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Corporate Media Lies About 'Market Share' of Vista 10 the Same Way It Did About Vista

Both were terrible in terms of acceptance, so rigged statistics (biased by selection) come to Microsoft's rescue and wrongly generalised/extrapolated!

Digital Analytics Program (DAP)
Pro-Microsoft sites (the above is a Microsoft advocacy site) have a new 'source' to lean on, just like the Microsoft-connected Net Applications

Summary: New examples of Microsoft-leaning brainwash, telling us that Vista 10 is a "success", just like "Microsoft loves Linux"

AS we noted here the other day, Vista 10 is now being compared to Vista (even in the corporate media). Both are massive failures that Microsoft prefers to forget about. Just look at the latest financial results; it's chaotic. At the same time, Microsoft is desperate to convince the public to adopt (if not force the public to adopt, as in the case of Vista 10, through covert 'updates', not just secret OEM deals) based on the false perception that "everyone else is doing it!" and it's "inevitable" (or something along those lines).

"Digital Analytics Program (DAP) is quite meaningless and not a proper indicator of market share (never mind if inside the US or outside of it)."Microsoft must be frustrated that people aren't as gullible as Microsoft needs them to do. The ordinary people know that Vista 10 is terrible and many people actively avoid it by all means possible (even if that means not buying a new PC, or only buying a Chromebook or something along these lines). Microsoft's ability to fool the public is surely eroding. The typical folks know they don't need Windows anymore and they know that Microsoft cannot love FOSS. As Christine Hall has just put it: "As for Microsoft’s continuing open sourcing? There’s nothing new here, move on. When Redmond loves Linux and open source enough to quit suing open source projects over patents it claims it has — that will be news."

We were rather disturbed to find this new IDG brainwash titled "Windows 10 passes 20% share in the U.S."

"The title and the summary say very different things," iophk wrote to us. "This reeks of desperation." Did the editor at IDG choose this misleading lie? IDG equates "Digital Analytics Program" with "share in the U.S." What next? Digital Analytics Program (DAP) is quite meaningless and not a proper indicator of market share (never mind if inside the US or outside of it).

"Don't be so shocked that DAP is Microsoft Windows-powered and even distributes MS Word files (rather than ODF or PDF).""For the first time," says this article, "Windows 10 accounted for more than one-fifth of the visits to sites tracked by the Digital Analytics Program (DAP), which mines traffic to more than 4,000 websites on over 400 different domains maintained by U.S. government agencies, such as the Internal Revenue Service and the National Weather Service."

Don't be so shocked that DAP is Microsoft Windows-powered and even distributes MS Word files (rather than ODF or PDF). Something doesn't smell right. DAP has been used to disseminate other pro-Microsoft talking points at IDG (same writer). A lot of government employees are simply forced to use Windows and are not given a choice of browser, version, etc.

Next up: let's judge the market share of GNU/Linux in the US based on universities' research departments.

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