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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: June 21st, 2008

*ZiggyFish ( has joined #boycottnovellJun 21 03:19
ZiggyFishgood afternoonJun 21 03:20
RogerBacongood night...Jun 21 03:22
ZiggyFishhave you guys read thisJun 21 03:23
ZiggyFishChina has come in for repeated criticism over piracy rates in the country from the Business Software Alliance, a pressure group founded by the major software companies like Microsoft to push for increased action to defend legitimate software. It estimates up to 80 per cent of software in use in the country is pirated.Jun 21 03:23
ZiggyFishunder the title China to investigate Microsoft for monopoly powerJun 21 03:24
ZiggyFish 21 03:24
RogerBaconcoolJun 21 03:25
RogerBacon**** novell and microsoft ?Jun 21 03:25
RogerBacon;)Jun 21 03:25
ZiggyFishha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, Prosecutors in Orange County have filed 69 felony counts against 18 year-old Omar Khan. If convicted on all counts, the high school student would face 38 years in prison.Jun 21 03:38
ZiggyFishKhan is accused of breaking into the school's computer systems and changing his grades. Prosecutors say that Khan routinely accessed his transcript online and boosted his low or failing grades to "A's", along with altering the results of Advanced Placement tests and installing spyware which allowed him to remotely access the database at a later date.Jun 21 03:39
ZiggyFishAmong the counts being filed against Khan are 34 charges of altering a public record, six counts of burglary, seven counts of computer access and fraud and one felony count of conspiracy.Jun 21 03:40
ZiggyFishThough Khan had previously been caught cheating on tests, the school said that it was only made aware of the extent of the student's activities when he requested a copy of his official transcript while applying to the University of California, Berkeley.Jun 21 03:41
moparxhey allJun 21 03:41
ZiggyFishhey moparxJun 21 03:42
moparxhow's it going?Jun 21 03:44
ZiggyFishgood and youJun 21 03:50
moparxpretty goodJun 21 03:55
RogerBaconseem like my computer dosnt like to run 24 / 365 daysJun 21 04:04
ZiggyFishwhat osJun 21 04:05
RogerBaconwindowsJun 21 04:05
RogerBaconit's probably just windowsJun 21 04:05
ZiggyFishthat's your problemJun 21 04:05
ZiggyFishheck, within an hour it slows downJun 21 04:05
RogerBaconany idea why ?Jun 21 04:06
ZiggyFishMicrosoft programmersJun 21 04:06
RogerBaconi will install gentoo linux anyway on this computerJun 21 04:07
RogerBaconand put vista on my new systemJun 21 04:07
ZiggyFishYou must have heaps of ram to give away.Jun 21 04:07
RogerBaconhum .. xpJun 21 04:08
RogerBaconnot vista :PJun 21 04:08
ZiggyFishwhat's running in the basckground?Jun 21 04:08
RogerBaconutorrent (lloading MP3 before the introduction of bill c-61 (canadian DMCA))Jun 21 04:09
RogerBaconfolding@homeJun 21 04:09
RogerBaconfirefoxJun 21 04:09
RogerBaconVLCJun 21 04:09
ZiggyFishvirus software?Jun 21 04:09
RogerBaconnoJun 21 04:09
ZiggyFishniceJun 21 04:10
RogerBaconthe antivirus is my headJun 21 04:10
RogerBacon:PJun 21 04:10
*ZiggyFish start send RogerBacon a virusJun 21 04:10
ZiggyFishwhat about firewallJun 21 04:10
RogerBaconi dont have oneJun 21 04:10
RogerBacondo you want my IP adress too ?Jun 21 04:10
RogerBacon;)Jun 21 04:10
ZiggyFishyesJun 21 04:10
RogerBaconshould i start to worrie afther that giving this info to you ? ;)Jun 21 04:11
ZiggyFishyesJun 21 04:11
moparxhahaJun 21 04:12
RogerBaconi have the windows firewall enabledJun 21 04:12
RogerBaconbut i guess its the equivalent to dont have any firewall ..Jun 21 04:12
ZiggyFishYour IP is 21 04:12
RogerBaconbingoJun 21 04:12
ZiggyFish:PJun 21 04:12
*baijum (n=baiju@ has joined #boycottnovellJun 21 04:12
RogerBaconwhy did you know thatJun 21 04:12
RogerBaconIRC whois ?Jun 21 04:13
ZiggyFishno, domain name lookupJun 21 04:13
RogerBaconohJun 21 04:13
RogerBaconjust send me a smiley.exeJun 21 04:13
RogerBaconwith a trojan in the fileJun 21 04:13 is your domain name, and your in CanadaJun 21 04:13
RogerBaconi will open it just for youJun 21 04:13
ZiggyFishlolJun 21 04:14
RogerBaconto have FREE smiley !Jun 21 04:14
RogerBacon:DJun 21 04:14
moparxfree-pron.jpg.exe :pJun 21 04:14
*ZiggyFish thinks of an eval plan. but to lazy to do itJun 21 04:14
RogerBaconLOLJun 21 04:14
RogerBaconi can turn of my firewall if you wantJun 21 04:15
ZiggyFishtempting, but nahJun 21 04:15
RogerBaconoh, c'mon, lazy fat-assJun 21 04:15
ZiggyFishlolJun 21 04:15
RogerBacon:DJun 21 04:16
RogerBaconyou should try to hack pentagon serverJun 21 04:16
ZiggyFishlol, what planet are you on. If I'm to lazy to hack your computer, why on earth would i want to hack the pentagon?Jun 21 04:18
*RogerBacon has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Jun 21 04:33
*baijum has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Jun 21 04:41
*RogerBacon ( has joined #boycottnovellJun 21 05:29
RogerBaconwhat's happeneed &Jun 21 05:29
RogerBacon*Jun 21 05:29
RogerBaconi'll give you my respect ZiggyFishJun 21 05:30
ZiggyFishI would suspect windows cause that ;)Jun 21 05:30
RogerBaconweirdJun 21 05:30
RogerBaconi was unable to conect to my ATM cardJun 21 05:30
ZiggyFishlolJun 21 05:30
RogerBaconwhat have you done ? :DJun 21 05:30
ZiggyFishI haven't done anythingJun 21 05:31
RogerBaconrightJun 21 05:31
RogerBaconmy ping just explodedJun 21 05:31
RogerBaconand i got disconectJun 21 05:31
ZiggyFishWindows is like that. You can never know what it will doJun 21 05:31
RogerBaconoh right, weird that my debian box did the same thingJun 21 05:32
RogerBaconno ?Jun 21 05:32
RogerBaconand how could you suspect anything if you dont knnow what i was talking about ?Jun 21 05:32
ZiggyFishthe Windows virus can effect other systems as wellJun 21 05:33
RogerBaconhaahaJun 21 05:33
ZiggyFishI'm safe, I stay clear of Windows (don't have a single Windows installation at allJun 21 05:33
RogerBaconseriously, you didn't do anythingJun 21 05:34
RogerBaconthat's just a coincidence ?Jun 21 05:34
RogerBaconi dont care if you've done anything anywayJun 21 05:34
RogerBaconi know it was at the ISP levelJun 21 05:34
ZiggyFishnopeJun 21 05:35
RogerBaconanything interresting to say ?Jun 21 05:39
tessierLots of good Linux stuff happening latelyJun 21 05:40
ZiggyFishyeahJun 21 05:40
tessierAMD hopefully releasing good ATI video card drivers, FF3, new versions of Fedora/RH...Jun 21 05:40
RogerBaconthat's niceJun 21 05:41
ZiggyFishniceJun 21 05:41
RogerBaconwhat happening in the microsoft side ?Jun 21 05:41
RogerBacon*onJun 21 05:41
moparxevil :pJun 21 05:41
ZiggyFishRogerBacon: Microsoft hacked into your ATM cardJun 21 05:42
ZiggyFish;)Jun 21 05:42
RogerBacon:PJun 21 05:42
RogerBaconyeah ...Jun 21 05:42
RogerBaconohJun 21 05:42
RogerBaconits not a ADM cardJun 21 05:42
RogerBaconi was meaning the card at the centralJun 21 05:43
RogerBaconmy mistakeJun 21 05:43
RogerBaconagainJun 21 05:43
*ZiggyFish thinks windows has gotton to himJun 21 05:43
RogerBaconits just the alccolJun 21 05:44
ZiggyFishwindows has alcohol, no wonders. Windows get's you pissed, so you don't know the differenceJun 21 05:45
RogerBaconoh, i was wondering what was on my floor, now i knowJun 21 05:47
ZiggyFishlolJun 21 05:47
*moparx has quit ("leaving")Jun 21 05:47
RogerBaconhow we name that ?Jun 21 05:47
RogerBaconwindows fluid ?Jun 21 05:47
RogerBaconwindows liquorJun 21 05:48
ZiggyFishno the WindowcainJun 21 05:48
RogerBaconHAHA :PJun 21 05:48
ZiggyFishor the windows cocaine (stronger than crack)Jun 21 05:49
ZiggyFishand cost about the sameJun 21 05:49
ZiggyFishbrb, in 20 minsJun 21 05:49
schestowitz<RogerBacon>, not much is happening on Microsoft's side, but they buy companies and monopolies (sw patents).Jun 21 06:05
ZiggyFishbackJun 21 06:12
*RogerBacon has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Jun 21 06:14
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*[H]omer removes ban on *!*@gateway*Jun 21 07:02
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*tessier (n=treed@kernel-panic/sex-machines) has joined #boycottnovellJun 21 10:05
tessierSEATTLE, Washington (AP)  -- A federal judge ordered Microsoft Corp. to pay Alcatel-Lucent $511.6 million in damages and interest, letting stand a jury's decision that the software maker infringed on two patents.Jun 21 10:05
tessierHa-ha!</nelson>Jun 21 10:05
ZiggyFishlolJun 21 10:05
tessier 21 10:05
schestowitzYes, seen that some hours ago. That'll teach them.Jun 21 10:08
ZiggyFishschestowitz: are you going to at that to the dayly linksJun 21 10:09
schestowitzYes, but probably also in a post about software patents. There's more than that going on, patent-wise.Jun 21 10:19
schestowitzAdditionally, someone passed me some information about that commissioner who appears to be pushing monopoly agenda. He's like the anti-Neelie.Jun 21 10:20
*ZiggyFish has quit (Remote closed the connection)Jun 21 12:02
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*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellJun 21 18:32
schestowitzI don't think I've ever posted the Saturday  stuff this late, but I'm getting around to it now. OpenSUSE news *cough cough*.Jun 21 18:47
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))Jun 21 18:53
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