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schestowitzWhat have you found?Nov 13 00:00
schestowitzGates: "Let's face it, the average computer user has the brain of a Spider Monkey."Nov 13 00:01
Omar87schestowitz: Oh God.. :)Nov 13 00:02
Omar87Did you read the part where he says: "Gates: Well, how did Hitler answer Poland when they said "we don't want you to invade us?"" ?Nov 13 00:02
schestowitzYet look at him  bobbing like a pigeon. 13 00:02
schestowitzHere he is dissing the legal system, as though he owns them... 13 00:02
schestowitzOmar87: that interview was fake (spoof)Nov 13 00:03
Omar87schestowitz: Oh, okay. :)Nov 13 00:04
schestowitzBut he's demented for other reasons.Nov 13 00:04
schestowitzNot in a malicious way.Nov 13 00:04
schestowitzThe thing is, people like Gates and Myhrvold are mentally f*ed up in the sense that greed and power over other people drive them.Nov 13 00:05
Omar87It seems as if he bribed the mental hospital where he should be right now. :)Nov 13 00:05
schestowitzThey also think of themselves as Gods of knowledge and they collect patents obsessively.Nov 13 00:05
schestowitzPhelps attest to it.Nov 13 00:05
schestowitzThey have people sit around the table at dinner taking notes of every word they say and turn that to patent applifcations.Nov 13 00:06
Omar87The same way he bribed those journalists and bloggers, lol.Nov 13 00:06
schestowitzBallmer is another type of monster.Nov 13 00:06
Omar87schestowitz: Yeah.Nov 13 00:06
schestowitzAnd no, he wasn't on drugs when dancing on stage.Nov 13 00:06
schestowitzThe money messed with their minds or..Nov 13 00:06
Omar87I bet Ballmer doesn't ever know what C++ is, lol. :DNov 13 00:06
schestowitzThe more likely possibility is that there were both semi0demented and lacking ethics from the start.Nov 13 00:07
schestowitzThe story as I recall it is systematic theft of other people's work from the very start.Nov 13 00:07
Omar87absolutely.Nov 13 00:07
schestowitzGates' chronic bobbing is a medical sort of condition and Ballmer reminds me of a mongoloid...Nov 13 00:07
schestowitzThey ruthlessly destroyed companies and paid fine/settlements to carry onNov 13 00:08
Omar87A somehow "legal" theft of people's money, and minds.Nov 13 00:08
schestowitzLater they poison the govt. with their own cronies, so there days they can carry on with crime almost uninterrupted.Nov 13 00:08
schestowitzOmar87: Ballmer doesn't program.Nov 13 00:08
schestowitzHe never did. He's a manager type... basket-type grease monkey.Nov 13 00:09
Omar87schestowitz: Yeah, I know, he's just businessman.Nov 13 00:09
Omar87schestowitz: Okay here's this story..Nov 13 00:09
schestowitzHe speaks about software in terms of money tooNov 13 00:09
schestowitzYou can see it in his talks. He has no passion for software.Nov 13 00:09
Omar87I know :)Nov 13 00:09
schestowitzHe talks of monetisation, exclusionary deals, patent racketeering etc.Nov 13 00:09
Omar87I live in Jordan, which is a growing country.Nov 13 00:10
schestowitzHe hardly would understand the technical benefit of Free software. He still doesn't . he reinvents wheels, poorly.Nov 13 00:10
schestowitzAnd makes his own wheels that are, by design, incompatible with everyone's roads (e.g. ActivewX).Nov 13 00:10
schestowitzThe middle east is slow to adopt FOSS.Nov 13 00:10
Omar87However here, in Jordan, Microsoft is like an idol whom everybody praises and everybody loves.. etc.Nov 13 00:11
schestowitzBut Red Hat has just expanded there, despite the slowdown.Nov 13 00:11
schestowitzYes, I know.Nov 13 00:11
Omar87Yeah, that's true.Nov 13 00:11
schestowitzGates and the princes... familiar picture.Nov 13 00:11
schestowitzSitting down talking about money & powerNov 13 00:11
schestowitzThere was also the issue of funds being passed through there.Nov 13 00:11
schestowitzIt's the same with Gates and China.Nov 13 00:11
schestowitzIn Russia on the other hand he's not too popular, I think.Nov 13 00:12
Omar87In my University, there is an MCSE course running, and I start gagging every time I even think of attending one of its lessons.Nov 13 00:12
schestowitzHe has some European leaders in his pocket (Sarko, b'liar, the Belgian and Danish one... )Nov 13 00:12
schestowitzThey should teach methods, not tools.Nov 13 00:13
Omar87However, one of my friends attends it, and guess what, he told me something hilarious. :DNov 13 00:13
schestowitzBut MCSE is about GUIs, not compitersNov 13 00:13
Omar87Their techer..Nov 13 00:13
Omar87Started praising Microsoft as they had paid him to do that..Nov 13 00:14
Omar87And after that, he gave them copies of Windows XP!Nov 13 00:14
schestowitzYesNov 13 00:14
schestowitzNot news.Nov 13 00:14
schestowitzLet me find somethingNov 13 00:14
schestowitzIt's called academic kickbacks.Nov 13 00:14
schestowitzAnd it should be outlawed.Nov 13 00:15
Omar87And yes! It's not genuine! :DNov 13 00:15
schestowitz 13 00:15
schestowitzDoes that happen in 2008?Nov 13 00:15
schestowitzIf so, I want to blog it.Nov 13 00:15
schestowitzIf Microsoft still corrupt academics, it's significant enough to noteNov 13 00:16
Omar87schestowitz: I just don't about this teacher, but really, he might not be in contact, in any way with Microsoft. However, I can't also deny the fact that they might very well be using him. (from below the table of course)Nov 13 00:18
Omar87Because, is I can see it here in Jordan, Microsoft seems to be following a filthy plan to hypnotize the growing countries and recruit them to its own advantage.Nov 13 00:19
Omar87as* I can see it..Nov 13 00:20
schestowitzThey paid academics to promote Vista, IIRC (around 2006)Nov 13 00:20
schestowitzThey still do that type of hame.Nov 13 00:20
schestowitz*gameNov 13 00:20
schestowitzMindshare for sale.Nov 13 00:20
Omar87Yeah, they will still be using the same game with Windows 7.Nov 13 00:20
Omar87Here's another story.Nov 13 00:21
Omar87At my college, I'm a member of a group call the OSG (Open Source Group).Nov 13 00:22
schestowitz "British online gambling provider William Hill has announced the appointment from next week of former BBC Director Ashley Highfield as a Non-Executive Director." Says PJ: "Well. Online gambling and Microsoft in the same week."Nov 13 00:22
schestowitzThey already do a lot to lie about Vista 7.Nov 13 00:23
schestowitzI spread some E-mails to journalists who exposed that Big LieNov 13 00:23
schestowitzNow Microsoft is attacking the messenger, via its talking points like Ina Fried.Nov 13 00:23
Omar87A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Joi Ito from the OSI came to visit Jordan for the first time, and we arranged a meeting with him at a place called Jordan Computer Society.Nov 13 00:25
Omar87 13 00:25
Omar87The attendees were no more than those you can see in the pics, I'm one of them though.Nov 13 00:26
schestowitzIs he the Creative COmmons guy?Nov 13 00:26
Omar87YupNov 13 00:26
schestowitzOh, I see now in the photoNov 13 00:26
schestowitzThat's Lessig no. 2Nov 13 00:26
Omar87Lessig?Nov 13 00:27
schestowitz"I am sad, I hate computer architecture."Nov 13 00:27
schestowitz 13 00:27
schestowitzLessig left the cause to fight corruption that hurt CCNov 13 00:27
schestowitzHe let Ito inherit the responsibilities.Nov 13 00:27
schestowitz 13 00:28
Omar87However, a couple of weeks ahead, MS well be holding a pretty big event, and my entire college will be attending it..Nov 13 00:28
schestowitz"Gore observed that this was really just part of a much bigger problem. That the real problem here was (what I will call a "corruption" of) the political process. That our government can't understand basic facts when strong interests have an interest in its misunderstanding."Nov 13 00:28
schestowitz"The answer is a kind of corruption of the political process. Or better, a "corruption" of the political process. I don't mean corruption in the simple sense of bribery. I mean "corruption" in the sense that the system is so queered by the influence of money that it can't even get an issue as simple and clear as term extension right."Nov 13 00:28
Omar87How do you pronounce his name?Nov 13 00:28
schestowitzMicrosoft always runs parties to steal someone else's thunderNov 13 00:29
Omar87Lessig?Nov 13 00:29
schestowitz[in exchange for people's loyalty... = money]Nov 13 00:29
schestowitzLe - SigNov 13 00:29
Omar87Yeah that's  true.Nov 13 00:29
schestowitzMandatory talk to watch:Nov 13 00:29
schestowitz 13 00:29
Omar87The "g" in Sig is like "egg"?Nov 13 00:30
schestowitzThere's no hope for the US (the old 'daze' US)Nov 13 00:30
schestowitzChina, UAE and other wealthy countries will gain a lot more influence. China already gets ther.eNov 13 00:30
schestowitzEarlier today: 13 00:30
schestowitz"In the 19th century, America was a by-word for piracy of British ideas. In the 20th century, as its industry developed, it embraced intellectual monopolies, and became the most fervent advocate of maximalist legal regimes.Nov 13 00:31
schestowitzIn the 20th century, China was a by-word for piracy of American ideas. In the 21st century, as its industry developed, it embraced intellectual monopolies, and became their stoutest defender. The news story above is but the trickle that presages the torrent.Nov 13 00:31
schestowitzSoon, America will be deluged with such suits, as China tries to leverage its huge industrial power. The consequence? America will become one of the most fervent advocates for *minimalist* intellectual property regimes. Yes, you read that correctly: just wait."Nov 13 00:31
schestowitzYes, like egg (or "igg")Nov 13 00:31
Omar87schestowitz: What's with the 9% ?Nov 13 00:54
schestowitzHave you watched the whole thing.Nov 13 00:56
schestowitz? I think that was the consent rate (for the govt.)Nov 13 00:56
Omar87Thanks your time. :)Nov 13 01:10
Omar87Thanks *for* your time.Nov 13 01:10
schestowitzMy pleasure.Nov 13 01:11
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jose"Microsoft explains seven-year-old patch delay"Nov 13 02:33
jose 13 02:33
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MinceRj0Nov 13 07:08
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schestowitzDell CTO Kevin Kettler to step down in January < > Nov 13 11:08
schestowitz"The social consequences of the kind of mass unemployment we foresee will, if not addressed by government stimulus, split the nation into competing interest groups by age, income group, and industry ,," 13 11:28
schestowitzIt's here! ARM: 13 12:23
schestowitzCan't run Windows (not x86)Nov 13 12:23
MinceRit can run wince though :/Nov 13 12:26
schestowitzThey already used it on some Chinese device that was running Linux, IIRC.Nov 13 12:30
schestowitz "The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) pervasively filters Web sites that contain pornography or relate to alcohol and drug use, gay and lesbian issues, or online dating or gambling. Web-based applications and religious and political sites are also filtered, though less extensively. Additionally, legal controls limit free expression and behavior, restricting political discourse anNov 13 12:38
schestowitzd dissent online."Nov 13 12:38
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schestowitzBlech. Stupid Google makes the Web Windows-oriented... Had Google cared about Web standards (which they don't, they even DO ACTIVEX!), there would be no issue. My guess is that the company got poisoned by former Microsoft employees and 'Windows heads'. That's what I'm told by people close to the company.Nov 13 15:00
shyam_kIT companies in kerala seeking gov help..all those it companies are developing proprietary craps for the MNCs outside as outsourcing and other work..and citing them, others are pressurizing to change the students to slaves by including that in syllabi.. any arguments we can raise against the so called "IT Industry"?Nov 13 15:03
schestowitzIt's like that the government too is poisoned by lobbyists or friends of those multi-nationals.Nov 13 15:05
schestowitzSee http://deepakphatak.blogspot.c...Nov 13 15:05
shyam_khmmNov 13 15:05
schestowitzIt needs to come also from above, by activism that identifies the people that act as cronies and help multinationals loot the country.Nov 13 15:06
shyam_kbut in kerala, thats comparitively low..Nov 13 15:06
shyam_kyeah teachers here did the real work by demanding free software..Nov 13 15:06
schestowitzCan you refuse to learn Microsoft GUI in the country or demand choice that includes Free software?Nov 13 15:06
shyam_kfor schools..Nov 13 15:06
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schestowitzFor the govt. to instruct people to use and learn tools for a foreign convicted monopolist would be a travesty.Nov 13 15:07
shyam_kyeah.. education -the prime sector luckly is safe here.. and to proceed, i think free software stress in industry is needed..Nov 13 15:08
shyam_kwhich would be explaining the contrasts between free software and proprietary models in a stupid "market" point of view?Nov 13 15:09
schestowitzThe education system prepared people to their choices in industry.Nov 13 15:09
shyam_kmeans politicians and other people on the chairs will need that..Nov 13 15:09
schestowitzThat's why Microsoft is dumping software on the young.Nov 13 15:09
shyam_kofcourse it should be  m$'s new strategy to enter through educational systems..Nov 13 15:09
schestowitzThey tried it in Kerala.Nov 13 15:10
schestowitzDrug dealer mentality.Nov 13 15:10
schestowitzBill Gates: “They’ll get sort of addicted, and then we’ll somehow figure out how to collect sometime in the next decade.”Nov 13 15:11
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schestowitzOh, Gosh: BT waves goodbye to 10,000 temps and permies < > (ping kentma)Nov 13 15:13
schestowitzOn the other hand, here's a criminal company whose stagnation will only help this planet: Intel shocks with profit warning < >Nov 13 15:14
schestowitz< > Microsoft denies $400,000 anti-Linux bribe "Governments in Ghana, Namibia, Nigeria and South Africa have, “deployed Linux in departments and schools, but Hansen said that Microsoft has strong relationships with the governments in these countries,” the story adds."Nov 13 15:26
schestowitzIn Nigeria, Microsoft employs the former president's son, who attacks critics of Microsoft. Nov 13 15:27
*twitter ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 13 15:28
twittergood morningNov 13 15:28
twitternice patent articleNov 13 15:28
twitterI barfed my machine last night, is anything interesting going on this morning?Nov 13 15:29
schestowitzThe funny thing is that Microsoft has been accused of bribery for almost a year now... only about 7 months later Microsoft goes on the record with an IDG PLACEMENT that serves -- in my eyes -- as revisinism. They want to point at that article any time someone accused them of bribery or shows some evidence.Nov 13 15:30
schestowitz"it's not bribery, we call it 'marketing help'" Shame on IDC for doing their history rewrite.Nov 13 15:30
schestowitzSnake oil? BitDefender Announces Beta Release of BitDefender Antivirus Scanner for Unices < >Nov 13 15:36
schestowitzbbNov 13 15:38
shyam_kGratis softwares to all IEEE student members is an example..Nov 13 15:45
shyam_kops tht sentence is not full!:_Nov 13 15:46
shyam_kofcourse it should be  m$'s new strategy to enter through educational systems..Gratis softwares to all IEEE student members is an example.. i had a blog on that.. 13 15:46
twitterAV for Unix makes sense on a mail server with Windows clients.  It's the Windows clients that don't make sense.Nov 13 15:59
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_doughi there ....Nov 13 16:08
shyam_k_doug: hiNov 13 16:08
_doughi ther shyamNov 13 16:12
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trmanco 13 16:29
trmanco:|Nov 13 16:29
trmancoI like some of the commentsNov 13 16:30
trmancolike this one "This article is sheer bullcrap... world without UNIX is a sad world indeed.. Ballmer has always been a, dum, ill-informed, maniac... not to mention always in a state of denial.Nov 13 16:30
trmancoHow much has M$ payed you to write this POS."Nov 13 16:30
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twitterShyam, thanks for sharing your opinion of the IEEE.  It is important for organizations like that to hear what people think.Nov 13 16:46
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shyam_kyeah.. we should be having a platform for that..Nov 13 16:49
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twittertroll brags about scrubbing wikipedia 13 18:44
twitterhere's my collection of ACPI sabotage stuff for anyone interested 13 18:46
schestowitzshyam_k: I've just gotten back. yes, I read your IEEE months ago and linked to it in some places.Nov 13 18:51
schestowitztwitter: trolls of shills? Microsoft employees subvert Wikipedia too. Microsoft was caught even HIRING for it.Nov 13 18:53
twitterIt is impossible to tell the difference between trolls and shills, they are often the same people.Nov 13 18:57
twitterOh well, it was a nice time to update both the Vista failure log and the Power Management Poison entry to include Vista hibernation and sleep issues. 13 18:58
twitterThose are important to consider when you read about "4 second" Windows 7 boots that use some form of hibernation.Nov 13 18:58
twitterBill Gates ordered ACPI to be "Windows only", so the design has all the complexity and lack of standards as a Word Doc.Nov 13 19:01
*schestowitz on phoneNov 13 19:02
schestowitzVista Seven Will Fix Everything(R)Nov 13 19:22
twitterThe sooner M$ goes bankrupt, the better off everyone is.Nov 13 19:23
schestowitzHeh.Nov 13 19:23
schestowitzWell, my family lost heaps of money too (just been on the phone)Nov 13 19:23
twitterI'm sorry to hear that.Nov 13 19:23
schestowitzOn the other hand, fortunately enough, my bank account is dollar-based, so the sinking of the bank didn't whack me.Nov 13 19:23
schestowitzWhen families lose money, people get closer. It's back to culture, which is reason to be happyNov 13 19:24
schestowitzI know people who are deep in debtNov 13 19:24
twitterthe market is wild today.  it sank 4.5% and is now up 2%Nov 13 19:24
schestowitzI spent like an hour at the gym explaning this to people and learning new things.Nov 13 19:24
schestowitzThe prince of Dubai just bought one of the major banks here.Nov 13 19:25
schestowitzCountries with defecist seem likely to be bought by the eastNov 13 19:25
schestowitzLoan slaves to the people whom they once exploited...Nov 13 19:25
twitterWhen the middle class is screwed, they start to understand the bad deals given to others.Nov 13 19:25
schestowitzMy dad turns very sour about the US administration that let this happen.Nov 13 19:26
twitterIt's been brewing for 30 years.Nov 13 19:26
schestowitzWhich is interesting because he finally understands and sympathises with my rants.Nov 13 19:26
twitterThat is good.Nov 13 19:27
schestowitzRMS live off his award. :-)Nov 13 19:27
schestowitz*livesNov 13 19:27
schestowitzI can't recall where he wrote this, but he arranged it such that he can continue to preach about Freedom for many years to come. And that's a job worthy of an award.Nov 13 19:28
twitterThe old saw about greed bites.  Companies have obligations to customers, employees and shareholders.  When they screw one for the sake of the others, they will get around to the other two sooner or later.Nov 13 19:28
twitterExecutives are still stuffing millions into their pockets and partying while they can.Nov 13 19:29
schestowitz "Australian internet censorship plans are running into powerful opposition from citizenry that know perfectly well what the internet does (and what it doesn't do)."Nov 13 19:29
schestowitzPartying or parting?Nov 13 19:30
schestowitzSome executives escape to avoid prosecution, AFAIK.Nov 13 19:30
twitterM$FT broke $20 and is still down while the market is up.   52Wk Low: 18.74, whack.Nov 13 19:31
schestowitzWhack indeed.Nov 13 19:31
schestowitzBe prepared for Novell to do something nasty.Nov 13 19:32
schestowitzI got a leak this morning.Nov 13 19:32
twitterThey had better hurry.  As you pointed out, M$'s patent position is a laughing stock.Nov 13 19:32
schestowitzI still have several posts with very ugly stuff about Novell, but I can share that publicly... not yet anyway... one is over a year old.Nov 13 19:32
schestowitzGiven the opportunity for a good substantiated smear I can pull that out.Nov 13 19:33
schestowitzMicrosoft yet: "we're.. we're... $18.7... we sell Windows for just $0 because of GNU/Linux and netbooks... but.. but... we have many patents"Nov 13 19:33
twitterWhat kinds of things can you know that would not be worth sharing with the public?Nov 13 19:34
schestowitzLike SCO... "yes, we lose business like a motor... but that Lunix thing stole from us... and we're certain [NOT!] that we own UNIX"Nov 13 19:34
schestowitztwitter: they could expose the source of the leak.Nov 13 19:35
twitterOh... I hope they get a better job soon.Nov 13 19:35
twitterLike I said yesterday.  I wonder how much M$ is losing to keep it's stock price propped up.Nov 13 19:37
schestowitz "One thing that the article does not talk about is Microsoft's reasons for helping Novell try to win customers from Red Hat. I think that Microsoft's main reason is to try to pressure Red Hat into signing a disadvantageous software patent agreement with Microsoft.Nov 13 19:37
schestowitz"Nov 13 19:37
schestowitztwitter: some professor tells me that Microsoft just buys and sells its own stock, but I doubt it.Nov 13 19:38
schestowitzOffice is still profitable in the few countries that actually pay for it.Nov 13 19:38
twitterThey can do that but the costs will add up.Nov 13 19:38
schestowitzWow!Nov 13 19:39
schestowitzMichael from Red Hat...Nov 13 19:39
schestowitzHead of OSI too...Nov 13 19:39
twitterThey have to pay transaction costs, if nothing else, to sell back and forth to themselves.  Also, others can jump into it and take their money.Nov 13 19:39
schestowitz"Tell Microsoft/Novell "no!" and reward Red Hat's good behavior with continued business. I think it's pretty obvious to say that the more strongly you vote your values by buying from Red Hat, the faster we can change the status quo in the software marketplace."Nov 13 19:39
schestowitz 13 19:39
schestowitzThat's the first time I hear it from Red Hat... a senior one no less...Nov 13 19:39
schestowitzMichael Tiemann Nov 13 19:39
twitterRed Hat has been kicking Novell's ass anyway.Nov 13 19:39
schestowitzYes, but Mcirosoft is trying to pressure them.Nov 13 19:40
schestowitzThey lock them out of stuff.Nov 13 19:40
schestowitzI'll highlight that comment from Michael later.Nov 13 19:40
twittercoolNov 13 19:40
schestowitz 13 19:41
schestowitz"So far Microsoft's attack on Red Hat seems to be bearing insignificant results. Red Hat is doing great financially and shows no fear of Microsoft's software patent attack."Nov 13 19:41
twitterThey also have both larger market share and better growth.Nov 13 19:41
schestowitzBack in November 2006... before Boycott Novell was born I got some polite E-mails from Red HatNov 13 19:41
schestowitzIt happened after I had protested politely in the Opensusue mailing lists (I was a SUSE user for  along time)Nov 13 19:41
schestowitzRed Hat's growth if about 305Nov 13 19:42
schestowitz30%Nov 13 19:42
schestowitzI can't recall Novell's for sure (revenue vs profit), but it's similar, IIRC.Nov 13 19:42
schestowitzUbuntu gains on servers too.Nov 13 19:42
twitterSo, the story is BS because it implies Novell took 3% from a fixed sized pie.Nov 13 19:43
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twitter 13 19:46
twitter 13 19:47
twitterJoining forces with M$ has not been good for Novell.Nov 13 19:47
schestowitzWell, it dependsNov 13 19:48
schestowitzWithout the deal, they would probably be troubled too.Nov 13 19:48
schestowitzAlthough their public inage would not have been tarnished like this.Nov 13 19:48
schestowitz"There is nothing wrong with "voting with your wallet." I liked and supported SuSe until the secret patent agreement between Microsoft and Novell. (Since then we no longer use Novell products.)Nov 13 19:49
schestowitzPeople forget that a corporation is basically a "fake individual" - It is time that we held our corporations to the same standards that we hold our citizens."Nov 13 19:49
schestowitz 13 19:49
twitterNo, you need to punish the guilty, not innocent bystanders.Nov 13 19:57
schestowitzIKNov 13 19:59
schestowitzOops. I'll send RMS a quick mail.Nov 13 19:59
twitterUbuntu moving readies ARM distro 13 20:01
twitterBout time.Nov 13 20:01
schestowitzYes, I wrote about it this morning.Nov 13 20:06
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trmanco 13 20:09
schestowitz "Earlier this year, we pointed out that if you're a broadband provider implementing some kind of broadband cap, and you're hyping it up by showing off just how many emails can be sent under the cap, there's a problem. Obviously, ISPs are using the number of emails as a criteria because emails use up almost no bandwidth -- so no matter what the cap is, the answer is "a lot.""Nov 13 20:09
schestowitzPalin and Africa is a HOAX! "And it seems I'm still left somewhat puzzled -- due to the reports that MSNBC fell for a hoax in which Martin Eisenstadt claims to be the source for the rumor that Sarah Palin didn't know if Africa was a country or a continent." < >Nov 13 20:11
schestowitzUnite has hit out at Hewlett-Packard for making more job cuts in Britain - mostly among its EDS staff - than anywhere else in Europe. < >Nov 13 20:18
schestowitzLegalised bribery from Microsoft: (Microsoft's lobbying tab dwarfs Google's tally)Nov 13 20:21
twitterbblNov 13 20:22
trmanco "The reason these 10,000 systems had to be customized? Simple: Windows can't even boot on open firmware. Can't even boot! Which means that the other 990,000 XO (or so) systems in the wild CANNOT EVEN RUN WINDOWS with the firmware installed on them."Nov 13 20:34
schestowitzWe need more MIPS out there too.Nov 13 20:35
schestowitzWeaken Intel, support ARM.Nov 13 20:35
trmanco 13 20:35
trmancomy router is a MIPS :-PNov 13 20:35
trmancoMy cellphone has an Arm CPUNov 13 20:36
schestowitzThey did a stuntNov 13 20:36
schestowitzThey wanted to do a 'showcase'/case study on "Linux can't make it" Nov 13 20:36
schestowitzFor similar reasons they tied up ASUS (the word of ASUS were "tied up"): 13 20:37
trmancodirty tricks...Nov 13 20:39
schestowitz"Bixnix as usual" to the VoleNov 13 20:40
schestowitzI'll do an article later about IDG rewriting their crime stories.Nov 13 20:40
schestowitzI'm getting sick of IDG/IDC. They need to go the same way as Ziff/Gates/Davis (dodo)Nov 13 20:41
*twitter has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Nov 13 20:41
schestowitzWintel press has a role in misleading the public ans shape tech perceptions until they are assumed to be reality.Nov 13 20:42
schestowitzIDG: ( Obama Won the Web Uptime Race, Too )Nov 13 20:46
trmanco 13 20:49
trmancololNov 13 20:50
trmancoFOSSANov 13 20:50
trmancoLOLNov 13 20:50
trmancodisgusting word in Portuguese but funny in this contextNov 13 20:50
schestowitzWhat does it mean?Nov 13 20:51
schestowitzI know about FOSFA in Africa.Nov 13 20:52
schestowitzOr FOSSFA... Free Open Source Software For Africa, IIRC.Nov 13 20:52
trmancohow can I say thisNov 13 20:53
trmanco...Nov 13 20:53
trmancothe word fossa in Portuguese translates into a sewerNov 13 20:54
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 13 20:54
schestowitzFOSSA is not out yet. But Novell is going right into the FOSSA soon. :-)Nov 13 20:55
trmancoLOLNov 13 20:55
schestowitzAdeus, RonH.Nov 13 20:57
trmanco?Nov 13 20:58
trmancowho is RonH?Nov 13 20:58
*twitter ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 13 20:59
twitterbackNov 13 20:59
twitterSolder works better than y splitter for IDE powerNov 13 20:59
schestowitz "The websites form a blacklist of unspecified "unwanted content", Broadband Minister Stephen Conroy revealed in Federal Parliament." WTF is a Broadband Minister? Sounds like a fancy name for "propaganda minister".Nov 13 21:00
schestowitztrmanco: Ron Hovo Sapient.Nov 13 21:00
trmancoNovell CEONov 13 21:01
twitterHovo Sapient?  Homo Stultus?Nov 13 21:02
twitter:)Nov 13 21:02
schestowitz"Hopefully Novell will ditch MS the second it can. Novell truly does have the best OS in existence right now, but its deal with the inept Microsoft is hurting it badly."  < >Nov 13 21:03
schestowitzOn management: "I can't help but come to the conclusion that Novell management has absolutely zero leadership and is either chasing other peoples strategies or leaving their future in the hands of others completely like M$."Nov 13 21:03
schestowitzAsay lives in Utah and Novell sucks up to him, but the comments are better than the post.Nov 13 21:03
schestowitzDoes CNET Networks (?) own ZDNet now?Nov 13 21:05
trmanco 13 21:08
trmancoMicrosoft dropped $1.20 to $20.88 at 4 p.m. New York time in Nasdaq Stock Market trading. The stock has declined 41 percent this year.Nov 13 21:09
schestowitzThe stock was below $20, but it says too little. I'll get you an image, hold on...Nov 13 21:10
trmancookNov 13 21:10
schestowitz 13 21:11
schestowitzThis is from August. It shows you that Microsoft bought about $70,000,000,000 of its OWN stock.Nov 13 21:11
trmanco:oNov 13 21:12
schestowitzGiven the value of the company, I reckon MSFT would be near $`10 right now had there been no buybacks.Nov 13 21:12
schestowitzMicrosoft WAS rich. Now Apple is richer then Microsoft.Nov 13 21:12
*_doug has quit ()Nov 13 21:13
trmanco 13 21:13
trmancoRussia looks good :-)Nov 13 21:13
schestowitzMicrosoft is a barrier to IPv6: ; (I wrote a lot more about it in USENET)Nov 13 21:17
trmancoyesNov 13 21:17
trmancoMore BS from MS : 13 21:17
schestowitz 13 21:17
schestowitzI just ignore MS damage controlNov 13 21:18
schestowitzjontherun just did some damage control for them along with the Microsoft shills (Ina Friedshill et al) who responded to proof that Vista 7 is Vista.Nov 13 21:19
twitterfood for thought, M$ friendly Computer World says non IE use at 26%. 13 21:20
schestowitzMoto joins the Big Boys: 13 21:29
schestowitzPublications owned by IDG: InfoWorld, CIO, ComputerWorld, CSO, Demo, GamePro,, IDG Connect,IDG World Expo, Industry Standard, IT World, JavaWorld, LinuxWorld, MacUser, Macworld, Network World, PC World and Playlist.Nov 13 21:30
schestowitzFor the Microsoft connection see: 13 21:30
schestowitzThe list about is not complete.Nov 13 21:31
schestowitzAnal-ysts: "Companies such as Merrill Lynch, American Technology Research and Credit Suisse all upgraded their share price target for Google to $740 from $590, $815 and $900 respectively." < ( Google shares slump to lowest in three years ) >Nov 13 21:36
schestowitzCanadian sues Microsoft for $2 billion < >Nov 13 21:42
schestowitzGood news: Nvidia loses market share to AMD < > ATI is the one to advocate now because they play ball with free software.Nov 13 21:45
twitterInteresting, the NYT had a story about "mind control" and delusions today as well.Nov 13 21:57
twitterCrazy stuff in the mainstream media these days.Nov 13 21:57
schestowitzCan you find it? Maybe some Scientology getaways... :-)Nov 13 21:59
schestowitzThe Wintel press does a lot of Windows Live peddling today. Given the lack of new things, I can't help but suspect that Microsoft's agencies are hammering on journos again.Nov 13 22:02
schestowitzRelaxOS - Help Needed! < >; then again.. DeLi Linux Development Stalled < >. The code and the pertinent package not only live, but they continue development.Nov 13 22:06
*trmanco has quit ("I just hit the close button :)")Nov 13 22:21
schestowitzGoogle experiences downtime, so does faith in cloud computing < >Nov 13 22:37
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Nov 13 22:38
*wispy (i=9f5b894f@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellNov 13 22:41
wispyhi guysNov 13 22:41
schestowitzHey, wispy. What's up?Nov 13 22:42
wispyhi roy!Nov 13 22:42
wispyi decided to drop byNov 13 22:42
wispyhappy birthday btwNov 13 22:42
wispybn is 2, am i correct?Nov 13 22:42
schestowitzOh, *that*Nov 13 22:42
*schestowitz thought he had missed his own birthday :-)Nov 13 22:43
wispyhaha my dad forgets his birthday every year XDNov 13 22:43 seems to have slowed recently.Nov 13 22:43
schestowitzI might neglect it for a while.Nov 13 22:43
wispyyeah, i don't visit as often.  I go on slashdot more oftenNov 13 22:43
wispyi'm on reddit, tooNov 13 22:44
schestowitzReddit seems good. I don't trust Slashdot anymore.Nov 13 22:44
wispyreally? what happenedNov 13 22:44
wispyi go on about every 2-3 weeks, so i haven't been seriously involved with the site yetNov 13 22:45
schestowitzThat they have many Slashvertisements and pro-Microsoft content is one thing, but the visit to Redmond and the funding from Microsoft through SourceForge is another.Nov 13 22:45
wispyit's funny b/c they started off so pro-linuxNov 13 22:45
schestowitzAnd that's just the posts. The comments are filled with PR agents, including Microsoft Munchkins of sorts (some of whom I'm aware of).Nov 13 22:46
schestowitzYes, they hardly cover Linux now. They aim for  a browser audience, but lose all their regulars. The site is declining.Nov 13 22:46
schestowitzBoycottNovell made the front page of Slashdot last week.Nov 13 22:47
wispythat's too bad, really.  at least we have other linux sitesNov 13 22:47
wispynice!Nov 13 22:47
schestowitzThe Slashdot effect is now what it used to be.Nov 13 22:47
wispythe reddit effect is catching up ;)Nov 13 22:47
schestowitzI wrote about Slashdot in 13 22:47
schestowitzReddit is pretty decent.Nov 13 22:48
wispythanks for the link.  yep, i agreeNov 13 22:48
schestowitzIt can drive almost as much as Slashdot, depending on the story.Nov 13 22:48
wispynow, i see reddit stories with more than 1,000 up votes.  when i joined in jan of this year, it was much lessNov 13 22:48
wispyi'm subscribed to the linux subreddit, BTWNov 13 22:49
*schestowitz reckons it won't be long before shills ruin that tooNov 13 22:49
wispy:(Nov 13 22:49
wispyawwNov 13 22:49
schestowitzAs soon as sites get popular they either sell out or get manipulated by companies that want to exploit and harness their effect.Nov 13 22:49
wispyif you tell the truth, no one can bring you downNov 13 22:50
schestowitzDigg sickened me too when I found out about those underground manipulators of the site.Nov 13 22:50
wispyvery trueNov 13 22:50
wispyburies shouldn't be anonymousNov 13 22:50
schestowitzThey were not in Netscape/Propeller.Nov 13 22:50
wispywhat's worse is that they hold more weight than diggsNov 13 22:50
schestowitzI have 4 people in Digg modding down EVERY comment of mine.Nov 13 22:50
schestowitzSame people that also spread libel about me in Slashdot and USENET. Same names.Nov 13 22:51
wispythat's horrible.  :'(Nov 13 22:51
schestowitzIt has gone on for well over a year. They decided to use lies to stir the crowd against me.Nov 13 22:51
schestowitz[calling me shills and stuff... spreading lies... modding me down while modding up criticism of me... like a pack of hyenas]Nov 13 22:52
schestowitzThe regular IRCer, twitter, has a similar issue at Slashdor.Nov 13 22:52
wispyi feel for you.Nov 13 22:52
schestowitzThey come chancing him to BNNov 13 22:52
schestowitzThey actually attack him just minutes after he leaves a comment in BN.Nov 13 22:53
wispyyeah, i did see some of that in the comments on this siteNov 13 22:53
schestowitzI should change the text that says "comments" to "flames" :-)Nov 13 22:53
wispyhaha cuteNov 13 22:53
wispynot all of them would be flames.  you have some friends who agree with youNov 13 22:54
schestowitzYes.Nov 13 22:54
schestowitzI thought about separating it, but it needs coding and won't hold with upgrades.Nov 13 22:54
schestowitzBut I never really thought about it properly; it was more of a joke. Linuxhater did this at the time, but he actually flamed.Nov 13 22:55
wispyi saw that on his site actually lolNov 13 22:55
wispyhe has a new blog i thinkNov 13 22:55
wispyabout linux, of courseNov 13 22:55
schestowitzHe quitNov 13 22:56
schestowitzI don't know who that is, but Miguel knows. It figures.Nov 13 22:56
wispymiguel?  who's that??Nov 13 22:56
schestowitzTwo people who think that Java and Linux suck, so they need to bring SilverXAML and .NET to it.Nov 13 22:56
schestowitzNovelldeIcazaNov 13 22:57
wispyyikesNov 13 22:57
wispyjava is free, since this past juneNov 13 22:57
schestowitzYes, and Sun is willing to helpNov 13 22:57
schestowitzWait until Novell drives Sun up the wall. They will.Nov 13 22:57
wispysun also bought mysql, which i'm interested in learningNov 13 22:57
schestowitzMySQL is the most popular Web site, AFAIK, based on certain criteria.Nov 13 22:58
schestowitz /s/Web site/db/Nov 13 22:58
wispycoolNov 13 22:58
schestowitzThe Liars Microsoft employs lies about it by design. it's horrid.Nov 13 22:58
wispyhere's the blog i was talking about: 13 22:58
schestowitzThey go around India with 'analyst' hats saying MySQL has just 1% market share. Frost & Sullivan and Gartner... both in Microsoft's pocket$.Nov 13 22:59
schestowitzwispy: that's a faker, I think.Nov 13 22:59
wispyi thought so, wasn't sureNov 13 22:59
schestowitzWaveriders.. like Ffake Steve Jobs.Nov 13 23:00
schestowitzHere you had the loser Dan Lyons.Nov 13 23:00
wispyand fake steve ballmer lolNov 13 23:00
schestowitzHe had a blog, but no-one gave a dman.Nov 13 23:00
schestowitzHe was crazily jealous of GroklawNov 13 23:00
schestowitzHis articles in Frobes got him pittance cause ol' media is dying (I know cause he linked to BN in there)Nov 13 23:00
wispydo you know her?Nov 13 23:01
wispyyeah i saw some of his articles in forbesNov 13 23:01
schestowitzSo he took the image of a famous and liked person (Steve Jobs) and sort of stole his identity to gain attention, which he soon got.Nov 13 23:01
schestowitzFake Steve Ballmer SPAMs sites.Nov 13 23:01
wispyi used to see spam for that blog all over the placeNov 13 23:01
wispyin the comments of other blogsNov 13 23:02
schestowitzHe leave junk comments in many sites (including mine) with the URL to the blog (not just under the commenter's name). He does this in ZDNet too.Nov 13 23:02
schestowitz*leavesNov 13 23:02
wispycan you block him?Nov 13 23:02
schestowitzI'm not sure if it's a Ballmer wannabe or a Lyons wannabe. I don't block him;.Nov 13 23:02
wispyso you pity him?  jkNov 13 23:03
schestowitzPoor Bergy can't find anything he fancies: ( On Zenwalk, briefly)Nov 13 23:03
schestowitzwispy: these people live in other people's shaddowNov 13 23:03
schestowitzI try to just report things the media does notNov 13 23:04
wispyhe's a wannabeNov 13 23:04
schestowitzI happen not to echo the obvious, so some people think that being different makes it incorrect (which it is not)Nov 13 23:04
wispyso you don't respond to peer pressure, that's good :)Nov 13 23:04
wispyi just read the link you postedNov 13 23:06
wispyhe doesn't see that having many distros give people choiceNov 13 23:06
schestowitzWhich one?Nov 13 23:07
schestowitzOh, Beranger.Nov 13 23:07
wispyyepNov 13 23:07
schestowitzHe rants for attention. As in, well... he trashes people's work.Nov 13 23:07
wispyhow rudeNov 13 23:08
schestowitzTrying to correct it is one thing, but he's cursing and provoking.Nov 13 23:08
schestowitzI read him for the political stuff. He's sharp.Nov 13 23:08
wispylet's allow him to whine.  we can laugh at how he's not doing anything productive with his timeNov 13 23:09
wispyhe should stick to politics, i guessNov 13 23:09
schestowitzHe tries.Nov 13 23:10
wispygood, lolNov 13 23:10
wispyso have you used ubuntu recently?Nov 13 23:10
schestowitzI haven't, but my server at work runs it.Nov 13 23:12
schestowitzlogger_bot too runs Ubuntu. Say "hello" to logger_bot.Nov 13 23:13
wispyhiya logger bot!Nov 13 23:13
schestowitzHe's deaf/muteNov 13 23:14
wispyi hear a lot about how more and more places are using ubuntu as servers, wikipedia being one of themNov 13 23:14
wispyawww that sucksNov 13 23:14
schestowitzIt's all the same thing.Nov 13 23:14
schestowitzLinux+X=Apache+whateverNov 13 23:14
schestowitz /s/=/+/Nov 13 23:15
wispyinteresting :)Nov 13 23:15
schestowitzUbuntu has a good slogan though. Very inviting.Nov 13 23:15
wispyyeah, that's what made me comfortable to use itNov 13 23:15
wispyit was the first distro i ever heard ofNov 13 23:16
schestowitz"Linux for humans.. because all those 'other things' are not suitable for 'human consumption'"Nov 13 23:16
wispylinux mint and mandriva are competition for ubuntu, though.  who knows who will winNov 13 23:17
schestowitzThere's no winning.Nov 13 23:21
schestowitzWhoever contributes more to the pieces and less to integration that's distro-specific.Nov 13 23:21
wispygood point :)Nov 13 23:22
schestowitzMandriva contributes more than Canonical to kernel space, which helps everyone, Ubuntu included.Nov 13 23:22
schestowitzNovell is another bugger.Nov 13 23:22
wispygood for themNov 13 23:22
schestowitzNovell take the pieces and infects them.. with patents.. with .NET, OOXML..Nov 13 23:22
wispydid they used to help out?Nov 13 23:23
schestowitzMaybe Microsoft could have done a good SCO/Novell mixNov 13 23:23
schestowitzRather than 'plant' patents they could have Novell shove some UNIX code into Linux... then call "Wolf!"Nov 13 23:23
wispytrueNov 13 23:23
wispysneakyNov 13 23:23
schestowitzNovell's motives used to be different, yes... now they obey the henchmen of Microsoft (Novell cronies and IBMers)Nov 13 23:24
schestowitzIBM gets too easy a ride. They are helping in ways, but harming too... not as much as Novell though.Nov 13 23:25
wispyi had to do an annual report project on IBM last year for my financial accounting class.  i chose IBM b/c they were involved with Linux, and i wanted to know more about themNov 13 23:25
schestowitzAnd if I rant in Bob Sutor's blog, then he read the comment but doesn't approve. He's afraid of disagreement getting visible *Boo HOO!*Nov 13 23:25
wispyhe should allow all commentsNov 13 23:26
schestowitzI'm gonna do a post about MSFT in a moment (multi-taskingNov 13 23:26
wispyok npNov 13 23:26
schestowitzGive me just 30 secsNov 13 23:26
schestowitzOK, done.Nov 13 23:27
schestowitzIt's about Microsoft losing about half its valueNov 13 23:28
wispytough for themNov 13 23:28
schestowitzWhy the 'obsession' with Microsoft? Well, no other company fights Free software nearly as hard.Nov 13 23:28
wispythey should focus more on working with free software if they want to do well in the future, but i'm not sure if that will happen!Nov 13 23:29
wispylook at google.  they are doing very well even though they deal with a lot of free softwareNov 13 23:30
schestowitzIt can't.Nov 13 23:30
schestowitzIt's the disruption dilemma.Nov 13 23:30
wispyhmmm trueNov 13 23:30
schestowitzThere are books with the theory about it... they ignore it until it's too late and they can't change without cutting themselves badly.Nov 13 23:30
schestowitzGoogle is what Microsoft should have evolved to become, but Google was faster and it's more agile. It has no legacy to protect, unlike Microsoft and Novell (mostly Netware)Nov 13 23:31
schestowitz 13 23:31
wispyreminds me of what i'm currently learning in my business classes: a company needs to transform itself and do something completely different from what they were doing previouslyNov 13 23:31
schestowitzYeah, try telling this to SteveBNov 13 23:32
schestowitzHe still uses an Excel spreadsheet as a _DIARY_Nov 13 23:32
wispyO_ONov 13 23:32
schestowitzThat's known as being a technology dinosaur. They need a new CTO or something.Nov 13 23:32
wispyprontoNov 13 23:32
wispythanks for the lnikNov 13 23:33
wispylink*Nov 13 23:33
schestowitzFor some reason, BN attracts a lot of people who want Microsoft to pass away.Nov 13 23:34
wispymaybe b/c this site has a lot of info about free software, and that interests them :)Nov 13 23:35
wispyooo i like this colorNov 13 23:35
schestowitzWhich one?Nov 13 23:36
wispythe one i'm writing withNov 13 23:36
schestowitzI don't see colours in my IRC clients. Tried using GAIM?Nov 13 23:37
schestowitzOops. Pidgin?Nov 13 23:37
wispynope, i didn't.  i'm using purple, btwNov 13 23:38
wispyi just saw your post about booting Debian in 14 seconds.  pretty neatNov 13 23:38
schestowitzJust got mail from the press. :-)Nov 13 23:41
wispywhat does it say? :)Nov 13 23:41
wispyi get the wall street journal everyday delivered to my dorm.  since i'm a business major, i *have* to subscribeNov 13 23:42
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 13 23:42
schestowitzIt's an article they do with me in it. They need an explanation of GPLv3.Nov 13 23:43
schestowitzWall Street Journal is a good paper... one of the best... it's a shame they require subs to read online.Nov 13 23:43
wispyyeah, i hate it when that happensNov 13 23:44
wispycool, are you in the article?Nov 13 23:44
wispythe gplv3 one, i meanNov 13 23:44
schestowitzYesNov 13 23:47
schestowitzNovell and Microsoft will be in it too.Nov 13 23:47
wispyand it won't be prettyNov 13 23:47
schestowitzI'm sure they'll be 'thrilled' that the press gives attention to their 'fan' site.Nov 13 23:47
wispyi bet /sNov 13 23:48
wispylolNov 13 23:48
schestowitzThey throw mud at BN and try to prevent Slashdot from linking to it.Nov 13 23:48
wispyawww that's too badNov 13 23:48
wispyhey, Roy, it was nice talking to you.  I have to go to dinner.  I wish you the best!  ^_^Nov 13 23:50
schestowitzThanks. Nice talking to you too.Nov 13 23:50
wispyfeel free to message me anytime you want :)Nov 13 23:50
wispyi'll be back on here soonNov 13 23:51
twitterBanks cry about unilateral contract! 13 23:51
wispysee ya!Nov 13 23:51
*wispy has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Nov 13 23:51
twitterThe same people who made all of those predatory loans with unilateral clauses now scream when Uncle Sam offers them the same.Nov 13 23:52
schestowitzSubs needed.Nov 13 23:52
schestowitzIs it just restricted to new readers who receive a 'recommendation?Nov 13 23:52
twitterBoo, hooo, hooo letter on Section 5 3 of Securities Agreement.pdfNov 13 23:52
schestowitz 13 23:53
twitterthanksNov 13 23:53
twitter"Congress could do do just about anything it wanted.  For example, it could increase the dividend on the preferred, or require participating institutions to make loans at levels it decides are appropriate, require them to make certain types of loans on certain terms or to certain socio-economic groups, or stop foreclosing on properties securing past-due loans"Nov 13 23:56
twitterThanks for the suggestions, assholes.Nov 13 23:56
twitterThat's just the kind of thing the country needs.Nov 13 23:57
twitterSomething about this smells though.  I'd rather have laws than a unilateral clause that might not be used.Nov 13 23:58
MinceRgnNov 13 23:58
schestowitzGreenspan should not have resigns/stepped down in 2006Nov 13 23:58
schestowitzHe should be brought back in... and be SACKEDNov 13 23:58
twitterHe should first be forced to re regulate, then be fired.Nov 13 23:59
schestowitzThey don't regulate yet?Nov 13 23:59

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