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Holding Criminals Accountable — Part VI — 26 Days Later and Still Inaction/No Action by the Police That Had Endless Resources for Coronation Ceremony

Series parts:

  1. Holding Criminals Accountable — Part I — Sirius Crimes Reported to British Authorities, Formally Registered With References (Many Victims), Here's What It Means and What Happens Next
  2. Holding Criminals Accountable — Part II — Still No Action From Action Fraud
  3. Holding Criminals Accountable — Part III — Why Police Action is the Only Option Now
  4. Holding Criminals Accountable — Part IV — British Prime Minister “Launches Crackdown on Fraud”, So Now Prove It
  5. Holding Criminals Accountable — Part V — 20 Days Later, UK 'Action Fraud' Shows No Signs of Action
  6. YOU ARE HERE ☞ 26 Days Later and Still Inaction/No Action by the Police That Had Endless Resources for Coronation Ceremony

King Charles Crown: Police? Whose police?

Summary: The crimes of Sirius 'Open Source' -- crimes that had many victims -- don't seem to interest the police enough to act fast (we expected this all along); as its 28-day time window approaches we revisit the matter and discuss some more

ABOUT four weeks ago I contacted the police and filed a report about Sirius fraud. It was perfectly factual, with no gaps in knowledge left to fill (as I had received formal documentation from the original sources after months of ordeals, mostly trying hard to get them to admit the issue and write official letters). All the witnesses were ready to testify and answer additional questions.

"All the witnesses were ready to testify and answer additional questions."Police is in no rush to act. Cops would be involved if someone's life was at immediate risk, but that's about it. They drag their heels, just like pension providers do. Months ago I learn from a friend, a professor who worked here, that his female partner got punched in the face and despite the cops having CCTV footage of the incident and plate number (of the car in question) -- in other words everything needed to summon the perpetrator of assault and convict her -- the cops chose to do nothing, not even prosecute. See, here in Manchester it has become normal; if something gets damaged or stolen they typically just ask, "do you have insurance?" They don't want to get involved. They might open a case, give you a number, and then add it to the tally, eventually generating some detailed statistics for taxpayers while asking for implicit consent to close the case (without resolution).

"The same is true in most countries outside the UK, but we cannot put those to the test (for obvious reasons)."They said they aimed to make progress within 28 days. Well, early this coming Saturday it'll be 28 days, so I plan to call them tomorrow afternoon and ask about progress. And no, don't bother to put me down, I'm not expecting much to happen. With my low expectations, not due to the crime not being severe "enough" but the police not being effective enough (from personal experience), I all along expected many delays, little action etc. I had already prepared actions to come after police inaction. There are 5 steps to come after that, but we're keeping them close to our chest for now. By the end of this series we hope to make it crystal clear that the system for accountability in the UK is not functioning, to put it mildly and politely. The same is true in most countries outside the UK, but we cannot put those to the test (for obvious reasons).

Let me explain the situation very simply, as this subject has been preying on my mind a lot lately, also in light of the EU and the EPO pushing an obviously illegal "Unitary Patent"/"Unified Patent Court", Donald Trump getting away with everything, and various other examples of rich and/or powerful people being above the law.

Allow me to put it like this: Imagine you pay your tax money to the police (a portion of the salary) and you then spend a lot of time -- even prepare and make expensive phonecalls -- to gather evidence for the police. Months later you report and politely demand action, as the evidence supports the assertion that a serious crime took place and many people are victims of this crime, not just you. You've basically done the work cops were supposed to do, but you're not an enforcer. You wait a month for action, but nothing happens. The cops not taking action basically signals to employers that embezzlement is OK (stealing workers' money from their salary under a false pretenses of "pension").

"So what's the point of the police?"So you're basically ripped off twice, first for cops who don't enforce the law and don't solve crimes and second by the employer. One might say that there's money stolen by cops who enable these crimes while giving false assurances of "law and order".

So what's the point of the police?

They might as well publicly state that embezzlement has been informally legalised by inaction, in which case people need vigilantes to enforce rules or resort to force in case theft was detected.

Would that make us safer?

No, the vigilantes would soon be getting in trouble for "violence" or "sabotage" of rich people's "property". As a reminder, the cops in the UK have emblems like the crown (worn on the helmet); they work for the Monarchy -- yes, the same family that issued taxpayers' money to victims of 'Prince' Andrew so that he doesn't get arrested.

"The perpetrators revel in this impunity while they buy and control the major media (to totally distort the narrative)."If white-collar crimes get treated so lightly, it's hardly shocking that protesters get arrested routinely whereas the criminals they protest against receive police protection. In climate and antiwar activism this has become a universal truism. There's this "tyranny of the white collar", e.g. bailouts for abusive bankers (states habitually bail out the worst abusers instead of punishing them, encouraging further bad behaviour)

The perpetrators revel in this impunity while they buy and control the major media (to totally distort the narrative).

Remember that Sirius had many clients in the British government, so will cops lift the rock above this rattlesnake?

We still have a lot of material and ample evidence on this subject, but we shall continue another day in the future parts.

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