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Advocacy of the Unitary Patent System Has Become Almost Identical to the 'Leave' (Brexit) Campaign

Distinguishable and wholly detached from underlying facts

António Campinos for UPC

Summary: The charades of Team UPC carry on in Kluwer Patent Blog -- a blog which for a very long time served no purpose other than Unified Patent Court (UPC) advocacy

THE EPO barely mentions the UPC anymore. Maybe it's concerned about still seeming dishonest, even under António Campinos who hasn't mentioned the UPC for more than a couple of months (see photo at the top).

"No UPC sceptics, opposition or even realists allowed. The usual brainwash from those who call people who do not agree with them "idiots" and "trolls", then delete their comments.""Kluwer Patent blogger" (typically Bristows) has just published a Team UPC and UPC boosters' roundtable-style propaganda piece (for their wallets). No UPC sceptics, opposition or even realists allowed. The usual brainwash from those who call people who do not agree with them "idiots" and "trolls", then delete their comments. Campinos can be like that too. There are no comments yet (the blog has generally been in decline lately, just like the UPCA). Reading between the lines, much of what we find there is a lot like the Brexit/Leave campaign. They make false assumptions (e.g. that Brexit will happen for sure or that UPC can happen irrespective of the UK). From the introduction:

The patent world is holding its breath in expectation of the judgment of the German Federal Constitutional Court (BVerfG) on the complaint that was filed last year against ratification of the UPCA.

We find it amusing that what they allude to as "experts" are actually 1) UPC profiteers (like the 'Brexiter' MPs looking to gain financially if not already gaining financially from departure from the Union) and 2) "co-author of The Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court" (no bias here!).

So basically, this is like getting one's Brexit 'news' from the Express or the Daily Mail, except here we have Kluwer Patent Blog, which presents itself as an objective observer.

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