unstable on i386 and amd-64 Apr 23 21:58
schestowitz Chairs might fly. Linux is a major cause for this. Apr 23 21:58
schestowitz amarsh04: Debian just need to be patient Apr 23 21:59
schestowitz Same with Madnriva and others Apr 23 21:59
schestowitz Microsoft is burning itself out, so to speak Apr 23 21:59
schestowitz It can’t offer kickbacks for OEMs to stock Windows. Apr 23 21:59
schestowitz And I’ve been hearing it does exactly that in Germany. Apr 23 21:59
schestowitz Good news from X today. Xorg 1.5 – a step in the right direction < http://davidhilton.wordpress.com/2009… > Apr 23 22:01
schestowitz The reviews that I’ve seen of Ubuntu 9.04 so far today are ALL positive. Apr 23 22:01
trmanco 1.5 Apr 23 22:02
trmanco Ubuntu ships with Xorg server 1.6 Apr 23 22:02
schestowitz Ina Shiels: “Sign of the times: Microsoft sales drop?” Apr 23 22:05
schestowitz They try to spin it Apr 23 22:05
schestowitz trmanco: yup Apr 23 22:05
amarsh04 xorg server on Debian unstable is 1.6.1 Apr 23 22:05
trmanco hehe Apr 23 22:05
schestowitz I see the Microsoft shill McKrakcken (Technologizer) is now also humming about “Windows 8″ Apr 23 22:05
trmanco bleeding edge Apr 23 22:05
schestowitz There isn’t even a Windows 7 yet Apr 23 22:06
schestowitz Hehe. Apr 23 22:06
Balrog heh. Apr 23 22:06
trmanco vaporware Apr 23 22:06
trmanco how wonderful Apr 23 22:06
schestowitz Let me do a quick post about Linux killing MS’ margins Apr 23 22:06
schestowitz The Wintel press totally ignores this Apr 23 22:06
Balrog heh … <http://www.macrumors.com/2009/04/23/… Apr 23 22:07
Balrog apple approved an app they shouldn’t have, it seems Apr 23 22:08
Balrog (that’s what people are saying, at least) Apr 23 22:09
MinceR they’ll just kill it remotely anyway Apr 23 22:11
schestowitz Nice… http://www.sxc.hu/photo/469057 Apr 23 22:13
schestowitz I always find what I look for in this Hungarian site Apr 23 22:13
Balrog MinceR: I don’t think they care that much to kill it remotely Apr 23 22:14
MinceR or they’ll just kill the phone remotely Apr 23 22:14
MinceR and then claim the user violated some terms of use Apr 23 22:14
MinceR after all most users don’t really own their “phone” in any way Apr 23 22:14
Balrog now that would be grounds for a lawsuit. Apr 23 22:15
MinceR as if apple cared Apr 23 22:15
Balrog after the contract expires, the user does own the phone Apr 23 22:15
Balrog it also would be bad PR Apr 23 22:15
MinceR they’re very happy going around claiming patents on things they didn’t invent and threatening to sue others for using them Apr 23 22:15
MinceR bad pr doesn’t matter in apple-land — the fanboys believe in their god, Jobs, unquestioningly Apr 23 22:15
MinceR and they deserve all the abuse they get Apr 23 22:16
Balrog MinceR: apparently you don’t read the forums where ‘fanboys’ post. Most aren’t like that at all. Apr 23 22:16
MinceR sadly i do Apr 23 22:16
MinceR there’s /., for example Apr 23 22:16
Balrog they are some of the most picky people I see. Apr 23 22:16
MinceR which has been overrun by that cult Apr 23 22:16
Balrog not /. , rather apple related forums Apr 23 22:16
MinceR well, they aren’t picky enough to avoid apple crap, obviously Apr 23 22:16
Balrog MinceR: you’d take Windows Vista over OS X, right? Apr 23 22:17
MinceR i don’t know Apr 23 22:17
MinceR i hate both Apr 23 22:17
trmanco MinceR, would use freebsd Apr 23 22:17
Balrog heh. you don’t have enough experience with either. Apr 23 22:17
MinceR well, at least vista _might_ be able to run some windows-only games Apr 23 22:17
MinceR trmanco: if there was no gnu/linux, i probably would. Apr 23 22:18
trmanco hehe Apr 23 22:18
MinceR Balrog: i have enough knowledge and experience about both. Apr 23 22:18
Balrog no, you tried os x for a few hours. that doesn’t count Apr 23 22:19
MinceR well, how long have you used Conficker? Apr 23 22:20
schestowitz Summary of what I consider to be the beginning of the end of Microsoft: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/04/23/m… Apr 23 22:21
MinceR :D Apr 23 22:23
*trmanco has quit (“ERROR: crap-talking overflow – Aborting”) Apr 23 22:24
schestowitz ALL GOVT AGENCIES TO IMPLEMENT OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE < http://malaysia.news.yahoo.com/bnm/20… > Apr 23 22:35
tessier_ schestowitz: We’ve heard that many times before and unfortunately nobody yet has actually followed through. Apr 23 22:39
MinceR zomg caps Apr 23 22:39
tessier_ We can consider every one of those pronouncements to be propaganda, unfortunately. Apr 23 22:39
schestowitz tessier: no, they actually DO migrate Apr 23 22:39
schestowitz This is no illusion Apr 23 22:39
schestowitz Several cities have already MOVED Apr 23 22:40
schestowitz For almost a year now. They merely carry on. Apr 23 22:40
tessier_ A city is very different from a country. But what city has moved? Did Berlin ever finish their move? Apr 23 22:40
schestowitz tessier: I could get you the links Apr 23 22:40
schestowitz They adopted ODF and moved to OOo fiorst Apr 23 22:41
schestowitz They also have their localised distro :-D Apr 23 22:41
schestowitz tessier: did you see MS’ results Apr 23 22:41
schestowitz net earnings down 32% Apr 23 22:41
schestowitz This is no joke Apr 23 22:41
tessier_ Yes, I did see them. What’s that in terms of actual dollars? Apr 23 23:22
schestowitz I’d have to look it up later Apr 23 23:23
tessier_ The Redmond, Wash.-based company said sales fell 6% from a year earlier to $13.7 billion, missing analysts’ expectations of $14.1 billion. Apr 23 23:23
tessier_ ONLY 13.7 billion eh? I don’t think Bill’s missing any house payments just yet. Apr 23 23:24
schestowitz That’s what they CLAIM Apr 23 23:33
schestowitz And by the formatting I guess you quite MS-obedient press Apr 23 23:34
schestowitz They show you only the figure Microsoft wanted journalists to see. It always does this Apr 23 23:34
tessier_ The banks did stuff like that but eventually it caught up with them when they couldn’t pay their own bills and investors went running from them. Apr 23 23:42
tessier_ So far it hasn’t caught up with MS. If they are lying or mis-stating their figures it will catch up with them eventually. All ponzi schemes eventually fall. Apr 23 23:42
tessier_ That is the news I am really looking forward to. Apr 23 23:42
schestowitz tessier: it already came up Apr 23 23:44
schestowitz http://web.archive.org/web/20070308… Apr 23 23:45
tessier_ schestowitz: From 1999? A bit dated no? That article says all of the charges were thrown out except one which went to trial. What was the result of that trial? Apr 23 23:50
schestowitz Nope Apr 23 23:56
schestowitz The guy was paid $4 million Apr 23 23:56
schestowitz The judge was convinced it was true Apr 23 23:57
schestowitz The SEC later invetigated Apr 23 23:57
schestowitz Didn’t refute CHarlie Apr 23 23:57
schestowitz Search BN for many more articles and info Apr 23 23:57
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