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YouTube Was Never Free Hosting and It Turns Hard-Working People Into Hostages

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Sep 23, 2023,
updated Sep 23, 2023

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WE'VE noticed that the media fancies touching a longstanding problem because it now impacts a high-profile celebrity, Russell Brand.

The short story is that Russell Brand has been accused of a crime, so Google/Alphabet (YouTube) rushes to sanction him, sans due process [1-3]. Spotify does even worse [4] (more severe action), unlike Twitter/X [5] and some news sites [6-7].

This whole saga serves to highlight the sad fact that outsourcing one's platform and/or audience is very risky; you needn't even do anything illegal but merely be accused of it. An accusation, with presumed guilt, seems sufficient for some. Allegations.

It is perfectly possible that Russell Brand did some horrible things, but punishing him because some firms (brands) fear for their reputation is akin to courts changing their decisions because the crowd outside is "very loud" and "scary".

Related/contextual items from the news:

  1. YouTube Has Demonetized Russell Brand Over Anonymous #MeToo Allegations
    This sets a dangerous precedent.
  2. YouTube Blocks Russell Brand From Making Money Through Its Platform
    The comedian’s channel has over six million followers, but he will be unable to draw income from advertising around his videos.
  3. YouTube Demonetizes Russell Brand’s Channel Following Sexual Assault Allegations

    YouTube demonetizes Russell Brand’s channel following sexual assault allegations dating back to the early ’00s. On Tuesday, YouTube reported blocking British actor and comedian Russell Brand from monetization on his channel following allegations of sexual assault.

  4. Russell Brand Content Is Getting Deactivated on Spotify, Too

    Following some serious sexual assault allegations, comedian and actor Russell Brand is seeing his content demonetized across the internet. YouTube made a statement—but Spotify appears to have disabled his audiobooks quietly.

  5. Twitter Continues to Show Ads on Russell Brand Posts After Musk Support
    Ads are prominently displayed on Brand's timeline, where his viral denial of rape allegations is posted. It's unclear if Brand is getting payouts.
  6. GB News impartiality undermined by Bev Turner support for Russell Brand, MP warns

    Chair of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee Dame Caroline Dinenage has written to GB News CEO.

  7. DISCUSS: The Russell Brand “Investigation”
    The Russell Brand scandal is big news right now.

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