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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: December 12th, 2008 – Part 1

Posted in IRC Logs at 7:06 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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schestowitz I just really can’t stand the IDG denialists doing the legwork for Microsoft, which wants to rewrite stories about its crimes. Dec 12 00:00
NZheretic We *really* need the equivalent of The Daily Show for the entire Tech Industry. Dec 12 00:02
schestowitz Daily Show? Dec 12 00:02
schestowitz I know the reference but it’s an American thing, isn’t it? Dec 12 00:02
NZheretic http://www.thedailyshow.com/ Dec 12 00:03
NZheretic We in little old NZ get to see it a couple of hours after it’s broadcast in the US, Dec 12 00:04
schestowitz Why are Child Soldiers & Prostitution in OLPC Videos?! < http://www.olpcnews.com/commentary/press/child_sold… > Dec 12 00:04
schestowitz Jon Stewart’s show doesn’t air here. Dec 12 00:05
schestowitz I see it on YouTube sometimes. Dec 12 00:05
schestowitz SFTL Bytes is hot right now. Dec 12 00:05
schestowitz *WFTL Dec 12 00:05
NZheretic Just checked liferea (rss reader) Google has just announced Google Chrome is *out of Beta* : http://googleblog.blogspot.com/200… Dec 12 00:09
NZheretic That’s got to be a record for a Google project. How far away is the Linux port? Dec 12 00:10
twitter “schestowitz: twitter: you mean life women who shoot the husband?” yes.  The lady I met did not kill but that was what she wanted .  She did not have a gun and was unable to kill with her bare hands.  She said it was close. Dec 12 00:10
NZheretic From a programming standpoint Chrome is very interesting. Putting the most of code into DDLs and running each tab as a separate process is a Very Good Idea, especially for Linux which can further enforce security with SELinux. Dec 12 00:12
schestowitz NZheretic: Google might as well announce that Chrome is out of the game. It’s Windows-only and hardly open source. it’s also under lawsuit. Dec 12 00:12
schestowitz Linux port… probably not a priority ATM. It’s also not trivial to achieve because of how they did it. Dec 12 00:13
NZheretic http://code.google.com/p/chromium/wiki/L… Dec 12 00:14
schestowitz Yes, it has been done, but chromium is not chrome. Dec 12 00:17
schestowitz Also, Android is not fully open source Dec 12 00:17
NZheretic It’s a bit in the future but the core is BSD’ed  ( http://code.google.com/chromium/terms.html ) it’s hackable and a start. Dec 12 00:18
schestowitz I’ve heard rants Dec 12 00:19
schestowitz Also, why not go for something that works like Mozilla or Konqueror? Dec 12 00:19
twitter DRM Dec 12 00:20
twitter US Telco suckdom Dec 12 00:20
NZheretic Chrome may be more important for FLOSS in terms of it’s architecture. There are discussions on the future of Firefox going down the same path. Dec 12 00:21
NZheretic NZ Telcos suck much worse. Dec 12 00:21
schestowitz DRM? Dec 12 00:21
schestowitz Where?? Shoot ot. Dec 12 00:22
twitter If it’s really free software people will remove drm Dec 12 00:22
twitter BSD allows “commercial exploitation” that’s another word for robbing users of their software freedom. Dec 12 00:23
twitter There is no good reason to do that but many bad ones which all devolve to extorting money and control from users. Dec 12 00:24
NZheretic twitter : Goes both ways, you can take BSD licensed code and add your own patches and re-license it under GPL. Dec 12 00:24
schestowitz “Sir Paul McCartney is offering his latest side project as a DRM-free digital download available as high-quality MP3 files, FLAC files and Apple Lossless files.” http://www.pcworld.com/article/155329/paul_… Dec 12 00:24
NZheretic Eventually if enough people contribute to the GPL’ed fork then it becomes the defacto one used. Dec 12 00:25
twitter I’m not sure about that.  There was recently a tiff between GNU and OpenBSD about just that.  The OpenBSD people did not like what you suggest. Dec 12 00:25
schestowitz True Dec 12 00:26
PetoKraus hmm roy Dec 12 00:26
schestowitz Big win for Linux, to elevate one’s spirit o’ frredom: http://opendotdotdot.blogspot.com/2… Dec 12 00:26
PetoKraus how’s it going? Dec 12 00:27
PetoKraus i’m just terribly outraged :/ Dec 12 00:27
schestowitz Why? Dec 12 00:28
PetoKraus well, US using music to torture in Guantanamo Dec 12 00:28
PetoKraus NIN amongst others Dec 12 00:28
PetoKraus I’m just trying to imagine, you know, when someone takes your “product”, your expression Dec 12 00:29
PetoKraus and uses it deliberately to torture someone Dec 12 00:29
schestowitz Ecuador is Moving to GNU/Linux and Free Software Too …http://blog.p2pfoundation.net/democratizacion-… Dec 12 00:30
schestowitz Any URL? Dec 12 00:30
schestowitz Guantanamo music torture? Dec 12 00:31
PetoKraus www.nin.com for instance Dec 12 00:31
PetoKraus http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/28144557 Dec 12 00:31
NZheretic PetoKraus : Somewhat off topic? Unless NIN licensed the work explicitly “not to be used for torture”. Dec 12 00:32
schestowitz So they still act like terrorists then, eh? Dec 12 00:32
schestowitz Sound terrorists Dec 12 00:32
PetoKraus NZheretic: yes, it is, it just… caught me Dec 12 00:32
NZheretic Regarding the torture aspect. See the first episode of Adam Curtis’s “The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear” – the torture of one man created the jehad movement. Dec 12 00:35
NZheretic http://www.archive.org/details/The… Dec 12 00:35
twitter Bank of America to fire 35,000 people http://money.cnn.com/2008/12/11/news/compa… Dec 12 00:36
twitter Mergers suck like that. Dec 12 00:36
twitter Those who survive will get big fat bonuses. Dec 12 00:36
NZheretic twitter : it’s going to get much worse. Dec 12 00:36
twitter Yes it is. Dec 12 00:37
twitter “The reductions are designed to eliminate redundancies created as a result of the merger with Merrill Lynch and to reflect the current recessionary environment,” Dec 12 00:38
schestowitz NZheretic: what do you know about it that we don’t? Dec 12 00:39
schestowitz I hear it’ll peak in mid-2009 Dec 12 00:39
NZheretic schestowitz : At Least Three years by a reliable  local government economist I am good friends with. Dec 12 00:40
schestowitz The media lacks proper communication about this. Dec 12 00:42
schestowitz I speak to friends at the gym (mostly gym instructor) and they are without a clue as to what’s happening Dec 12 00:42
schestowitz The TV is all happy pappy with Xmas ads. Buy, shop, discount, DisneyWorld… you know how it goes. Dec 12 00:42
NZheretic With the media , It’s all about controlling public fear otherwise it will be a lot worse — It could get nightmarish. ( I hope not ). Dec 12 00:43
schestowitz Yes, I agree. Dec 12 00:45
schestowitz Not inciting panic means ‘driving the eccnomy’ Dec 12 00:45
schestowitz But it’s harming the public even more. Dec 12 00:45
schestowitz It’s like telling an obese man that it’s okay to carry on eating because you don’t want to hurt his feelings. Dec 12 00:46
NZheretic The scale of the nighmare is proportional to amount your government is spending with it’s bailout. Dec 12 00:46
schestowitz Mine? Dec 12 00:46
NZheretic Sorry US govenment. Dec 12 00:46
schestowitz Well, in the US, it’s just about 7% of the national debt Dec 12 00:46
schestowitz I told a friend earlier — trivia quiz style — about the debt. Dec 12 00:47
NZheretic I did not say directly proportional. Dec 12 00:47
schestowitz He thought the national debt was like one billion. Dec 12 00:47
schestowitz I say.. it’s 10 what.. then he goes… “million”…”billion???”… Dec 12 00:47
NZheretic http://www.brillig.com/debt_clock/ Dec 12 00:48
PetoKraus it’s billion Dec 12 00:48
PetoKraus proper billion Dec 12 00:48
schestowitz Can humans memorise this number? Dec 12 00:48
schestowitz milliard Dec 12 00:48
schestowitz No.. Dec 12 00:49
NZheretic As of November 19, 2008, the total U.S. federal debt was $10.6 trillion. Dec 12 00:49
schestowitz The clock in NY ran out of digits Dec 12 00:49
schestowitz It was in the MSBBC some months ago. There were not enough LEDs. Dec 12 00:49
PetoKraus umm i guess Dec 12 00:50
PetoKraus i’ll buy USA for £1 Dec 12 00:50
PetoKraus with all the debt Dec 12 00:50
PetoKraus or just couple of USA slaves^W citizens, you know, each worth -34k$ Dec 12 00:51
schestowitz Not the US… Dec 12 00:51
PetoKraus “quadrilion” what stupid name for a billiard! Dec 12 00:51
schestowitz China will sweep parts of it up… the big companies. Dec 12 00:52
schestowitz Pride of the nation like GM are kept afloat by taxpayers (forcibly) to prevent this. Dec 12 00:52
NZheretic As the Soviet Union form of communism went in 1990 , so will USA form of corporate capitalism  go in 2010? Dec 12 00:52
schestowitz PetoKraus: I did that $34k calculation before. THis includes children and pensioners, who have no income Dec 12 00:53
PetoKraus schestowitz: i preffer children myself Dec 12 00:53
PetoKraus they’re tasty Dec 12 00:53
schestowitz You mean for slavery in labour? Dec 12 00:53
PetoKraus schestowitz: food stores, jeez! Dec 12 00:53
schestowitz They used to do this to China… companies like Nike Dec 12 00:53
PetoKraus they are probably cheaper than beef! Dec 12 00:54
schestowitz Maybe the kids are more obedient… taking fewer breaks or something. Dec 12 00:54
schestowitz Soup kitchens.. Dec 12 00:54
PetoKraus you know, with the fat they’ve got, it could make nice crust on the edges of your steak Dec 12 00:54
schestowitz Let me find a picture from Beranger Dec 12 00:54
PetoKraus NZheretic: first of all, soviet union was quite far from the “communism” everyone is talking about Dec 12 00:55
schestowitz Not this one… http://www.beranger.org/index.php?page=diary&amp… Dec 12 00:55
PetoKraus i mean, the reasons why are people afraid of communism here are completely different than the reasons why the soviet communism was bad Dec 12 00:55
schestowitz Never mind, I can’t find it. This cropped up though: http://www.markgerber.com/images/b… Dec 12 00:56
schestowitz It’ll probably be a best seller now. Dec 12 00:56
NZheretic PetoKraus  : So is the American form of corporate capitalism  quit far from the ideas of Adam smith. Dec 12 00:56
schestowitz Communism is rising in Japan now Dec 12 00:56
PetoKraus NZheretic: i am not a politician, i can’t tell :P Dec 12 00:56
schestowitz Adam Smith… crazy one Dec 12 00:56
schestowitz I watched something about him this morning Dec 12 00:57
PetoKraus or whatever, economist Dec 12 00:57
schestowitz .The thing he said about the masses and responsible elites… they don’t preach that in history lessons anymore.. Dec 12 00:57
NZheretic http://yro.slashdot.org/comments…. Dec 12 00:57
PetoKraus NZheretic: thanks Dec 12 00:58
NZheretic Getting entirely off topic – from the ridiculous rumor dept :  http://www.stuff.co.nz/479077… Dec 12 01:00
PetoKraus anyway, last time i talked to someone from “west” about their perception of communism and ours (i’m from slovakia, west of eastern block) Dec 12 01:00
PetoKraus he was quite surprised Dec 12 01:00
schestowitz They call it the Red Threat or something. Dec 12 01:06
schestowitz In America, something not democratic is a taboo Dec 12 01:06
schestowitz Like democracy in China Dec 12 01:06
schestowitz Same tactics, opposite side. But America is hypocritical to call China suppressive and to call Muslims “terrorists”. Dec 12 01:07
NZheretic schestowitz : If the majority have been misinformed how can you call it democracy. Dec 12 01:08
schestowitz It’s not. Dec 12 01:09
schestowitz It’s corporcracy. Even curricula are impacted by the ‘industry’ Dec 12 01:09
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twitter hmmm, I’m glad that’s clear, http://en.wikinews.org/wiki/U.S._Rep._Tom_… Dec 12 01:10
twitter my tax dollars at work Dec 12 01:10
schestowitz The biggest terror attacks so far were organised by the US government. Dec 12 01:10
schestowitz From the slaughter of Indians to nuking Japan… to invading Iran… that’s just the bigger-scale examples anyway Dec 12 01:10
schestowitz (for the record, I’m fine with the States, I have some family there, but the view above is very conventional) Dec 12 01:12
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twitter RMS dug up this depressing news for everyone, http://www.alternet.org/workplace/… Dec 12 01:15
*schestowitz looks Dec 12 01:15
schestowitz I hope my last remark, which is echoed even by professors, isn’t frowned upon. Dec 12 01:16
schestowitz Hypocrisy is a serious curse. Education can blind a person to it… corpocation rather. Dec 12 01:16
schestowitz “Long-forgotten images of breadlines and homeless families have sprouted in the media.  60 percent of U.S. voters polled in October said another depression is likely within a year.” Dec 12 01:18
twitter 4.3 million losing their homes 10 million unemployed and it’s just the start.  oh my Dec 12 01:19
schestowitz Well, look at the bright side. The greed spread its bad genes and it’ll make it a universal pain. We’re all “equally screwed” Dec 12 01:19
twitter they get to that Dec 12 01:20
NZheretic Time to look at alternate forms of funding for FLOSS development. A “one dollar a day” to fund directed development and pay for hosting? Dec 12 01:21
schestowitz I wonder if RMS has always been into politics. Dec 12 01:21
schestowitz NZheretic: not just for FLOSS. Dec 12 01:22
twitter He says so.  Computing was just something that “fell into his lap” Dec 12 01:22
schestowitz Publications starve too and PJ put up the Grokgear image in a prominent place. I can’t imagine she gets donations at these times. People give away money when they feel as though they have excesses Dec 12 01:23
NZheretic An Open Source Micropayment/Joint Subscription Co-op. Dec 12 01:23
twitter Yes, but the poor traditionally give a larger percentage of their income and savings to charity than those with real excess. Dec 12 01:24
schestowitz Trust Bill the Philanthropist. he’ll invest some more in oil, tobacco and continue to evade tax with his buddy Warren. Dec 12 01:26
NZheretic Have to go and visit a client. Roy, Thanks again for the good work. Dec 12 01:26
*NZheretic has quit (“Leaving”) Dec 12 01:26
schestowitz Microsoft is avoiding tax too BTW. Mere mortals not only pay Windows tax for their Linux boxes, but they also pay to make up for what Microsoft evades. Dec 12 01:27
schestowitz Wages will decline soon. They already do. Dec 12 01:34
schestowitz I remember when I was doing the PhD how people bragged  about the prospects of getting 6-figure wages in investment banks (yes, those that drop likes flies now). Dec 12 01:35
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twitter bragging about prospects …. oh my Dec 12 02:45
schestowitz I guess such jobs last.. for a few years… and pigs fly for a few seconds too… if you shoot them off a canon. Dec 12 02:49
schestowitz Another headline: Use old version of Windows instead of Linux, says teacher < http://www.itpro.co.uk/blogs/daveyw/2008/12/11/u… > Dec 12 02:53
schestowitz http://technocrat.net/d/2008/1… Dec 12 02:59
schestowitz 541 comments -> http://linuxlock.blogspot.com/2008/12/linux-stop-…  Teacher Threatens Linux Distributor: No Software Is Free < http://techdirt.com/articles/200812… > Dec 12 03:09
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schestowitz MSFT sank. “Microsoft shares are currently down about 6 percent on the day, to $19.38.” < http://www.techflash.com/microsoft/Speculati… > profit warning looming? Dec 12 03:24
schestowitz http://www.techflash.com/microsoft/Study_Economy… Didiot survey Dec 12 03:30
schestowitz “DiDio said the survey was independent, without vendor influence or sponsorship.” Dec 12 03:30
schestowitz Just PAST payment Dec 12 03:30
schestowitz It’s like a credit thing. We pay now… you conduct the studies later… this one seems to say “Vista is OK… the problem with it is the economy… blame the economy, not Vista” Dec 12 03:31
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schestowitz gn Dec 12 03:37
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twitter Profit warning, yes.  You saw the Bellini recs in Bloomberg. Dec 12 03:52
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schestowitz Gah. Wintel press: Linux is cheap.. but it’s Not User Friendly(C)…. it doesn’t ahve iTunes, so it can’t do music 0_o Dec 12 10:56
MinceR j0 Dec 12 11:09
schestowitz Psystar alleges copyright misuse by crApple < http://www.itwire.com/content… > Dec 12 11:13
schestowitz http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/12/11/sun_… (Sun shutters Scottish manufacturing site) Dec 12 11:21
schestowitz This article says “Open Office XML”. That’s Microsoft intentional deception… Office Open… http://www.lupaworld.com/viewne… Dec 12 12:13
schestowitz Ax Falls at Yahoo as Yang Notes ‘Tough Times’ < http://www.internetnews.com/bus-news/article.php/379… > Dec 12 12:55
schestowitz Michael Moore: Save the Auto Industry and Kick Its CEOs to the Curb < http://www.alternet.org/workplace/110051/michae… > Dec 12 13:06
schestowitz “African Americans. Besides, the Blackbird browser does not work on UNIX, Linux or MAC based platforms. Yes, black people use Linux too.” < http://www.myfoxlubbock.com/myfox/pages/New… > Dec 12 13:28
schestowitz More white-collar crime: School Tech Director Gets Jail Time for E-Rate Fraud < http://www.pcworld.com/article/155369/.h… > Dec 12 13:38
schestowitz China could sweep up some more American computer companies.. http://www.pcworld.com/article/155378/leno… (Lenovo Goes Shopping for PC Makers) Dec 12 13:40
schestowitz Wall Street Beat: IT Forecasts Slashed < http://www.pcworld.com/article/155387/.ht… > Dec 12 13:42
schestowitz “CBS has layed off about 20 per cent of staff at music site Last.fm, the poster child for would-be web 2.0 millionaires in the UK.” < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/12/12/l… > Dec 12 14:09
schestowitz A Microsoft investor pretends that Microsoft is leader in RIA (ignorance or just fanboyism?): http://weblog.infoworld.com/tech-bottom-line… Dec 12 14:10
twitter did you Dec 12 14:37
twitter see the $50 billion ponzi shceme yesterday? Dec 12 14:38
twitter http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20… Dec 12 14:38
twitter “a long-running $50 billion Ponzi scheme in what may be one of the largest frauds in history.” Dec 12 14:39
twitter -“It’s all just one big lie,” Madoff told his employees on Dec. 10, according to the government. The firm, Madoff allegedly said to them, is “basically, a giant Ponzi scheme.” Dec 12 14:39
twitter - “He’s one of the pioneers of modern Wall Street,” said James Angel, an associate business professor at Georgetown University in Washington. Madoff’s firm was among the first to automate market-making, in which a dealer continually buys and sells stock. Dec 12 14:40
twitter - Early in December, he told one employee that clients wanted to redeem about $7 billion and that he was struggling to free up the funds, the government said. After he told another staff member Dec. 9 that he wanted to pay annual bonuses before the year’s end, two months early, a pair of senior employees asked to speak with him, prosecutors said. Dec 12 14:41
schestowitz That’s $150 per American, no?\ Dec 12 14:41
twitter - The business had been insolvent for years with losses of about $50 billion, he told the employees, according to the criminal and SEC complaints. Dec 12 14:41
schestowitz So what will be his punishment? 24 hours of community service? Dec 12 14:42
schestowitz I was just writing about Microsoft and Intel’s crimes (post finished shortly) Dec 12 14:42
twitter 20 years. These are big dogs in the investment world and they might have been part of the market’s ability to float recently. Dec 12 14:43
twitter I smell a M$ connection. Dec 12 14:43
schestowitz http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Be… Dec 12 14:43
schestowitz These are some of the world’s biggest criminals Dec 12 14:44
twitter -  His firm was among the first to make markets in New York Stock Exchange listed stocks outside of the Big Board, relying instead on Nasdaq. Dec 12 14:44
twitter They were trading millions of shares a day. Dec 12 14:44
schestowitz A lof of companies are build on fraud Dec 12 14:45
twitter - He was also a member of Nasdaq Stock Market’s board of governors and its executive committee and served as chairman of its trading committee. Dec 12 14:45
schestowitz Microsoft’s paper-tissue value too is subject is much scrutiny Dec 12 14:45
twitter Big tech frauds. Dec 12 14:45
schestowitz Those who blew the whistle on Microsoft’s corruption were bribes to go away (the SEC too) Dec 12 14:46
schestowitz In the SEC’s case, there was a quiet settlement Dec 12 14:46
schestowitz I guess that’s just the bgeinning. Dec 12 14:46
twitter Yeah, with losses mounting, the fuse is lit and burning it’s way back to the perpetrators. Dec 12 14:46
schestowitz All the corruption is starting to resurface, like a corpse that got tossed into a river… before the storm Dec 12 14:47
schestowitz Here’s the thing Dec 12 14:47
twitter It’s more like everyone in the US has a worthless pension plan. Dec 12 14:47
schestowitz It will fuel more hatred towards the US economy… bear in mind that every German of Canadian that lost his pension plan can blame crooks like this one. Dec 12 14:47
twitter k014 -> M$FT -> zero Dec 12 14:48
schestowitz Heh. Dec 12 14:48
schestowitz You beat me to it re: pension Dec 12 14:48
twitter did I just type 401k as k014? Dec 12 14:48
twitter gee Dec 12 14:48
schestowitz I thought about pernsions too because people I speak to are stunned. Dec 12 14:48
schestowitz Can a person without person even be rehired now/ Dec 12 14:48
schestowitz ? Dec 12 14:48
schestowitz http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=mozclient&am… Dec 12 14:49
schestowitz Help me out with this. Dec 12 14:49
twitter 401K is a US savings thing.  Businesses can set up individual retirements with stock instead of a real pension plan.  It’s called a 401K Dec 12 14:49
schestowitz http://www.google.com/search?num=50&hl… Dec 12 14:49
twitter Even “real” pension plans got suckered into tech stocks like M$FT, so the fraud is huge. Dec 12 14:50
schestowitz Nothing stands out just yet Dec 12 14:50
schestowitz twitter: yes, I know. Dec 12 14:50
schestowitz People’s pensions were tied to some ‘low’ risk bond Dec 12 14:50
schestowitz Only ‘suckers’ just leave it to interests… so they said anyway Dec 12 14:51
schestowitz My dad jokes about every housewife having some direct or indirect investment in stock Dec 12 14:51
twitter the institutional investors tried to mix it up but 1/3 or 1/2 stock is looking like a bad idea now. Dec 12 14:51
twitter Some were all stocks. Dec 12 14:51
twitter I’m reminded of the 1929 crash when women’s magazines were giving investment advice, buy buy buy. Dec 12 14:52
schestowitz BillG invests in more pollution, using a ‘charity’ vehicle: http://www.streetinsider.com/13Gs/Bill+Gates+… Dec 12 14:52
schestowitz Magazines… sounds like the brainwash machination… part of it at least Dec 12 14:53
schestowitz WHENEVER markets collapse, the advice from government would be “buy from Xmas”, go into the market… It’s a STEAL at that price Dec 12 14:53
schestowitz They try to ‘drive’ the economy (=drive it down in the long term) Dec 12 14:54
twitter It’s more like they are trying to sell off worthless assets. Dec 12 14:56
twitter The pump the value of M$FT to have something to offer employees too. Dec 12 14:56
twitter At this point, I think they know it’s over. Dec 12 14:57
schestowitz http://news.google.com/archivesearch?q=Madoff+m… Dec 12 14:57
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schestowitz it’s difficult to find them on the same stagel Dec 12 14:59
twitter https://www.madoff.com/priv/nStock.asp?… Dec 12 15:00
twitter Looks like a who’s who of M$ world Dec 12 15:00
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/0… http://boycottnovell.com/2008/08/26/p… Dec 12 15:01
twitter I remember those.  We have to also remember how they put money into businesses they want to succeed. Dec 12 15:04
twitter They create the appearance of success just long enough for M$ to gain dominance. Dec 12 15:04
twitter LOL, the history of the “Curb Exchange” love that bread^H^H^H broker line photo. Dec 12 15:10
schestowitz As long as they can preserve this bubble, they can carry on with the cycle of deceit. Dec 12 15:12
twitter No Fine Way. Dec 12 15:12
schestowitz (making something out of nothing… like software patents) Dec 12 15:12
twitter 10 million lost jobs, 4 million lost houses.  Everyone is screwed.  No imaginary property is going to fix that. Dec 12 15:13
schestowitz Here’s the thing. Dec 12 15:16
schestowitz I think I wrote it ysterday, but can’t recall where. Dec 12 15:17
schestowitz The hope America has revolve around the ability to  exchange property it creates. Dec 12 15:17
schestowitz If it is able to create and enforce imaginary property (or something like air) and the use  trade agreement to enforce these, you know……. Dec 12 15:17
twitter It’s a pyramid scheme.  Fake wealth made fake trade. Dec 12 15:18
schestowitz It’s tyrannous. It’s ‘intellectual terrorism’. Dec 12 15:19
schestowitz There is another option. Dec 12 15:19
twitter The US has absorbed about all the plastic crap from China as it can.  There’s no reason for them to obey IP laws now. Dec 12 15:19
schestowitz Make the people in the United States of America be paid like they are in Cambodia and Vitnam. Dec 12 15:19
schestowitz *Vietnam. That would at least attract jobs. Dec 12 15:19
twitter A World can not stand divided …. all one of the other? Dec 12 15:20
schestowitz China has made its knockoffs by now Dec 12 15:20
schestowitz They are also better Dec 12 15:20
twitter Of course, those that do are those that know how. Dec 12 15:20
schestowitz It used to be the cars and the steel. Now it’s microchips and software too (did you see their amazing office suites?) Dec 12 15:20
schestowitz Had Microsoft started changing for Office in China, it would lose business within months, I be…. Dec 12 15:21
schestowitz From http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/fortune… : Dec 12 15:21
schestowitz ” Indeed, in China’s back alleys, Linux often costs more than Windows because it requires more disks. And Microsoft’s own prices have dropped so low it now sells a $3 package of Windows and Office to students. On a more political note: Toward the end of Gates’ trip, on the sidelines of China’s Boao Forum, I sat down again with the Microsoft founder.” Dec 12 15:22
schestowitz ” One of the things I wanted to ask him was how he squares the company’s “alignment” in China with its leaders’ suppression of free speech on the Internet and what many consider to be their general disregard for human rights. Our conversation, which had been flowing freely, ground to a halt. He said nothing. His silence lasted so long I found myself piping up out of discomfort. “That’s a very pregnant pause,” I sa Dec 12 15:23
schestowitz id. “I don’t think I want to give an answer to that,” he finally replied.” Dec 12 15:23
twitter Free people don’t use Windows, wherever they are. Dec 12 15:23
schestowitz So doing what he does is something he prefers not to talk about. He’s aware that he’s a criminal/accomplice (Microsoft does what China does too, not only does it support it) Dec 12 15:24
schestowitz PAUSE + “”I don’t think I want to give an answer to that,” = I have a very ugly answer, but I prefer to keep it to myself. Dec 12 15:25
Omar871 schestowitz: Have you read any book for Lawrence Lessig? Dec 12 15:27
schestowitz I haven’t, no Dec 12 15:27
Omar871 He has a couple of interesting books, I’d love to read them, if only I had time. Dec 12 15:28
twitter Here’s a bookmark for future reference about M$ essentially buying Netscape from TW/AOL in 2003.  $750 million to end the pesky thing and TW/AOL were suckered into M$ DRM. Dec 12 15:28
Omar871 They’re licensed under CC of course. Dec 12 15:29
twitter Lessig is worth reading.  He knows what he’s talking about and he writes well.  You should be able to finish of any of his books in a day or two. Dec 12 15:29
Omar871 twitter: Yeah, that’s right. Dec 12 15:29
twitter Several, if not all, are free downloads. Dec 12 15:29
Omar871 twitter: Did you read any of them? Dec 12 15:30
Omar871 twitter: Yeah, most of his books are downloadable for free. Dec 12 15:30
schestowitz I read when I travel sometimes. Dec 12 15:31
twitter I’ve read at least one, Free Culture Dec 12 15:31
schestowitz I’d need a printer though… I was using the one at work (free inkjet) Dec 12 15:31
Omar871 twitter: Future Of Ideas is a good book too. Dec 12 15:32
schestowitz At the end I throw it all away, so it’s a waste of paper (trees) really.. Dec 12 15:32
twitter no practical laptop? Dec 12 15:32
twitter My thinkpad X30 is small and light but battery life sucks.  2-4 hours is not long enough. Dec 12 15:33
twitter It works well enough for beside use, plugged into the wall. Dec 12 15:33
twitter It’s not nearly as easy as a printed book because it’s heavy, corded and hot. Dec 12 15:34
twitter It is as easy as oversized books now, which weigh as much or more. Dec 12 15:34
twitter Of course, there’s nothing like electronic documents for being able to look at dozens of sources at once. Dec 12 15:35
schestowitz Microsoft has been quiet this week… they got nothing new. Dec 12 15:35
*schestowitz glances at the MS feeds Dec 12 15:35
twitter you misspelled decade Dec 12 15:35
schestowitz No, 1-2 years Dec 12 15:36
twitter :) Dec 12 15:36
twitter They have new stuff, like Vista and Vista 7 Dec 12 15:36
schestowitz I’ve watched them for years Dec 12 15:36
twitter flunk Dec 12 15:36
schestowitz I pointed this out over a year ago in USENET Dec 12 15:36
schestowitz They have press-fluff, not products Dec 12 15:37
schestowitz They also -re-announce old products Dec 12 15:37
schestowitz Live Office being a recent example.. another one is Vista7 (Vista +  changes) Dec 12 15:37
schestowitz Beat me to it re: Vista7 Dec 12 15:37
schestowitz They had nothing in their latest ‘big’ even Dec 12 15:38
schestowitz PDC.. Dec 12 15:38
schestowitz Just old stuff touted as thought it’s new and journalists muscled by the likes of W-E to write about it Dec 12 15:38
macabe What is interesting is the use of computing in our enterprise has gone down due to people not wanting to use Vista. Dec 12 15:40
schestowitz world lower Gartner puppet: http://www.linuxworld.com/news/2008/1211… (since when do these sellouts decide on demand?) Dec 12 15:41
macabe Some are sharing older xp boxes. Dec 12 15:41
schestowitz Vista was a hiccup, like Windows ME Dec 12 15:41
schestowitz It was never supposed to be released, but investors were impatient. Longhorn was dumped…. Vista should have been dumped also Dec 12 15:42
Omar871 Guys, do you agree with me that the proprietary approach dooms equity of ideas and resources? Dec 12 15:42
schestowitz Yes Dec 12 15:43
schestowitz It’s too limited Dec 12 15:43
MinceR that’s too vague for me to decide :) Dec 12 15:43
schestowitz Tale Longhorn/Vista Dec 12 15:43
schestowitz Microsoft itself admits that it’s “spaghetti code” Dec 12 15:43
schestowitz The steaming pile is not modular. Dec 12 15:43
twitter http://seekingalpha.com/article/110422-how-will-the… Dec 12 15:43
schestowitz The open approach gravitates towards separation of atomic labour/tasks. Dec 12 15:43
schestowitz Ideas likewise Dec 12 15:43
schestowitz You’ll be better off meshing together ideas and software (like Web 2.0). Dec 12 15:44
schestowitz Those who do everything themselves end up with expensive and unwanted products like Britannica. Dec 12 15:44
Omar871 For example, without piracy, Adobe Creative Suite will only be accessible by rich people, and people with average income will only find it in their dreams. Dec 12 15:44
schestowitz A lot of sites don’t cite their sources either! What’s the use? Dec 12 15:44
schestowitz Knowledge is, after all, just an arrangement of things you learn from many other source. It’s all meshups.. it’s modular. Dec 12 15:45
*kapipi (n=tor@ has joined #boycottnovell Dec 12 15:45
Omar871 schestowitz: Exactly. Dec 12 15:45
macabe Issac Newton: I stand on the shoulders of giants Dec 12 15:46
Omar871 schestowitz: It’s not only about software, it can be applied to everything. Dec 12 15:46
schestowitz Yes, indeed. Dec 12 15:46
schestowitz I don’t like sites that have not a single hyperlink Dec 12 15:46
schestowitz As if the author is some independent genius not giving away inspirtations. Dec 12 15:47
twitter ha ha, as the man admits to fraud and being in the red for years, ” Competing hedge fund managers have wondered privately for years how Mr. Madoff generated such high returns, in bull markets and bear, given the generally low-yielding investment strategies he described to his clients.” http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&… Dec 12 15:47
schestowitz I’ve heard from people whose forum posts were ‘stolen’ and became articles. Dec 12 15:47
schestowitz Some of them are friends. Dec 12 15:47
twitter *wrong link http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/12/busine… Dec 12 15:47
schestowitz Musical bands are the same. They just piece together influences, beats they likes, some lyrics… but it’s all other people’s worl Dec 12 15:47
MinceR any link on the “spaghetti code” admission? Dec 12 15:48
Omar871 schestowitz: However, when we talk about something like medicine, we find that the cost of inventing and testing a new drug is extremely high. Dec 12 15:48
twitter oh yeah, I see that all the time at /. people recycle my posts for karma farming. Dec 12 15:48
schestowitz Which is why mixing of music is strongly sdefended by CC… it’s what everyone does, but few admit this. Dec 12 15:48
twitter They have done that less lately. Dec 12 15:48
schestowitz MinceR: looking.. Dec 12 15:50
schestowitz I think it was in WSJ in 2005/6 Dec 12 15:50
schestowitz It’s somewhere in my b,og Dec 12 15:50
MinceR i’ll search it then Dec 12 15:50
schestowitz Caught earlier: http://blogs.sun.com/webmink/… Dec 12 15:51
schestowitz “# Did Coldplay copy Joe Satriani? Dec 12 15:51
schestowitz Whether they consciously did or not, there’s no denying the songs are blood relatives. Dec 12 15:51
schestowitz # Coldplay respond to Joe Satriani Dec 12 15:51
schestowitz “If there are any similarities between our two pieces of music, they are entirely coincidental” – looks like Coldplay haven’t looked at that YouTube video yet. This response isn’t going to cut it, I’m sure.” Dec 12 15:51
schestowitz See the links… they ‘stole’ it (copied rather) Dec 12 15:51
Omar871 schestowitz: But, I think that the open approach can not be applied to everything. Dec 12 15:52
schestowitz Reference here.. http://schestowitz.com/Weblog/archives/2005/10/1… Dec 12 15:52
schestowitz Oh, I found it: http://schestowitz.com/Weblog/archives/200… Dec 12 15:53
Omar871 schestowitz: For example. drug development can’t be opened. Dec 12 15:53
MinceR thx Dec 12 15:53
macabe Built from scratch: They’ve said that about most releases. Dec 12 15:56
schestowitz It sells Dec 12 15:56
schestowitz The customer pays not to ‘upgrade’… but to buy a radically new thing. Dec 12 15:56
MinceR perhaps “built from scratch” means the equivalent of “make distclean; make” in microsoft land. Dec 12 15:56
schestowitz Bill Gates, The Seattle Weekly, (April 30, 1998): “Microsoft looks at new ideas, they don’t evaluate whether the idea will move the industry forward, they ask, ‘how will it help us sell more copies of Windows?’” Dec 12 15:57
macabe If you parse any windows (RegHack), you’ll see a lot of old crap. Dec 12 15:57
schestowitz You wouldn’t want to buy a new PC and pay for Windows again to jump from MSO 07->00 or from Win98-ME, would you? Unless, it’s built from scratch… revolutionary… innovative… pervasive… Web 2.0… <put buzzword here>… <start new slide> Dec 12 15:58
macabe Like three card monty. Dec 12 15:59
schestowitz Mr Pink Apple against desktop Linux again: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13505_3-10121020-16.htm… Dec 12 16:01
schestowitz There should be a rule for CNET and ZDNet: if someone is appointed to cover “open source”, then s/he must not be a Windows/Apple fan. This is a travesty. Media Control Through Appointment(C). Dec 12 16:02
MinceR oh, Mr. Champion of FLOSS is supporting FLOSS by berating yet another company for using it? Dec 12 16:02
schestowitz Mr. Champion of FLOSS is in my wastebasket, but Mr. Champion of FLOSS enters some feeds because it’s Wintel press Dec 12 16:02
MinceR then again, it isn’t too surprising Dec 12 16:03
MinceR after all, his paragons, crapple “support” FLOSS by profiting from it, sometimes oppressing it and never, ever giving the community anything back. Dec 12 16:03
macabe Is credibility index up to date? Dec 12 16:04
schestowitz Probablt not. Dec 12 16:07
schestowitz He has been getting worse recently. Dec 12 16:07
schestowitz Attacking FOSS Dec 12 16:07
schestowitz Suggesting mixing proprietary and all.. Dec 12 16:07
schestowitz I can’t be bother with it though… self-professed Applock-in fan disguised as FOSS person… at least he hasn’t bloggged much recently… better that way Dec 12 16:08
schestowitz He might still be blogging, just not about FOSS… maybe Apple stuff Dec 12 16:08
schestowitz Bear in mind I was happily subscribed to his stuff for over 2 years… I just couldn’t stand it recently. Things /did/ change. Dec 12 16:09
schestowitz Watch his latest comment in Boycott Novell, taking Ballmer’s side: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/10/01/… Dec 12 16:10
MinceR the Reality Distortion Field has probably corrupted his mind Dec 12 16:11
schestowitz Useful idiot. Dec 12 16:13
MinceR he’s useful? Dec 12 16:14
schestowitz Asay: “The desktop doesn’t matter anymore… but buy Macs” Dec 12 16:14
schestowitz MinceR: yes, to Appel. Dec 12 16:14
MinceR oh. Dec 12 16:14
Omar871 schestowitz: Is it just me, or you really don’t post Apple-related articles very often? Dec 12 16:22
schestowitz /Against/ Apple? Dec 12 16:23
Omar871 schestowitz: Yeah. Dec 12 16:23
schestowitz Microsoft and Novell are the main topic. I slam Apple elsewhere. :-) Dec 12 16:23
Omar871 :) Dec 12 16:23
schestowitz The Mac trolls strike back Dec 12 16:24
schestowitz They are not so used to being attacked by FLOSS people when Apple attacks FLOSS with lawyers, DRM, and lockin Dec 12 16:24
Omar871 schestowitz: Micheal Trausch posted a comment at my Blog that you might wanna read. Dec 12 16:24
MinceR schestowitz: where do you slam apple? Dec 12 16:25
Omar871 http://omarsdaydreams.blogspot.com/2008/11/peo… Dec 12 16:25
Omar871 And read my response to it as well. :) Dec 12 16:26
schestowitz MinceR: mostly in USENET Dec 12 16:27
MinceR ic Dec 12 16:27
Omar871 schestowitz: What was that Google Group you told me about once? Dec 12 16:30
schestowitz I’ve just read it all very quickly. Dec 12 16:30
Omar871 schestowitz: Where you mentioned my blog post? Dec 12 16:30
schestowitz http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.li… It’s full of Microsoft Munckins though, so there’s lots of libel and abuse Dec 12 16:31
Omar871 schestowitz: So what do you think of what he said? Dec 12 16:32
Omar871 schestowitz: also read my reply to him. :) Dec 12 16:32
schestowitz I’m fine with that. Same old story. Dec 12 16:34
*neighborlee (n=neighbor@unaffiliated/neighborlee) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 12 16:37
twitter Heh, you might have a different definition of “from scratch” if compile was as painful as this, ” the fucking alpha cpp compiler seems to fuck up the goddam type “LPITEMIDLIST”, so to work Dec 12 16:49
twitter // around the fucking peice of shit compiler we pass the last param as an void *instead of a LPITEMIDLIS” Dec 12 16:49
twitter M$, “We are morons” http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2004/2… Dec 12 16:50
twitter “IF YOU CHANGE TABS TO SPACES, YOU WILL BE KILLED …  DOING SO FUCKS THE BUILD PROCESS”, oh the joy of M$ compilers. Dec 12 16:52
schestowitz *LOL* Never seen that. Dec 12 16:52
twitter I’m never going to forget M$ Fortran, how the damn editor played games with tabs and spaces that boned the compile. Dec 12 16:54
twitter Total crap.  I ended up using Watcom’s ViW and doing command line compiling. Dec 12 16:55
twitter Oh my, a quarter million people without power today, http://www.reuters.com/article/domesti… Dec 12 16:59
twitter no, it’s more like a million now.  US infrastructure fail. Dec 12 17:07
twitter this is the price we pay deregulation of government protected monopolies. Dec 12 17:08
twitter the ROI model worked better. Dec 12 17:08
schestowitz Okay, just done a post (thus the delay): http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/12/inte… Dec 12 17:08
twitter going to look. Dec 12 17:09
schestowitz twitter: Windows could be part of future problems Dec 12 17:09
schestowitz They use proprietary systems Dec 12 17:09
twitter yes, bad investments. Dec 12 17:09
schestowitz I think it was in 2006 or 07 that I read about the dangers of cracking they’re in. win2k bugs pale in comparison Dec 12 17:10
schestowitz Also, wait until the Chinese get angry and paralyse the US via DNS or DDOS attacks. Dec 12 17:10
schestowitz “National Grid Plc had about 470,000 customers in New York and New England out of service, a spokesman said, adding it could take several days to restore power to all in both regions.” Dec 12 17:10
schestowitz Well, at least they still /HAVE/ a home. :-S Dec 12 17:11
schestowitz How does one boil the soup (in a soup kitchen) without power? Dec 12 17:11
twitter gas Dec 12 17:11
*[H]omer has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host)) Dec 12 17:11
schestowitz Where from? Dec 12 17:12
schestowitz Russia? Dec 12 17:12
twitter US has plenty Dec 12 17:12
schestowitz Natural gas ofr petrol? Dec 12 17:12
twitter Natural.  So much they have to burn or cap it. Dec 12 17:13
twitter Natural gas is very common but not always commercially viable. Dec 12 17:13
PetoKraus Scotland Dec 12 17:15
PetoKraus we’ve got gas hob Dec 12 17:15
twitter ” Power outages across New York and New England approached 1 million homes and businesses early Friday ” houses are not people.  With 10% facing foreclosure or late bills, many may be empty. Dec 12 17:15
schestowitz I guess that’s why it’s a slow news day. /sarcasm Dec 12 17:17
twitter These things have a way of cascading. Dec 12 17:17
schestowitz Actually, it’s partly true… now much news today, but not just the northeast brings the news Dec 12 17:17
schestowitz Don’t worry. Bush will invest another $10 billion in repairing the electric infrastructure. :-| Dec 12 17:18
schestowitz [Better ask China for a loan] Dec 12 17:18
schestowitz Now NYCers will know what it feels like in Alabama when some hurricane strikes. Dec 12 17:18
schestowitz OT [wrt to this]: has anyone explored the other PDFs from the class action,… re: Vista capable? Dec 12 17:20
schestowitz There are more. As I said back then, lots of people glance over it, but rely on the Bishops and Wintels to pick out the juicy bits. Dec 12 17:21
twitter No, it is cold up there.  That’s worse in some ways than heat.  Got link to other pdfs? Dec 12 17:24
twitter Not much news?  Betty Page is dead! Dec 12 17:24
schestowitz Got this by mail: “While looking for your references I came up with this article by Steve Vaugham Nichols I find most interesting about the dangers mono poses for any Free Software project and the role mono plays in Microsoft attempt at an SCO2.0: http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Linux-and-Open-So… Dec 12 17:28
schestowitz Added missed refs as well: “Unfortunately I wrote the reply to the microsoft apologists yesterday night and I have my firefox configured to always clear history and private information so I cannot quite go back to the exact sites I looked at, anyway I did a little google in the hope I could recover the exact sites where I copypasted the references from.” http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/12/micro… Dec 12 17:29
schestowitz 745 Dec 12 17:29
twitter madoff is early and widening http://www.reuters.com/article/funds… Dec 12 17:35
schestowitz 20 -> 50 bn Dec 12 17:40
twitter Greek police are out of tear gas… http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/wo… Dec 12 17:41
schestowitz I could use a second opinion. Dec 12 17:41
schestowitz A GNU/Linux developer (shall remain anonymous) sent me this: Dec 12 17:41
schestowitz “I recently came across this:  http://www.pledgebank.com/boycottdrm and thought it would have some use against Mono, too.  E.g. pledge that if if .NET becomes an essential component of GNOME I’ll move to KDE, or such. I’m not well versed to draft something myself, but if one of you picks it up I promise that I would sign it.” Dec 12 17:41
schestowitz My reply was “I’m with you on this one. One question: would it not piss off GNOME. I  want peace with the DEs.” but he does not relent: “Could be, I’m not sure.  Or perhaps s/move to KDE/abandon GNOME/ would be less agressive.” Dec 12 17:42
schestowitz It would still provoke, I think. No? I’m too reluctant. It’s also an insult to *buntu users. Dec 12 17:45
schestowitz MOG headline about H-P: “HP Strays from the Microsoft Track” Dec 12 17:46
twitter Think about the Gnome issue for a while.  Does .NET include DRM? Dec 12 17:47
twitter Headline:  MOG joins the 21st century. Dec 12 17:47
schestowitz *LOL* Dec 12 17:48
schestowitz Agan in the Google News Feeds I get the headline: “Don’t expect much from anti-Novell zeolots” Dec 12 17:48
schestowitz It’s a new monster: “anti-Novell zeolots” They’re talking about us BTW. Dec 12 17:48
schestowitz I saw the same insult the week before with the EULA of OpenSUSE being modified Dec 12 17:49
twitter It’s the new Linux Cabal! Dec 12 17:49
schestowitz anti-anti-Freedom move = zealots Dec 12 17:49
schestowitz Sounds like Microsoft’s rant… “those linux zealots”… [they hate crime, those 'zealots'] Dec 12 17:49
twitter You have to be a religious fanatic to replace the software that came with your computer for free, right – drolls on self. Dec 12 17:50
schestowitz “Those freedom zealots” Dec 12 17:50
schestowitz “Those pro-justice zealots” Dec 12 17:50
twitter Paytards. Dec 12 17:50
schestowitz Reminds me of those funny lectures I’ve been watching. Dec 12 17:50
schestowitz The bad guys are those trying to enter the public arena and ‘interfere’ with the kickbackls Dec 12 17:51
twitter I see, you have covered the issue of DRM in mono http://boycottnovell.com/2008/02/21/silve… Dec 12 17:52
schestowitz This morning I got this really nice CC-licensed album. French rap…Al-Fami… very much recommended. Dec 12 17:52
schestowitz Novell doesn’t mind so-called “IPR” Dec 12 17:53
schestowitz It may actually /like/ it… Red Hat and Ubuntu have almost none, so it’s a chance to ‘stick it’ to them and steal customers Dec 12 17:54
schestowitz Brainstorm at Novell (hypothetical): How do we grab their customers? Dec 12 17:54
schestowitz Engineer: Let’s make SUSE better Dec 12 17:54
schestowitz Susan Haystey: We’ll market harder Dec 12 17:54
schestowitz Ron Hovsepian:  will contact my buddies at IBM Dec 12 17:55
schestowitz Justin Steinman: Let’s screw Red Hat Dec 12 17:55
schestowitz Jeff Jaffe: I can haz IP? Dec 12 17:55
schestowitz Everyone: BWAAHAHAHA! Dec 12 17:55
schestowitz Ron: let’s phone Big Steveie. Dec 12 17:55
twitter Here’s an article about Red Hat from may.  http://lwn.net/Articles/167313/, ” The .NET API patent, mono, and GNOME” Dec 12 18:00
twitter ” One of the really interesting aspects of the timing is the fact that the main patent application that has been discussed in the media (the API patent application) appears close to being automatically abandoned. The API patent, if it were granted, would be a big blow to the Mono project.  Many patents on various aspects of the implementation could have been worked around, but the API implementation not only makes up a significant Dec 12 18:01
neighborlee http://lwn.net/Articles/167313/ < ;) Dec 12 18:03
twitter Of course, they don’t need a real patent to threaten people, as the Novell/M$ deal proved. Dec 12 18:08
schestowitz ‘“There are companies out there that used a huge chunk of their cash to make acquisitions recently, or they bought back their stock at two or three times its current level. Now that the time is finally right, they can’t do a buyback,” said Mark Murphy, a Piper Jaffray Companies analyst who follows Novell Inc.’ Dec 12 18:09
schestowitz From http://www.masshightech.com/stories/2008/12/0… . That would be Novell’s situation. It’s running at a loss Dec 12 18:09
*GoblinRFD (i=4e931d5c@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-4d5f9cab379991fd) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 12 18:41
GoblinRFD hello all Dec 12 18:41
schestowitz Howdy. What’s new? Dec 12 18:48
*GoblinRFD has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Dec 12 18:50
twitter Madof scandal ripples out, http://www.guardian.co.uk/busines… Dec 12 19:13
twitter ” Angry investors gather at headquarters … Police later evicted the small group from the building.” Dec 12 19:15
twitter - the Madoff collapse.  “It raises the question is this a one-off deal, or in the kind of market environment we have, is the SEC going to   uncover more shady investments?” said Fred Dickson, market strategist, director of retail research, D.A. Davidson & Co. in Lake Oswego, Orego Dec 12 19:17
twitter What a guy, loyal to his conspirators, ” Madoff wanted to distribute as much as $300 million to employees, family members and friends before turning himself in.” Dec 12 19:18
twitter Merry Christmas! Dec 12 19:18
twitter Wall Street Journal says, ” There will be a monumental impact for the hedge fund industry, it could be larger then Enron. “Some investors in Madoff’s funds face 100% write-downs on the money they invested, they will suddenly be nursing full write-downs in December. When people realize the magnitude of this it will be fizzing around the stratosphere.” Dec 12 19:19
twitter http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122909368630… Dec 12 19:19
twitter “$50 billion. This scale of loss would make it the largest in corporate history.”  So, it’s bigger than Enron? Dec 12 19:21
schestowitz It’s probably a ring thing. Dec 12 19:25
schestowitz Follow the money Dec 12 19:25
schestowitz “Madoff wanted to distribute” = “Madoff wanted to steal and distribute to his buddies” Dec 12 19:26
schestowitz OMG “”Some investors in Madoff’s funds face 100% write-downs on the money they invested” Out to the streets, then? Dec 12 19:27
schestowitz “former chairman of the Nasdaq Stock Market “ Dec 12 19:28
schestowitz Geez. There is crime RIGHT INSIDE the market. The ‘big’ deal. Dec 12 19:28
schestowitz Wall Street run by criminals. Dec 12 19:29
twitter He had already stolen, he was trying to keep the other employees from immediately calling the police.  Yes, who he is was a big big deal. Dec 12 19:41
twitter Nasdaq and M$ were very closely related.  I’m looking for more M$ connections to this “bigger than Enron” failure. Dec 12 19:42
schestowitz Sometimes they spread the evidence or award to be ‘stolen’ Dec 12 19:47
schestowitz If you’re a US president you can play this game easily. Dec 12 19:47
schestowitz FTC also (Deborah Majoras) Dec 12 19:47
schestowitz Have the husband make some favours with some company, do the company a concession/favbours and pick up the kickback 10 years later through some cousin or whatever when you are no longer a commission or who-knowns-what. Dec 12 19:48
schestowitz All politicians are corrupt, maybe with a few exception . Some get caught… the rest? Well, they just jeep it to themselves. Dec 12 19:49
twitter Here’s FUD for a GNU/Linux laptop http://www.crn.com/hardware/212500037 the guy talks out of both sides of his mouth, “it’s bad, it’s good” Dec 12 20:00
twitter ATT does suck. Dec 12 20:00
twitter The suck of the deal says more about the US cellphone market than anything else. Dec 12 20:00
twitter ” Acer in the third quarter surpassed AsusTek as the top netbook maker, shipping 2.15 million units to capture a 38.3% share, according to DisplaySearch.  AsusTek, which created the market late last year with the Eee PC, shipped 1.7 million units for a 30.3% share” Dec 12 20:02
twitter http://www.informationweek.com/news/hardware/de… Dec 12 20:02
twitter The lesson in Asus Acer?  Windows is a loser.  Acer “bet big” on GNU/Linux and will walk away with the market. Dec 12 20:03
schestowitz Does it mention Linux at all (CRN)? Dec 12 20:03
PetoKraus oh god, the £ is falling Dec 12 20:04
PetoKraus i mean, REAL falling Dec 12 20:04
schestowitz ASUS could sell $199 sub-notebooks with Linux Dec 12 20:04
twitter don’t know but Acer is all about GNU/Linux, http://www.informationweek.com/news/hardware/desk… Dec 12 20:04
schestowitz Intel is another felon in this picture. They try to elevate prices now, IMHO Dec 12 20:04
PetoKraus acers are quite crap from my experience Dec 12 20:04
schestowitz Intel and Microsoft are used to abusing the public.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Preda… Dec 12 20:04
schestowitz PetoKraus: how much to US dollar? Dec 12 20:05
schestowitz This is actually good for me. My money is in $ Dec 12 20:05
PetoKraus 1.49 Dec 12 20:05
schestowitz That’s now falling. It used to be worse. Dec 12 20:05
twitter Sorry about your pound.  I would share some of my favorite fiat currency if I had any. Dec 12 20:05
schestowitz Let’s see.. Dec 12 20:05
PetoKraus twitter: my main concern is Eur, to be honest Dec 12 20:05
schestowitz http://finance.yahoo.com/currency?u Dec 12 20:06
PetoKraus the more pounds i can buy with my slovak crowns/eurs, the better for me Dec 12 20:06
PetoKraus the prices are not skyrocketing in the UK so far Dec 12 20:06
twitter No money, no problems. Dec 12 20:06
PetoKraus well, that definitely has to do with the 2.5% vat decrease Dec 12 20:06
schestowitz PetoKraus: it sank back in August Dec 12 20:06
schestowitz It was worse in November. Dec 12 20:07
PetoKraus well, i don’t think so Dec 12 20:07
schestowitz From 2 to 1.5 in a couple of months. Dec 12 20:07
PetoKraus compared to € Dec 12 20:07
schestowitz http://finance.yahoo.com/echarts?s=GBPUS… Dec 12 20:07
schestowitz Price of food have risen in places. Dec 12 20:07
schestowitz Do soup kitchen serve water? ;-) Dec 12 20:08
PetoKraus http://finance.yahoo.com/echarts?s=GBPE… Dec 12 20:08
schestowitz Yeah, not as bad as USD Dec 12 20:09
twitter Ugh, Sprint avoids Android. http://www.informationweek.com/news/internet… Dec 12 20:11
twitter Have I told you the US cellphone market sucks? Dec 12 20:12
schestowitz http://www.pdastreet.com/articles/2008/12/2008… Dec 12 20:16
schestowitz I read this earlier Dec 12 20:16
twitter slashdot runs damage control for M$, http://news.slashdot.org/news/08/12/12… Dec 12 20:34
twitter It’s bullshit because M$ does tell teachers to watch out for CD distributions and to forbid them. Dec 12 20:35
twitter Opposition to “free” US wireless, http://www.pcworld.com/article/155400/fc… Dec 12 20:37
twitter Have I told you that the US cellphone market sucks? Dec 12 20:38
schestowitz Nice pictire? Dec 12 20:38
schestowitz Nail in hand? Dec 12 20:38
schestowitz Either way, it’s more exposure to Ken. he’s our supporter. Dec 12 20:38
schestowitz He had a link promoting us for ages. Dec 12 20:39
twitter http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20081212-fccs… Dec 12 20:39
schestowitz Martin is corrupt Dec 12 20:39
schestowitz He got slammed too Dec 12 20:39
twitter Yes and he’s doing as much damage as he can. Dec 12 20:39
schestowitz Maybe he gets his benefits through someone else some time down the line… Dec 12 20:39
schestowitz He serves the telecon [sic] shared monopoly Duopoly or more? Dec 12 20:40
twitter Lots of confusion here.  I was looking for whitespaces to save the day. Dec 12 20:40
twitter 4 companies own 90% of the US cellphone market. Dec 12 20:40
twitter 4 companies also own 90% of “broadband” market. Dec 12 20:41
twitter They don’t compete at all. Dec 12 20:41
twitter It’s the legacy of 8 years of corruption and crime. Dec 12 20:41
twitter More Vista 7 hype, http://www.informationweek.com/blog/main/archives/… Dec 12 20:43
twitter http://blogs.zdnet.com/hardware/?p=3187 Dec 12 20:43
schestowitz Yuck. Wolfe Dec 12 20:53
schestowitz That’s the anti-Linux guy Dec 12 20:53
schestowitz They also spot anti-Linux ads there. Dec 12 20:54
twitter another poison pen? Dec 12 20:57
*SubsonicB (n=chatzill@62.Red-79-147-143.staticIP.rima-tde.net) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 12 20:57
SubsonicB hi people! Dec 12 20:57
twitter hello subsonicb Dec 12 20:57
schestowitz Hey, SubsonicB Dec 12 20:58
SubsonicB I just tried to send this comment on BN but it does not appear: Dec 12 20:58
schestowitz twitter: yes, both are poison pens Dec 12 20:58
SubsonicB “the unfortunate problem with C7 “ Dec 12 20:59
SubsonicB I tried an Asus EEE 701 and I think it actually works surprisingly well (with Gnu/Linux) for its low power requirements. Dec 12 20:59
SubsonicB “is it’s completely shit” Dec 12 20:59
SubsonicB Do you mean like this?: Dec 12 20:59
SubsonicB http://en.tiraecol.net/modules/comic/com… Dec 12 20:59
schestowitz Adrian and*Wolfe. They are on my mental blacklist,.. for years Dec 12 20:59
schestowitz Ah gawd…so much spam Dec 12 20:59
schestowitz SubsonicB: let me do the queue. Dec 12 20:59
SubsonicB nevermind Dec 12 20:59
schestowitz No, no… I got it. Dec 12 21:00
schestowitz Wait Dec 12 21:00
schestowitz I found your comment there between “Slut” and “slot machine”. ;-) Dec 12 21:00
SubsonicB hehe Dec 12 21:00
SubsonicB damn spam Dec 12 21:01
schestowitz Let me clean it up Dec 12 21:01
schestowitz Windows zombies make it possible Dec 12 21:02
schestowitz OK, done. Dec 12 21:04
schestowitz What else is new? Dec 12 21:04
schestowitz I see just lots of patent news. Dec 12 21:04
SubsonicB i’m not very much up to date on the patent problem Dec 12 21:04
SubsonicB sure they will keep insisting on it Dec 12 21:05
schestowitz The likes of Intel and Microsoft with just imaginary property are trying to force their mindset onto EU, China… trying to pass rules using their turncoats to ensure they can colonialise. Dec 12 21:05
schestowitz I think the EU should consider imprisoning these imperialists. On grounds of treason or something.. Dec 12 21:05
SubsonicB people like Charlie McCreevy is disgusting Dec 12 21:05
schestowitz ACT… Dec 12 21:06
schestowitz Myhrvold too (in India) Dec 12 21:06
SubsonicB the problem is the politicians do not represent the people anymore Dec 12 21:06
schestowitz True. Dec 12 21:06
SubsonicB they obtain more benefits from big companies Dec 12 21:06
SubsonicB after their political terms end many of them end as high executives in big multinationals Dec 12 21:06
SubsonicB I  looked fot Florian Mueller book Dec 12 21:07
SubsonicB its site is not online anymore Dec 12 21:07
SubsonicB but it can be downloadad from the internet archive Dec 12 21:08
SubsonicB I will put a copy on my site so people can keep finding it and downloading it Dec 12 21:08
zoobab there is some backup on redhat weblog Dec 12 21:08
zoobab wait Dec 12 21:08
SubsonicB it is CC licenced Dec 12 21:08
zoobab http://crashrecovery.org/NoLobbyistsAsSuch.pdf Dec 12 21:10
SubsonicB thanks Dec 12 21:10
schestowitz SubsonicB: Deborah of the FTC is one example Dec 12 21:11
schestowitz She went to P&G after her fiasco at the FTC Dec 12 21:11
PetoKraus hmm Dec 12 21:12
PetoKraus how does “ND” clause handle quotations? Dec 12 21:12
PetoKraus or, the work where you use the quote is not considered “derivative”? Dec 12 21:12
schestowitz I read some bits of this book Dec 12 21:14
schestowitz Would take time.. Dec 12 21:14
schestowitz zoobab: you’re president of FFII now, right? Dec 12 21:14
PetoKraus 377pg Dec 12 21:14
schestowitz “RMS and Moglen are (my apologies, but) starting to get old. They don’t have any very obvious successorship plan in place. If the GPL is not vigorously tested during their tenures, they will not be able to help when the big test comes. ” < http://technocrat.net/d/2008/12/12/55514 > Dec 12 21:16
twitter Succession FUD.  Who will be the new king? Dec 12 21:17
schestowitz Dubya calls for death of animals before leaving:  Environmentalists blast changes to Endangered Species rules < http://www.cnn.com/2008/TECH/science/12/12… > Dec 12 21:17
twitter A better question is, who still thinks RMS is wrong? Dec 12 21:17
schestowitz Whilst sharks go extinct < http://www.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/africa/12/… > Dec 12 21:18
twitter When everyone has realized the truth, you don’t need a leader to tell you what’s right. Dec 12 21:18
schestowitz “Who will succeed Elisson?” (who cares?) Dec 12 21:18
schestowitz Oil >> Animals Dec 12 21:19
twitter “Conclusion #3: RMS and Moglen are not apt to flinch in the slightest from a full-on battle in court — it is the logically necessary evolution of their careers.” What bullshit. Dec 12 21:20
twitter No one wants a lawsuit. Dec 12 21:20
twitter Well, Cisco and M$ might. Dec 12 21:21
twitter No free software advocate wants to waste money in court. Dec 12 21:21
schestowitz RMS is the antithesis of the corporate propaganda which floods educational systems and business consensus. People would do their own thing unless they are intellectuals thinking for their own and learning to challenge ideas. Dec 12 21:21
schestowitz I’ve learned recently that people are kept divided so as to prevent union for change and joining of minds, so it reminded me of the RMS quote on “helpless and divided” Dec 12 21:22
twitter add distracted to the list too. Dec 12 21:23
schestowitz That too I hear about Dec 12 21:23
schestowitz Celebs and sports, if not 24/7 work that leaves no time to thinking, just consumption Dec 12 21:23
schestowitz The television too is a one-way route of communication. It’s very effective for the training of minds. Dec 12 21:24
schestowitz MSBBC on cybercrime and viruses… http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/click… … not  A WORD about Windows or Microsoft. Dec 12 21:25
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