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Red Hat Pretends to Have "Community Commitment to Open Source" While Scuttling the Fedora Community (Among Others)

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Sep 24, 2023

Community, Equality, Diversity

A couple of days ago Red Hat issued a post [1] entitled The Red Hat community commitment to open source, citing Gitnux, "A Global Commerce Media LLC Company" (proprietary). Well, judging by the company's handling of CentOS and Fedora, it's hard to see any real commitment. Flock 2023 seems like Red Hat [2], not a real community. RHEL is becoming more proprietary over time and community seems to boil down to unpaid volunteers (at least that's how IBM see the "community").

If one looks for healthier communities, ones with actual commitment to stakeholders other than IBM, there are RHEL derivatives (or still just clones) that have the same certifications as RHEL [3]. Better yet, however, to lessen the dependence on IBM one could choose another kind of distro altogether.

More than a decade ago Canonical could still say that Ubuntu had a community or was a community. Now that all the formalities are gone, Canonical can claim no such thing. Communities have drifted elsewhere and they don't work for IBM shareholders or MS (Mark Shuttleworth).

About a decade ago Red Hat spoke of "commitment" and "community" in relation to software patents. Red Hat is now owned and controlled by the most active lobbyist for software patents. Instead of investing in patent reform (removing restrictions) they go out there looking for "clown" (cloud) opportunities, even with Microsoft.

Related/contextual items from the news:

  1. The Red Hat community commitment to open source

    The increasing adoption of open source software underscores its tremendous value and impact. According to Gitnux, 78% of businesses use open source technologies, and about 96% of current applications contain at least one open source component. Developers also recognize the value of open source software in enhancing their skill sets and enabling them to collaborate on projects that push technological boundaries.

  2. Fedora Community Blog: CPE at Flock 2023

    This year the annual Flock to Fedora conference was finally in person again.

  3. AlmaLinux Is Now FIPS Certified

    On Tuesday, AlmaLinux announced that it has obtained FIPS 140-3 security certification for its Linux distro which is primarily used in data centers by enterprises.

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