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State-of-the-Art Gaming on GNU/Linux Not Only Possible But Becoming Default Option, Hardware Products

Posted in GNU/Linux, Hardware at 11:38 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Summary: GNU/Linux as the operating system of gaming consoles no longer a far-fetched dream; companies other than Valve explore these possibilities

TECHRIGHTS is happy to write about the rise of GNU/Linux as a gaming platform, even though much of the gaming layer is proprietary. It is probably better that proprietary games are running on GNU/Linux; if they run on Windows or Mac OS, then they only help Microsoft’s and Apple’s position.

The latest news is very encouraging, still. The site Gaming on Linux wrote quite a lot about games that were coming to GNU/Linux [1-7], Humble Jumbo Bundle was covered by Steam for Linux [8], there were big names like Broken Sword in the headlines [9,10], and even news from Ioquake3 [11].

What stood out, however, were hardware efforts. First, there was GCW-ZERO, the open source gaming console [12]. Then there was Piixl Jetpack [13-19] and the $499 Steam Machine we alluded to before [20].

As the official announcement about Valve’s own hardware project was brewing (running GNU/Linux of course) there was also news about Valve joining the Linux Foundation. This was massive in the news. Headlines said that “Valve Furthers Linux Commitment, Officially Joins Linux Foundation” [21], “Valve renews Linux commitment, Microsoft and Sony should worry” [22], “Valve solidifies platform preference, joins The Linux Foundation” [23], and “As Valve Joins The Linux Foundation, Start Taking Linux Gaming Seriously” [24]. These were just four headlines among many more [25-42] — a lot more than we can list exhaustively.

Good times for GNU/Linux. It’s only getting better.

Related/contextual items from the news:

  1. A Steam Machine From IBuyPower Has Been Shown Off
  2. OpenMW V0.27.0 Released And A Sneak Peek On OpenCS
  3. Starbound 2D Universe Sandbox Game Beta To Start Today
  4. Elder Sign: Omens Strategy Released On Steam For Linux
  5. Dominions 4: Thrones Of Ascension Now On Steam For Linux
  6. Teslagrad Magnetic Sidescroller Available Next Week
  7. Basilisk Games Announces Eschalon: Book III Release Date
  8. Humble Jumbo Bundle released
  9. Broken Sword 5 – The Serpent’s Curse: Episode One is now available through GOG, Steam
  10. Interview: Charles Cecil on returning to Broken Sword
  11. Ioquake3 Working On A New Game Launcher
  12. GCW-ZERO, the open source gaming console

    Portable gaming consoles remain within the domain of Nintendo and Sony, with their Nintendo 3DS as well as PS Vita, respectively, but their territory have been encroached upon by other forms of mobile gaming, no thanks to the huge popularity of tablets as well as smartphones. Well, here is another player that intends to bite off a chunk of this lucrative market – the $149.99 GCW-ZERO, which happens to be an open source gaming console. With the GCW-ZERO, you know for sure that you have something good going on here, especially when it has been built by gamers for gamers.


    Powered by Linux, it already comes with a slew of open source software that is ready to rock and roll.

  13. Hardware manufacturer Piixl reveals a Steam Machine that latches to your TV like a jetpack
  14. Piixl Jetpack is SteamOS gaming PC that latches onto the back of your TV
  15. SteamOS on your TV with Jetpack
  16. Piixl Jetpack straps a SteamOS PC to the back of your TV
  17. Piixl Jetpack Steam Machine Attaches to the Back Your TV

    In a rather unconventional approach to PC design, British manufacturer Piixl has created a SteamOS computer that attaches to the back of your television set. According to Pocket-lint, the Piixl Jetpack is an open hardware platform that is fully customizable to fit a user’s gaming hardware needs.

  18. Piixl Jetpack Steam Machine Attaches to the Back Your TV
  19. Piixl’s powerful Jetpack Steam Machine attaches to the back of your TV, promises joyride
  20. Will you buy a Steam Machine for $499?
  21. Valve Furthers Linux Commitment, Officially Joins Linux Foundation
  22. Valve renews Linux commitment, Microsoft and Sony should worry

    Valve has joined the Linux Foundation, making Steam Machine prototypes looking more and more like serious competition for Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4.

  23. Valve solidifies platform preference, joins The Linux Foundation
  24. As Valve Joins The Linux Foundation, Start Taking Linux Gaming Seriously
  25. Valve joins Linux Foundation
  26. Valve becomes latest investor in The Linux Foundation
  27. Valve Joins Linux Foundation Prior to SteamOS and Steam Machine Launches
  28. Valve joins The Linux Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to accelerating Linux growth
  29. Linux Foundation Expands Its Membership Roster
  30. Steam Maker Valve Joins Linux Foundation
  31. Valve is now a card-carrying member of The Linux Foundation
  32. Valve Joins Linux Foundation In Anticipation Of SteamOS And Steam Machine Launch [VIDEO]
  33. Linux gaming may advance as Valve joins open-source association
  34. Teslagrad will be released next week on Linux, Mac, and PC
  35. Starbound beta lands on PC, Mac and Linux today
  36. Valve joins the Linux Foundation as it prepares its Linux-powered Steam OS and Steam Machines
  37. Valve now a card-carrying member of The Linux Foundation, ‘one of many ways Valve is investing in the advancement of Linux gaming’
  38. Valve Has Joined The Linux Foundation
  39. Valve invests in Linux Foundation ahead of SteamOS launch
  40. Cloudius Systems, HSA Foundation and Valve Join Linux Foundation
  41. Valve, HSA Foundation, Cloudius join the Linux Foundation
  42. Open-source gaming ahoy! Valve joins Linux Foundation ahead of SteamOS launch
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