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posted by Roy Schestowitz on Feb 10, 2024

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Updated This Past Day

  1. Linux Graphics: AMD, Collabora, and Tomeu Vizoso
    3 new stories about GPUs and such
  2. Fedora Project Announces Fedora Atomic Desktops for Immutable Fedora Spins
    The Fedora Project announced today a new family of Fedora Linux spins called Fedora Atomic Desktops, which serves as an umbrella for all the current and future Fedora Linux spins that offer an immutable file system.
  3. Microsoft Sabotages Linux, Then Blames Linux
    and media plays along
  4. We Love Animals as Much as We Love GNU/Linux [original]
    This site very routinely shows animal photos
  5. Old 'Windows PCs' Are Becoming GNU/Linux PCs [original]
    Europe shows GNU/Linux growth
  6. today's howtos
    a few for now
  7. Mozilla Corporation's Mitchell Baker Stepping Down
    finally it happens


  8. Desktop YouTube Music App Musictube Gets ‘Major Overhaul’
    A new version of Musictube, a Qt-based desktop app that lets you stream music from YouTube, is available for download for Windows, macOS and Linux.
  9. today's leftovers
    5 more assorted stories/links
  10. Programming Leftovers
    coding related picks
  11. Red Hat Leftovers
    mostly corporate fluff
  12. Software: fooyin, Redis Managers, and Mindmapping Editors
    3 software-themed articles
  13. Security Leftovers
    OpenSSF, Reproducible Builds, and More
  14. today's howtos
    quite a few evening howtos
  15. VirtualBox KVM public release
    For the past few months we have been working hard to provide a fast, reliable and secure KVM backend for VirtualBox
  16. GNU lightning 2.2.3 released!
    GNU lightning has a new release
  17. Free Software: Licensing, Web, and More
    FOSS links
  18. Programming Leftovers
    Python and education, among lots more
  19. today's leftovers
    SUSE, CMS, and CRM links
  20. OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and BSD Now
    latest BSD picks
  21. PostgreSQL 16.2, 15.6, 14.11, 13.14, and 12.18 Released!
    The PostgreSQL Global Development Group has released an update
  22. Open Hardware: Raspberry Pi, CERBERUS 2100, and More
    3 projects and products
  23. Windows TCO Leftovers
    Attacks on Firefox and data breaches
  24. Games: BORE BLASTERS, MangoHud, and More
    5 stories from Liam Dawe
  25. KDE: 15-Minute Bug Initiative update
    Well, it’s been two years, so how did it go
  26. CERBERUS2100: A Multi-CPU Open-Source Educational Microcomputer
    Olimex recently featured the CERBERUS 2100
  27. Android Leftovers
    10 Best GPS Spoofing Apps for Android in 2024
  28. What is a swap file in Linux and how much should you use?
    Add some virtual memory to your Linux PC
  29. Debian͏ vs ͏Ub͏untu: Which i͏s the͏ best Linux di͏s͏tro in͏ ͏2024?
    Debian and Ubunt͏u are widely used di͏stri͏butions amon͏g Linux u͏se͏rs
  30. ODROID-M1S review – Part 2: Ubuntu 20.04 benchmarks and features testing
    One user mentioned Ubuntu 22.04 is supported, but that’s supported by a third party and we used the official image for testing
  31. Gameeky released
    After three months of development, Gameeky reaches its first public release
  32. Today in Techrights
    Some of the latest articles
  33. Kernel and LWN: Linux, Joe Brockmeier, and Paying for Tests
    4 new articles
  34. Security Leftovers
    Security related stories
  35. today's howtos
    only 3 more for now
  36. I Switched to Linux Full Time. There’s seemingly been a recent uptick…
    I’m a big fan of Linux, and after Windows 11 couldn’t take the sheer amount of advertisements on a operating system you pay for
  37. Windows, DRM, and Microsoft
    opposition news
  38. Clear Linux, Zorin OS, Damn Small Linux, and More on Distributions
    a couple of news picks and FOSS Weekly
  39. Linux-Friendly Devices and Arduino IDE 2.3
    3 stories more
  40. Audiocasts/Shows: mintCast and FLOSS Weekly
    2 new episodes
  41. World Wide Web: Curl, Firefox, Mozilla
    3 stories about Mozilla and former Moz (Daniel)
  42. Programming Leftovers
    only a few spillovers for the time being
  43. Free Software Reviews/Overviews in Medevel
    half a dozen new ones
  44. Red Hat Leftovers's latest
  45. NetBSD 10.0 RC4 available!
    please help testing

    The corresponding text-only bulletin for Friday contains all the text.

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