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SubsonicBbut I abandoned it due to spam as wellDec 13 00:00
wispyoh ok royDec 13 00:00
PetoKrausthough i am not using my gmail address at allDec 13 00:00
*neighborlee has quit (Connection timed out)Dec 13 00:00
wispyyou should!  it comes with themes nowDec 13 00:00
wispyi use a cool beach themeDec 13 00:00
PetoKraus 13 00:01
PetoKrausthat's my mail redirectsDec 13 00:01
PetoKrausi collect themDec 13 00:01
schestowitzNew: Teacher Confiscates Linux CDs, says "No Software Is Free" < >Dec 13 00:01
wispycool pkDec 13 00:01
schestowitzReminds me of Jeremy Allison's Land of Nothing for FreeDec 13 00:01
PetoKrausit's pretty obvious why i don't use gmail address for sane purposesDec 13 00:01
schestowitz 13 00:01
wispyhere's an update about that teacher, roy: 13 00:01
schestowitzSeen itDec 13 00:01
wispyolDec 13 00:01
wispyok*Dec 13 00:01
schestowitzHe got even more attention which is goodDec 13 00:02
wispyhehDec 13 00:02
schestowitzIt raises awareness about stupidity around Free softwareDec 13 00:02
wispymy sisters used to think firefox causes virusesDec 13 00:02
schestowitzHe called me an "inspiration", IIRC :-)Dec 13 00:02
wispywho did?Dec 13 00:02
schestowitzKen Starks (Helios)Dec 13 00:02
wispyIE is a virusDec 13 00:03
wispyoh himDec 13 00:03
wispyyeah i agree with him roy ;)Dec 13 00:03
SubsonicBthat's great!Dec 13 00:03
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wispyyou are pretty coolDec 13 00:04
schestowitzWindows Mobile is called broken: Fixing Windows Mobile < >Dec 13 00:06
schestowitzMany people sing a eulogy to itDec 13 00:06
wispyit's no surprise windows is broken :PDec 13 00:06
schestowitzAnd Microsoft has been denying rumours that the next expo will bring a new secret phone from MSVIDIADec 13 00:06
schestowitzwispy: it's not broken enoughDec 13 00:06
wispypeople are way more obsessed with apple rumorsDec 13 00:06
schestowitzIt's not modularDec 13 00:06
schestowitzThey need to fix thisDec 13 00:06
schestowitzThey duplicate work and it's a messDec 13 00:07
schestowitzToo much of a monsterbuild.Dec 13 00:07
wispyohh okDec 13 00:07
schestowitzMonolithOSDec 13 00:07
wispyhaha monsterDec 13 00:07
wispyahhhh!Dec 13 00:07
schestowitzThat's what they call itDec 13 00:07
wispysave meDec 13 00:07
wispy:)Dec 13 00:07
schestowitz" monsterbuild"Dec 13 00:07
PetoKrausthanks for that Helios continuation linkDec 13 00:07
schestowitzThat's what they call it internally at Microsoft, IIRCDec 13 00:07
wispylolDec 13 00:08
SubsonicBomg the story of Helios is unbelievable!Dec 13 00:08
SubsonicBthanx for the link, i read about the first partDec 13 00:09
SubsonicBsent him a commentDec 13 00:09
schestowitz More MS poison in Amazon now.Dec 13 00:09
PetoKrausyeahDec 13 00:09
schestowitzThey already have part of the Microsoft movement ending up in AmazonDec 13 00:09
wispycool hairDec 13 00:09
schestowitzAnd now so long ago Amazon started offering Windows as an option.Dec 13 00:10
schestowitzThey have Valentine tooDec 13 00:10
PetoKrausshows you what can your personal armyâ„¢ doDec 13 00:10
schestowitzI have some record of how they 'infect' it... like with Yahoo, but at a small scaleDec 13 00:10
MinceRgnDec 13 00:10
wispyms is destroying the amazon!Dec 13 00:10
PetoKrausgn MinceRDec 13 00:10
wispysee ya!Dec 13 00:10
wispyoops roy, i g2g to dinner.  take care!Dec 13 00:12
wispybye everyone!Dec 13 00:12
schestowitzCyaDec 13 00:13
wispybye bye!  xxDec 13 00:13
schestowitzMinceR triggered avalanche :-)Dec 13 00:13
*wispy has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Dec 13 00:14
schestowitzAll the statistics you could possibly ask for. 13 00:17
*neighborlee_ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Dec 13 00:17
PetoKraus"Martina Moravkova just answered the question 'Do you think Peter Kraus is bisexual?'"Dec 13 00:19
PetoKrausthese facebook apps are getting increasingly creepyDec 13 00:20
schestowitzHahaDec 13 00:20
schestowitzWTF?Dec 13 00:20
schestowitzDid a friend send this s*to you?Dec 13 00:20
PetoKrausi think most of the apps are hacked, or tools to hackDec 13 00:21
schestowitzI want to get off this thing, but too many people will be offended *sob*Dec 13 00:21
schestowitzThe whole thing is built on peer pressureDec 13 00:21
PetoKrausi'd been bombarded by snowballsDec 13 00:21
schestowitz"WHY don't you join? You don't LIKE me?Dec 13 00:21
PetoKrausand when i asked some people why are they sending this crap to me, they said, they didn'tDec 13 00:21
PetoKrausi had exactly this discussion with my friend yesterdayDec 13 00:21
schestowitzSJVN did an article about it... 13 00:21
PetoKrausi moved all my pictures from there. It's disgusting what crappy shoots are there. I don't wanna be part of it.Dec 13 00:22
PetoKrausi'm using it as a communication medium. Keeping in touch. It's usually open in one tab all the timeDec 13 00:22
PetoKrausand yes, pictures of my redhead friend :)Dec 13 00:23
PetoKrausi've heard at work, that there's some viruses spreading trough itDec 13 00:23
PetoKrausmakes you wonder...Dec 13 00:23
schestowitzYou have GOT to watch this video: 13 00:25
schestowitzTook me 3 minutes to find it for you to watch/useDec 13 00:25
PetoKrausummmDec 13 00:25
schestowitzFacebook is a survellance facility tooDec 13 00:25
schestowitzFor friends, FBI, employers, etc.Dec 13 00:25
schestowitzI take communication off there if people choose as as though it's the New E-\mail(R)Dec 13 00:26
PetoKrauswell doh!Dec 13 00:26
schestowitzI want my archives on MY computerDec 13 00:26
schestowitzNot 'FB'Dec 13 00:26
schestowitzNot some Web 2.0 'cloud'..Dec 13 00:26
schestowitzOn /my/ PCDec 13 00:26
PetoKrausi asked my mate to give me SSL on my pageDec 13 00:26
schestowitzAlthough it's not private eitherDec 13 00:26
PetoKrausthere's no real reason to do thatDec 13 00:26
schestowitzIn the UK they also log every E-mail you sendDec 13 00:27
PetoKrausit's just... i feel ssl should be used for everythingDec 13 00:27
schestowitzLike PGPDec 13 00:27
schestowitzThat won't be permittedDec 13 00:27
schestowitzThe investor of PGP had the spooks hounding himDec 13 00:27
schestowitzEncryption needs to have some back doors to the elites.Dec 13 00:27
schestowitzRemember: Big Brother =  responsible peopleDec 13 00:28
schestowitzYou're too stupid to make your own choicesDec 13 00:28
schestowitzYou need to hold the hands of 'adults' with connections or $$ (translates to other things)Dec 13 00:28
schestowitzHere's that video: the link below no longer worksDec 13 00:29
PetoKrausthe movie is well doneDec 13 00:29
PetoKrausi'm in 2nd minuteDec 13 00:30
schestowitzIs it the animation?Dec 13 00:30
schestowitzI think they changed itDec 13 00:30
PetoKrauswhat bugs me though, i can't read the FB pages of the people talkingDec 13 00:31
PetoKraustoo low-resDec 13 00:31
schestowitzI'm seeing that wrong videoDec 13 00:33
schestowitzSomething about japanDec 13 00:33
schestowitzVery interesting.Dec 13 00:33
SubsonicBSocial networks dont attract meDec 13 00:34
SubsonicBneither instant messagingDec 13 00:34
SubsonicBI think many people wil regret inserting themselves in FB and other social networks sooner or laterDec 13 00:35
PetoKrausit's absolutely perfect for trolling thoughDec 13 00:35
PetoKraus:)Dec 13 00:35
SubsonicBToo many personal information publicly exposed that can be used against you at a given timeDec 13 00:35
PetoKrausit depends how you handle it...Dec 13 00:35
SubsonicBI also thin anonymous speech is the only way to protect free speech in the netDec 13 00:36
SubsonicBthinkDec 13 00:36
SubsonicBand of course GPGDec 13 00:36
schestowitz 13 00:37
SubsonicBi saw thatDec 13 00:38
SubsonicBim not quite into id softwareDec 13 00:38
SubsonicBi will have a look at openidDec 13 00:38
SubsonicBi find it insteresting to authenticate users in several systemsDec 13 00:39
SubsonicBprovided you can implement the software yourself and be in control (not relying into a third party)Dec 13 00:39
schestowitzHere's the thingDec 13 00:39
schestowitzMicrosoft tried this.Dec 13 00:39
PetoKrausyeah, nice short videoDec 13 00:40
schestowitzMaking a password as though we're the nation of McirosoftDec 13 00:40
schestowitzOpenID is the way to go for someDec 13 00:40
SubsonicBthat is passportDec 13 00:40
schestowitzTo give Microsoft identity control is dangerous. It's a dying company without ethicsDec 13 00:40
SubsonicBlook at what happened in ChileDec 13 00:40
schestowitzYesDec 13 00:40
SubsonicBit was a scandalDec 13 00:40
schestowitzBlechDec 13 00:40
schestowitzI get angy just thinking about thatDec 13 00:40
schestowitzCorruptible officials.Dec 13 00:41
schestowitzMicrosoft sweet-talked and they soldf outDec 13 00:41
schestowitzSee the recent protests in IndiaDec 13 00:41
schestowitzThey sell kids to Microsoft child slaveryDec 13 00:41
SubsonicBms-business-as-usualDec 13 00:41
schestowitz(digital shackles... turning schools to training camps)Dec 13 00:41
SubsonicB(tm)Dec 13 00:41
schestowitzbiznizDec 13 00:41
SubsonicBlolDec 13 00:42
schestowitzUbuntu tries marketing slogan, fails <,ubuntu-trie... >Dec 13 00:43
PetoKraussomeone likes big cocksDec 13 00:45
schestowitzGoblin: "the extent that Ive been asked if I would like to be a guest on a US radio show." Congrats to him.Dec 13 00:45
PetoKraus 13 00:45
schestowitz*LOL*Dec 13 00:46
schestowitzWHich one is Ubuntu?Dec 13 00:46
PetoKrausJoke of the day...Dec 13 00:47
PetoKrausanyway, good night. tomorrow's long day, and sunday is long dayDec 13 00:47
PetoKrausand i am not even thinking about monayDec 13 00:47
PetoKraus*dayDec 13 00:47
schestowitzUbuntu... it has always been a little queer.Dec 13 00:47
schestowitzAs in strange.Dec 13 00:47
PetoKrausi'm gonna ask you a question:Dec 13 00:48
PetoKraus 13 00:48
PetoKrausthis happened to me once....Dec 13 00:50
PetoKrausi took a picture of a stream of water in rocksDec 13 00:50
PetoKrausa week later, my exgf was there with her parentsDec 13 00:50
PetoKrausshe took exactly the same picture as me, without seeing mine beforeDec 13 00:50
schestowitzIs this your house?Dec 13 00:53
SubsonicB€¿?Dec 13 00:53
schestowitzPisa.Dec 13 00:54
SubsonicBlolDec 13 00:54
SubsonicBa pleasure being with you tonight, gentlemen, must retire nowDec 13 00:54
SubsonicBquit nowDec 13 00:55
SubsonicB:-DDec 13 00:55
schestowitzPetoKraus is like the reverse Borar.Dec 13 00:55
schestowitzHe comes from a country of wisdom and culture to a place of scooby snacks and circus.Dec 13 00:55
SubsonicBtake care everyone!Dec 13 00:55
schestowitzThe place makes no senseDec 13 00:55
schestowitzHold on./Dec 13 00:56
schestowitzGoodd video someone sent me..Dec 13 00:56
schestowitz 13 00:57
schestowitzVery much worth seeing,Dec 13 00:57
PetoKrausschestowitz: what makes you think it's like that :DDec 13 00:57
schestowitzI was jokingDec 13 00:58
PetoKrauswell, duh, i see :DDec 13 00:58
schestowitzBut you always point out the flaws, rightly soDec 13 00:58
PetoKrausit's just... people here aren't "uncultured" or "unwise" more than back homeDec 13 00:58
schestowitzSee the video I've just posted (someone mailed it to me last month)Dec 13 00:58
schestowitzThere's this illusion that life in wealth means wisdomDec 13 00:59
schestowitzOr that speaking English makes one smarterDec 13 00:59
schestowitzBut I only know of one nation that's many trillions in debtDec 13 00:59
PetoKrausno, but it's not the other way around either :)Dec 13 00:59
schestowitzSo the wealth is virtual. Anyway..Dec 13 00:59
PetoKrausschestowitz: it's billiards, actuallyDec 13 00:59
schestowitzI'm probably driving away some people...Dec 13 00:59
schestowitzActually...Dec 13 01:00
schestowitzI realise that many here are from the EUDec 13 01:00
schestowitzPetoKraus: the video?Dec 13 01:00
PetoKrausdownloadingDec 13 01:00
schestowitzWatch all parts. It stands the test of time.Dec 13 01:00
schestowitzIt's an outsider's view on stupid things we do and take for granted.Dec 13 01:01
SubsonicBI have a good one to send you as wellDec 13 01:01
SubsonicBbut not today, its quite hard and I wish you a good weekendDec 13 01:02
SubsonicBthanks for the video roy, seems promising it's bookmarked and will see it fullyDec 13 01:02
SubsonicBmust go now guysDec 13 01:02
SubsonicBbye!Dec 13 01:03
*SubsonicB has quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.4/2008111317]")Dec 13 01:03
PetoKrausschestowitz: i just skimmed trough itDec 13 01:03
schestowitzOK, thanls.Dec 13 01:03
PetoKrausi'll watch it tomorrowDec 13 01:03
PetoKrausbut austria is... wellDec 13 01:03
PetoKrausit's hard to say it politelyDec 13 01:03
schestowitzElitist?Dec 13 01:04
PetoKrausmore like GTFO my atomic power plant!Dec 13 01:04
PetoKraus*nuclearDec 13 01:04
schestowitzMinority groups there are very segragated.Dec 13 01:04
schestowitzI think many Turks live their, but in isolation.Dec 13 01:05
schestowitz*thereDec 13 01:05
PetoKrausit's worse in germany, i presumeDec 13 01:05
PetoKrausgood nightDec 13 01:06
schestowitzMaybe. You know what fuhrer came from there.Dec 13 01:07
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Omar871schestowitz: There's a typo in your post: "We see the effects of this in the global crisis right now because those [you need a "who" here] are rich are doing fine, whereas those who are poor are marginalised further and forced to pay big corporations in order to ’save’"Dec 13 01:47
schestowitzThanks!Dec 13 01:49
*schestowitz fixed typoDec 13 01:51
Omar871Welcome.Dec 13 01:52
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twitterDisney likes big cocks, 13 03:33
twitterCanonical wants to promote communityDec 13 03:33
twitterNot bad for South Africa.Dec 13 03:33
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schestowitz (GM to Idle 20 Plants)Dec 13 10:31
schestowitzGM: Got Money?Dec 13 10:33
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schestowitzIs the American Empire Facing Collapse? < >Dec 13 11:14
MinceRr4wrDec 13 12:19
schestowitz"Non-proprietary..." EEE ... "In 2009, Microsoft will continue its gradual acceptance of open source software while at the same time it works to dispel old prejudices against non-proprietary software from within the company." < >Dec 13 12:23
schestowitzMinceR: we need a new logo for corruptible FCC: "The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has cancelled an open meeting set for Dec. 18 after two high-ranking lawmakers asked Chairman Kevin Martin to hold off on some controversial items in the agenda and concentrate on the transition to digital television instead."Dec 13 12:56
schestowitz 13 12:57
schestowitz"Stein Bagger, the Danish IT executive who allegedly created millions of dollars in fake contracts for his company" Sob stories, excuses... sounds like Madoff... just cared for the family etc.Dec 13 12:59
schestowitz450 jobs dropped: Infor Cuts 5 Percent of Its Workforce < >Dec 13 13:02
schestowitzIn all cases of corruption, they always have excuses... "I was under threat..." "I was under a lot of pressure" (Microsoft manager found guilty of fraud this year).. "I didn't know what I was doing.." Why does the press even give the sob stories attention?Dec 13 13:04
*Omar87 (n=omar@ has joined #boycottnovellDec 13 14:25
Omar87Hi all.Dec 13 14:25
schestowitzHey Omar87 Dec 13 14:26
Omar87Did you read this post?Dec 13 14:28
Omar87 13 14:28
schestowitzFoer Presents AAI Program to Obama-Biden FTC Transition Team < >Dec 13 14:29
schestowitzI think I read that at the time. Actually, I'm pretty sure I did.Dec 13 14:29
Omar87It's about 2 or 3 months old now, but it still got some interesting points. :)Dec 13 14:29
schestowitzJordan had some news about VistA last week.Dec 13 14:29
schestowitzThey deploy FOSS in healthcareDec 13 14:29
schestowitzThe US will be last to be pushed into FreedonDec 13 14:29
Omar87Where? in Jordan?Dec 13 14:30
schestowitzsadly, however, to many  the 'news' is what's in English (ie.e. US industry speaks)Dec 13 14:30
schestowitzSame thing in politicsDec 13 14:30
schestowitzYes, hold on.Dec 13 14:30
Omar87Cool!Dec 13 14:30
Omar87okayDec 13 14:30
schestowitz 13 14:30
Omar87Oh, lol!Dec 13 14:31
Omar87That's amazing! Except that the name makes think they're using M$ Windows Vista. :DDec 13 14:33
schestowitzI rarely find FOSS news about Jordan.Dec 13 14:33
schestowitzMicrosoft ruined their name... VistA should sue.Dec 13 14:33
Omar87Yeah..Dec 13 14:34
Omar87They MUST sue.Dec 13 14:34
schestowitzSeee...Dec 13 14:35
schestowitzMicrosoft's 'M' treads on US veterans' toesDec 13 14:35
schestowitz,----[ Quote ]Dec 13 14:35
schestowitz| Microsoft is in hot water again for again taking the name of someone else'sDec 13 14:35
schestowitz| software for one of its fledgling productsDec 13 14:35
schestowitz|Dec 13 14:35
schestowitz| It's emerged Microsoft's M programming language shares the same name as aDec 13 14:35
schestowitz| 30-year-old open language used by the US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA)Dec 13 14:35
schestowitz| along with tens of thousands of users in medicine and business world wide.Dec 13 14:35
schestowitz| Even the former Soviet Union's iron-fisted rulers and its KGB spooks used theDec 13 14:35
schestowitz| language.Dec 13 14:35
schestowitz`----Dec 13 14:35
schestowitz 13 14:35
schestowitzAlso..Dec 13 14:35
schestowitzFiji's fury over Microsoft's Pacific solutionDec 13 14:35
schestowitz,----[ Quote ]Dec 13 14:35
schestowitz| "Fiji's military government has written to the software giant MicrosoftDec 13 14:35
schestowitz| demanding the company not use their country name in any of its products."Dec 13 14:35
schestowitz|Dec 13 14:35
schestowitz| Fiji's interim attorney-general Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum today released a letterDec 13 14:35
schestowitz| sent to Microsoft's co-founder Bill Gates yesterday, after media reports theDec 13 14:35
schestowitz| software company may call its yet-to-be-released software "Windows Fiji".Dec 13 14:35
schestowitz`----Dec 13 14:35
schestowitz 13 14:35
schestowitzThe Other Vista: Successful and Open SourceDec 13 14:35
schestowitz,----[ Quote ]Dec 13 14:35
schestowitz| The is a clear pattern to open source's continuing rise. The first freeDec 13 14:35
schestowitz| software that was deployed was at the bottom of the enterprise softwareDec 13 14:35
schestowitz| stack: GNU/Linux, Apache, Sendmail, BIND. Later, databases and middlewareDec 13 14:35
schestowitz| layers were added in the form of popular programs like MySQL and Jboss. MoreDec 13 14:35
schestowitz| recently, there have been an increasing number of applications serving theDec 13 14:35
schestowitz| top of the software stack, addressing sectors like enterprise contentDec 13 14:35
schestowitz| management, customer relationship management, business intelligence and, mostDec 13 14:35
schestowitz| recently, data warehousing.Dec 13 14:35
schestowitz|Dec 13 14:35
schestowitz| But all of these are generic programs, applicable to any industry: the nextDec 13 14:35
schestowitz| frontier for free software will be vertical applications serving particularDec 13 14:35
schestowitz| sectors. In fact, we already have one success in this area, but few peopleDec 13 14:35
schestowitz| know about it outside the industry it serves. Recent events mean that may beDec 13 14:35
schestowitz| about to change.Dec 13 14:35
schestowitz|Dec 13 14:35
schestowitz| The basic program is called VistA; the name was chosen well before a CertainDec 13 14:35
schestowitz| Other Company copied the move, and the code began life as an electronicDec 13 14:35
schestowitz| health records system for U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)...Dec 13 14:35
schestowitz`----Dec 13 14:35
schestowitz 13 14:35
schestowitzMicrosoft’s credibility turning to junk while Linux revenue grows < >; Microsoft Plummets, Retail Falls While Beauty Gains in CoreBrand 2007 Brand Power Rankings < >Dec 13 14:36
Omar87Wow, wow, wow, wow.... and wow...Dec 13 14:37
Omar87That's awesome!Dec 13 14:37
Omar87So VistA is an open source system?Dec 13 14:40
schestowitz "665 comments"Dec 13 14:41
schestowitz"I won't say Ken Starks is a friend of mine but I have met him. He's a good guy on dedicated mission to bring Linux to the people. He is neither pushy or invasive. He brings information to those whom wish to obtain it. That said, I'm surprised his reply email was this calm..." 13 14:41
schestowitzThe Reasons to Avoid Google Code < >Dec 13 14:42
schestowitzVista is open source, yes.Dec 13 14:42
schestowitzNot *that* Vista... the one with capital ADec 13 14:43
Omar87Yeah, it's VistA. :)Dec 13 14:43
Omar87Man! That would make a great post!Dec 13 14:44
Omar87I'll start working on it right away! :DDec 13 14:44
Omar87Thanks man. :)Dec 13 14:44
schestowitzCool!Dec 13 14:46
twitterI know a place where you won't find "vista".Dec 13 14:46
twitter 13 14:46
schestowitzThe veterans behind VistA are still fighting the suppressive regime of the USSARDec 13 14:47
schestowitzF/OSS offers no kickbacksDec 13 14:47
twitterbasically, you don't see M$ anywhere other than hotmail and a 4 hits on msn in the world lists.Dec 13 14:47
twitterF/OSS offers all the kickbacks anything else does.Dec 13 14:47
twittera contract is a contract, what you sell does not matter.Dec 13 14:48
schestowitzIn the past day or so, BN served over 1000 pages/hoursDec 13 14:48
twittercoolDec 13 14:48
schestowitz I can't figure out if it's caused by some botDec 13 14:48
twitteroh.Dec 13 14:48
twitterDDoS?Dec 13 14:49
schestowitzBy Webalizer's definition it's even more... like 1500.Dec 13 14:49
schestowitzNot DDOSDec 13 14:49
twitterall from the same addresses?Dec 13 14:49
twitterpeople archiving the site?Dec 13 14:49
twitterI've seen a lot of thatDec 13 14:49
twitterthey pretend to be Google.Dec 13 14:50
twitterthey usually target the biggest files they can findDec 13 14:50
schestowitzIt might be archivingDec 13 14:51
twittersure, but it's constant and it seems to be going to random Verizon and other ISP users.Dec 13 14:52
twitterIt's been a while since I looked at logs.  I'll check and see what's hot recently.Dec 13 14:52
schestowitzCybercrime to rise... well, duh... but significantly.Dec 13 14:53
schestowitzIt was in the news on FridayDec 13 14:53
schestowitzAngry unemployed developers can't be good in a fabric that's so full of exploits. Chaos will come, but it may prove more of a deterrent against use of non-*NIX desktops and servers.Dec 13 14:54
schestowitzIs this guy from Cisco? 13 14:59
schestowitzCystco? D-cisco?Dec 13 14:59
twitterha, here's a cheap hack for mepis.Dec 13 15:01
twitterfor some reason was not answering today.  I got "unknown host"  can others verify?Dec 13 15:02
twitterThe solution?  I used the internet archive by putting into /etc/apt/sources.listDec 13 15:02
twitterit's slow but it seems to have worked.  I love the internet archive.Dec 13 15:03
schestowitzRe: "Microsoft revising its attitude toward open source Elizabeth Montalbano, IDG News Service" < > It''s about selling proprietary Microsoft stacks. Nothing has changed at Microsoft other than the EEE (divide and conquer strategy). "Linux is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches." -Dec 13 15:03
schestowitz-Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEODec 13 15:03
schestowitzSerdar Yegulalp is peddling Microsoft's anti-Free software as well ('open source' freeware for proprietary stack): 13 15:06
twitterfrom infoworld, " It's been quite a while since we've heard very much saber-rattling [from Microsoft] on open source" Hmmm, I'll have to scour the usual sources and update the extortion listDec 13 15:08
twitterpatent extortion timeline, 13 15:09
schestowitzWhat idiocy.Dec 13 15:12
schestowitz"Been a while..."Dec 13 15:12
schestowitzHas Microsoft retracted? No, ti threatened moreDec 13 15:12
schestowitzIt last did it a month ago..Dec 13 15:12
schestowitz[Or two months ago] That's why I don't care about IDG's Wintel press.Dec 13 15:12
schestowitzThe whole situation reminds me of politicians who sit with MAFIAA member and listen to them because they are "nice people"Dec 13 15:14
schestowitzHere you see reporters flirting with drones that ATTACK people's rights and freedom. "But they are polite people..."Dec 13 15:14
schestowitzMaybe they should also go skiing with Robert Mugabe sometimes..Dec 13 15:15
Omar87schestowitz: Does it seem accurate to say that the proprietary approach is much like the Mainframe system? In that is assumes the only person who can think are the inventor of the technology and the company promoting this technology? Whereas users of this technology are merely dumb terminals?Dec 13 15:26
Omar87CORRECTION---> *it* assumesDec 13 15:27
schestowitzYes, that's a good analogy I never came across.Dec 13 15:30
twitterit leaves out maliceDec 13 15:31
twitterand people can edit source code through terminalsDec 13 15:32
Omar87Except that, even becoming a mere dumb terminal here is not as easy as it sounds.Dec 13 15:32
Omar87Because it requires you to be rich enough to afford the rising costs of patents, licensing... etc.Dec 13 15:32
twittermy monitor and keyboard are rather dumb, but my software is free.  Mainframes just have more in the loop than my desktop does.Dec 13 15:33
twitterThe Linux terminal server project is a good example of a free mainframe useDec 13 15:33
Omar87So, poor people are advised either to live in caves, or jump over a cliff and die. :DDec 13 15:34
twitterGNU/Linux was made for sharing and is multiuser.  No need for poor people to jump off the cliff.Dec 13 15:34
twitterLadders are being thrown down the cliff as fast as free software developers can make them.Dec 13 15:35
twitterthe more the merrier.Dec 13 15:35
Omar87twitter: Yeah, but that's for GNU/Linux. I'm talking about the proprietary approach in general.Dec 13 15:35
twitterSo we see the rise in power of "Criminal groups" the CIA is afraid of.Dec 13 15:35
Omar87"Criminal groups"?Dec 13 15:36
twittereuphemism for anyone not a corporation or controlled governmentDec 13 15:36
twitterthere are real criminal groups, extortionists, non free software companies, but different people have different points of view.Dec 13 15:37
schestowitzLike war protesters.Dec 13 15:37
twitteropponents of the death penaltyDec 13 15:37
schestowitzEuphemism for invasion protester. :-)Dec 13 15:37
twitterMy favorite analogy for non free software is free software is to wife as non free software is to whoreDec 13 15:38
twitterthe wife is your partner and friend, nothing is held back and everyone benefits from the relationship.Dec 13 15:38
twitterthe whore is in it for the money and there is no trust in the relationship.Dec 13 15:39
twittereverything is restrictedDec 13 15:39
twitterM$ thinks the same way, developers are "one night stands" and "pawns"Dec 13 15:40
schestowitzIt's all about money and sex at the Vole.. 13 15:46
twitterwhores also advertise a lotDec 13 15:46
twitterit's about as raw and intimate as interpersonal manipulation can get - they ask for access to and control of everything and pretend there is no better way to get things done.Dec 13 15:48
twitterThe book "Storyville" has some very good insights into prostitution and an interesting critique stuck in my mind 25 years ago when I read it.  (background, 13 15:51
twitterA patron said something along the lines of, American whores will always be second rate for the same reason American cars, bread and wines are.  It's all business, and the clients don't know any better.Dec 13 15:53
twitterLOL, the queen must have been displeased, ->  The Storyville blue-books were inscribed with the motto: "Order of the Garter: Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense (Shame to Him Who Evil Thinks.)"Dec 13 15:55
twitterGood think I'm not in the UK, I'd end up on yet another blacklist for repeating that.Dec 13 15:56
schestowitzHeh.Dec 13 15:58
twitterpardon me, the book was called "Storyville Portraits"Dec 13 16:03
twitterOh yeah, to complete the analogy, Windows brings various disease with it.Dec 13 16:05
twitterhere's a nice page of pictures. 13 16:18
twittercan you identify each version of windows?Dec 13 16:18
twitterCairo, never really seen 13 16:19
twitterthe iconic, next version vaporware 13 16:20
twitterXP, stately and dignified 13 16:20
twitterW2k for the Biz Lunch 13 16:22
twitterXbox, cheap thrill, low sales 13 16:23
twitterVista, just does not work for anyone 13 16:24
twitterDOS, Win3.1, you did not really know what you were getting into 13 16:26
schestowitzSame with Mac OSDec 13 16:27
schestowitzDude, this is NSFWDec 13 16:27
*kapipi (n=tor@ has joined #boycottnovellDec 13 16:28
twitteroh, sorry, I did not see much wrong with them.Dec 13 16:28
twitterstuff from history books and art galleriesDec 13 16:28
schestowitzAnd it's not even good NSFWDec 13 16:29
schestowitzI though I'd see Windows screenshots.Dec 13 16:29
schestowitzNot antiques.Dec 13 16:29
twitterthe NSFW antique?Dec 13 16:29
schestowitzYesDec 13 16:30
twitterOnly a pervert would run around looking at Windows screenshots.Dec 13 16:30
twitterDid you want me to actually find attractive pictures to represent the antique OS?Dec 13 16:32
twitterThere's something deflating about antique porn isn't there?  Something that brings home the reality of the whole thing.Dec 13 16:33
twitterexploitation and objectification, like images of slaves in chains or war dead.Dec 13 16:34
twitterThose images were made in 1912, I think the copyright is expired.Dec 13 16:35
*mib_a4dfzb (i=18eb2476@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellDec 13 16:41
schestowitztwitter: yes, now we have modern slaveryDec 13 16:42
schestowitzThere's also what's commonly referred to as "wage slavery"Dec 13 16:42
schestowitzIt is another form of slavery that people are made blind to.Dec 13 16:42
schestowitzAsk someone who was a slaves 100 years ago (or read) if s/he was enslaved... maybe even sweat shop staff... they'll probably tell you that the workers were generous to take care of them and give them a roofDec 13 16:43
schestowitzIf you can emotionally or practically injure someone, then expectations change and you can subjugate with the slave's gratitude. Watch what Microsoft did to Yahoo for example... agitation, hubris, and corruption.Dec 13 16:44
twitterSome people think prostitution should be legalized.  I don't not because I don't think people have a right to offer that kind of service but because it is wrong to demand it.Dec 13 16:45
twitterThe same thing can be said of non free software.Dec 13 16:46
schestowitzWhat's what they do in the military BTW. Boot camp...Dec 13 16:46
schestowitzCall people maggots for months and later they'll be thankful for a bed and a WalkmanDec 13 16:47
twittercarrot and stick, the Romans were good at it.Dec 13 16:47
*mib_a4dfzb has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Dec 13 16:47
schestowitzHere's the thing.Dec 13 16:48
schestowitzPeople might have a fight worth fighting if they go under attack.Dec 13 16:48
schestowitzBut to recruit people to invade or occupy countries? No thanks!Dec 13 16:48
twitterThe Domination series has a good look at what real modern slavery could look like.  What we have is not much better, it's a balance of power issue.  The more power others have the more enslaved you can be.Dec 13 16:49
schestowitzThey suffer a lot 'serving' their country while at the same time suppressing others for a living, so both side (but the responsible 'elites') are in agonyDec 13 16:49
schestowitzIt's like programming for Microsoft... what IS it that you do. Write DRM code? For whom? The MAFIAA or the human being?Dec 13 16:50
macabeEvery soldier who has seen combat has always been a loser (even if battle were won).Dec 13 16:55
twitterHere's another article about M$'s invasion of the free software world and the supposed new peace, 13 16:56
schestowitzI've seen many.Dec 13 16:57
macabePeople do not understand that "serving your country" is like LAS VEGAS anology. The house has all the odds.Dec 13 16:57
twitterI'm looking for recent patent threatsDec 13 16:57
schestowitzThey use open source puppet for this tooDec 13 16:57
schestowitzTheir 'send out' open source allies to recommend Microsoft.Dec 13 16:57
schestowitz"Daniel Lyons" Oh, come on......Dec 13 16:58
twitteryes, he's surely a M$ allyDec 13 16:58
twitterblindDec 13 16:58
schestowitzWatch the comment here (from 1 hour ago): "They did that with the help of lackey journalists and naive or ignorant posters on the Internet." < >Dec 13 16:59
schestowitzSome people just write based on who approaches them rather than look at the problem at hand or /PROTECT/ the readerDec 13 16:59
schestowitzI suppose one could do an interview with Saddam or write about the Third Reich wanting peace, but why would anyone do that? It's about abusing people.Dec 13 17:00
schestowitzbblDec 13 17:13
twitterthere we go, added the recent threats. The infoworld article, cited above, that claims M$ has backed off on it's patent threat made me angry.  How can anyone forget the Red Hat threat for just a month ago?Dec 13 19:18
schestowitzGood page that one... Dec 13 19:34
*Casperin has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Dec 13 19:42
twitterthanksDec 13 20:01
twitterThey seem to blast the message out every six months or so.  They create a constant drizzle with occasional "big deal" announcements.Dec 13 20:05
schestowitzThey get hungry and want FOOD.Dec 13 20:08
twitterI think it's more a matter of corporate policy, a constant stream of threats to keep their customers in line.Dec 13 20:11
schestowitzYou have many items missing.Dec 13 20:28
schestowitzI could give some pointers, but I'd need to look at the archives too.Dec 13 20:28
schestowitz*Gasp* ripple effects.. "Geneva-based banks and investment funds have lost more than 5 billion Swiss francs ($4.22 billion) in the alleged $50 billion fraud by former Nasdaq chairman Bernard Madoff, Swiss newspaper Le Temps reported on Saturday." < >Dec 13 20:31
schestowitzYou know what this means. The poorer people with bank accounts will suffer from his fraud even if they never invested in stocks. Moreover, mind the bit that says (not news to me) " former Nasdaq chairman"Dec 13 20:32
twitterI know, there's a lot missing.  Xandros, Linspire and other distributions were threatened and caved.Dec 13 20:33
schestowitztwitter: there's no rush in indexing this stuffDec 13 20:33
twitterWhat I'm collecting is public threats from M$ officials and their shills.Dec 13 20:33
twitterNo rush, it's fun.Dec 13 20:34
schestowitzIn fact, that's why PJ is taking a semi-break now.  She's fetching OCRed stuff she never had the time to put up on GL.Dec 13 20:34
schestowitzThey built timelines.Dec 13 20:34
twitterAny and all links are welcome.Dec 13 20:34
*neighborlee (n=neighbor@unaffiliated/neighborlee) has joined #boycottnovellDec 13 20:45
twitterUh oh, there's going to be more of this.  IMF loans often were immoral. 13 21:34
twitter" the size of Ecuador's $3.9 billion worth of global bonds -- though four times larger than those held by the Seychelles, the only other country to default this year -- is still relatively small. By comparison, Argentina in 2002 defaulted on a whopping $100 billion in foreign debt."Dec 13 21:35
twittersmall for us, large for them. Yesterday's $50 billion scandal was more harmful.Dec 13 21:36
twitterMore Badoff, err Madoff, fall out 13 21:43
twitterAnother Ecuador story they want better interest rates.Dec 13 21:45
schestowitzAdded: 13 21:52
schestowitzWe should start exploring more broadly... esp. now with so much corruption and lie-telling.Dec 13 21:53
schestowitzI just spoke to my mom for like an hourDec 13 21:54
schestowitzI hear about people in the US losing their... errr... things.Dec 13 21:54
schestowitzCorrea is a buddy of RMS now... Free software guy... they got bitten by FraudStreetDec 13 21:55
schestowitzI wonder how much of his savings RMS lost. He had that prize money tied to an investment plan....:-SDec 13 21:55
twitteroh no.  These days, you can't even be a waiter.Dec 13 22:03
twitterRemember the deluded investor?  Here she is again 13 22:04
*schestowitz looksDec 13 22:04
schestowitz*LOL* waiter. How many people go to restaurants.Dec 13 22:04
schestowitz?Dec 13 22:04
twitterthem with jobs go out to eatDec 13 22:05
schestowitzMy cousin just sold his Ferrari. I haven't a clue what type of people even buy that stuff.Dec 13 22:05
twitterThe very rich always manageDec 13 22:05
schestowitzMy grandpa is at the Zermatterhof and he says it's empty.Dec 13 22:05
twitterI don't have enough money to even look now.Dec 13 22:06
schestowitzYou know something's amiss when Geneva banks miss $4 billion after the Madoff row and even the Zermatterhof < > is empty.Dec 13 22:06
schestowitzI met and spoke to a British Minister ther.eDec 13 22:07
twitterSaw Spain had 3 billion Euros in it too.Dec 13 22:07
twitterIf ATT has it's way, I won't be able to afford to look at web pages from that far away.Dec 13 22:08
schestowitz 13 22:08
PetoKrauscompany parties 'suck'Dec 13 22:27
PetoKrausthough interestingly enough, i saw Openoffice boxed with one laptop todayDec 13 22:27
PetoKrausit was Dell Outlet systemDec 13 22:27
PetoKrauswith a nice dvd case with OOo cover and the CD was with printed "image" of logo of OOO as wellDec 13 22:28
PetoKrausthough it was a 2.* versionDec 13 22:28
schestowitzNot many parties this yeat.Dec 13 22:29
PetoKrausyeah. They gave me free food and free bottle of merlotDec 13 22:29
schestowitz*year. I go past a place where parties take place every other day. Some days it's not books, _even_ in December.Dec 13 22:30
schestowitz*bookedDec 13 22:30
PetoKraus:)Dec 13 22:30
schestowitzPriorities changed.Dec 13 22:30
PetoKrausi can't tell, but your sober typing is more inaccurate than my drunken oneDec 13 22:31
schestowitzRed Hat gave to charity and canceled the party.Dec 13 22:31
PetoKrausyeah, you're no longer undergrad student in the halls, are youDec 13 22:31
schestowitzPetoKraus: it's a matter of proofreading.Dec 13 22:31
schestowitzNo, studio apartment.Dec 13 22:31
PetoKrausah well. High ceilings?Dec 13 22:32
schestowitzIt's not a chapel.Dec 13 22:32
PetoKrausours are quite highDec 13 22:32
PetoKrausimagine standard doorsDec 13 22:32
schestowitzUnlike that house you showed the other day..Dec 13 22:32
PetoKrausmake them higher by 20cm....Dec 13 22:32
PetoKrausand add good 2 yards on top of thatDec 13 22:32
schestowitz 13 22:32
PetoKrausi know :)Dec 13 22:32
PetoKraushow's the day?Dec 13 22:34
schestowitzWhich one?Dec 13 22:35
PetoKrauswell, it's still saturday, isnae it?Dec 13 22:36
schestowitzDays are short. Just 8 hours.Dec 13 22:37
PetoKrausthat's a new oneDec 13 22:37
schestowitzIf I go to sleep before 2AM I wake up in darkness (phui)Dec 13 22:37
*macabe has quit ( 13 22:55
*macabe ( has joined #boycottnovellDec 13 22:56
*neighborlee has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Dec 13 23:12
twitterThe other day, I wondered what an exchange between India and Pakistan would do.  Physics Today was nice enough to give me an answer:Dec 13 23:42
twitter 13 23:42
twitterugly isn't it?Dec 13 23:42
twitterThe Economist recommends GNU/Linux for netbooks 13 23:48
twitterthis is a no brain decision for people who know GNU/Linux but very good to see in the general pressDec 13 23:49
schestowitzOooh. I miised that one, thanls.Dec 13 23:52
*PetoKraus np: Chewin' the Fat 1x06 - Blow Below the BeltDec 13 23:54
PetoKraushilariousDec 13 23:55

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