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twitterhmmm, your friends might be right about China buying US car makers.  http://www.allheadlinenews.c...Dec 16 00:57
twitterThat one is 10% owned by Warren Buffet though.Dec 16 00:58
twitterOnce they own everything, Buffet will get the shaft - that's how corruption works.  Cronies are offered a small piece of the rewards as long as they are needed.Dec 16 00:59
schestowitzI don't think friends told me.Dec 16 00:59
schestowitzIt's something I thought about individually.Dec 16 00:59
schestowitzThe prince of Dubai buys stake in our banks tooDec 16 00:59
schestowitzMy cousin sent me this < > from Jason Hiner, a Microsoft fanboy who obviously thinks Microsoft and its subsidiaries rule the world. He also slams Linux sometimes, so...... worth noting is that there are some crooks in this list too.Dec 16 01:29
schestowitzgnDec 16 02:15
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ModplanManhiDec 16 04:05
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Omar87Is AMD more friendly with Linux that Intel?Dec 16 05:27
Omar87than*Dec 16 05:27
neighborleewell amd has ati now, and ati has OSS drivers, intel has some as well...maybe its a draw ?Dec 16 05:30
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*Topic for #boycottnovell is: "Exploring the reality behind exclusionary deals with Microsoft and their subtle (yet severe) implications" [publicly logged]Dec 16 07:00
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schestowitzHas Intel run of of things to research? 16 10:23
schestowitz "The short definition of a Ponzi scheme: a pyramid-like scheme, where investors are promised extremely high returns on their investment, but in reality early investors are paid with money collected from later investors."Dec 16 10:33
schestowitz"The short definition of a bank or of an investment fund: a bunch of stupid thieves, not any better in managing your money than a drunken chimp."Dec 16 10:33
schestowitzbblDec 16 10:39
MinceRr4wrDec 16 10:51
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twitterthere's no honor among thieves, 16 14:24
twitter"Tremont Group Holdings Inc., a hedge- fund firm owned by OppenheimerFunds Inc., had $3.3 billion, or more than half its total assets, invested with Bernard Madoff."Dec 16 14:24
twitter- “We believe Tremont exercised appropriate due diligence in connection with the Madoff investments,” the firm said today in a statement.Dec 16 14:25
twitter- Other funds that invested big with Madoff include Walter Noel’s Fairfield Greenwich Group, which had about $7.5 billion out of its $14.1 billion in total assets invested with the manager.             All together funds of funds had at least $20.3 billion invested with MadoffDec 16 14:25
twitterFunds of funds, thieves of thieves.Dec 16 14:26
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schestowitzFraudStreetDec 16 14:37
schestowitzI have a new name for it... now that NASDAQ chairman is a criminal.Dec 16 14:38
schestowitzThat's the Big Criminals... these are the people to hunt down, not people who shoplift or smoke pot. But people don't understand what is happening. They haven't a clue... people that I speak to.Dec 16 14:38
schestowitzMadoffocker :-)Dec 16 14:39
schestowitzPyramid schemes for work and leisure... and ego... while it lasts.Dec 16 14:39
schestowitzHe stole from the rich (and standards.. and poor).... to give it to the richDec 16 14:42
schestowitzEnter the beast... ... Dick Hardt saw a criminal company with a candy and couldn't say "no"Dec 16 14:44
schestowitzBoys will be boys and trolls will troll... 16 14:49
schestowitzHaha. Crazy MAFIAA! 16 14:52
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schestowitzGroklaw is asleep.  We all look forward to having PJ back on the pony, metaphorically speaking. Groklaw covers a lot of things that would never be covered without her.Dec 16 15:07
schestowitzMore new corruption (Bribery at Phillips again): 16 15:31
schestowitzHaha. A shoe-throwing game eventually did come out... 16 15:33
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Omar87Hi all.Dec 16 15:56
Omar87Lol, take this story. :Dec 16 15:56
Omar87:)Dec 16 15:56
schestowitzNewspaper 'Steals' Empire State Building in Just 90 Minutes,2933...Dec 16 15:57
schestowitzKilling Robot Being Tested by Lockheed Martin 16 15:57
schestowitz China 'bans BBC Chinese website' ; Food Bank Pressure Increases in US apocalypse ;-)Dec 16 15:58
zoobabpDec 16 15:58
schestowitzpongDec 16 15:58
Omar87Today at my college, one of my mates (an MS fanboi) told me he'd doing a project which he claims is Open Source, based on C#, Mono, and will be ran on Centos. :)Dec 16 15:58
schestowitzzoobab: did you get my 7 submissions or so? I see just 2Dec 16 15:59
Omar87and he wants to get me involved.Dec 16 15:59
schestowitzWhy not Java?Dec 16 15:59
schestowitzC# is bad imitation of rhe real thing, which is GPLv2Dec 16 16:00
Omar87I frankly told him I'm not interested. In other words, go find a kitten to play with. :)Dec 16 16:00
Omar87schestowitz: Like I said, he's a MS and Windows guy.Dec 16 16:00
Omar87He told me that himself.Dec 16 16:01
Omar87Plus he was the leader of the .NET club at my University.Dec 16 16:01
schestowitz"10,000 sites hijacked Because Microsoft hasn't fixed a flaw" 16 16:01
schestowitz.NET club??Dec 16 16:01
Omar87Yup!Dec 16 16:01
schestowitzSounds like Microsoft Gold Partner os sumthin'Dec 16 16:01
Omar87lol :)Dec 16 16:01
schestowitzThere could be kickbacks.Dec 16 16:02
Omar87MS has devoured Jordan a loooooo..oong time ago.Dec 16 16:02
Omar87Next time I see that guy, I'm gonna strike him directly.Dec 16 16:04
Omar87I'm gonna tell him frankly that his project doesn't make sense at all.Dec 16 16:05
Omar87If he's a Windows fanboy, then why the hell not using Windows2000?Dec 16 16:06
Omar87And not matter how he answers this question, he won't get away. Because simply none of his answers will make sense.Dec 16 16:07
schestowitzEeek. 16 16:08
schestowitzMicrosoft wants the 'Lunix people' to embrace .NET... nothing new... embrace, extend, and.....Dec 16 16:08
Omar87.. extinguish..Dec 16 16:09
Omar87But I can bit that this bloated technique won't be fruitful.Dec 16 16:09
Omar87Because in my opinion, it sounds exactly like filling the entire Atlantic ocean in a paper cup.Dec 16 16:10
schestowitzApple omg, where'z moi moneyz...????!! 16 16:11
schestowitzOops Correct link: 16 16:11
Omar87Let us all hope that the day when Microsoft embraces Bankruptcy is not far from now..Dec 16 16:15
schestowitz (Toshiba to Slash Flash Memory Production as Demand Drops). Could it have anything to do with FraudStreet and Madoffocker?Dec 16 16:15
schestowitzOmar87: no bankruptcy, but they approach debt. Let me find recommended reading for you...Dec 16 16:15
schestowitzHere. Read this: 16 16:16
schestowitz"The Financial Pyramid At Microsoft Is Now Accelerating"... kind of like Madofffocker and his Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme... which is now exposing more accomplices. This is just the beginning...Dec 16 16:16
Omar87Dept. is not enough... Bankruptcy.Dec 16 16:17
schestowitz"Mr. Brown also hired his former boss from Deloitte and Touche to be internal auditor at Microsoft.  When this respected former partner of Deloitte told Mike that what they were doing was illegal and constituted securities fraud he was given the option to resign or be fired, according to an ABC News Story. "Dec 16 16:18
schestowitz"Many believe that the stock market crash of 1929 caused the Great Depression yet history clearly shows that it was instead simply bad government policy that was manipulated by leaders such as Insull.  Today many now fear a similar stock market crash but in reality the economy is very strong and, if we can reform this pyramid at Microsoft, the overall market should not need to correct more than 20 percent. "Dec 16 16:19
schestowitz 16 16:20
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schestowitz"A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that involves paying abnormally high returns to investors out of the money paid in by subsequent investors, rather than from the profit from any real business. It is named after Charles Ponzi.[1] The term "Ponzi scheme" is used primarily in the United States, while other English-speaking countries do not distinguish verbally between this scheme and other forms of pyramid scheme.[Dec 16 16:21
schestowitz2]"Dec 16 16:21
neighborleeschestowitz, I think jo has gone over the edge by using profanity : < last postDec 16 16:21
schestowitzWe'll need to hire a babysitter for him ;-)Dec 16 16:22
neighborleebut then again, thats their collective modus operandiDec 16 16:22
neighborleeschestowitz, LOL indeed we do ;)Dec 16 16:22
neighborleeheH I think slated clearly hit a rough n erve ;)Dec 16 16:24
neighborleeI think he really is squealing ;)Dec 16 16:25
neighborleeo_0Dec 16 16:25
schestowitzSquealing??? See his site... cute monkeys at all..Dec 16 16:31
neighborleeI was just referencing a slate comment as it seemed appropriate ;))hehDec 16 16:32
neighborleetouched a nerve, made him squeal ,,yadda ;)Dec 16 16:32
schestowitzHehe. My friend is taking the collapse easy...Dec 16 16:33
schestowitzHis company lost 600 grands in just 2 days...Dec 16 16:33
schestowitz"Do you want to come out on Friday, we will be meeting at the gym around 6.30pm, come along and we can celebrate      the meltdown!"Dec 16 16:33
schestowitzDow Jones (DJ) Sale Opposed by Parish & Company < >Dec 16 16:41
schestowitzHm... he did see some of these things coming... I had some correspondence with him (brief).. (Some of Wall Street's most private investors are beginning to have some public problems.)Dec 16 16:42
neighborleehehe,,well if you go down I guess thats a great way to do it, with a smile ;)Dec 16 16:45
schestowitzNot with a bang but with a whimper :-)Dec 16 16:47
neighborlee:)Dec 16 16:50
neighborleekinda like xbox 360 .,poor thing.Dec 16 16:51
neighborleewii is crushing them all in sales.Dec 16 16:51
schestowitzJust in: 16 16:51
schestowitzFraudstersDec 16 16:51
schestowitzThey also knew about other flaws that burned houses down.Dec 16 16:51
neighborleemy friend just got a new one ( along with wiifit) for xmas from father ,,we chatted about it last night and shared mii's roflDec 16 16:52
schestowitzIt wasn't good for business to recall, rework or warn the public, so they didn't.. Vandals.Dec 16 16:52
neighborleesighDec 16 16:53
twitterOmar87, ask your fanboy why he's not using Suse, but there's no need to "strike" him.  The poor man is deluded and will eventually come to his senses.Dec 16 16:53
schestowitz" How the Bush campaign paid people to riot and stop a recount in Miami in 2000. I read recently that one of the organiers of this act of political fraud said that Bush's conduct made him regret it. " < >Dec 16 16:53
schestowitz (I don't like the guns though)Dec 16 16:54
twitter schestowitz, the US economy was strong ten years ago.  A century of protectionism against free economies had weakened it but trade with non free China had only started.  Today, there is only a kernel of US manufacturing left.Dec 16 16:56
schestowitz5 million jobs in the auto industryDec 16 16:57
schestowitzSomeone spoke with me about it this morning. I couldn't believe the number.Dec 16 16:57
schestowitz[sarcasm] do you reckon China and Japan will hire people in Detroit for the task of manufacturing cars?Dec 16 16:57
twitterYes.Dec 16 16:58
twitterJapan already employs US workers in the US to manufacture cars.Dec 16 16:58
twitterChina will too.Dec 16 16:58
twitterWhere did that 5 million number come from?  There are only 300 million people in the US.Dec 16 16:59
schestowitz5 million. Maybe 3 million is maybe what he said.Dec 16 16:59
twitterI can believe the number if it takes into account people who stand around car lots.Dec 16 17:00
schestowitz[two maybes... oops]Dec 16 17:00
schestowitzI really don't know the real numbers... but he's a high senior, so I assumed he knew what he was talking aboutDec 16 17:00
twitterIt's a big deal but oil is even bigger and it's expansion and contraction regularly takes more than that.Dec 16 17:01
twitterA lot of BS numbers are floated in Washington DC these days, trying to get one or two last bonus checks before the ride is over.Dec 16 17:01
schestowitzSTUPID /...Dec 16 17:03
schestowitzHeadline "openSUSE Launches 11.1"... It's NOT out yet... they deceiveDec 16 17:04
schestowitz. 16 17:04
schestowitzI thought now was a good time for a reminder: 16 17:05
schestowitzOne CANNOT make fraud 'the norm'..... that would be like saying that cigarettes are bad, so if we make everyone a smoker, then the problem will go away.Dec 16 17:06
neighborleelolDec 16 17:08
schestowitzMedia is dying... Perlow is leaving Linux Magazine... (blogs take their thunder.. steal it)Dec 16 17:18
twitterBest Buy is in trouble. 16 17:19
twitter"offering buy outs" is a nice way of firing 4000 people, nice spin to it.Dec 16 17:20
schestowitzI would be a surprise if it wasnt'Dec 16 17:20
schestowitz[in trouble]Dec 16 17:20
schestowitzMinceR has this page he links to... with a banner for Best Buy.. "Please Buy"Dec 16 17:21
schestowitz"Please Buy /Out/"Dec 16 17:21
twitterI smell a Vista failure story in this.  HP survived by selling mostly XP and offering GNU/Linux.  CompUSA, Circuit City, DSG all took big losses being channel stuffed.Dec 16 17:21
twitterSome M$ partners were more equal than others.Dec 16 17:22
*schestowitz listens to "Dean Martin - Watching The World Go By"Dec 16 17:23
schestowitzIt's a happy song BTWDec 16 17:24
*MinceR is listening to: Slayers Next Sound Bible I - Why Should I FearDec 16 17:25
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*schestowitz listens to "The World we Knew (Over&Over) - Frank Sinatra "Dec 16 17:25
schestowitzThat's a sadder one.Dec 16 17:25
seller_liarI was thinking...Dec 16 17:25
schestowitz*LOL* @ MinceR Dec 16 17:26
seller_liarM$ can use mono code , if someday m$ needDec 16 17:26
twittertwitter listens to the birds chirp in his backyard.Dec 16 17:26
twitterM$ continues their "interoperability" fraud, 16 17:26
seller_liarlike apple uses webkit codeDec 16 17:26
*seller_liar has quit (Client Quit)Dec 16 17:26
schestowitzseller_liar: yes, it can.Dec 16 17:26
twitterInstead of using ODF support, M$ is publishing some kind of notes to "help developers".Dec 16 17:28
twitterWhat a nice way to shift blame to others for poor support.Dec 16 17:28
schestowitzOh, I see Microsoft wants to force ODF-adopting countries to choose Office.Dec 16 17:29
twitterIf M$ cared, ODF would have been the default format and there would be no OOXML.Dec 16 17:29
schestowitzThey'll do their "scientology-like" (ANFOR incident) routine..Dec 16 17:29
twitterM$ can't just compete on a level playing field like everyone else.  They have to shove their crap formats.Dec 16 17:30
schestowitzThe investors..Dec 16 17:31
schestowitzBe an arsehole is the business model.. always been the case.Dec 16 17:31
Omar87"Microsoft Xbox Sued Again, This [???] for Software Patent Infringement"Dec 16 17:37
schestowitzYikes. Thanks.Dec 16 17:38
schestowitzPlease do tell me about typos, or else they can never be corrected. :-DDec 16 17:43
schestowitzWhat..? Brady Forrest used to work at Microsoft? And now he's throwing dirt at Linux..Dec 16 18:25
schestowitzHmmm... maybe he's not bashing it actually, but it's still interesting to see O'Reilly/Microsoft connections.Dec 16 18:27
neighborleeOmar87, maybe they will have to lower cost of 360 again LOLDec 16 18:28
neighborleeits already the lowest of them all and selling the least o_0Dec 16 18:28
neighborleenintendo is really wiping them all atm,,,Dec 16 18:28
neighborleemy friend who got her wii for xmas,,can't find a wiifit and her father gave her enough to get both :)Dec 16 18:29
neighborleewhew ;)Dec 16 18:29
schestowitzMicrosoft was going to buy NintendoDec 16 18:30
schestowitzINNOVA~1 by acquisitionDec 16 18:30
neighborleehahahDec 16 18:32
neighborleeI dont think they have enough money ;)Dec 16 18:33
Omar87 16 18:33
neighborleeschestowitz, but yeah typical M$Dec 16 18:33
Omar87Read my new blog post. :)Dec 16 18:34
Omar87And please, don't hesitate to notify about any typos or suggested adjustments.Dec 16 18:36
Omar87to notify *me*...Dec 16 18:36
schestowitzHeh. "poisonware"Dec 16 18:36
Omar87schestowitz:  I didn't find any better expression. :)Dec 16 18:37
Omar87If you can think of anyone, please enlighten me.Dec 16 18:38
schestowitzic.. "Microsoft is playing catch up in a lot of areas. MS has the marketing, money, and the ability to "dump", without legal prosecution, to a lot of the areas where GNU/Linux can so easily maneuver, but it's increasingly having to change its product to compete. It's continually playing catch up."Dec 16 18:39
Omar87That's right.Dec 16 18:40
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Omar87Even MS fans admit this. My colleagues clearly seemed like a good example.Dec 16 18:41
schestowitzBN in PCWorld: 16 18:41
Omar87If only you saw the look in his eyes, would've noticed that he's contradicting himself.Dec 16 18:42
schestowitzSquinting?Dec 16 18:43
schestowitzGood news for Linux: (no news PC = no chance or running anything but Linux... or Windows)Dec 16 18:46
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Omar87Not really, but it's more like no single word he said made sense to me at all.Dec 16 18:50
Omar87 16 18:52
Omar87What do you think of my conclusion?Dec 16 18:54
schestowitzVoted them up. Microsoft has a bully complexDec 16 18:54
schestowitzIt know GNU/Linux is better, so it's abusing it and tries to make it do all the homeworkDec 16 18:55
schestowitzIt also threatens to beat it up (sue it) and it shows its fist (patents).Dec 16 18:55
schestowitzThe BBC associated the Blue E with the flaw for a change... not just with the 'Internet thingie'... 16 19:03
schestowitzCongrats to Michael.. ... his home is becoming a warehouse of freebies, I'm afraid..Dec 16 19:08
schestowitz 16 19:15
schestowitz" For much of my life, the name Bernie Madoff has meant nothing to me. Now, however, it means far more than it should in my household and countless others across America. In my household, the net effect of the Madoff scheme is that my wife has lost all the money in her 401(k) account and her job as well."Dec 16 19:15
schestowitz"Commentary: Wife's job, entire 401(k) disappear along with a good cause" White-collar crime... far more serious than most things, bat atomic weapons and destruction of the environment.Dec 16 19:16
schestowitz*barDec 16 19:16
*seller_liar (i=c91b42ec@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellDec 16 19:17
seller_liarI was thinkingDec 16 19:17
seller_liarM$ can use mono code somedayDec 16 19:17
seller_liarIf mono surpasses .net  framework  ,then m$ can integrate mono code for better compatibily and sppedDec 16 19:18
schestowitzMore on FraudStreet Journal: The made-up dramas of the Wall Street Journal < >Dec 16 19:18
schestowitzseller_liar: yes, that too. They have many possibilitiesDec 16 19:19
schestowitzFirst they need to embrace.Dec 16 19:19
MinceR(animated) 16 19:19
seller_liarmono gives a LOT of interoperability for m$Dec 16 19:19
seller_liarit's easy to port mono apps (mainly gnu linux apps) to windowsDec 16 19:19
schestowitzTheri own rules.Dec 16 19:20
seller_liarthe same style of eclipse for linux and eclipse for windowsDec 16 19:20
seller_liarRemember , mono apps = m$ appsDec 16 19:21
schestowitzFor Linux there's junkDec 16 19:21
schestowitzMonoDevelopDec 16 19:21
seller_liarand people will prefer m$ because m$ is the defaultDec 16 19:21
schestowitzVisual Studio is only for the 'elites' that don't use that "Lunix thing"Dec 16 19:21
seller_liarmonodevelop try to mimic Visual studioDec 16 19:21
seller_liarmono will be the free apache foundationDec 16 19:22
seller_liarthere's no need to pay 100k to better windowsDec 16 19:22
seller_liarappsDec 16 19:22
schestowitzVisual Studio has patents.Dec 16 19:24
schestowitzRead 16 19:25
seller_liarthis is more problem for GNU LinuxDec 16 19:25
seller_liarBut the real  problem is better apps for windows at cost of linux appsDec 16 19:26
schestowitzThe dollar has just collapsed.Dec 16 19:27
schestowitzgot a phonecallDec 16 19:27
*benJIman uses both Visual Studio and Linux, thus disproving your statement.Dec 16 19:33
Omar87two more votes will bring my post to the front page, your support will is appreciated. 16 19:33
Omar87benJIman: And you feel proud of that?Dec 16 19:34
MinceRbenJIman: but you use Microsoft Linux, don't you?Dec 16 19:34
schestowitzbenJIman: native.Dec 16 19:34
*wispy (i=9f5b894f@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellDec 16 19:40
wispyhey roy, you here??Dec 16 19:40
schestowitzYes, what's up?Dec 16 19:41
wispyhappy birthday!  :)Dec 16 19:41
wispytomorrow, i knowDec 16 19:41
schestowitzHow did you know?Dec 16 19:41
wispybut im leaving school today and can't go online (vacation)Dec 16 19:41
wispyyou said on your homepageDec 16 19:41
schestowitzOh, thanks for the greeting.Dec 16 19:41
twitter"***benJIman uses both Visual Studio and Linux, thus disproving your statement." LOL, you can blow dry your hair with a 9mm, that won't make it a good idea.Dec 16 19:41
wispyhaha you're welcome ;)Dec 16 19:41
MinceRactually it would be a good idea for someDec 16 19:41
schestowitzwispy: yeah, my site says it somewhere.. probably some page I wrote many years agoDec 16 19:41
MinceRthe gene pool could use some cleaningDec 16 19:41
schestowitz*LOL* 2 MinceR Dec 16 19:42
wispyit's a cool homepage, you seem very cool :)Dec 16 19:42
schestowitzI headly touch that site anymore.Dec 16 19:42
schestowitz*hardlyDec 16 19:42
wispyyes, you have been busy with this one :DDec 16 19:43
wispyi used to have an expage, now that site is gone :(Dec 16 19:43
wispymade it when i was in middle schoolDec 16 19:43
schestowitzThat's the danger of stupid 'clouds'Dec 16 19:44
schestowitz"We're sorry... Madoffocker hd our business shut down... goodbye... to your docs and site too"Dec 16 19:44
wispyi will never put my data on another company's serverDec 16 19:44
schestowitzI had some on GeocitiesDec 16 19:44
wispyi will always rely on personal storageDec 16 19:44
wispygeocities awesomeDec 16 19:45
schestowitzMicrosoft seems unlikely to touch that part of Yahoo nows.Dec 16 19:45
schestowitz (China 'bans' BBC's Chinese website)Dec 16 19:45
schestowitzThe Bushniks seem to be attacking Web neutrality now tooDec 16 19:45
wispyyahoo had a crazy year lolDec 16 19:45
wispynet neutrality FTWDec 16 19:45
schestowitz UK also: 16 19:45
schestowitzIt's not neutrality... it's prelude to more censorshipDec 16 19:46
wispythatDec 16 19:46
wispythat's too badDec 16 19:46
schestowitzCertain sites will be throttled... indefinitely... like in Australia (Conroy the fascist)Dec 16 19:46
wispyreminds me of france sort ofDec 16 19:47
wispy3 strikes ruleDec 16 19:47
schestowitz3 strike and Sako's out??Dec 16 19:47
schestowitz*SarkoDec 16 19:47
wispylmao!Dec 16 19:47
seller_liarschestowitz: this is very strangeDec 16 19:48
schestowitzDid you read the VB stuff?Dec 16 19:48
seller_liarnot only in aus ,but in Uk and sometimes in Brazil tooDec 16 19:48
schestowitzThe link I gave you explains about VS patents...Dec 16 19:48
seller_liarschestowitz: I knowDec 16 19:48
schestowitzCensorship? Whicd sites?Dec 16 19:48
seller_liarBut I 'm talking about censorshipDec 16 19:48
seller_liarThis is probably LOBBYDec 16 19:49
schestowitzThere's always a lobbyDec 16 19:50
schestowitzThere are manyDec 16 19:50
seller_liarThis is Not the govDec 16 19:50
schestowitzWhere the crooks smell money, they would do anything to make an impactDec 16 19:50
schestowitzISPs tooDec 16 19:50
seller_liarbut this is very sad  is people to protest against the govtDec 16 19:50
schestowitzSome companies will block or throttle for partners.Dec 16 19:50
seller_liarprotest against govt is a wrong targetDec 16 19:50
schestowitzLike remove OOo mirror (real story) or throttle Web-based services of competitors.Dec 16 19:51
seller_liarin this caseDec 16 19:51
seller_liaryesDec 16 19:51
seller_liarIn Holland for example, people protest against the govtDec 16 19:51
seller_liarbut this is a very stupid actDec 16 19:51
schestowitzThey do?Dec 16 19:51
*kentma ( has joined #boycottnovellDec 16 19:51
schestowitzWell, the government is controlled by other bodies.Dec 16 19:51
schestowitzThis is not something that you learn in a 'corruption' degree but only from experience.Dec 16 19:52
seller_liarbut corruption and lobby reignsDec 16 19:52
seller_liarfor exampleDec 16 19:52
schestowitzIt's true and provable that the fabric of any government is just a compsition of companies that can afford a chipDec 16 19:52
seller_liarThere are a lot of govt entities which owns companiesDec 16 19:52
schestowitzOr offer a franchise.Dec 16 19:52
seller_liarand then ,this entites try to gain advantage over lawsDec 16 19:53
wispyRoy, i'll see you later!  I'll be gone on vacation this winter break and will be offline on and off for a while.Dec 16 19:53
wispyenjoy yourself, birthday boy!  ;)Dec 16 19:53
seller_liarhappy birthay royDec 16 19:53
schestowitzThanks, wispy Dec 16 19:54
wispyi'll miss you and the site :)Dec 16 19:54
wispyyou're welcome!Dec 16 19:54
schestowitzHave fun.Dec 16 19:54
wispythanks :)Dec 16 19:54
*wispy has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Dec 16 19:54
*Casperin has quit (Remote closed the connection)Dec 16 19:59
schestowitzIE fix: FF 3.0 16 20:01
seller_liarand because is better to use a free browser respect user privacityDec 16 20:04
seller_liarto change for opera for example is not a good thingDec 16 20:04
seller_liarbut change for firefox or another free browser is a good thingDec 16 20:05
seller_liarprivacity requires freedomDec 16 20:05
schestowitzMaureen O'Gara is peddling "Microsoft Dabbles in Open Source"Dec 16 20:05
schestowitzMicrosoft is finding a lot of moles to 'forcefeed' themselves on the FOSS community.Dec 16 20:05
schestowitzseller_liar: I deliberately ignore everything Opera, until they decide that it's okay to show and share the source.. and the sky is not falling.Dec 16 20:06
schestowitzI tried Opera in 2003. I was very good back then. But then came Firefox.Dec 16 20:07
seller_liarBecause people uses the argument " opera is open standart "Dec 16 20:07
seller_liarBut I say " but it's not free and private things requires freedom"Dec 16 20:08
seller_liarSometimes it's need to explains these things for defend against trollsDec 16 20:08
seller_liarsome people does not like firefox and then uses these argumentsDec 16 20:10
seller_liar"use opera , it open"Dec 16 20:10
schestowitzI know, I know...Dec 16 20:11
schestowitzThat's what Opera says too.Dec 16 20:11
schestowitzHakom (??) sayd standards are more important than code.Dec 16 20:11
schestowitzThen again, should it not be ASSUMED that standards are met? (well, not with Microsoft)Dec 16 20:12
schestowitzHas anyone formally petitioned Opera?Dec 16 20:12
seller_liarI do not knowDec 16 20:12
*seller_liar has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Dec 16 20:16
schestowitz "Former Vodafone chief Arun Sarin reportedly is withdrawing his name from the Yahoo CEO search, in part due to the uncertainty whether the Internet search pioneer will be broken up and sold, according to a report in the Financial Times."Dec 16 20:21
schestowitzMOG on Android (smear); "Of course it's only produced one phone so far, the iPhone's leagues ahead, and the crummy economy is expected to hurt even cell phone sales, but this is a matter of covering multiple bets and seeing what shakes out."Dec 16 20:24
schestowitz"DW: The number of bankruptcies of what previously had been household name companies will continue to soar. The current purchasing paralysis will expose those organizations with marginal business plans. "Dec 16 20:46
schestowitz"Those that struggled to succeed over the past five years (relatively robust economy compared to the current situation) coupled with those that sought unrealistic returns at any cost — will fail. Some will be salvaged through reorganization (GM? Ford? etc…), some will be acquired for pennies on the dollar, and some will cease to exist." 16 20:46
schestowitzdham.htmDec 16 20:46
schestowitzOops . Truncation. 16 20:46
*neighborlee has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Dec 16 20:53
schestowitzPotential anti-FOSS law: 16 20:58
schestowitz...German Government Urged to Force People to Use Binaries or Die...Dec 16 20:59
schestowitzMaureen O'Gara attacks GNU for suing a GPL violator. Surprise, surprise.Dec 16 21:01
schestowitzWedding Crashers In Spain Actually The Copyright Cops < Wedding Crashers In Spain Actually The Copyright Cops >Dec 16 21:06
schestowitz 16 21:06
schestowitzBush sneaks through host of laws to undermine Obama < >Dec 16 21:10
schestowitzONION: Supreme Court Overturns Bush v. Gore < >Dec 16 21:11
schestowitz "Users of the world's most common web browser have been advised to switch to another browser until a serious security flaw has been fixed."Dec 16 21:15
schestowitzAnother trolltistics post: It's based on bullishit data. Let's link to truthful things, so as not to reinforce the big lies. 16 21:28
*dsmith_ ( has joined #boycottnovellDec 16 21:30
*kentma has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))Dec 16 21:33
schestowitzNew old stupidity about standardising on Ubutnu..... .. LinuxCanuck leaves a decent comment.Dec 16 22:09
MinceRgnDec 16 22:12
*PetoKraus has quit ("Leaving")Dec 16 22:52
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellDec 16 22:59
*neighborlee (n=neighbor@unaffiliated/neighborlee) has joined #boycottnovellDec 16 23:52

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