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Microsoft Already Uses IDC Study it Paid for to Further Digitally Colonise India and Portugal

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Summary: A pay-to-say agency assists Microsoft's lobbying campaign not only in the United States but in Europe and Asia also

LAST week we warned that Microsoft was using the services of IDC (IDG) to lobby government. This week we see the consequence, which surfaced pretty quickly. Here is a report from India about Microsoft looking for greater stakes.

Commissioned by Microsoft, the study conducted by IDC, investigated the contribution of IT to GDP, job creation in the IT industry, employment in the software sector, formation of new companies and local IT spending in 52 countries. This represents 98 per cent of the total worldwide IT spend.

In the Portuguese press we find this:

Microsoft to invest €526 million in Portugal

The IT market in Portugal is set to create 7,500 new jobs along with 400 new IT companies over the next four years largely thanks to a €526 million investment from Microsoft, a study by consultancy company International Data Corporation has revealed.


Microsoft’s ecosystem integrates local companies that develop and/or commercialise products that are run in collaboration with or using Microsoft’s software as well as companies that carry out services on or distribute Microsoft’s software.

Microsoft just cannot leave Portugal alone, can it? For examples of Microsoft's deeds in Portugal, see:

In other related news, it seems possible that Microsoft gets away very cheaply in Mississippi [1, 2, 3]. A deadline has just passed for people to file for compensation, but if California is anything to judge by (settlement of over a billion dollars not redeemed), then this is hardly an appropriate response.

Mississippi residents have until Friday to file a claim in the state's settlement with software giant Microsoft.

And life goes on. Regarding the impact of "junk science" (IDC) and lobbying, see the following good video from Larry Lessig.

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