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The Corporate Coup Against the Soul of the Free Software Community Is Not Over

Posted in Deception, Free/Libre Software, GNU/Linux, Kernel at 9:54 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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Summary: The erosion of community role in the development of GNU/Linux is a growing problem; part of the problem is that large corporations target technical and philosophical (perceived) leaders in coordinated smear campaigns, led by media they own

THE operating system many people who read Techrights are using was developed in the mid 80s. It was developed initially by a man in his 30s, who recently embarked on a visit to eastern Europe to give talks in spite of all the mobbing from the media, mostly distracting from actual Epstein enablers and allies such as Bill Gates.

In the early 90s a young student from Finland developed an operating system kernel known as Linux. Together with the former, GNU, it adds up to a solid operating system with many pertinent programs, including GNU core utilities (new major release yesterday).

“Just like the Web, which was captured by large and monopolistic corporations that eventually put DRM in it, Linux is being captured by some of those same corporations and their agenda is similar.”These two gentlemen and their friends spent decades developing a system which some have dubbed “revolution OS” — an operating system (OS) which gradually replaces proprietary ones in every sector, whether it’s servers or small devices (like phones). With locked-down things like handheld consoles and Chromebooks — not that they advance freedom in any meaningful way — this “revolution OS” (GNU/Linux) is fast becoming the de facto standard everywhere.

It’s not too shocking that the big corporations are trying to control both GNU and Linux. But in order to accomplish this they’ve been trying to implement coups, a slow process by which they gradually weaken a community role or ownership (Linux Foundation is all about passing ownership to its sponsors).

“The trouble started when it [the Linux Foundation] cancelled the community representation…”
      –Techrights Associate
The video above is inspired by a chat we had this morning.

since doing this video the total number of known (to Lupa) Gemini capsules jumped a couple more to 1,668. We’ll exceed 2,000 some time soon, maybe in a couple of months. Just like the Web, which was captured by large and monopolistic corporations that eventually put DRM in it, Linux is being captured by some of those same corporations and their agenda is similar.

We need to resist the coup. This means we need to support the founders, even those we don't always agree with. Power vacuums are almost always being filled by corporations, which sometimes themselves engineer those vacuums based on false pretexts. This accurately describes what has been done to Linus Torvalds, the founder of Linux.

“That CoC crap did its job in distracting from the infiltration and destruction. Heck, they even signed Linus up for unnecessary treatment.”
      –Techrights Associate
“Linus needs to take his trademark, fork the code, and walk,” an associate of ours notes. “I hope he has at least given the idea consideration. I presume that regardless of his inclinations he is afraid of the huge amount of administrivia and financing required to start anew. The trouble started when it [the Linux Foundation] cancelled the community representation [...] the removal of community representation was a huge warning [as] the corruption arrived quickly. What could be done to ensure a slower takeover of a replacement institution? A lot of it comes down to the individuals participating and their integrity. However, they are supported in staying on track by sound guidelines and maybe the right charter. That CoC crap did its job in distracting from the infiltration and destruction. Heck, they even signed Linus up for unnecessary treatment.”

“In Business Insider,” I’ve noted, “they stated clearly that he had been signed for therapists as if he was mentally ill. Smacks of Communist Russia. I regard that a form of self-humiliation and degradation, akin to what was done to Assange to demoralise him [and] the stallman.org site has not been the same. RMS-lite, Linus-lite. That’s how the authorities like it. Self-censorship. Lithuania says that China now enforces this using ‘phones’.”

“With Assange lies and disinformation still circulate. And some of those who were actively spreading those lies are still around in FOSS circles…”
      –Techrights Associate
The associate says that “inappropriate, wrong, and unnecessary medical treatment was / is used as a form of torture.”

“With Assange lies and disinformation still circulate. And some of those who were actively spreading those lies are still around in FOSS circles…”

It may sound like it’s all just “old news”, but it is not. “The important thing is to show both that it has been a long-term problem and that it is highly relevant in the current environment,” the associate stresses.

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