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posted by Roy Schestowitz on Oct 15, 2023

Updated This Past Day

  1. Why Ubuntu 23.10 ISOs Have Been Temporarily Withdrawn
    Due to the hate speech found in some of the translations in the Ubuntu 23.10 desktop installer, the ISOs were withdrawn from the mirrors
  2. Microsoft gives unexpected tutorial on how to install Linux
    You may need it – Windows 10 is no longer a free upgrade
  3. Mullvad Browser is a Tor Browser without a Tor Network
    prioritizes privacy by minimizing tracking and fingerprinting
  4. Russian tech firm Astra Linux plans October IPO on Moscow Exchange
    Russian technology company Astra Linux on Monday said it was planning to list its shares on Moscow Exchange this month in an initial public offering (IPO), potentially breathing some life into Russia's moribund equity capital markets.
  5. DebConf23 Coverage From Jonathan McDowell and Jonathan Carter
    Two reports
  6. Microsoft Tax Evasion
    More on that
  7. Ubuntu 23.10 (Mantic Minotaur) Officially Released with Linux 6.5 and GNOME 45
    Canonical officially released today the Ubuntu 23.10 (Mantic Minotaur) operating system, which comes with some of the latest GNU/Linux technologies, improved hardware support, and many other changes.
  8. GNOME Is Taking Steps Towards Dropping X11
    Significant changes for the GNOME! Merge requests opened to end X.Org (X11) session support, moving to a Wayland-only environment
  9. Raspberry Pi OS Is Now Based on Debian Bookworm, Supports Raspberry Pi 5
    The Raspberry Pi Foundation released today a new version of its Debian-based Raspberry Pi OS distribution for Raspberry Pi single-board computers that brings a new Bookworm base and some major changes.
  10. OpenWrt 23.05.0 - First Stable Release
    The OpenWrt community is proud to announce the first stable release of the OpenWrt 23.05 stable series.
  11. GPG, RubyGems, Kernel update in Tumbleweed
    a variety of package updates


  12. Today in Techrights
    one day's articles
  13. Programming and HowTos
    4 more for now
  14. Open Hardware: SparkFun, Raspberry Pi 5, Arduino and More
    Devices and such
  15. Steam Proton game compatibility report 2023
    Behold, a super-enthusiastic article about my success with using the Steam Proton compatibility layer to play Windows-native titles in Linux
  16. This Week in GNOME and Scarlett Gately Moore's KDE Work
    Some desktop work
  17. Weekly GNU-like Mobile Linux Update and New Apps of
    GNU/Linux on phones
  18. Security Leftovers
    Security links
  19. M5Stack Cardputer
    a pair of articles
  20. Audiocasts/Shows: Linux Saloon, Sudo Show, Destination Linux
    4 episodes
  21. Red Hat Leftovers
    Mostly corporate fluff
  22. today's howtos
    many from the past day and week
  23. EasyOS Kirkstone-series version 5.5.5 released
    Kernel, Limine and TV Panel version bump, new process utilities, return to NetworkManager
  24. The Wine development release 8.18 is now available.
    The Wine development site's news
  25. Perl Programming Leftovers
    From the Perl site
  26. EuroLinux 8.9 beta released
    On October 10, we released version 8.9 beta of the EuroLinux operating system, which lets you test technical innovations and compatibility with the upcoming EuroLinux 8.
  27. FreeBSD 14.0-RC1 Now Available
    The first RC build of the 14.0-RELEASE release cycle is now available
  28. Shows and Videos: The Linux Link Tech Show, FLOSS Weekly, and Invidious
    Aral Balkan and more
  29. New Videos About Ubuntu
    half a dozen new videos
  30. Android Leftovers
    8 best pedometer and step counter apps
  31. Linux Kernel 6.1 LTS Becomes SLTS with 10 Years of Support
    Linux Kernel 6.1 LTS gets a decade of support through the Civil Infrastructure Platform and its super-long-term stable (SLTS) kernel program
  32. Back to Debian After a Decade of CentOS (IBM's B is for Business, Not Science and Technology)
    the B in IBM stands for "Business"
  33. KNotifications on Android 13
    With Android 13 applications need to request permissions to show notifications in the same way you’d need to request permissions to access say the camera or the calendar
  34. How I learned to stop worrying and love the CoreOS
    It’s quite clear that I’ve been on a CoreOS blogging streak lately
  35. How I became obsolete
    It’s Saturday morning, 6:00 and I can’t sleep. My mind has decided to start functioning
  36. Arch Linux’s October 2023 ISO Release Brings Linux 6.5, Installer Improvements
    Arch Linux’s October 2023 ISO release is now available for download powered by a new kernel and featuring a much-improved installer that offers new features and fixes bugs.
  37. today's howtos
    only 3 more for now
  38. Games: SteamOS, fheroes2, Godot, and More
    half a dozen articles
  39. Because You Can: Linux On An Arduino Uno
    There are a few “Will it run” tropes when it comes to microcontrollers, one for example is “Will it run Doom?“, while another is “Will it run Linux
  40. Best Free and Open Source Alternatives to Adobe Scan
    Adobe Scan is proprietary software. We recommend the best free and open source alternatives
  41. This week in KDE: colorblindness correction filters
    This week there’s a lot of news on the accessibility front in particular
  42. Linux might be your best bet for heightening your desktop computer security
    Cybersecurity matters
  43. Focusrite Extends Help to Linux Developer to Enable Driver Support
    Even though Linux as a desktop platform is evolving fast, it is still a choice for few music producers compared to Windows and macOS
  44. Distributions' and Operating Systems' Development: OpenEmbedded and HaikuOS
    Developers' updates
  45. Red Hat and Fedora: Qubes OS 4.2.0-rc4, Community Platform Engineering Report, PHP, OpenELA, and Fedora ELN Rebuild Strategy
    IBM et al
  46. Programming Leftovers
    Python and more
  47. Ubuntu and Server Leftovers
    Server articles and some Ubuntu-related links
  48. MariaDB’s Bad Week: Layoffs and an End to Azure Support
    It's not a great week for MariaDB
  49. Devices: Orange Pi 5, Raspberry Pi Pico, and Arduino
    miniature world of Open Hardware
  50. F10 for accessibility in KF6!
    We now have a new KStandardShortcut
  51. Microsoft, Proprietary, and Blackboxes ("AI")
    Mostly Microsoft focused
  52. Events: ATO, Linux Plumbers Conference, and KDAB Training Day
    3 new posts/updates
  53. Security Leftovers
    Reproducible Builds and much more
  54. today's howtos
    many howtos for the evening
  55. PipeWire 1.0 RC2
    This is the second 1.0 release candidate that is API and ABI compatible with previous 0.3.x releases
  56. David Cantrell: rpminspect-1.12.1 released
    The last release was in March of 2023
  57. OpenZFS 2.2 Released with Linux 6.5 Support, Block Cloning, and More
    OpenZFS 2.2 advanced file system and volume manager has been released today with support for the latest Linux kernel series, as well as various new features.
  58. Resources is a New, Modern System Monitor for Linux
    The System Monitor app Ubuntu comes with with does an okay job of letting you monitor system resources and oversee running processes — but it does look dated
  59. Today in Techrights
    one day's articles
  60. Why Tux Machines is Hosted From the United Kingdom
    This site was transferred to us in October 2013
  61. Happier and Freer
    We're generally a lot happier
  62. Worse Than Racism in Latest Ubuntu: Digital Restrictions (DRM) and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Junk
    Russian controversy ought not be the biggest one
  63. Free, Libre, and Open Source Software Leftovers
    FOSS links
  64. Android Leftovers
    Google Chrome on Android gets a big security boost! Users can delete recent browsing history swiftly
  65. Open Hardware: RISC-V, Raspberry Pi 5, and More
    Hardware for hacking
  66. New release: Tor Browser 13.0
    Tor Browser 13.0 is now available
  67. Security Leftovers and Windows TCO
    incidents and more
  68. Leap 15.5 issue with Radeon RX 7000 series and amdgpu driver
    Upcoming Quarterly Update 1 for SLES 15 SP5 contains Bug 1215802
  69. Linux Security Modules
    Linux security modules are kernel modules that provide a framework for implementing mandatory access control (more on this soon) on various resources inside our Linux system
  70. today's howtos
    5 more for now
  71. Games: Counter-Strike 2, Linux GPU Performance, and Trouble in Microsoft Mono Land (Unity)
    3 stories for today
  72. Q3 Firefox Linux update
    Let’s highlight some updates of Firefox development from Linux perspective for last three months
  73. Games: Return to Monkey Island on Nintendo Switch and Valve Issues
    3 items about gaming
  74. Fedora Project and Slimbook Collaborate to Deliver New Fedora Slimbook Ultrabook
    Today, the Fedora Project and Slimbook are pleased to announce the Fedora Slimbook, a cutting-edge ultrabook
  75. Android Leftovers
    Android working on a Quick Settings tile for swapping active SIM cards for data
  76. Overhaul of Thelio internals and new band Theliohead
    System76's commitment to engineering excellence is matched only by its dedication to users' right to repair
  77. Will Wayland Finally Replace Xorg For Linux Users? Finally?
    Wayland is the long-in-the-works successor to the X Window system, which is nearly 40 years old
  78. Want a secure and simple Linux experience? I can't recommend Elementary OS 7.1 highly enough
    If you're interested in an operating system that takes your privacy seriously without preventing you from actually getting things done, try Elementary OS
  79. today's leftovers
    Servers and more
  80. Steam Deck and Arduino Projects
    Devices and such
  81. GPL Enforcement Case: Vizio's Summary Judgment Motion
    SFC lawsuit
  82. Events: Christine Hall Reminisces All Things Open and LibreOffice at the Software Freedom Law Centre in India
    Some FOSS updates
  83. Programming Leftovers
    Tools and releases
  84. Installing Debian on the BananaPi M2 Zero and Installing Flatpak and Flathub Repository on Debian 12
    Debian news
  85. Security Leftovers
    Reproducible Builds and more
  86. Leap Micro 5.5 availability and Leap Micro 5.3 EOL
    A new version of the modern lightweight host operating system Leap Micro 5.5 is now available
  87. Microsoft Lies and Liars
    3 new picks
  88. Should you de-Google your Fairphone?
    Has this ever happened to you? You’re discussing the new Marvel movie that’s coming out soon with a couple of friends.
  89. KDE: FDBuild 0.1, KDE Gear, Porting Codevis to KDE
    KDE-related development
  90. Planet Fedora (Red Hat/IBM), Planet GNOME, and Planet Debian, Which Have a Code of Conduct, Offer a Platform to Matt 'Sexual Favours' Garrett
    desperate effort to wrest control of FSF
  91. (Updated) Forlinx officially launches RISC-V SoM based on StarFive JH7110
    Forlinx has officially launched their latest System-on-Module, featuring the powerful StarFive JH7110 RISC-V chip
  92. 10 Things to Do After Installing Ubuntu 23.10 [With Bonus Tips]
    Here's our recommended list of 10 things after installing Ubuntu 23.10 "Mantic Minotaur" (GNOME edition).
  93. openSUSE Leap Micro 5.5 Released, Leap Micro 5.3 EOL
    The immutable openSUSE Leap Micro 5.5 is out with SELinux enhancements, Quadlet for Podman, and an improved Cockpit management interface.
  94. Kernel Level News
    Linux, graphics and more
  95. Security Leftovers
    only 4 for now

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