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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: December 10th, 2008

Posted in IRC Logs at 4:11 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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schestowitz MAFIIAction: New Zealand Hairdresser Gets Bill For Playing Music In Her Shop < http://techdirt.com/articles/2… >; also worth seeing is this demo: http://techdirt.com/articles/2008… Dec 10 00:01
schestowitz http://legalpad.blogs.fortune.cnn.com/2008/… “It won’t work against patent trolls. Competitors of the Linux-based OSes can put some patents in a troll company, and this kind of patent pooling won’t work, because you cannot countersue.” Dec 10 00:05
schestowitz “But what struck me was that once again IBM had chosen to work closely with Ubuntu. It’s a good match: plucky GNU/Linux distro, with lots of street-cred but not much welly in the enterprise, and massive old Big Blue, still looking for way to win back some of the influence it once had on the desktop with the original, open-architecture PC (and which it blew with the closed PS/2 that followed it.)” Dec 10 00:25
schestowitz http://www.computerworlduk.com/community/blogs/inde… Dec 10 00:25
MinceR gn Dec 10 00:43
schestowitz Microsoft advert in the Beeb: <http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/tech… > Dec 10 00:58
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schestowitz Report: White House should oversee cybersecurity < http://www.cnn.com/2008/TECH/12/08/cyber.sec… >. So…. are they restricting use of Windows? Dec 10 01:15
schestowitz “is XP being given away these days?” Mark Shuttleworth heard that it *IS* free. Microsoft whine about losing money due to this. Dec 10 01:20
schestowitz From: http://www.siriusit.co.uk/myblog/splash… Dec 10 01:21
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twitter white house?  the people who can’t find their email but know that China has a backup? Dec 10 02:57
twitter ah, I see, the new administration.  Who knows, they might have a clue. Dec 10 02:58
twitter The old administration pulled a stunt like that years ago.  Let me find the link. Dec 10 02:58
twitter Ah yes, clueless mandate http://politics.slashdot.org/article…. Dec 10 02:58
twitter mandated anti-security Dec 10 02:59
twitter ” minimum standards for securing cyberspace”  That must be how they excuse Winblows.  I’ll have to read the report, CNN blows. Dec 10 03:00
twitter They did not link the report either.  http://www.csis.org/media/csis/pub… sad Dec 10 03:05
twitter ugh 96 pages Dec 10 03:06
twitter I don’t now how they did it, but I can’t cut and paste text.  It gives me garbage characters. Dec 10 03:16
twitter pdftotext does to :-( Dec 10 03:16
twitter Oh well, what bothered me most is right in the summary, “We used the response to proliferation as a model for how to approach cybersecurity.”  That could be very bad, restricting tools instead of hardening targets and pursuing justice. Dec 10 03:19
twitter “We recommend that the United States buy only secure products and services; standards and guidelines for secure products should be developed in partnership with industry.” sigh, the most secure software is free, they will ask industry what to buy.  Let me look for “free software” and “Open Source” Dec 10 03:24
twitter the word “free” does not appear in the report. Dec 10 03:24
twitter the word “open” does not appear in the report. Dec 10 03:25
twitter I need to check this …. the word “the” appears in a lot of places in the report, text search works and the report is broken. Dec 10 03:25
twitter “Do not start over.  The Bush administration took a major step toward improving federal cybersecurity with its Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative.  Although CNCI is not comprehensive and unnecessary secrecy reduced its effect, we believe it is a good place to start.” Dec 10 03:29
twitter This looks like a rear guard action.  Plunging on. Dec 10 03:29
twitter “The United States should allow consumers to use strong government-issued credentials (or commercially issued credentials based on them) for online activities, consistent with protecting privacy and civil liberties.”  They are talking about banking and commerce.  I don’t like the potential for tracking here, they want it for taxes and have made sure they can track everything but cash so far. Dec 10 03:38
twitter It would be nice to have government created credentials, so long as they are free and based on best practices, but private institutions should be able to do better and provide their customers (not “consumers”) with anonymity in purchasing. Dec 10 03:39
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schestowitz http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008… (Yahoo! planning massive layoffs for Wednesday) Dec 10 08:32
kentma1 ahh, poor b*ggers. Dec 10 08:32
kentma1 We live in interesting times. Dec 10 08:32
schestowitz http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h… Dec 10 08:35
schestowitz Congressional Report: FCC’s Martin Abused Power < http://www.pcworld.com/article/1552… > Dec 10 08:58
schestowitz Windows zombie back in action: Spam Bounces Back < http://www.pcworld.com/article/155218/spa… > Dec 10 08:58
schestowitz Some people whom I point to Ogg know nothing about the issues with it. There’s the patent issue which makes it worthwhile to steer away from MP3. They have armed mafia-like people (Sisvel) enforcing it now < http://www.channelregister.co.uk/2008/0… >. It’s a Philips front/proxy and it’s attacking OpenMoko too. Dec 10 09:09
kentma1 ahh, they know no bounds… Dec 10 09:13
schestowitz They are like Microsoft now…. cracking down on everything that moves because “business is a right” to them Dec 10 09:15
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schestowitz Other people in the same blog are suggesting that you can’t give Linux as a gift without a ‘warning’. That’s a very fair point. Let’s not forget, however, that people don’t expect their phone to run Windows. Dec 10 09:15
schestowitz Corruption in US government (shock horror!): Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich Accused of Attempt to Sell Obama’s Senate Seat < http://www.findingdulcinea.com/news/… > Dec 10 09:23
schestowitz http://techdirt.com/articles/20081… “Congress has now released a report slamming Martin for widespread abuses of power during his chairmanship, noting his efforts to force the FCC to bury the original report and publish the new report.” Dec 10 09:25
MinceR hay Dec 10 09:26
schestowitz “RE: A no-fly zone to protect Linux from patent trolls, where the OIN CEO says: «We’re not anti-patent by any stretch of the imagination. More patents is fine with me, as long as they’re high quality. Quality is the drum we beat.» This is 100% bullshit. If it’s about “quality software patents”, then the OIN is favoring software patents!” Dec 10 11:00
schestowitz http://beranger.org/index.php?page=dia… (the part about OINk) Dec 10 11:02
schestowitz A lot of people search Google for “Microsoft layoffs”. About 40 of them end up in BoycottNovell per day. What do they know that we don’t know yet? Dec 10 13:02
MinceR :) Dec 10 13:03
schestowitz BN not even listed here: http://search.msn.com/results.aspx?… Dec 10 13:03
MinceR perhaps they’re working for microsoft and the rumors are spreading in there Dec 10 13:03
schestowitz MinceR: yes, for sure. That’s true based on the comments I receive. Dec 10 13:03
MinceR if they dare do that from their workplace, their IP addresses might tell you that Dec 10 13:04
schestowitz I never checked. Dec 10 13:04
schestowitz I used to have a DNS translator, but it was slow. Dec 10 13:05
schestowitz I don’t see the point spending time on this, either. Even if I could produce proof, so what? Dec 10 13:05
schestowitz 3271 different keyphrasesSearchPercent Dec 10 13:05
schestowitz microsoft4677.5 % Dec 10 13:05
schestowitz boycottnovell3956.3 % Dec 10 13:05
schestowitz boycott novell2634.2 % Dec 10 13:05
schestowitz microsoft layoffs2453.9 % Dec 10 13:05
schestowitz novell1933.1 % Dec 10 13:05
schestowitz category1111.7 % Dec 10 13:05
schestowitz microsoft layoffs 2008701.1 % Dec 10 13:05
schestowitz linux620.9 % Dec 10 13:05
schestowitz microsoft layoff460.7 % Dec 10 13:05
schestowitz boycot novell330.5 % Dec 10 13:05
schestowitz http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/1… “Yoon, who according to the San Diego Union-Tribune was at work at the time of the crash, told reporters: “Nobody expected such a horrible thing to happen, especially right here, right [in] our house. I know God is taking care of my [family].”” Dec 10 13:08
schestowitz So his whole family is dead, but religion give him power… how about commenting on the US being an excessively militant country? Dec 10 13:08
schestowitz *gives Dec 10 13:09
schestowitz “They weren’t really killed… God took them… he’s ‘testing’ me…” So had the pilot stayed in the plane and steered it into some forest, there would be one casualty, not THREE. He ‘passed’ his burden. Dec 10 13:11
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schestowitz Says (former) Microsoft employee: http://lwn.net/Articles/308309/  “…the Java mess, patents and copyright… remaining challenges for free software, and many other things. I’m a former Microsoft programmer of 11 years, and I’m one of a few people who’ve studied the MS and non-MS worlds…” Gotta tread carefully there. Dec 10 13:27
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schestowitz Linux.com on C# (ish): “Unlike Mono or Java, a Vala program does not require any virtual machine or runtime libraries, so people who use your Vala objects don’t even have to know they are not written in C.” < http://www.linux.com/feature/154784 > Dec 10 13:33
schestowitz Surprise, surprise. The Maureen O’Gara shill is playing up Novell after the bad results.. Dec 10 13:59
schestowitz I look at news for “Novell” in Google News and I find the headline: “Don’t expect much from anti-Novell zeolots” Dec 10 14:19
schestowitz “Doing very, very well” doesn’t mean anything in isolation. For starters, Novell’s headline figure of an increase of 33 per cent in quarterly Linux revenues translates to just $8.2 million in cash, a few minutes’ chump change to the really big IT houses that turnover billions.” < http://www.osnews.com/thread?339748 > Dec 10 14:27
schestowitz LG Display Cuts Q4 Outlook on Sharp Decline in LCD Demand < http://www.pcworld.com/article/155245/lg_di… >; Downturn Hits Taiwan’s Foundry Chip Makers < http://www.pcworld.com/article/15… >. On the bright side, it’s good for the environment; no lavish expenditures. Dec 10 14:51
schestowitz They used to say gaming won’t be affected by the depression…  Electronic Arts warns on profits < http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7774959.stm >. Dec 10 14:52
schestowitz IDG playing along with the Microsoft dance of EEEing open source.. http://www.networkworld.com/news/… Dec 10 14:56
schestowitz Demise of old media yet? “U.S. Internet users watched 13.5 billion online videos during October, marking a 45 percent increase compared to a year ago, according to comScore Video Metrix.” < http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2… > Dec 10 15:06
schestowitz Aussie schools on Linux? It’s also covered here. Good stuff! http://www.itnews.com.au/News/90863,op… Dec 10 15:19
schestowitz Screenshots Thunderbird 3:  http://ascher.ca/blog/2008/12/09/… It’s looking really good. It’s one of my favourite apps. Dec 10 15:21
schestowitz Debian 5 is taking ages to come… http://blog.venthur.de/2008/12… Dec 10 15:27
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ModplanMan Roy, have you ever thought of using  a service like twitter or identi.ca? Dec 10 16:18
ModplanMan (am RyanT btw) Dec 10 16:18
schestowitz IRC was the suggestion of one reader. It seems to work pretty well. Dec 10 16:20
twitter “people in the same blog are suggesting that you can’t give Linux as a gift without a ‘warning’. That’s a very fair point.”  It’s not a fair point at all, non free software like Windows has far more liability.  They are less careful and get sued all the time.  Long term credibility if firmly on free software’s side. Dec 10 16:36
twitter “A lot of people search Google for “Microsoft layoffs”. About 40 of them end up in BoycottNovell per day. What do they know that we don’t know yet?”  I scared the shit out of at least one person by accident, http://slashdot.org/~t… Dec 10 16:40
twitter It was an honest mistake.  The article said “fire up 20,000 employees,” I read it as “fire up to 20,000 employees.”  Can you imagine a company wide meeting to fire most of your people?  I laughed out loud at the insanity but did not put it past Sweaty B. Dec 10 16:42
twitter You can see where a reader was actually upset.  Since then nearly a million people have lost their jobs anyway.  The reader should save their pity for the innocent. Dec 10 16:45
twitter OMG it’s MOG. Dec 10 16:52
MinceR MOG? Half-man, half-dog, his own best friend? Dec 10 16:59
schestowitz MOgged of all dignity Dec 10 16:59
schestowitz Re: layoffs; looting of public’s puny wealth has only just begun; wait ’till next year. Dec 10 17:00
schestowitz By the way, I’ve discussed censorship of the term “patent troll” Dec 10 17:10
schestowitz Apparently the press continues to censor it. Dec 10 17:10
schestowitz The criminals cannot be flagged sharks or trolls. We must respect white-collar crime Dec 10 17:10
schestowitz Respect… as in Jim Zemlin’s “respect Microsoft”. Dec 10 17:10
twitter Here is interesting evidence of M$/Gatner/WE collusion from the “Vista Capable” trail. Dec 10 17:44
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twitter ********************** start email quote ***************** Dec 10 17:45
twitter From: Jamin Spilzer Dec 10 17:45
twitter sent: Sunday, October 15, 2006 9:30 PM Dec 10 17:45
twitter to: Brad Goldberg Dec 10 17:45
twitter CC: Martha Sherman; Lisa Worthington; Laura Dodd (Waggener Edstrom) Dec 10 17:45
twitter Subject: Steveb recap Draft Dec 10 17:45
twitter David Smith commented that Gartner will not bash MS if MS chooses to slip Vista. Dec 10 17:45
twitter Steve gave the analysts an explanation of how M$ will Measure Vista success.  First is market measures such as absolute units (should be bigger), percentage of Install base (small percentage, regardless of ‘success’).  Second Steve keyed three audiences he wasts to see adopt Vista:  developers, enterprises and consumer word of mouth (a “je ne sais qua”) that reafirms Windows at the center of computing.  (I heard this a bit differe Dec 10 17:45
twitter ************************ end email quote *************************** Dec 10 17:45
twitter from page 34 of http://media.techflash.com/docume… Dec 10 17:45
schestowitz Excellent. Dec 10 17:45
schestowitz How did you find it? Dec 10 17:46
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twitter Linked from a Todd Bishop article.  I’m reading it for Enderle correspondence and found the above. Dec 10 17:46
twitter I hate how people use image based pdfs. Dec 10 17:47
PetoKraus lol Dec 10 17:51
PetoKraus it took SECC two days to send me tickets Dec 10 17:51
PetoKraus actually, one work day Dec 10 17:51
PetoKraus that’s brilliant service Dec 10 17:52
twitter page 29 of the same document has interesting story plant potential as well. Dec 10 17:53
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twitter Some kind of “Biz Lunch” to “maximize coverage around the BV launch” Dec 10 17:54
twitter Information Week, WSJ and Blooberg are all mentioned with notes about upcoming stories, and what the reporters want Steve to tell them to write. Dec 10 17:56
twitter “In addition the Info Week story will include a sidebar entitled, “The 10 Things Steve Ballmer Wants You to Know About Microsoft.”  We have drafted that list which is attached for your review…” Dec 10 17:57
schestowitz twitter: can it be copies and pasted from there? Dec 10 17:57
schestowitz I was hoping someone would look closely at the PDfs Dec 10 17:57
twitter No, I have to transcribe it manually. Dec 10 17:57
schestowitz It’s also a goldmine in the Iowa case.. Dec 10 17:57
schestowitz Any OCR software? Dec 10 17:58
schestowitz Anyone? Dec 10 17:58
twitter I have OCR but the images are intentionally poor. Dec 10 17:58
schestowitz twitter: story plant would be interesting. Dec 10 17:58
schestowitz I am going to post that Gartner thing. Dec 10 17:58
twitter cool.  Have a look at page 29 and see if it’s worth transcribing. Dec 10 17:59
schestowitz Info Week, eh? Dec 10 17:59
schestowitz That ought to explain their attacks on Linux, esp. back then. Dec 10 17:59
twitter All three of the publications seem to be close, which is why they had an invite at all.  Not all three journalist would be graced with Mr. Ballmer’s time. Dec 10 18:00
twitter If you think the letter is worth transcribing, I’ll spend the time doing it. Dec 10 18:00
twitter right now, I’m moving still looking for the Enderle stuff. Dec 10 18:00
twitter He had a tiff with M$ management and though they were shooting him over it.  Is there any evidence that M$ screwed him over around 2006? Dec 10 18:01
twitter I know they burn all of their analysts eventually, but it would be interesting to note his burning came from disagreeing with M$ not the damage to credibility that comes with backing obvious liars. Dec 10 18:02
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schestowitz twitter: the text of this would be excellent. I can also grab a screenshot Dec 10 18:06
schestowitz red: Rob Enderle, he was in good touch in 2007 Dec 10 18:07
schestowitz Cocktail parties in Redmond and all. Dec 10 18:07
schestowitz I can’t think of a tiff… he boosted the SCO lawsuit whilst Microsoft funneled some money into the lawsuit Dec 10 18:07
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twitter Tiff was private, I suppose that’s why he’s not thrown out.  You gave me the link a while back,  http://www.techflash.com/microsoft/Enderle_Micros… Dec 10 18:12
twitter I’ve got another juicy quote from page 28, which is about the same thing.  Deep see diving is part of the corruption party. Dec 10 18:13
twitter ************************** start email quote ******************************* Dec 10 18:13
twitter From Tom Pilla Dec 10 18:14
twitter Sent November 17, 2006 Dec 10 18:14
twitter To: Steve Ballmer; Debbie Hill; Dorothy Velth Dec 10 18:14
twitter CC: Mich Mathews; Larry Cohen; John Pnette; Bill Cox; Ari Bixhorn; Kim Stocks; Frank Shaw (Waggener Edstrom) Dec 10 18:14
twitter Subject RE: Biz Value Launch – Pre event Media inteviews Dec 10 18:14
twitter …. Dec 10 18:14
twitter Bloomberg Dina Bass Dec 10 18:14
twitter Despite her lack of deep technical knowledge, Dina has been well versed in Office, Vista and Exchange.  She recently met with Criscap, Mike Slavert and Dave Thompson for deep dives.  Dina is positive about the releases, but her affinity for controversy/tension means she will reference (in her launch coverage) the barriers we will face.  Whether it is the EU, product delays, or competitive threats from Google, Dina tess a complete Dec 10 18:14
twitter *********************** end email quote ******************************** Dec 10 18:14
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schestowitz I’m uploading a copy of the PDF to BN, just in case Dec 10 18:18
schestowitz twitter: excellent, thank you Dec 10 18:19
twitter Found the Enderle stuff on page 23.  It looks worse than Bishop wrote it up. Dec 10 18:19
twitter Enderle chatted with Dell and they concluded 6 versions of Vista was a mistake.  Dell did not communicate that with M$ and when Enderle asked for confirmation he was threatened, “Any conversation outside the spirit of this forum [Dell GAC discussions] are in violation of the NDA” Dec 10 18:22
schestowitz Who is David Smith? Dec 10 18:23
schestowitz Oh Dec 10 18:23
schestowitz gartner Dec 10 18:23
schestowitz I see now. Dec 10 18:23
twitter Just there to pledge Gatner’s support, I suppose. Dec 10 18:23
twitter Oh wow, Enderle’s opinion is blistering.  Starts on page 20. Dec 10 18:25
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schestowitz I saw parts of it Dec 10 18:29
schestowitz He mentions “Mac and Linux folks” Dec 10 18:30
PetoKraus of only did HP pick better distro Dec 10 18:32
twitter The saga starts on page 17.  I’m going to quote large chunks of it on my Slashdot journal but it’s more a Vista failure thing than that other stuff I shared with you above.  I’ll get back to that other stuff in a bit. Dec 10 18:33
schestowitz Any more about the journos? Dec 10 18:33
schestowitz Like the InfoWeek stuff? Dec 10 18:34
twitter Like I said, there’s more.  I’ll quote it when I’m finished with the Enderle stuff.  With lunch and all, it should be done in two or three hours. Dec 10 18:34
twitter The stuff about “not bashing” and deep sea diving was just too good to keep to myself.  :) Dec 10 18:35
schestowitz Ha! Dec 10 18:39
schestowitz John Foley Dec 10 18:39
schestowitz That’s that Windows-licket Dec 10 18:39
schestowitz That’s that Windows-licker Dec 10 18:39
schestowitz They ‘treated’ him too Dec 10 18:39
PetoKraus oh man! http://linuxlock.blogspot.com/2008/1… Dec 10 18:39
*_doug has quit (“Java user signed off”) Dec 10 18:40
schestowitz deep sea? Dec 10 18:40
schestowitz Deep dives? Dec 10 18:40
PetoKraus WOOOOSH! Dec 10 18:42
schestowitz Indeed. Seagate abruptly lowers Q4 2008 revenue forecast < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/12… > Dec 10 19:21
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neighborlee you know its a shame, that not only are innocent victims encumbered by this mono mess, but also that those same innocent users cant even use synatpic, the default install gui supported by cannonical, to get rid of it easily ?,,or have I missed something ?:: http://www.theopensourcerer.com/2008/11/16/how… Dec 10 19:26
schestowitz Which comment is this? It doesn’t scroll down to it? Dec 10 19:28
neighborlee http://www.theopensourcerer.com/2008/11/16/how-t… < sorry I meant to just paste this Dec 10 19:31
neighborlee o_0 Dec 10 19:31
neighborlee I had just finished commenting , thus ;( Dec 10 19:31
schestowitz http://www.informationweek.com/blog/main/arc… (little help from  volunteers… if any show up) Dec 10 19:32
schestowitz I think he has moderation. Alan also read BN, I think. Dec 10 19:33
neighborlee id not be surprised,, Dec 10 19:34
neighborlee The student was showing the ability of the laptop and handing out Linux disks. < hehe ;)) Dec 10 19:36
schestowitz Who’s that? Dec 10 19:36
neighborlee http://www.theopensourcerer.com/ Dec 10 19:36
neighborlee some teacher huh Dec 10 19:38
neighborlee o_0 Dec 10 19:38
schestowitz Yes. Dec 10 19:39
schestowitz Teaches about the dangers of Mono as well. Dec 10 19:39
neighborlee yeah Dec 10 19:40
schestowitz Hey! Helios made the Dot: http://linux.slashdot.org/article.pl?si… Dec 10 19:42
schestowitz Very funny is also the ‘recommendation’ bit… he liked when when I leaked it last week. Dec 10 19:42
twitter yes it did. Dec 10 19:43
neighborlee his charts are interesting too :)) Dec 10 19:43
neighborlee And who is it who thinks the world wants Mono? :) Dec 10 19:43
twitter I found an Enderle smoking gun, where he puts M$ interests above those of his publisher. Dec 10 19:43
twitter On page 19, his last email to Barry he says, “Well this is what happens when you set expectation high then pull features out.  …. Microsoft is already being lambasted for crippled Vista. … I get to do a lot of columns these days, could guarantee each of these titles [pointing out Vista is a rip off] not only would get published they would make the front page or pull amazing numbers.  …   One thing has changed since ’85 we ha Dec 10 19:44
schestowitz Good Dec 10 19:44
schestowitz I have another that I will post later… to space them up a bit Dec 10 19:44
schestowitz Shredder Vista vid is up Dec 10 19:44
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/10/g… Dec 10 19:44
twitter Cool.  I’ll have to check it out. Dec 10 19:45
schestowitz Your messages get truncated Dec 10 19:45
schestowitz All the stuff you paste here. Dec 10 19:45
schestowitz ” One thing has changed since ’85 we ha” Dec 10 19:45
MinceR i’ve got a ‘v’ more :) Dec 10 19:46
PetoKraus hmm it’s funny how different clients handle long posts Dec 10 19:47
PetoKraus xchat usually just splits it Dec 10 19:47
MinceR afaik the client can’t really know where to split Dec 10 19:48
PetoKraus irssi craps up totally Dec 10 19:48
neighborlee schestowitz, you did see my post I presume about gnome dev page showing tomboy clearly why current release notes  for 2.24 says nothing about it Dec 10 19:48
MinceR since the message length limit includes the prefix added by the ircd Dec 10 19:48
schestowitz neighborlee: oh, as in taking it for granted that Mono is OK by default? Dec 10 19:50
neighborlee schestowitz, yes Dec 10 19:51
neighborlee schestowitz, well that its part of gnome yadda Dec 10 19:51
schestowitz Do we have a before|after snapshot? Dec 10 19:51
schestowitz Like… if we wanted to write “GNOME Gradually Makes it OK to Have GNOME by Default” Dec 10 19:52
schestowitz Then showing announcement from 2007… followed by the latest Dec 10 19:52
neighborlee schestowitz, the current release notes used to mention tomboy, but I  can’t find it in current ones..but the development notes on gnome mention tomboy clearly,, Dec 10 19:53
neighborlee let me find relevant url’s if you like Dec 10 19:53
neighborlee http://library.gnome.org/misc/… < here vs : http://live.gnome.org/RoadMap < which does mention it: tomboy notes: complete crossplatform support Dec 10 19:57
schestowitz twitter: I do the Enderle text. So in case we duplicate effort, I say this now Dec 10 19:59
schestowitz Can we compare announcement to roadmap? Dec 10 20:11
schestowitz Is there a prior announcement? Dec 10 20:11
MinceR hm, how strict is novell’s stranglehold on gnome currently? Dec 10 20:11
schestowitz They have Miguel Dec 10 20:11
schestowitz Remember what Ximian is to GNOME Dec 10 20:12
PetoKraus who cares about gnome anyway :P Dec 10 20:12
PetoKraus alright, i’ll stop being pointless Dec 10 20:12
MinceR anyone who cares about gtk, for example Dec 10 20:12
twitter back, had a few things to do.  Let me catch up. Dec 10 20:13
PetoKraus yeah, i can imagine them trying to code GTK 3 using mono Dec 10 20:14
neighborlee MinceR, yeah, which now specifically calls c# one of the wrappers instead of java Dec 10 20:14
MinceR great Dec 10 20:14
twitter truncation issue, the message continues with incriminating quote, ” One thing has changed since ’85 we have blogs now.   …. The press was taken through the product and every time a feature is dropped the calls come in with the take that Vista is just smoke and mirrors now, I can turn some of these but there are limitations to what I can do.” Dec 10 20:15
neighborlee I thought linus was nuts saying ‘just use kde’ but I wonder if then he knew something I didn’t and just never said anything or I missed one of his posts ;)..anyway seeing gnome as likely a lost cause I may be going to kde anyway because its clear they no longer represent foss… I ‘m very very undecided on this but >kde everyday Dec 10 20:16
twitter Oh, I was working on Enderle text.  No big deal. Dec 10 20:16
neighborlee as much as I dont like m andriva for supporting mono in gnome version, at least their ‘default’ uses kde which at least is something…? ;) Dec 10 20:17
MinceR i prefer kde Dec 10 20:17
MinceR but both Qt and GTK are in danger now Dec 10 20:17
neighborlee eek ? Dec 10 20:17
MinceR and the other toolkits are just inadequate Dec 10 20:17
neighborlee well there is that attempt to bring over a mono wrapper yes, but its not going INside kde faik Dec 10 20:18
MinceR Qt is controlled by Nokia who are hostile to FLOSS Dec 10 20:18
MinceR and GTK is controlled by microsoft Dec 10 20:18
PetoKraus MinceR: “other toolkits are inadequate” which ones do you mean? Dec 10 20:18
neighborlee true about qt, and OUCH about gtk,,though based on their willingness to showcase c# instead of java , none of that would surprise me at all Dec 10 20:18
MinceR fltk, Tk come to mind Dec 10 20:19
PetoKraus yeah, there’s ETK Dec 10 20:19
MinceR also Swing and Xt Dec 10 20:19
MinceR and xaw Dec 10 20:19
MinceR and the motif descendants Dec 10 20:19
MinceR well, i don’t know a lot about etk Dec 10 20:19
neighborlee you mean Enlightenment tk ? Dec 10 20:19
PetoKraus me neither…. Dec 10 20:19
MinceR i’ve only ever seen it in overly skinned versions Dec 10 20:19
PetoKraus neighborlee: yup Dec 10 20:19
MinceR and only used by enlightenment apps Dec 10 20:19
neighborlee interesting. Dec 10 20:19
neighborlee yeah Dec 10 20:19
PetoKraus yeah Dec 10 20:20
PetoKraus i don’t think it’s the way to go tho Dec 10 20:20
MinceR and after seeing edb i’m kind of averse to meddling with enlightenment stuff at all Dec 10 20:20
PetoKraus edb? Dec 10 20:20
MinceR the enlightenment fork of berkeley db Dec 10 20:20
MinceR to freeze its binary interface or something Dec 10 20:20
PetoKraus uh Dec 10 20:20
MinceR entrance uses it to keep its sessions Dec 10 20:20
MinceR and it’s a train wreck Dec 10 20:20
MinceR it’s like registry except it’s much harder to edit Dec 10 20:20
PetoKraus yeah, entrance is crap Dec 10 20:21
PetoKraus it’s not developed much, though Dec 10 20:21
PetoKraus E is getting into pretty much well shape now Dec 10 20:22
PetoKraus raster is doing some nice stuff with it on embedded Dec 10 20:23
schestowitz Is this Google’s ActiveX Disaster? < http://www.computerworlduk.com/community/b… > “I remember very well the days in the mid 1990s when it became clear that Microsoft’s ActiveX technology, which grew out of OLE, a way for creating compound documents, was essentially the world’s greatest browser malware construction kit.” Dec 10 20:24
MinceR it’s from google and it isn’t a search engine => signs point to yes Dec 10 20:25
*MinceR knows a pattern when he sees one Dec 10 20:25
twitter GoogleFUD Dec 10 20:26
twitter If it’s not from M$, FEAR. Dec 10 20:26
schestowitz How is GTK controlled by Microsoft? Through Novell/GNOME? They say GNOME controls GTK in practice… Dec 10 20:30
schestowitz http://www.desmogblog.com/poznan-un-ac… “After two days of deliberations, the United Nations officials at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Poznan, Poland, agreed to give media accreditation to the DeSmogBlog, the first time in history that the UN has accredited a blog, according to UNFCCC Public Information and Media Assistant Carrie Assheuer.” Dec 10 20:37
twitter OK, here’s a link to my favorite parts of the Enderle saga http://slashdot.org/~twitter/jo… Dec 10 20:47
*GoblinRFD (n=tim@78-86-75-104.zone2.bethere.co.uk) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 10 20:47
schestowitz There are some UseFul IdIots[R] at OStatic today, failing to see that Microsoft is attacking open source through EEE tactics. Dec 10 20:49
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Dec 10 20:52
GoblinRFD roy are you there? Dec 10 20:54
schestowitz Yes Dec 10 20:55
GoblinRFD can I PM you? Dec 10 20:55
schestowitz What’s up? Dec 10 20:55
schestowitz Public no good? Dec 10 20:56
GoblinRFD just need to let you know something. Dec 10 20:56
GoblinRFD actually I suppose its fine Dec 10 20:56
GoblinRFD I tell ya here Dec 10 20:56
*schestowitz all ears Dec 10 20:56
twitter Office Depot flunks.  112 Stores and 2200 employees get the ax http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=… Dec 10 20:56
GoblinRFD Ive been invited on the Gutsy Geeks radio show. Dec 10 20:56
GoblinRFD had an email from Mr Modem Dec 10 20:57
schestowitz Office Depot. They wouldn’t put Linux on display, would they? Dec 10 20:57
schestowitz Modem? Dec 10 20:57
GoblinRFD one of the presenters Dec 10 20:57
schestowitz Real name? Dec 10 20:57
GoblinRFD er – standby Dec 10 20:57
schestowitz Mr. Modem marries Miss Cable Dec 10 20:58
GoblinRFD http://www.mrmodem.com/ Dec 10 20:58
GoblinRFD thats his site. Dec 10 20:58
*schestowitz looks Dec 10 20:58
GoblinRFD Hes a nice guy, presents the show, pro open source etc Dec 10 20:58
schestowitz Fox News Dec 10 20:58
twitter I know someone who bought a laptop at Office Depot, very cheap – Vista Failure. Dec 10 20:58
schestowitz Vista failure -> Office Depot failure. Dec 10 20:59
schestowitz This has a domino effect. OD layoffs… less revenue… less spendings… Dec 10 20:59
schestowitz RMS just posted an urgent call re: bailout Dec 10 20:59
twitter ” Office Depot has posted losses or profit declines for the past six quarters as businesses stop buying desk chairs and computers. Its sales and profit margins trail larger rival Staples Inc.” Dec 10 21:00
schestowitz GoblinRFD: when will you do the show? Dec 10 21:00
twitter Will have to check out RMS’s call. Dec 10 21:00
schestowitz Talk about the SHILLS. :-D Dec 10 21:00
GoblinRFD Im just responding now.. Dec 10 21:00
GoblinRFD Yep the shills. Dec 10 21:01
GoblinRFD and the attack I recieved from them Dec 10 21:01
GoblinRFD Ive also got a little rant about encouraging the demo scene to Linux Dec 10 21:02
schestowitz What attacks? Dec 10 21:02
schestowitz Show us examples. Dec 10 21:02
schestowitz And names.. Costa et al? Dec 10 21:02
GoblinRFD nobody I could prove Dec 10 21:02
schestowitz Did you get MScientologized? Dec 10 21:03
GoblinRFD its all just Dec 10 21:03
GoblinRFD expletive*expletive*expletive*expletive*expletive* expletive*expletive*expletive*expletive*expletive* Dec 10 21:03
GoblinRFD hundreds of them Dec 10 21:03
schestowitz BN just made Linux Today Dec 10 21:03
GoblinRFD but the strange thing was….. Dec 10 21:03
schestowitz I didn’t realise this until a minute ago. Dec 10 21:04
GoblinRFD when checking the logs to my blog…… Dec 10 21:04
twitter Congrats, got link? Dec 10 21:04
GoblinRFD I found that there were alot of referals to my site that had been initiated from MS emails… Dec 10 21:04
schestowitz Now I know for sure that the editor reads BN (it seemed like it a month ago) Dec 10 21:04
schestowitz twitter: yes, http://linuxtoday.com/news_story.php… Dec 10 21:05
schestowitz Surprising as it’s not a new article Dec 10 21:05
GoblinRFD as the refer link, took me to an MS page. Dec 10 21:05
schestowitz It actually made the front page of Slashdot one year ago. Dec 10 21:05
schestowitz MSN? Dec 10 21:05
schestowitz Hotmail? Dec 10 21:05
schestowitz Jack M. Germain is peddling Microsoft vapourware, which is a tactless thing to do: http://www.macnewsworld.com/story/… Dec 10 21:08
GoblinRFD msn and hotmail Dec 10 21:10
GoblinRFD sorry, Im juggling WOW and IRC at the same time! Dec 10 21:11
GoblinRFD the wonders of Linux..true multitasking… Dec 10 21:11
GoblinRFD Roy, I think Ive excelled myself, I was going to keep this quiet, but since the calls have been made, I wont… Dec 10 21:12
GoblinRFD Im currently editing and encoding a series of recorded telephone calls I made to sellers of certain proprietary products Dec 10 21:13
GoblinRFD I pose as a buyer, however when I mention Linux/open source, there are some lets say, interesting facts given Dec 10 21:13
GoblinRFD infact I wont beat around the bush, downright lies, as various salespersons try to push their products onto what they think is a gullable buyer Dec 10 21:14
MinceR 214002 <@schestowitz> How is GTK controlled by Microsoft? Through Novell/GNOME? They say GNOME controls GTK in practice… Dec 10 21:15
MinceR yes Dec 10 21:15
MinceR at least that’s what i’m afraid of Dec 10 21:15
MinceR (though frankly even gnome’s “let’s just copy apple and dumb everything down” is enough of a bad influence) Dec 10 21:15
schestowitz That part is not too terrible Dec 10 21:16
schestowitz KDE does well with ‘layering’ Dec 10 21:16
schestowitz They put advanced settings apart and they have lots of “default” buttons in newer versions. Dec 10 21:16
schestowitz One of the easiest distros out there is Mandriva and it is KDE based. Dec 10 21:17
MinceR gnome and apple don’t do ‘layering’ Dec 10 21:23
MinceR they do removal of features Dec 10 21:23
schestowitz Another Microsoft Bug Revealed on Huge Patch Day < http://www.pcworld.com/article/155253/… > Cycle repeats Dec 10 21:23
schestowitz Yes, I know, MinceR Dec 10 21:23
schestowitz That’s why Linus lost it Dec 10 21:23
schestowitz I quite liked how KDE simplified wallpaper slideshows (A LOT) without removing any feature of it. Dec 10 21:23
schestowitz Security vulnerability found in MS SQL Server 2000 < http://www.heise.de/english/news… > Dec 10 21:27
schestowitz “SEC Consult say Microsoft has been aware of the problem since April this year. Despite the promise of a patch by September, a release date for the patch remains uncertain.” Dec 10 21:28
schestowitz neighborlee: Oh, I just got an E-mail notification about some chap called neighborlee leaving a comment in http://www.theopensourcerer.com/2008/11/16/how-t… Dec 10 21:36
schestowitz “they are not licensed by Microsoft to run anywhere but in SLED. Not in OpenSuSe, not in Ubuntu, not in Fedora, not in Debian, not in Slackware, not in Gentoo, not anywhere but SLED.” Dec 10 21:38
schestowitz Enjoy it while it lasts:  World’s corals reefs are vanishing, report says < http://www.cnn.com/2008/TECH/science/12/10/c… > Dec 10 21:45
GoblinRFD Good article on MSwatch – make your corperate blog believable. Dec 10 21:46
GoblinRFD I think the first tip would be to have no connection with MS. Dec 10 21:46
schestowitz [sarcasm] it’s not man-made. it’s just natural ‘trends’, like global warming. Dec 10 21:46
schestowitz Wilcox? Dec 10 21:46
schestowitz I don’t want to visit it. Dec 10 21:46
schestowitz “I’m a huge fan of guerrilla marketing.” — Joe Wilcox, Microsoft Fan Dec 10 21:47
GoblinRFD yeah Dec 10 21:47
schestowitz This lousy character advocates fake blogs. Dec 10 21:47
schestowitz What a lowlife, with all due repsect Dec 10 21:47
GoblinRFD Im still undecided about Joe…I think its the only subject we disagree on….! Dec 10 21:47
schestowitz James Plamondon: Microsoft Guerrilla < http://boycottnovell.com/2008/11/15/micro… > Dec 10 21:48
GoblinRFD some of his articles have been very anti-ms, and I feel that others he writes to provoke negative feedback about MS. Dec 10 21:48
GoblinRFD He certainly winds Andre Da Co$ta up. Dec 10 21:49
schestowitz GoblinRFD: he usually spread the Microsoft party line Dec 10 21:49
GoblinRFD agreed. Dec 10 21:49
schestowitz Before WW2 which gave the term a bad connotation, this used to be openly called propaganda Dec 10 21:49
GoblinRFD but then he does balance occasssionaly Dec 10 21:49
schestowitz And that’s just what he and others are doing to defend the emperor Dec 10 21:49
schestowitz They challenge NOTHING Dec 10 21:49
GoblinRFD mmm Dec 10 21:49
schestowitz If the press release says Microsoft make money, then it must be true (Microsoft’s fraudelent PR says so) Dec 10 21:50
GoblinRFD many of the anti-ms posters say the same as you. Dec 10 21:50
schestowitz Those who don’t look for answers are being HANDED  OVER answers. Dec 10 21:50
schestowitz And that’s just being dangerously gullible. Dec 10 21:50
GoblinRFD i think I just dont want to believe that someone would go to so much trouble to deceive Dec 10 21:50
schestowitz How many outlets still describe one of the world’s biggest thieves as a “philanthropist”. There are other examples from history Dec 10 21:51
schestowitz I don’t know about Rothschild and Rockefeller, but they must have had lots of money for self-glorification and revisionism. Dec 10 21:51
schestowitz What is “anti-MS”? Dec 10 21:51
schestowitz It’s a bad label Dec 10 21:52
GoblinRFD yep my bad Dec 10 21:52
schestowitz Earlier today I saw the phrase “Novell haters” (or something like that) Dec 10 21:52
schestowitz I don’t even hate Novell Dec 10 21:52
schestowitz I think that for Free software to win Novell just needs to be starved financially, not rewarded. Dec 10 21:52
GoblinRFD I became anti-ms, as I believe the people who seek to promote it on the net, do so without moral or ethical values. Dec 10 21:52
schestowitz Maybe it can snap ouf of Microsoft’s back end. Dec 10 21:52
schestowitz anti-MS is used as a label to put red marks on some people Dec 10 21:53
schestowitz Even the very polite critics. Dec 10 21:53
schestowitz Microsoft tried this against Judge Jackson, IIRC Dec 10 21:53
schestowitz Becuase he said the truth and called them criminals Dec 10 21:53
schestowitz The truth hurts sometimes. Dec 10 21:53
GoblinRFD yeah, I think youre right, Ill change my wording to anti-dishonesty… Dec 10 21:54
GoblinRFD I supposed its because Ive been called it so many times now. Dec 10 21:55
schestowitz Hold on. Dec 10 21:55
schestowitz I’ll give you some writings about this. Dec 10 21:55
schestowitz I had this argument last year with a journalist who lives on a high horse Dec 10 21:55
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/01… Dec 10 21:56
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/04/03/how… Dec 10 21:56
GoblinRFD reading now. Dec 10 21:56
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/01/23/th… Dec 10 21:56
schestowitz Last one (but there are several more): http://boycottnovell.com/2008/01/26/ste… Dec 10 21:56
GoblinRFD wow,  I never realized you had so much bother in the past… Dec 10 22:01
GoblinRFD its a clever tactic.  you get discredited and then can be called a conspiracy theorist… Dec 10 22:01
schestowitz They pass those labels around Dec 10 22:02
GoblinRFD this is why Im so careful about what I say about my email attack. Dec 10 22:02
GoblinRFD I dont want to sound as if Im nuts.s Dec 10 22:02
GoblinRFD I cant prove anything, and at the end of the day it could be just a random attack, or by someone out of devilment. Dec 10 22:03
schestowitz http://www.forbes.com/forbes/20… Dec 10 22:03
schestowitz (from mouthpiece Daniel Lyons) Dec 10 22:03
schestowitz “SCO executives call Groklaw a “mouthpiece”for IBM, though IBM says it isn’t involved with Jones in any way.” Dec 10 22:03
GoblinRFD thats why, unlike you Roy, I could never be as brave and give my real name out.  I hide behind a handle (and a common one) Dec 10 22:03
schestowitz Did you see the easrlier discussion abotu Enderle? Dec 10 22:03
schestowitz He is a shill with solid proof Dec 10 22:04
schestowitz Same with Maureen O’Gara. E-mails shown at the court… Dec 10 22:04
twitter GoblinRFD:  It could be a random attack, or you could be just one of the many smeared and harassed by M$.  http://boycottnovell.com/2008/03/17/m… Dec 10 22:04
schestowitz They are shown to be collaborating with Mcirosoft on publications Dec 10 22:04
twitter Got a link to the attack? Dec 10 22:04
schestowitz Part of this spiel is boosting SCO’s lawsuits against Linux Dec 10 22:04
schestowitz Which attacks? Dec 10 22:04
GoblinRFD no, it was in two parts…… Dec 10 22:04
twitter Goblin’s email attack. Dec 10 22:05
GoblinRFD firstly a massive amount of junk emails with expletives in it, Dec 10 22:05
schestowitz That’s what I want to see. Dec 10 22:05
schestowitz Helios just showed the world that teacher abuse Dec 10 22:05
GoblinRFD ok, Ill copy you some over. Dec 10 22:05
schestowitz it made Slashdot’s FP Dec 10 22:05
GoblinRFD also….. Dec 10 22:05
GoblinRFD there were loads of referals from…..standby…… Dec 10 22:05
twitter Oh, Goblin is Helios? Dec 10 22:05
schestowitz No Dec 10 22:05
schestowitz Helios=Ken Starks Dec 10 22:05
schestowitz GoblinRFD=openbyte Dec 10 22:06
schestowitz Ken was the motor behind Tux500 Dec 10 22:06
twitter oh.  what’s openbyte? Dec 10 22:06
GoblinRFD http://login.live.com/login.srf?wa=ws… Dec 10 22:07
GoblinRFD on my site Dec 10 22:07
schestowitz BTW, the interview with OIN I’ll hopefulyl publish tomorrow Dec 10 22:08
GoblinRFD @twitter, Openbytes is my little blog. Dec 10 22:08
schestowitz “One Windows Live ID gets you into Hotmail, Messenger, Xbox LIVE — and other places you see” Dec 10 22:08
schestowitz Microsoft universe. If you’re not into Live or XBox, you’re no registered human Dec 10 22:09
GoblinRFD this was the email that sent alot of the mail: Dec 10 22:10
GoblinRFD ibrahimama005@yahoo.ca Dec 10 22:10
GoblinRFD and this one: Dec 10 22:10
GoblinRFD pfualjjwag@americanapparel.net Dec 10 22:11
GoblinRFD and also this one: Dec 10 22:12
GoblinRFD vbuxu@skolekom.dk Dec 10 22:12
GoblinRFD some of it was vulgar, others were just junk it all happened on the day I mentioned a shiller by name on my site Dec 10 22:13
GoblinRFD Coincidence?  Ill have to say yes, otherwise I’ll be written off as a madman! Dec 10 22:15
schestowitz Astonishing example of what FOSS software is up against: Teacher confiscates Linux CDs [...] ‘So, the teacher doesn’t understand the concept of free software and scuttles attempts by students to learn about it. Wonderful! Pure and unadulterated ignorance at work in the school system.” < http://www.geekzone.co.nz/foobar/6052 > Dec 10 22:18
schestowitz What sort of E-mails. Dec 10 22:18
schestowitz Paste snippets Dec 10 22:18
GoblinRFD sorry, Dec 10 22:25
GoblinRFD back now. Dec 10 22:25
GoblinRFD smoke break Dec 10 22:25
schestowitz Books ‘uv Dubya: http://penguinpetes.com/b2evo/index.php?title=… Dec 10 22:25
GoblinRFD ok, ill paste some.. Dec 10 22:25
GoblinRFD are you sure you want it uncensored? Dec 10 22:26
twitter sure, why not? Dec 10 22:27
GoblinRFD porn starlets have found the spot…the spot that makes their pussies gush with female ejaculate. Don’t get too close to your screen…unless you want to get soaked. Dec 10 22:27
GoblinRFD sorry folks. Dec 10 22:27
twitter Ok, I get the idea Dec 10 22:27
schestowitz Terrorism-Related Fear and Avoidance Behavior in a Multiethnic Urban Population < http://www.ajph.org/cgi/conten… > Dec 10 22:27
neighborlee schestowitz, you just got an email notif ??? Dec 10 22:27
schestowitz Schneier points to it… could also be related to FUD, I guess. Dec 10 22:28
schestowitz Yes Dec 10 22:28
neighborlee schestowitz, I seriusly swear you are up to no good rofl Dec 10 22:28
schestowitz I hit the subs tickbox Dec 10 22:28
neighborlee lol Dec 10 22:28
GoblinRFD it gets alot worse than that.  I left out the really offensive bits. Dec 10 22:28
schestowitz GoblinRFD: this seems like SPAM Dec 10 22:28
GoblinRFD yeah, it was just it was 1 hour after my post and the hits from that link Dec 10 22:29
schestowitz Does it mention names? Dec 10 22:29
GoblinRFD no. Dec 10 22:29
schestowitz BN gets crazy shit (literally) all the time. Dec 10 22:29
schestowitz I’ll go purge some spam and give examples as I go along. Dec 10 22:30
schestowitz 191 spam since the morning. Dec 10 22:30
schestowitz #1: “Mother son incest pictures. Teen incest. Mother and son incest….” Dec 10 22:30
GoblinRFD I just wondered if someone signed me up for it then….. Dec 10 22:30
schestowitz #2: “Oxycontin…” Dec 10 22:30
GoblinRFD out of devilment. Dec 10 22:30
GoblinRFD the problem was, my wife was very unimpressed, and it didnt go into my spam folder. Dec 10 22:31
schestowitz It’s  a funny experience going through spam Dec 10 22:31
neighborlee schestowitz, woah alot of spam indeed…good sign that your helping make a difference ;) Dec 10 22:31
schestowitz You need some time to get your mental state recalibrated afterwards Dec 10 22:31
GoblinRFD and also there was no link to buy anything, so I dont see how it could be advertising anything. Dec 10 22:31
schestowitz It’s not like…. let’s write about Mono.. spam-check… shit, incest, sex, viagra.. .. OK, back to mono Dec 10 22:32
neighborlee yup ;) Dec 10 22:32
GoblinRFD infact no links at all, just a block of obsene text. Dec 10 22:32
neighborlee schestowitz, we all bear crosses of some sort ;) Dec 10 22:32
twitter “schestowitz: It’s not like…. let’s write about Mono.. spam-check… shit, incest, sex, viagra.. .. OK, back to mono” sounds like /. Dec 10 22:33
twitter They do that on purpose. Dec 10 22:33
schestowitz Ok, done. Dec 10 22:34
schestowitz Poison the crowd Dec 10 22:34
schestowitz Crowd-control Dec 10 22:34
schestowitz Gassing and tear-gassing Dec 10 22:35
schestowitz Also, it’s means of putting Slashdot on filters (physical or mental) Dec 10 22:35
schestowitz I have bad experience linking on some ‘bad’ links there… planted by the creatures. Dec 10 22:35
GoblinRFD Roy, found you mentioned on this link: Dec 10 22:36
GoblinRFD http://colatrolls.blogspot.com/2008… Dec 10 22:36
schestowitz I also heard people speak about how “crazy” the site is… of course, because all kinds of anti-Blacks and pornographic stuff gets posted there. Dec 10 22:36
schestowitz Libel Dec 10 22:36
schestowitz Gotta read this: Mumbai Terrorists Used Google Earth, Boats, Food < http://www.schneier.com/blog/archive… > Dec 10 22:37
twitter Bad links.  My wife just had malware pop up out of her hotmail.  Just for fun, I rode it as far as it would go. Dec 10 22:37
schestowitz They named some other technologies to vilify Dec 10 22:37
twitter -break- GoogleFUD. Dec 10 22:37
schestowitz “Of course the terrorists used Google Earth. They also used boats, and ate at restaurants. Don’t even get me started about the fact that they breathed air and drank water.” Dec 10 22:37
twitter I hear they don’t use toilets though. Dec 10 22:38
schestowitz “That’s true for all aspects of human infrastructure. Yes, the bad guys use it: bank robbers use cars to get away, drug smugglers use radios to communicate, child pornographers use e-mail. But the good guys use it, too, and the good uses far outweigh the bad uses.” Dec 10 22:38
schestowitz twitter: must be why terrorists are so full of s*it then Dec 10 22:38
twitter well, it’s one useful tool that terrorist won’t use.  they would rather shit on you, your email, your blog … Dec 10 22:39
schestowitz Classic example: Controversial Wikipedia Ban Lifted by U.K. Watchdog Group < http://www.pcworld.com/article/155229/… > Dec 10 22:39
schestowitz One person uploads an album cover. Millions people suffer as a result. Dec 10 22:39
schestowitz It’s time to overthrow some gullible people who only look fo rt excuses to shut down innovative things. Dec 10 22:40
twitter Yeah, I was lured into looking at a Scorpions CD cover.  Torture. Dec 10 22:40
schestowitz http://www.computerworlduk.com/community/blogs/… “It’s good that the IWF has understood what is sometimes called the “Streisand Effect” – that trying to stop people from accessing something online has precisely the opposite effect.” Dec 10 22:40
schestowitz Like many others, because of these idiots at IWF, I too was horrified to *gasp* see that image in the Wikinews article, which was the first that came up looking for this news ( benJIman talked about it) Dec 10 22:41
schestowitz This whole thing reminds me of the attitude of those who say that the Big Criminals are left aside while small things are taken care of. Dec 10 22:42
schestowitz Shoplifters are taken to prison while Big Criminals (white-collar crimes) are permitted to do ANYTHING they want. Dec 10 22:43
schestowitz The biggest financial damage (by far) comes from the Big Criminals. Look up “bailout” for details. Dec 10 22:43
GoblinRFD Another example of Windows malware, hot of the press: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2008/de… Dec 10 22:47
schestowitz There are many 0days today Dec 10 22:48
twitter http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tacitus noted the “Streisand Effect” said censorship makes for a lot of interest but the real thing of importance is merit.  Without merit, works vanish quickly. Dec 10 22:48
schestowitz Landgrab For Ownership Of Library Catalog Data <  http://techdirt.com/articles/200812… > (very good blog BTW) Dec 10 22:50
schestowitz Project called hello: hello 2.4 available < http://savannah.gnu.org/forum/for… > Dec 10 22:51
schestowitz http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=lD3N7RPhIo8 Dec 10 22:56
GoblinRFD New episode of Linux Outlaws! – Ep 67! Dec 10 23:06
MinceR gn Dec 10 23:17
GoblinRFD gn Dec 10 23:17
schestowitz Ok, I’m back Dec 10 23:18
schestowitz GoblinRFD: yes, caught that earlier Dec 10 23:18
GoblinRFD I was refered the link by a commenter on my site Dec 10 23:30
GoblinRFD in the latest lord of the shills. Dec 10 23:31
GoblinRFD Oh. Dec 10 23:31
GoblinRFD hang on. Dec 10 23:31
GoblinRFD I thought you were talking about  http://colatrolls.blogspot.com/2008/… Dec 10 23:31
GoblinRFD In regards to Linux Outlaws, Im listening at the moment. Dec 10 23:32
schestowitz Lots of videos in BN’s front page ATM: http://boycottnovell.com/ Dec 10 23:38
schestowitz Be careful on clicking shill links Dec 10 23:39
schestowitz They can harvest IPs Dec 10 23:39
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GoblinRFD looking now… Dec 10 23:41
schestowitz There are many visitors today Dec 10 23:41
*kevin__ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Dec 10 23:43
schestowitz Incidentally (just come across it): “The Linux Outlaws has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. With an aim to misbehave, hosts Fabian Scherschel and Dan Lynch launched the show barely a year ago. It has continuously been updated once a week ever since.” http://www.junauza.com/2008/12/best-linuxf… Dec 10 23:45
schestowitz Gentoo fan tries something else: A Gentoo User Gives Debian a Go Around < http://lxer.com/module/newswire/vi… > Dec 10 23:47
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A Single Comment

  1. Jo Shields said,

    December 11, 2008 at 4:34 am


    I’m going to give you a free tip. Feel free to use it or pass it on (or don’t, whatever). This tip comes from the “I might disagree, but god DAMN that’s stupid” department

    Tim Chase’s “mononono” equivs package is clearly made by someone who doesn’t know (and probably doesn’t want to know) why certain packages are laid out the way they are.

    1) There is no “mono” package to conflict with:
    jms@osc-franzibald:/tmp$ apt-cache policy mono | grep Candidate
    Candidate: (none)
    See? None there. Conflicting it is dumb.

    2) libmono1.0-cil & libmono2.0-cil are about the least useful things to conflict – they contain only Mono-specific extensions, such as Mono.Posix (for *NIX-style internationalization, amongst other things).

    If you want to take out Mono packaging “at the root”, then really only the mono-common and libmono0 packages are needed. If you want symbolic packages past that, then the “mono-jit” package contains the JITter (i.e. the ‘mono’ command), and the libmono-corlibX.0-cil packages (e.g. libmono-corlib2.0-cil) contain the absolute lowest level section of ECMA-335′s class library

    Like I said, I think the whole thing is pretty stupid, but I’d rather “pretty stupid” to “pretty stupid and technically shitty to boot”

    Oh, and lee’s post on that guy’s blog is the usual blend of made-up crap, but I really can’t be bothered to point out why for the umpteenth time.

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    The EPO‘s staff cannot be blamed for losing patience as elected public representatives completely fail to do their job (with few exceptions)

  3. Clare Daly (GUE/NGL) Does What Every Public Official in Europe Should Have Done About EPO Shenanigans

    There’s another (new) push to hold the EPO accountable, seeing that the overseers clearly do not do their job and instead cover up the abuses

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    Mr. Redundancies and Mr. Cloud are outsourcing EPO jobs to Microsoft and Serco as if the EPO is an American corporation, providing no comfort to long-serving EPO staff

  10. Linux Foundation 2021 Annual Report Made on an Apple Mac Using Proprietary Software

    Yes, you’re reading this correctly. They still reject both “Linux” and “Open Source” (no dogfooding). This annual report is badly compressed; each page of the PDF is, on average, almost a megabyte in size (58.8 MB for a report of this scale is unreasonable and discriminates against people in countries with slow Internet connections); notice how they’re milking the brand in the first page (straight after the cover page, the 1991 ‘creation myth’, ignoring GNU); remember that this foundation is named after a trademark which is not even its own!

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  15. No Linux Foundation IRS Disclosures Since 2018

    The publicly-available records or IRS information about the Linux Foundation is suspiciously behind; compared to other organisations with a "tax-exempt" status the Linux Foundation is one year behind already

  16. Jim Zemlin Has Deleted All of His Tweets

    The Linux Foundation‘s Jim Zemlin seems to have become rather publicity-shy (screenshots above are self-explanatory; latest snapshot), but years ago he could not contain his excitement about Microsoft, which he said was "loved" by what it was attacking. Days ago it became apparent that Microsoft’s patent troll is still attacking Linux with patents and Zemlin’s decision to appoint Microsoft as the At-Large Director (in effect bossing Linus Torvalds) at the ‘Linux’ Foundation’s Board of Directors is already backfiring. She not only gets her whole salary from Microsoft but also allegedly protects sexual predators who assault women… by hiring them despite repeated warnings; if the leadership of the ‘Linux’ Foundation protects sexual predators who strangle women (even paying them a salary and giving them management positions), how can the ‘Linux’ Foundation ever claim to represent inclusion and diversity?

  17. Microsoft GitHub Exposé — Part IX — Microsoft's Chief Architect of GitHub Copilot Sought to be Arrested One Day After Techrights Article About Him

    Balabhadra (Alex) Graveley has warrant for his arrest, albeit only after a lot of harm and damage had already been done (to multiple people) and Microsoft started paying him

  18. The Committee on Patent Law (PLC) Informed About Overlooked Issues “Which Might Have a Bearing on the Validity of EPO Patents.”

    In a publication circulated or prepared last week the Central Staff Committee (CSC) of the EPO explains a situation never explored in so-called 'media' (the very little that's left of it)

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    Why GemText needs to become 'the new HTML' (but remain very simple) in order for cyberspace to be taken away from state-connected and military-funded corporations that spy on people and abuse society at large

  25. [Meme] Meanwhile in Austria...

    With lobbyists-led leadership one might be led to believe that a treaty strictly requiring ratification by the UK is somehow feasible (even if technically and legally it's moot already)

  26. The EPO's Web Site is a Parade of Endless Lies and Celebration of Gross Violations of the Law

    The EPO's noise site (formerly it had a "news" section, but it has not been honest for about a decade) is a torrent of lies, cover-up, and promotion of crimes; maybe the lies are obvious for everybody to see (at least EPO insiders), but nevertheless a rebuttal seems necessary

  27. The Letter EPO Management Does Not Want Applicants to See (or Respond to)

    A letter from the Munich Staff Committee at the EPO highlights the worrying extent of neglect of patent quality under Benoît Battistelli and António Campinos; the management of the EPO did not even bother replying to that letter (instead it was busy outsourcing the EPO to Microsoft)

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    IRC logs for Saturday, December 04, 2021

  29. EPO-Bribed IAM 'Media' Has Praised Quality, Which Even EPO Staff (Examiners) Does Not Praise

    It's easy to see something is terribly wrong when the people who do the actual work do not agree with the media's praise of their work (a praise motivated by a nefarious, alternate agenda)

  30. Tux Machines is 17.5 Years Old Today

    Tux Machines -- our 'sister site' for GNU/Linux news -- started in 2004. We're soon entering 2022.

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