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Wonderful News From Turkey: GNU/Linux In, Microsoft Out

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Summary: Bad news for Microsoft (and particularly for Vista 7) in Turkey as OEM stranglehold gets cracked

BACK in April we wrote about Microsoft's attack on GNU/Linux in Turkey. A reader of ours (potentially from Turkey) has enthusiastically mailed us with this new information about a major development:

It’s a good day for free software. Why? Because Microsoft will no more be able to force Windows pre-installed PC’s onto Turkish citizens.

Lawyer Nihat Karslı -who is the president of Pardus Users Group (Pardus Kullanıcıları DerneÄŸi) and also a member of Linux Users Group- filed a lawsuit against Windows pre-installed PC’s. Consumer Court of Ankara (Ankara 1. Tüketici Mahkemesi) ruled for Karslı and banned the forced sales of Windows operating system with a new PC. We’ll see if this ruling will be taken seriously by PC stores.

This is a step in the right direction. Microsoft Windows is a very user-hostile operating system; nobody should be required to buy a Vista- or Vista 7-saddled PC.

Another reader, Marti, has tried Vista 7 and shared the following experiences, which we thought would be worth publishing here.

Vista 7 is is not only insecure it is malfunctioning as well. It doesn't support Microsoft's own proprietary implementation of SMB/CFIS, called "NetBUI".

It is next to impossible to connect to "Windows shares" that use SAMBA or previous versions of NetBUI, like Windows XP.

In Windows 7 "Windows shares" are implemented in "The Home group" which is incompatible with its predecessors.

IMHO Windows 7 is the most user hostile OS ever. It is extremely complicated, even for a seasoned "Windows Tweaker".

I am not kidding, it is even worst than Vista.

Wireless Internet is also very problematic.

This brings me to the conclusion that networking in general is a mess in Windows 7.

It is crystal clear: Windows 7 is Vista reloaded with a new paintjob and a few distractions (screwed up networking) all for the single purpose of Vendor Lockin(tm), making its predecessor (Windows XP) and interaction with competitive technologies (GNU/Linux etc.) next to impossible.

On top of that, the so called speed of Windows 7 as advocated by the Munchkins is fully made out of cloth.

Windows 7: the ultimate piece of junk!

I installed the RC1 build 7100, only to confront the Munchkins with facts. My conclusion is, that it's not worth a single penny. It's garbage, junk, trash.

Even my ex-lover "Julian" - a Microsoft Victim pur sang - agrees with me, regarding Windows 7.

My conscience requires me to spread the truth about Windows 7 and to warn potential users for wasting their hard earned money on that worthless piece of junk.

It is being reported that GNU/Linux gains in developing nations, new form factors (e.g. sub-notebooks), and emerging markets. Vista 7 cannot stop this.


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