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Achieving Objectives

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Apr 14, 2024

A short while ago: statCounter: GNU/Linux Usage Continues to Rise This Month

The 'suits' and their vocabulary can be overcome when their deceit is widely deciphered:

Idea Plan Action Success

THE "Open Source" promise was a lie. Even the person who came up with it openly admits this now (yes, Bruce Perens) and we need to make it better understood how "the community" works when it is led by IBM and similarly horrible companies (Google is another). Andy has just published a good (and long) article which says: "Ethically sourced code and equipment might be very much more expensive than the mass-produced and mass-marketed products from BigTech. Silicon made in the UK or US costs more because wages and operating costs are higher. Code written by well fed and rested engineers in stable and secure employment, who work without anxiety, bullying and threats, and who feel good about what they make, is of a better quality. It's been checked. It's been tested. Its creators care about it. And so it's more secure, in so many ways. Security is about not allowing a race to the bottom of exploitation."

Recently we re-published a large number of older articles from Daniel Pocock and the Free Software Fellowship. Mr. Pocock habitually writes about the exploitation, speaking from experience as someone who had contributed to Debian since 1997. He would later contribute to Fedora, Mozilla, and many other things. The moment he spoke out about misuse of money by FSFE they decided to 'cancel' him or ruin his life. They've already spent a small fortune trying to achieve this.

Nevertheless, GNU/Linux continues to grow. Its relative market share goes up over time.

Can software patents prevent further adoption of GNU/Linux? It's probably too late for that; with software patent proponents like IBM publishing/distributing GNU/Linux they try to create a world where software patents and GNU/Linux coexist (that's what OIN is for; it stands in the way of abolishing software patents).

"Your video might have worked," one reader told us about this video from 3 years ago about the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This reader, who uses Linux Mint and had firsthand experience with the USPTO, wrote to tell me:


Do you remember this article and video from 2021-08-18 in which you discussed, among other things, the problem with fees at the USPTO?

I sent your video - along with other info - as far and wide as I could manage in my fight against the USPTO, and, it's possible that it might have worked. Somebody just informed me of a shocking 60% fee reduction.

The USPTO plays tricks with these high-visibility fees to get Congress to vote to allow them to be corrupt and incompetent and gouge on hundreds of other fees, of course, so we'll never know if your video helped cause this fee reduction, but it's possible.

This won't do me any good, of course, and it doesn't resolve the Microsoft/IBM DOCX corruption, but I guess I can imagine that maybe I - with your video - made a little change at the USPTO.


That's excellent news and we hope that the "Microsoft/IBM DOCX corruption" (to quote the above) will be tackled as well. Every small thing like this certainly matter. We made a big impact on EPO policy, some GNU/Linux developers insist that it was us who took down Novell, and maybe we can also convince people that there's a problem in "Open Source" and a resolution is well overdue.

The FSFE has been unusually quiet lately (no publication since almost 2 weeks ago), maybe because they know what's coming and because sponsors walk away. They've attempted to silence their critics for years, in effect acting like a bunch of "nazis". Just keeping quiet is a lot better than acting in this sinister, censorious fashion.

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