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A 3-Year Campaign to Coerce/Intimidate Us Into Censorship: Targeting Several Webhosts (in Collaboration and Conjunction With Mentally-Ill Flunkies)

posted by Roy Schestowitz on May 27, 2024,
updated May 27, 2024

Every attempt to nuke the current hosting failed, but it's still worth noting (they've tried at least 5 times)

This signs depicts Nuclear activity

AS we showed yesterday, threatening letters from lawyers started in 2021. In 2022 letters to my employer and my wife's employer (or similar communications) were registered and in 2023 there was a major, relentless attack on our whole community, including my wife and I. The introduction showed at least 4 stages of these attacks. That involved very intensive surveillance in IRC, constantly trying to leverage anything against me (anywhere in the IRC network) and to poison the mind of the webhost, who had generously offered the hosting for free in 2018. We set that topic aside for another day as it merits a lot more words and strong evidence. The so-called "ringleader" was transmitting PDFs of threatening letters (from his lawyer) to scare her, causing her to be afraid. She told me in person she was worried Garrett would attempt to sue, maybe implicating her as the webhost. I assured her I had said nothing wrong and it was between him and the author, not the webhost. We'll come to that some other day. Another topic we set aside for now is doxing against us; someone contacted my employer and my wife's employer in 2022 with chat logs collected in a side IRC channel that very few people attended. One of them was Garrett, just sitting there observing and saying nothing for a long, long time. What was he there for?

Like a "funny" lawsuit, Garrett was exploring any route possible to stop me writing. He has long sought to take over the site and even the domain (he once asked me for back-end server access and he boasted in public he's try to take over the domain as part of a "settlement"). Ethics did not matter to him; he was using sockpuppets and hijacking other people's names/accounts in IRC because, according to him, it was fun. For a number of years we basically had a hostile saboteur inside the network - he was the first person ever (and also the last) to be muted for his sabotage. He tried to exploit our free speech policies to undermine the site, effectively taking away our speech.

These tactics are not so outlandish. Just the other day we read what happened to Linus Media Group. It seems like false accusations had been weaponised and spread in social control media. So they shut them down this way. It is worth taking note of those tactics, as we keep seeing them not only in the tech sector. We saw similar methods elsewhere too. In the case of Linus Media Group, an associate presumes they got a mole or two into his (Linus) organisation first. Then: 1) false accusations 2) whip up social control media lynch mob 3) profit!

Frightened Woman: initimidation

What we'll show today requires the above introduction because the context matters. It is just another form of harassment, even creating a new E-mail account for himself - or an alias - with the webhost's name as sort of deterrent (as if he won't stop!). Obsessive-compulsive people can become a burden on webhosts.

Why did he not use his personal E-mail account and instead create a new E-mail account with the webhost's name in it.

As we'll illuminate some time later, he was moreover coordinating with a mentally-ill person. They both posted a report to the webhost within exactly 24 hours. And no, it's not a coincidence; it's coordination; it's not sporadic, it is a campaign of abuse. We've noticed and noted the timing the reports got filed (same date more or less, just 9 minutes apart).

As my wife says, this "reveals the collaboration and coordination among those two contacting the host" weeks after they were "jubilant having brainwashed kaniini" (the prior webhost that they had lied to). And "now they try to flex their muscles against others", but "the trick doesn't work".

This isn't gratis hosting and manipulating companies with a dedicated legal team won't work.

In the text below notice how he uses an E-mail account created after the hosting company's name as if to intimidate them that they will be repeatedly targeted for a long time:

Sat, 30 Sep 2023 12:01:25 +0100
[nameofhost] & Servers Abuse Enquiry

Name: Matthew Garrett Email: [nameofhost] Telephone: +1 [redacted] Company name: Details: Hi,
The sites and appear to be hosted on an IP address belonging to you ([IPofhost]). They contain multiple pages harassing me with untrue claims of criminal behaviour, including (but not limited to):
This is libellous material intended to harass me, and appears to be in violation of section 6.3 of your terms of service.

What incredible projection! After he libeled me and harassed for several years (even in my own network!) he had the audacity to accuse me of what he himself had been doing.

There is obvious coordination there between the militants. They talk to each other and plan how to deplatform not just this site but also my wife's site.

This is disgusting and a lot of it involves overt misogyny and racism. These are mobsters. No words can describe how evil they are, but in the future we'll try and we'll describe them using their own words.

When this failed (as it did), they then resorted to more intimidation and dirty tricks. We'll cover those later this week.

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