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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: March 25th, 2009 – Part 2

Posted in IRC Logs at 4:39 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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PeterFA http://www.forbes.com/2006/11/02/linu…  <– What are people’s comments? Mar 25 20:05
schestowitz That was written by a Microsoft shill Mar 25 20:05
schestowitz Ignore it Mar 25 20:05
schestowitz Daniel Lyons, also boosted SCO’s lawsuits against Linux Mar 25 20:06
schestowitz PeterFA: See http://www.groklaw.net/search.php?qu… for details Mar 25 20:07
PeterFA schestowitz, didn’t SCO die? Mar 25 20:07
PeterFA schestowitz, are they fighting from the grave? Mar 25 20:07
PeterFA What dark pact have they made? Mar 25 20:07
PeterFA Forbs Magazine has Microsofties in it’s ranks? Mar 25 20:09
MinceR …and the page is still “loading” Mar 25 20:09
schestowitz PeterFA: they fight from Utah. Mar 25 20:09
schestowitz Same thing almost Mar 25 20:09
MinceR what’s up with Utah? Mar 25 20:10
schestowitz PeterFA:  Lyons is no longer there. Mar 25 20:10
schestowitz Novell, WordPerfect… Mar 25 20:10
schestowitz All down Mar 25 20:10
schestowitz I hear from a friend in Colorado that many businesses shut down Mar 25 20:11
schestowitz Also mid-west Mar 25 20:11
PeterFA schestowitz, who is Lyons? Mar 25 20:11
PeterFA Food is the most stable investment ever. Mar 25 20:12
PeterFA If food production stops, who cares if you lose your investment? Mar 25 20:12
PeterFA You got bigger fish to fry. Mar 25 20:12
PeterFA Anyways, after the Netbook era, looks like Linux is taking the pendrive market. Mar 25 20:12
PeterFA I wonder what Microsoft will do to counter that. Mar 25 20:13
PeterFA http://blog.ofset.org/ckhung/… Mar 25 20:13
MinceR even if it doesn’t load, forbes manages to slow down my browser Mar 25 20:13
MinceR wow, disabling javascript makes the page appear instantly Mar 25 20:14
PeterFA I closed it, personally. Mar 25 20:14
MinceR these forbes guys should go till the fields Mar 25 20:14
MinceR perhaps that isn’t too complicated for them Mar 25 20:14
MinceR because honestly, they really suck at making web sites Mar 25 20:14
PeterFA Well, I do see a good point on this blog: Linux goes on mainframes en masse, but shrivels up the more personal we get, with a limit. Mar 25 20:15
PeterFA It then explodes in certain arenas. Mar 25 20:15
PeterFA Microsoft Windows simply isn’t usable for a person like me. Mar 25 20:15
MinceR also, that article is ancient Mar 25 20:15
PeterFA MinceR, what article? Mar 25 20:15
MinceR that forbes crap about m$ linux Mar 25 20:15
PeterFA http://linuxlock.blogspot.com/2009/03…  <– They’ve analyze the DRM on W7. Mar 25 20:16
PeterFA That was funny then, because that article popped up when I looked at the search word history for “linux” Mar 25 20:17
PeterFA Another April Fools Day virus. Mar 25 20:23
PeterFA Now experts are trying to shut it down before it wrecks a bunch of computers. Mar 25 20:24
PeterFA http://www.cnn.com/2009/TECH/03/2… Mar 25 20:24
schestowitz MinceR: yes, I always disablw js in forbes Mar 25 20:32
schestowitz looks nicer too Mar 25 20:32
MinceR i’m starting to realize there’s no way i’ll find a browser i’ll like Mar 25 20:32
MinceR opera doesn’t have noscript and crashes all the time; ff3 has that extremely annoying way to deal with invalid certificates and also crashes all the time Mar 25 20:33
schestowitz use safari on wine ;-) Mar 25 20:34
schestowitz you love apple Mar 25 20:34
*schestowitz eats Mar 25 20:34
_Hicham_1 MinceR : or Epiphany on Gnome Mar 25 20:35
_Hicham_1 MinceR : Konqueror if ur on KDE Mar 25 20:35
MinceR epiphany is unlikely to have the features i use daily Mar 25 20:36
trmanco http://www.linuxleak.com/ Mar 25 20:36
_Hicham_1 Konqueror is very fast on KDE Mar 25 20:36
MinceR konqueror would be nice if it didn’t download images again when it’s told to save them Mar 25 20:36
MinceR a big no-no on 4chan :> Mar 25 20:36
_Hicham_1 MinceR : what are the features that u use the most? Mar 25 20:36
MinceR it would be difficult to gather Mar 25 20:37
_Hicham_1 i am glad when a new virus is spreading around Mar 25 20:37
_Hicham_1 i tried to apply the same model of least privilegies on Windows, but it fails Mar 25 20:37
_Hicham_1 nonetheless, it is essential Mar 25 20:38
trmanco MinceR, Firefox does no crash all the time Mar 25 20:38
_Hicham_1 I use a guest account when I am on Windows + Disabling AutoPlay Mar 25 20:38
trmanco those crashes at least here are do to plugins like flash or java Mar 25 20:38
MinceR i’ve started collecting links that make it crash Mar 25 20:38
trmanco to do* Mar 25 20:38
MinceR even then, they’re crashes Mar 25 20:38
_Hicham_1 MinceR : give me a link Mar 25 20:38
trmanco gimme thos links Mar 25 20:38
trmanco those* Mar 25 20:39
PeterFA Wow, EXT4 sounds exciting. Mar 25 20:39
_Hicham_1 Firefox just crashed today when I tried to use java gij plugin Mar 25 20:39
PeterFA Yes, I get excited by new ways to store data. Mar 25 20:39
trmanco EXT4 is still on my wishlist here Mar 25 20:39
trmanco brtfs sound good Mar 25 20:40
MinceR one didn’t crash it now Mar 25 20:40
PeterFA schestowitz, you’ve been studying software for a time now: why don’t you come up with a rating system for software that only discusses your topic? Mar 25 20:40
MinceR the other was changed since i bookmarked it Mar 25 20:40
PeterFA schestowitz, for example, how do I tell if it’s ok to use Acme Project? Mar 25 20:40
*mib_r2aktx has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Mar 25 20:40
MinceR so it did a lot of good to collect them -_- Mar 25 20:41
MinceR some features i can think of: sidebar, gestures, tabbed browsing with close and move left, close and move right, quick search via keywords (though i’ve moved that into a javascript app already), blocking of iframes, embeds, objects and stuff like that until a click, go up in hierarchy, clear and focus location bar button, list all links on page (with the option to copy selected links to clipboard), the ability to turn the menubar into a button Mar 25 20:43
MinceR oh, and session management Mar 25 20:43
schestowitz trmanco: I see BN is there too Mar 25 20:44
MinceR popup blocking, recalling closed tabs Mar 25 20:44
schestowitz in Mar 25 20:44
schestowitz http://www.linuxleak.com/ Mar 25 20:44
trmanco :) Mar 25 20:45
schestowitz PeterFA: ranking s/w in BN? Mar 25 20:45
PeterFA BN? Mar 25 20:45
PeterFA Oh, boycottnovell. Mar 25 20:45
schestowitz Yes Mar 25 20:45
PeterFA Not exactly, like write a formula for ranking software. Mar 25 20:46
schestowitz There are many sites that rank FOSS Mar 25 20:46
schestowitz Based on what? Mar 25 20:46
schestowitz # of users? Mar 25 20:46
PeterFA schestowitz, based on the trustworthiness of software: like Open DRM or something. Mar 25 20:46
PeterFA schestowitz, does this have DRM? Mar 25 20:46
PeterFA Does it lead to the domination of IT by Acme? Mar 25 20:46
PeterFA Does this really support the freedom that software should provide? Mar 25 20:47
PeterFA Like that. Mar 25 20:47
PeterFA Or a rating for stories, I don’t know… but if you make something other people can apply, they can rate their own software. Mar 25 20:47
PeterFA So if they’re in a store they can think about it. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get some rating on a box like Nutrition Information on boxes of food. Mar 25 20:48
MinceR i also used the bookmark manager a lot (with search and all) but i’ve moved to SiteBar Mar 25 20:48
MinceR i’m not entirely satisfied with SiteBar though Mar 25 20:48
PeterFA And you can get a lot of attention to your blog, to help expose Microsoft and Friends (TM). Mar 25 20:48
MinceR red hat still can’t decide whether they’re interested in the desktop or not >> http://linux.slashdot.org/article… Mar 25 20:56
MinceR re browser features: i’m also using ad blocking but i’ll probably use privoxy for that Mar 25 20:56
MinceR (same with referer blocking) Mar 25 20:57
schestowitz Interesting take: UK Pupils to Learn How to Be Spied On < http://opendotdotdot.blogspot.com/2009/03… >. Since the govt’ can’t ask kids to write down names of friends and hand these over. Mar 25 20:57
schestowitz PeterFA: thanks, I might get to it Mar 25 20:57
schestowitz I need to worry about a Wiki first Mar 25 20:57
schestowitz MinceR: Firefox has AWESOMEbar (how corny a name) Mar 25 20:57
*stated has quit (“ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.7/2009021910]“) Mar 25 20:57
MinceR i care little as long as quicksearch bookmarks work :> Mar 25 20:58
schestowitz To me, FF2->FF3 mainly meant speed gains Mar 25 20:58
MinceR speed gains are what make me consider ff3 again Mar 25 20:58
schestowitz it’s pretty fast Mar 25 20:58
MinceR and that perhaps there’s a remote chance ff3 will crash a little less often than opera Mar 25 20:58
schestowitz It renders the page before it’s fully loaded Mar 25 20:58
MinceR oh, and NoScript Mar 25 20:58
schestowitz MinceR: FF3 is more flaky than FF2 for me Mar 25 20:58
schestowitz Not flaky, just a little more so Mar 25 20:59
schestowitz Maybe once in 40 hours as opposed to 200 hours Mar 25 20:59
MinceR then perhaps opening a dozen web pages won’t take up an amount of computing power that wasn’t even available 10 years ago or so Mar 25 20:59
MinceR then again, the web just isn’t bloated enough yet for some >> http://tech.slashdot.org/article.p… Mar 25 20:59
PeterFA schestowitz, also, you can rate companies based on the honesty of their software and business strategies :) Mar 25 20:59
balzac FF3 is the ultimate browser for web developers Mar 25 20:59
balzac it’s also good if you want fine granular control of what content is presented and how Mar 25 21:00
MinceR who knows, maybe if i get a rack of servers and assign one tab to each, i can get a browser that isn’t slow as molasses and i get to run something else beside it Mar 25 21:00
balzac adblock, grease-monkey, etc Mar 25 21:00
MinceR yes, greasemonkey is great stuff too Mar 25 21:00
MinceR back when i used ff as my main browser i put a lot of addons into it Mar 25 21:01
MinceR i think that contributed to the slowness and instability Mar 25 21:01
schestowitz LMAO: AFP pulls quote about Youtube block from two-year-old blog post < http://shanghaiist.com/2009/03/25/afp_… > “Take that traditional media! In all fairness though, we’d like to point out that most bloggers know how to check a time stamp.” Mar 25 21:01
balzac It’s not as optimized as chrome or other webkit-based browsers because it is filled with hooks for developers and so it can’t be quickly changed in such a way that all the extension devs are left with broken projects Mar 25 21:01
balzac obviously, FF is going to need to separate tabs into separate threads Mar 25 21:02
balzac processes, I mean Mar 25 21:02
MinceR indeed Mar 25 21:02
schestowitz My Firefox themes broke that I sort of created broke with an upgrade Mar 25 21:02
MinceR i wouldn’t mind being able to use chromium on linux Mar 25 21:02
schestowitz I never bothers fixing compatibility although some users mailed me about it and offered help Mar 25 21:03
balzac but leading the way against proprietary codecs with ogg theora is quite noble Mar 25 21:03
balzac if you want a light, efficient browser, try Conkeror (I don’t mean Konqueror) Mar 25 21:03
schestowitz http://schestowitz.com/Softw… Mar 25 21:03
balzac emacs key-bindings, no extra interface Mar 25 21:03
balzac gecko-based, compatible with mozrepl Mar 25 21:04
balzac bad-@ss Mar 25 21:04
schestowitz Bawd ass Mar 25 21:04
schestowitz EPA Makes Landmark Finding: Global Warming Threatens Public Health and Welfare < http://www.worldchanging.com/arch… > Mar 25 21:05
schestowitz Cash cows die sometimes (photo): The Wall Street Crowd and the Transparency Revolution < http://www.worldchanging.com/ar… > Mar 25 21:06
_Hicham_1 MinceR : use plain w3m Mar 25 21:06
MinceR i don’t like emacs keybindings Mar 25 21:06
MinceR _Hicham_1: w3m does very little, including no javascript Mar 25 21:06
MinceR if that was fine, i’d just use links2 -g all day Mar 25 21:07
_Hicham_1 MinceR : use Firefox with Wine Mar 25 21:07
MinceR lol Mar 25 21:07
schestowitz Interesting stuff: When ‘Mad Men’ Meets Augmented Reality  < http://www.fastcompany.com/blog/jamais-c… > Mar 25 21:07
MinceR then i could enjoy the totally broken windowsoid font rendering Mar 25 21:07
MinceR and my eyes would melt Mar 25 21:07
PeterFA I don’t understand the whole SCO vs. Novell case. They both are basically Microsoft (R) Puppets (TM). Mar 25 21:11
schestowitz The server is overloaded again. It does almost 5GB/day Mar 25 21:11
schestowitz “Server Load  5.92 (4 cpus)” Mar 25 21:11
schestowitz Not responsive Mar 25 21:11
PeterFA So, the fact that SCO lost doesn’t matter. It never solved the amnesty problem. Mar 25 21:11
schestowitz Microsoft has more tricks up its sleeves Mar 25 21:11
schestowitz The load on the DB server is rising now Mar 25 21:12
MinceR perhaps m$ is having one of their lackeys kill the other Mar 25 21:12
PeterFA So, the lawsuit was against Novell for elligedly using SCO property, but the judges said that belongs to Novell, crushing SCO. So, if you use Linux, you still can be sued by Novell. Mar 25 21:13
schestowitz Our days on this server are numbered. I might as well assume we’ll need to move to something bigger, even with excessive caching enabled. it’s not worth the nightmare. Mar 25 21:13
PeterFA schestowitz, what server do you talk about? Mar 25 21:13
schestowitz PeterFA: BN Mar 25 21:13
PeterFA schestowitz, oh. Mar 25 21:13
schestowitz Been having many problems this year Mar 25 21:13
PeterFA schestowitz, I’ll set up the website for you if you like. Mar 25 21:13
PeterFA schestowitz, on your new server. Mar 25 21:14
schestowitz Esp. in January when we covered Comes smoking guns Mar 25 21:14
PeterFA Don’t know about migration though, I’ll have to look into it. Mar 25 21:14
schestowitz PeterFA: that’s OK, thanks. Mar 25 21:14
schestowitz Maybe mirroring would help Mar 25 21:14
PeterFA schestowitz, not a bad idea. Mar 25 21:14
schestowitz Like…. replicating the DB and having a secondary domain or something Mar 25 21:14
schestowitz Maybe on one of my machines Mar 25 21:15
PeterFA schestowitz, what you could do is load balancing. Mar 25 21:15
schestowitz cheapo domain like BNmirror.org Mar 25 21:15
PeterFA schestowitz, how much is your hosting? Mar 25 21:15
schestowitz If it crashes too, it won’t matter much Mar 25 21:15
schestowitz PeterFA: Shane pays the bills. Mar 25 21:15
schestowitz AdSense covers it…. not sure how much it costs him now cause he upgrades to 500GB/month limit Mar 25 21:16
PeterFA You could get an account on object6.com. I know that guy who owns it. Mar 25 21:16
PeterFA I’ll get an affilation pay too :) Mar 25 21:16
schestowitz PeterFA: I have my familiar host too Mar 25 21:16
schestowitz Shane said he can pass me the domain name Mar 25 21:16
PeterFA schestowitz, you need like a server on every continent. Mar 25 21:16
schestowitz He still holds boycottredhat.com BTW. Don’t ask me why.. Mar 25 21:17
PeterFA schestowitz, so you get an account in NA, AU, EU, AF, and AS. Mar 25 21:17
PeterFA schestowitz, so nobody uses it for evil purposes. Mar 25 21:17
schestowitz PeterFA: no, we’re not that big Mar 25 21:17
schestowitz LifeHacker maybe. Mar 25 21:17
schestowitz Someone in Norway can get novell.no Mar 25 21:18
*NeonFloss (n=imsorry@rdsl-0665.tor.pathcom.com) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 25 21:18
PeterFA schestowitz, you should have affilate programs with companies you like so that you can say, “Instead of this product, use that.” and then you put a link to the site and you get an affiliate cut. Mar 25 21:18
schestowitz http://yes.no/ > “Oops! This link appears broken.” Mar 25 21:18
schestowitz PeterFA: that would put vested interests Mar 25 21:19
schestowitz No reliability Mar 25 21:19
PeterFA schestowitz, you’d get a ton of money though :) Mar 25 21:19
schestowitz “Unafraid” China apparently fears YouTube < http://www.reuters.com/article/t… > Mar 25 21:19
schestowitz PeterFA: doubtful, and it comes at the cost of credibility Mar 25 21:20
PeterFA schestowitz, have a twitter? Mar 25 21:20
schestowitz http://identi.ca/schestowitz Mar 25 21:20
schestowitz I could probably create a twitter account too Mar 25 21:20
*silentivm (n=renan@ has joined #boycottnovell Mar 25 21:21
schestowitz trmanco: do you use twitter to post all the same stuff? Mar 25 21:21
trmanco sometimes Mar 25 21:21
trmanco identi.ca is my first priority Mar 25 21:21
PeterFA I don’t have an identi.ca. Mar 25 21:23
schestowitz The Independent covers GNU/Linux, which is rare < http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gad… > Mar 25 21:23
*zer0c00l has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 25 21:24
PeterFA schestowitz, do you have any criticism against Linux? Mar 25 21:25
schestowitz Who writes this utter nonsense? “Inevitably, Google (GooOS) is rumoured to be entering the platform war too, fuelling speculation that Microsoft’s operating system maker days might be numbered.” Mar 25 21:25
schestowitz GooOS? WHAAA? Mar 25 21:25
schestowitz PeterFA: yes, GPLv2 for starters Mar 25 21:25
PeterFA schestowitz, any others? Mar 25 21:26
schestowitz trmanco: do you post the same stuff in twitter? Mar 25 21:26
schestowitz PeterFA: none I can think of at the moment Mar 25 21:26
PeterFA schestowitz, and what’s your beef with GPLv2? Mar 25 21:26
trmanco yes Mar 25 21:28
schestowitz trmanco: so should I open an account there too for friends who only read twitter? Mar 25 21:31
schestowitz PeterFA: Linux should upgrade Mar 25 21:31
trmanco schestowitz, sure Mar 25 21:32
PeterFA schestowitz, yeah. Mar 25 21:41
PeterFA schestowitz, enouf, who hangs out in #debian doesn’t like how Linux got Tivoed. Mar 25 21:42
PeterFA schestowitz, I assume that means they didn’t fight for their GPL rights and compromised. Mar 25 21:42
PeterFA schestowitz, because of the Tivo abuse. Mar 25 21:43
_Hicham_1 what do u think of Python vs Java folks? Mar 25 21:46
wtfyan i prefer python Mar 25 21:46
wtfyan i think that python can eat java easilly, especially icedtea. they don’t actually eat that sh** normally Mar 25 21:49
*Eruaran has quit (“No Ping reply in 30 seconds.”) Mar 25 21:52
*Eruaran (n=quassel@ has joined #boycottnovell Mar 25 21:52
schestowitz trmanco: https://twitter.com/schestowitz Mar 25 21:54
schestowitz Is there a program that connects to both? Mar 25 21:54
trmanco ha cool Mar 25 21:54
trmanco what for kde? Mar 25 21:54
schestowitz Anything Mar 25 21:54
schestowitz Even Web-based Mar 25 21:54
trmanco webased yes Mar 25 21:55
schestowitz How do I do vertical split in Konqueror? Mar 25 21:56
schestowitz I can’t remember Mar 25 21:56
trmanco https://ping.fm/ Mar 25 21:56
schestowitz OK, I got it Mar 25 21:56
schestowitz I have 3-pane Konqueror Mar 25 21:57
schestowitz CLI at bottom, identica on the left and twitter on the right Mar 25 21:57
*silentivm has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Mar 25 21:57
schestowitz Surrendering. I’ll keep both in synch, I guess Mar 25 21:59
trmanco ping.fm works Mar 25 22:01
balzac everyone is making atwitter about twat-jokes about twitter lately Mar 25 22:01
balzac I can’t even see twitter, twit (This Week in Tech with Leo something) without thinking of twat Mar 25 22:02
balzac -making Mar 25 22:03
balzac have you twatted lately? Mar 25 22:04
schestowitz trmanco: Just signed up to ping.fm. Testing. Mar 25 22:08
balzac Then there’s cursebird, syndicating the curses used on twitter Mar 25 22:09
trmanco I just tested it Mar 25 22:09
balzac twat should be more popular than the “F” word, if twitterers catch the wave of twatting, past-tense usage Mar 25 22:09
schestowitz trmanco: thanks. It’s working Mar 25 22:12
trmanco you’re welcome Mar 25 22:12
*silentivm (n=renan@ has joined #boycottnovell Mar 25 22:12
schestowitz I’ve pretty much stopped with sites like Digg. Mar 25 22:13
schestowitz Too cumbersome and no chance to add much personal opinion, either. Mar 25 22:13
silentivm I’ve never cared for Digg. I used it once or twice then gave up. Mar 25 22:13
schestowitz Digg is edging downwards. Mar 25 22:13
schestowitz Not sure about reddit. Mar 25 22:13
balzac Digg is getting abused too much by “power-users” Mar 25 22:14
silentivm I never used reddit, I believe. Mar 25 22:14
balzac I saw an article about “power users” by a “power user”, but he didn’t admit to using things like curl and proxies, so I don’t believe his insider report is accurate Mar 25 22:15
balzac he made it sound like a mere conspiracy of users who are very dedicated, not people abusing the system by direct programmatical interface Mar 25 22:16
*kentma (n=user@host86-169-110-247.range86-169.btcentralplus.com) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 25 22:16
schestowitz http://www.linuxdevices.c… (First ever Linux botnet?). On the so-called malware… or use of bad passwords on Linux. Mar 25 22:17
balzac Digg needs to show usernames for every up or down vote, then it will have more life Mar 25 22:17
schestowitz balzac: I was of these users Mar 25 22:17
schestowitz Ranked 17th in the site at my peak Mar 25 22:17
balzac vendettas and cliques can become very interesting Mar 25 22:17
schestowitz But the problem is PR people Mar 25 22:17
MinceR digg doesn’t need more or less life Mar 25 22:17
schestowitz Not power users Mar 25 22:17
balzac Roy, that’s pretty good Mar 25 22:17
MinceR it’s a sponge that hopefully sucks up crApple cultists Mar 25 22:17
schestowitz Many users rely on real followers Mar 25 22:17
MinceR and keeps them occupied Mar 25 22:17
schestowitz Others just game it Mar 25 22:17
schestowitz MinceR: +1 Mar 25 22:18
schestowitz Maybe you drive away balrog Mar 25 22:18
schestowitz *drove Mar 25 22:18
balzac where is balrag lately? Mar 25 22:19
balzac balrog Mar 25 22:19
balzac is he an apple user? Mar 25 22:19
balzac Roy, BN should give more features yet, so that you can have cliques and vendettas on your site. for that, you really need user-accounts Mar 25 22:20
*kentma has quit (Client Quit) Mar 25 22:20
MinceR iirc he is an apple fanboy Mar 25 22:20
MinceR i don’t care enough to check Mar 25 22:20
schestowitz balzac: could make ranking for registered user only Mar 25 22:20
schestowitz *users Mar 25 22:20
balzac I like the casings and chassis of apple machines Mar 25 22:21
MinceR i can’t think of a single thing i like about apple Mar 25 22:21
silentivm neither do I Mar 25 22:21
silentivm *can I Mar 25 22:21
balzac Roy, it’s nice to see who votes Mar 25 22:21
balzac and make people be direct with up or down Mar 25 22:21
balzac 5-star allows shades of gray Mar 25 22:21
balzac let people fight like a cock-fight, a managed dialectic, leading toward your conclusion Mar 25 22:22
balzac That’s the game Markos of DailyKos plays Mar 25 22:22
MinceR 5-star also requests an amount of information the voter might not have Mar 25 22:23
schestowitz balzac: I don’t think I have user-naming featured at my disposal Mar 25 22:23
MinceR “is this a 3 or a 4?” Mar 25 22:23
balzac that’s why drupal instead of wordpress. WP is for blogs, Drupal is for community websites. Mar 25 22:24
schestowitz According to RMS, “The New Zealand government has not given up its War on Sharing, and threatens to try again.” http://www.stallman.org/archives/2009-ja… Mar 25 22:24
balzac do a fundraiser for Tony’s Drigg module upgrade to D6, base BN on that, everybody wins. Mar 25 22:24
MinceR isn’t there a gratis digg clone around already? Mar 25 22:25
MinceR or a hundred? :> Mar 25 22:25
schestowitz Yes Mar 25 22:25
balzac drigg, pligg Mar 25 22:25
schestowitz But Digg model is passe to many Mar 25 22:25
balzac pligg fell by the wayside Mar 25 22:25
schestowitz I moved to mu-blogging Mar 25 22:25
balzac mu? Mar 25 22:26
schestowitz micro Mar 25 22:26
schestowitz like the symbol Mu Mar 25 22:26
MinceR i don’t see the point of microblogging Mar 25 22:26
balzac ic Mar 25 22:26
MinceR moo-blogging Mar 25 22:26
schestowitz http://mu.wordpress.org/about/ Mar 25 22:27
balzac Roy, Digg is not the optional implementation, and there is no model they can claim as their own because it wasn’t them who did it first. Mar 25 22:27
balzac optimal Mar 25 22:27
MinceR does the digg model even fit a site where only a select group submits articles? Mar 25 22:28
schestowitz Digg was similar to Slashdot Mar 25 22:36
schestowitz Everyone inspires everyone Mar 25 22:36
MinceR sadly, /. is becoming like digg Mar 25 22:37
schestowitz Long ago Mar 25 22:38
MinceR it’s not nearly as bad as digg yet Mar 25 22:39
MinceR every time i look at the comments on a technical topic on digg, it’s always an endless stream of uninformed drivel from apple fanboys Mar 25 22:40
MinceR if someone has something clueful to say, it’s buried Mar 25 22:40
MinceR slashdot seems to have a good ratio of insightful stuff and funny stuff too Mar 25 22:40
schestowitz MinceR: true re: comments Mar 25 22:43
schestowitz Slashdot comments are sometimes quite good. Mar 25 22:43
schestowitz MinceR: in Digg, long comments get buried Mar 25 22:44
schestowitz One liners or two-word jokes are modded best sometimes. Mar 25 22:44
balzac yeah but slashdot’s interface is too hard Mar 25 22:45
schestowitz Why is Intel choosing to make GNU/Linux look so ugly? http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?p… Mar 25 22:45
schestowitz balzac: yes, that keeps Apple fans out Mar 25 22:46
MinceR i prefer /.’s interface, because it seems to handle long threads better Mar 25 22:50
MinceR (the classic interface, not the javascript Bloat City thing.) Mar 25 22:51
MinceR it could certainly be improved though Mar 25 22:51
MinceR finding the next top-level reply should be a lot easier than it is now Mar 25 22:51
schestowitz Red Hat Profit Slips, As Revenue Grows 18% < http://www.foxbusiness.com/story/market… >. Worth digesting the numbers… Mar 25 23:02
schestowitz “Red Hat (NYSE:RHT) reported earnings of 22 cents per share, ex-items, beating analysts’ estimates for 20 cents per share.” http://www.mysmartrend.com/briefs.asp… Mar 25 23:04
_Hicham_1 Roys : u don’t like Moblin OS? Mar 25 23:05
schestowitz Intel is a criminal entity Mar 25 23:06
_Hicham_1 explain Mar 25 23:06
*mib_kwlx9d (i=cfb5f01e@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-d5da81cf36bd3aa7) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 25 23:06
*silentivm has quit (“Ping timeout: pi*log(1+2*cos(x)) seconds”) Mar 25 23:06
schestowitz _Hicham_1: search BN for “Intel” Mar 25 23:06
schestowitz It’s not something I can elaborate on in a whim Mar 25 23:06
schestowitz Need to manufacture a lot of evidence and present it because of the scale of the accused party Mar 25 23:07
schestowitz Same when accusing the US of things Mar 25 23:07
schestowitz You can’t just make a statement so easily Mar 25 23:07
schestowitz Easy(ier) to say “Mugabe is a dictator” than “bush is a dictator” because people already assume the former Mar 25 23:07
schestowitz Help promote the Red Hat analysis from FFII: http://slashdot.org/firehose.pl?o… Mar 25 23:09
schestowitz Someone has just posted this in mixx: “Gates’ gimmick of becoming a philantropist repeats the Rockefeller scam almost one to one a century later.” http://www.whale.to/vaccine/bill_… Mar 25 23:11
*mib_kwlx9d has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Mar 25 23:19
schestowitz “The problem with this scenario is that conditions – primarily technology – have changed enough to allow what were always parasites to become true predators. Parasites need a healthy host to maintain their lifestyle.” http://www.cringely.com/2009/03/344/ Mar 25 23:27
_Hicham_1 wow, if mplayer can be used to stream all flash video content Mar 25 23:29
_Hicham_1 i seen that it is possible for youtube Mar 25 23:30
_Hicham_1 it is really a great alternative, what do u think roy? Mar 25 23:30
_Hicham_1 that would solve the flash problem on Linux Mar 25 23:30
_Hicham_1 the existing HQTube that gives the real video address to mplayer-plugin can be extended Mar 25 23:32
_Hicham_1 to support all of the streaming flash websites Mar 25 23:32
_Hicham_1 except youku Mar 25 23:32
_Hicham_1 because this one is a little bit tricky Mar 25 23:32
_Hicham_1 no one talks Mar 25 23:33
schestowitz it’s content makers that cause problems Mar 25 23:33
schestowitz And software patents Mar 25 23:33
_Hicham_1 well, I am talking about a workaround Mar 25 23:38
_Hicham_1 so that we can get the real video address Mar 25 23:39
schestowitz ‘Content’ providers might not like that Mar 25 23:39
_Hicham_1 because adobe flash for linux really sucks Mar 25 23:39
_Hicham_1 why? Mar 25 23:39
MinceR adobe flash really sucks Mar 25 23:39
MinceR there, fixed that for you ;) Mar 25 23:39
_Hicham_1 why Roy? Mar 25 23:39
_Hicham_1 MinceR : do u already use HQTube script? Mar 25 23:40
MinceR nope Mar 25 23:40
MinceR what does it do? Mar 25 23:40
_Hicham_1 it allows you to play youtube videos directly into mplayer-plugin Mar 25 23:40
MinceR interesting Mar 25 23:41
_Hicham_1 http://userscripts.org/scrip… Mar 25 23:41
MinceR i’d have to switch to ff to make it work though Mar 25 23:41
_Hicham_1 MinceR : what do u use? Mar 25 23:41
MinceR opera Mar 25 23:42
_Hicham_1 opera uses its own flash plugin i think Mar 25 23:42
MinceR most importantly, i’ll need to find an extension that fixes the invalid cert handling in ff3 Mar 25 23:42
MinceR i’ve only found MitmMe so far, which goes too far Mar 25 23:42
MinceR (won’t even let me view the cert and see what’s wrong with it) Mar 25 23:42
_Hicham_1 MinceR : the FF3 warning is normal Mar 25 23:43
MinceR (also, it seems to add an exception for the rest of the session) Mar 25 23:43
MinceR _Hicham_1: having to click 5 times to view a page i wouldn’t even normally care to use https for is not normal Mar 25 23:43
MinceR or for a page that uses a self-signed cert i happen to know the fingerprint of Mar 25 23:43
_Hicham_1 I think that there is a way to disable that Mar 25 23:43
MinceR i haven’t found it Mar 25 23:44
schestowitz WTF? “Then there are the hobbyist versions of Linux, like Gentoo or Mandriva. ”  Madnriva?? This guy is a troll indeed… not the first time, either. http://www.pcworld.com/article/16… Mar 25 23:45
MinceR it’s IDG Mar 25 23:45
schestowitz Yes. Mar 25 23:45
_Hicham_1 Roy : he is an Ubuntard Mar 25 23:49
MinceR gn Mar 25 23:50
_Hicham_1 sleepy Room Mar 25 23:52
schestowitz tacone has just pulled a lolcatz: http://www.stefanoforenza.com/the-… Mar 25 23:55
schestowitz _Hicham_1: I’m catching up Mar 25 23:55
schestowitz Ubuntu Members Get Free LWN Subs < http://www.jonobacon.org/2009/03/24… >. People still pay to read article? It’s a dying model. Mar 25 23:58
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