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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: November 20th, 2008 - Part 2


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PetoKrausBlizzard ohNov 20 14:44
PetoKrausi face a conflict of interests thereNov 20 14:45
PetoKraus;)Nov 20 14:45
PetoKrausi'll even boot into windows to play Sc2Nov 20 14:45
schestowitzWell it's not 0xdeadbeef BlizzardNov 20 14:45
schestowitzThe real Blizzard supports Ogg and Web standardsNov 20 14:45
MinceRlol blizzardNov 20 14:45
schestowitzThe company tarnishes Mozilla's name.Nov 20 14:46
MinceRthe company that keeps selling "strategy games" that have nothing whatsoever to do with strategyNov 20 14:46
PetoKrausMinceR: are you kidding?Nov 20 14:46
MinceRnopeNov 20 14:46
schestowitzStrategy::DRMNov 20 14:46
schestowitzTo 'protect' the gamesNov 20 14:46
PetoKrausman, it's strategy games are best since Age of kingsNov 20 14:46
seller_ 20 14:46
seller_download the package and see the diablo 3 manualNov 20 14:47
trmancoThe Mono 2.0 transition (and how to survive it): 20 14:47
PetoKrausStarcraft, Warcraft 3 own easily anything except AoE2 on the marketNov 20 14:47
MinceRthe best strategy games are Total Annihilation, Age of Kings and probably Supreme CommanderNov 20 14:47
MinceRSC and WC3 are ludicrous.Nov 20 14:47
trmancodon't forget to check the posters emailNov 20 14:47
PetoKraushow's SC ludicrous?Nov 20 14:47
trmancodirecthexNov 20 14:48
MinceRit has a unit selection limit, few units, few options and horribly ugly graphicsNov 20 14:48
PetoKrausahaNov 20 14:48
PetoKrauswell it relies on micromanagementNov 20 14:48
PetoKrausyour units HAVE optionsNov 20 14:48
MinceRwell, micromanagement belongs in action games.Nov 20 14:48
PetoKrausit's extremely well balancedNov 20 14:48
PetoKrausand unlike AoK, it doesn't have clear winning strategyNov 20 14:48
MinceRlike Click-On-The-Monster (also known as Diablo)Nov 20 14:49
seller_hey people stop ,this is boycottnovell irc ,hehehNov 20 14:49
MinceRif an RTS relies excessively on micromanagement, that means the developers have failed severely at the UI and unit AI.Nov 20 14:49
seller_and not a game ircNov 20 14:49
PetoKrauswell, every game relies on mm if you have to play it professionallNov 20 14:50
PetoKraus*yNov 20 14:50
PetoKrausi'd say, the mm of AoK is even more difficult than say StarcraftNov 20 14:50
seller_STOP! hehehNov 20 14:51
*kentma has quit (Remote closed the connection)Nov 20 14:51
seller_Look at diablo 3 toolkit to see the docx formatNov 20 14:51
schestowitzLeveraging the commons for advantage: ( Web debut for Guns N' Roses album )Nov 20 14:51
seller_You will see but you will not readNov 20 14:51
trmancoschestowitz, | does the email look familiarNov 20 14:53
trmanco?Nov 20 14:53
schestowitzI know the personNov 20 14:53
schestowitzIt's the same pro-Mono fighter from Ubutu Forums.Nov 20 14:54
schestowitzThey need Mono.. they do it for a living and the poison the most-used distroNov 20 14:54
trmancoyesNov 20 14:54
trmancodirecthexNov 20 14:54
schestowitzThe problem is that Mark S and some 'yes men' will just nod and think that these people are interested in the success of Ubuntu, as opposed to .NETNov 20 14:55
maxstirnerthey had a poll on mono in the forum and several recurring discussionsNov 20 14:57
maxstirneri think the poll was 130 vs 130 or whatever although theres only a default sticky notes application that really needs itNov 20 14:57
schestowitzThis is stupid: Open-Source the Board < > "The problem with this is that only Warren Buffett, George Soros and Micheal Schrage have enough smarts, common sense and self-effacing humor (read 'humanity')..."Nov 20 14:57
schestowitzWhy is it that people moronically assume that those with wealth are smart?Nov 20 14:58
MinceRwhy do people assume that 'humanity' is a positive thing?Nov 20 14:58
maxstirnerbecause they also moronically assume that capitalism is a meritocracyNov 20 14:58
schestowitzThere are many boorish people who are rich (and ruthless, if not corrupt)? The press needs to stop echoing the rich and famous and though they know better.Nov 20 14:58
schestowitzmacabe: polls can be gamedNov 20 14:59
maxstirner:D the revolution will not be televised royNov 20 14:59
schestowitzLet me find example of Java vs .NETNov 20 14:59
maxstirner 20 15:00
schestowitzThis is a multi-billion dollar question. Do you really think they won't manipulate this with their de Icazas?Nov 20 15:00
schestowitzHere: 20 15:01
maxstirnernaturally... i was surprised theres only 130 contra, not surprised they got 130 accounts going proNov 20 15:01
maxstirnerthey probably got people dedicated to this sort of online opinion shaping (tm) (r) :DNov 20 15:02
schestowitzIt's easy to stuff.Nov 20 15:03
twitterWow, google was unable to display M$FTNov 20 15:03
schestowitzIt's a vulnerability in FOSS, just like ISONov 20 15:03
schestowitzThey can put cronies in. Slush funds.Nov 20 15:03
twitter" and could not complete your request.Please try again in 30 seconds."Nov 20 15:03
twitterand I'm using the non flash interfaceNov 20 15:03
twitterThere we go, new 52 week low, $ 18.00Nov 20 15:04
schestowitzWhat's the market cap?Nov 20 15:05
twitter161 billionNov 20 15:05
schestowitzI thought about it last week at the gym... if the debt of the US is over 10 milliard and the companies that shape the US lose so much in terms of value, then the US is in trouble... GM going to China... like part of the Banks here go to the prince of DubaiNov 20 15:06
schestowitzAnd why, as maxstirner says, is this rubbish hardly televised. I think it's intended to keep morale high.Nov 20 15:06
PetoKrauswell obviously, that's why they hate the osbourne guy nowNov 20 15:07
twitterignorance can spark panic too, it's a losing gameNov 20 15:07
schestowitzIn fact, all those secret meetings (not just ACTA, but G8 summits and Bilderberg) make more sense when you realise they had world bankers there. They must have seen what was coming.Nov 20 15:07
PetoKrausor how's he called... shadow chancellorNov 20 15:07
twitterplanned?Nov 20 15:07
schestowitzHuh?Nov 20 15:08
twitterIf they saw what was coming, ACTA is a pure waste of time.Nov 20 15:08
schestowitzWhy?Nov 20 15:08
maxstirnerglobal rebalancing of power..Nov 20 15:08
schestowitzBorder control, laptop searches without warrant..Nov 20 15:08
schestowitzMy good friend at the gym has two masters and he knows this well.Nov 20 15:08
schestowitzHis guess is that it's done as an excuse for global currency (other would say globalisation)Nov 20 15:09
schestowitzBut I don't necessary go this far or believe it.Nov 20 15:09
twitterI've read the recession was planned as a way to consolidate concentration of wealth.  ACTA makes it a power grab too.Nov 20 15:09
twitterbblNov 20 15:09
schestowitzIt would be useful to hear 'outsiders' and independent thinkers talking about it.Nov 20 15:09
schestowitzBear in mind that imaginary property caused some of this and people with BM and SW patents now suffer from Bilski too.Nov 20 15:10
schestowitzThey had so-called 'assets' that become worthless overnight.Nov 20 15:10
schestowitzYou can introduce a ot of capital that does not exist by making patents, mortgages, print money, etc.Nov 20 15:11
Omar87schestowitz: It turns out I was wrong after all, Red Hat did lock the Red Hat distro. away..Nov 20 15:12
trmancoschestowitz, what is that select and quote text feature called on Knode?Nov 20 15:12
trmancodo you know any similar extension that does the same in Thunderbird?Nov 20 15:13
schestowitztrmanco: Tools- > Add BoxNov 20 15:14
schestowitzI don't use TB for NGsNov 20 15:15
seller_about thisNov 20 15:15
seller_Have you tested the penelopeNov 20 15:15
trmancoschestowitz, thanksNov 20 15:16
seller_try eudoraNov 20 15:17
schestowitzEudora is TB now (sort ofNov 20 15:17
schestowitzMozilla inherited maintenance responsibilities or something at the time.Nov 20 15:18
seller_yes , but have some new featuresNov 20 15:18
seller_or try the penolope extensionNov 20 15:18
trmanco:|, I guess I will have to do that well looking ASCII quote art manuallyNov 20 15:20
schestowitzIf you install KDE (sudo apt-get install kde-desktop), then you can run KNode just to do the editing.Nov 20 15:22
schestowitzOMG, twitter would love this. after yesterday's chat.....BNP list hunters bring down Wikileaks < >Nov 20 15:23
schestowitzOnce again the 'elites' of the government refuse to reveal their Orwellian 'crowd control'Nov 20 15:24
schestowitzOh wait.Nov 20 15:24
Omar87schestowitz: What do you think of what stevetheFLY had said about Red Hat?Nov 20 15:24
schestowitzstevetheFLY is "eet", a Novell shills or something. He has bothered us for a long time.Nov 20 15:25
Omar87schestowitz: It turns out that our main enemy is everything that calls itself a "corporation", regardless of whether it's Red Hat, Canonical, Microsoft, Novell.. etc.Nov 20 15:26
Omar87They're all evil, they're all bastards.. -_-Nov 20 15:27
schestowitzSOme more than others and some are willing to listen.Nov 20 15:27
Omar87schestowitz: Excuse me?Nov 20 15:28
schestowitzThe leadership determines how evil a corporation gets.Nov 20 15:30
schestowitzThere's need for new rules and regulation.Nov 20 15:30
Omar87Actually, if we're really serious about fighting against anything and everything that calls itself a corporation, then we'd better go jump off a cliff and die.. :DNov 20 15:30
schestowitzBut lobbyists serve ad doormen/bouncers at the door to law-changing.Nov 20 15:31
schestowitzNo, the problem is restoration of govt power.Nov 20 15:31
schestowitzStrong governments control the industry.Nov 20 15:31
schestowitzIn the US, the industry has outgrown the government and is virtually running the govt.Nov 20 15:32
PetoKrauswell we might argue to what extent do you wanna control the industryNov 20 15:32
PetoKrausdraconian measures aren't good eitherNov 20 15:32
schestowitzThis means that CEOs of companies like GM, IBM, etc. are running the US and there is no new candidacy once in 4 years.Nov 20 15:32
seller_only people can stop this circleNov 20 15:33
seller_stop buy IBM ,stop buy coca-cola,stop buy ms ,stop buy GM ,stop buy from unethcial companiesNov 20 15:33
seller_but people only thinks in beer and sexNov 20 15:34
schestowitzDRM traps for the elderly: 20 15:34
seller_people suuffer because thisNov 20 15:34
Omar87schestowitz: You know what? To hell with Red Hat, Linux is not Red Hat, nor IBM, nor Novell.Nov 20 15:34
schestowitz "Competitors, though, immediately dismissed the move as a way for Microsoft to save face because of what they said was OneCare's low market share."Nov 20 15:35
schestowitzOmar87: who said it was any company?Nov 20 15:35
schestowitzMaybe some trolls in BNNov 20 15:35
Omar87schestowitz: Linux is the kernel that you can easily download from, and build your very own distro out of it. :)Nov 20 15:35
PetoKrauswith it.Nov 20 15:36
PetoKrausor you can use Hurd :PNov 20 15:36
Omar87schestowitz: So people like stevetheFLY, Rosa Bernardson, Gentoo user, can easily go bang their heads against the wall. :)Nov 20 15:37
schestowitzLinux could move to GPlv3 and regardless, it's yours to use and it improves all the time.Nov 20 15:37
Omar87schestowitz: Yeah.Nov 20 15:38
schestowitzOmar87: I can't believe you take the words of trolls seriously or maybe I should flag to identify themNov 20 15:38
Omar87schestowitz: No, but it got me a bit worried, lol. :DNov 20 15:38
schestowitzTens of thousands of people read BN, so the people from Germany (near SUSE) post pro-Novell comments to deceive.Nov 20 15:38
schestowitzMaybe we should consider flagging the German IPs.Nov 20 15:39
maxstirnerdo you publish your traffic nos at all?Nov 20 15:39
maxstirnerplease dont flag my german ip :DNov 20 15:39
Omar87maxstirner: lol, :)Nov 20 15:39
schestowitzmacabe: no, no IPsNov 20 15:40
schestowitzIt just helps me keep track of people like eet who morph all the time.Nov 20 15:40
schestowitzmaxstirner: any particular reason to keep #s secret?Nov 20 15:40
maxstirnernone i could think of.. i was actually wondering the other day what sort of figures you get these daysNov 20 15:41
maxstirnerrough unique visitors per day?Nov 20 15:41
*kentma ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 20 15:42
maxstirneryou should sell some advertising space to microtoss :DNov 20 15:42
schestowitzUnique? 46859 this month.Nov 20 15:43
maxstirnernice :)Nov 20 15:43
maxstirneryou probably get quite high up on google for keyword novell in fact :DNov 20 15:43
schestowitzBut many are subscribers.Nov 20 15:43
maxstirneri see, rssNov 20 15:43
Omar87What's an eet btw?Nov 20 15:43
schestowitzPages served are about half a million this month, 190,000 served to spiders.Nov 20 15:44
maxstirneryou do publish a lot as well, i'm impressed with your commitmentNov 20 15:44
schestowitzOmar87: See and 20 15:44 :: Boycott Novell: Champion of freedom or den of paranoia? this article about you is on page 2 for google "novell"Nov 20 15:45
schestowitzmaxstirner: it it has impact, I might as well go with the flow.Nov 20 15:45
schestowitzNot good publicity for Novell. Not for BN, either.Nov 20 15:45
maxstirnerany publicity is good publicity :DNov 20 15:45
schestowitzThe journalist who came to me wrote:Nov 20 15:46
schestowitz"I came across a < >this criticism of your efforts in an online article. You have probably already seen it. How do you respond to this?"Nov 20 15:46
schestowitzI responded with:Nov 20 15:46
schestowitz"As realised by many readers, the writer of this article and I have a history that goes over a year back. The article has a fair deal of vengeance in it, but it's disguised by having other parties (with whom I have been in disagreement for well over a year too) quoted extensively.Nov 20 15:47
schestowitz"The title of the piece is self explanatory with regards to motives. It uses the word "paranoia" and also "den", comparing our site to some kind of a zoo. I consider the article derogatory, but I was approached by the author in advance, in order to make it more balanced.Nov 20 15:47
schestowitz"One of the main deficiencies of the article is that it contains almost no information about the very reason for our site's existence and it hardly delves into the question whether the site's motives, as opposed to just methods, are acceptable or not."Nov 20 15:47
maxstirnerniceNov 20 15:47
schestowitzBillG and Nathan harvest nukes: 20 15:47
maxstirnerwell you get the publicity and people can make up their own mindNov 20 15:47
schestowitz"With so many university technology transfer offices losing money, IV has been going around and signing deals with universities. Basically, IV gives those tech transfer offices some money upfront, allowing IV to effectively add each university's patent pool to its own portfolio that it uses to go around demanding hundreds of millions of dollars from companies to "protect" them against any future lawsuits."Nov 20 15:48
schestowitzmaxstirner: every month we grow (pageview-wise), without exception, so it's motivational enough. Some readers want to contribute pages, so it's becoming bigger.Nov 20 15:48
schestowitzE.g. and 20 15:49
*kapipi is now known as kapipi_afk_coffeNov 20 15:50
Omar87schestowitz: ROFL!! I loved where Jim Powers said "The point being is that Mr./Ms. eet will try to come back. Also, ((he/she/it)) will try to cross-post elsewhere. A sample of comments might be worthwhile as a “fingerprint” so others who read this blog might be able to identify eet’s work elsewhere." :DNov 20 15:50
schestowitzYes, there's plenty more. I did this in a hurt last year. "Gentoo user" is the same. Other people can't quickly see what you already /know.Nov 20 15:52
*kapipi_afk_coffe is now known as kapipiNov 20 15:53
schestowitzgtg bblNov 20 15:57
twitterIV.  They seed the office that will do business with them?  Bribe!Nov 20 15:57
twitterbblNov 20 15:57
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*kapipi has quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.3/2008101315]")Nov 20 16:17
*_doug has quit ()Nov 20 16:21
*_doug (n=configna@unaffiliated/confignak) has joined #boycottnovellNov 20 16:24
*maxstirner ( has left #boycottnovellNov 20 16:24
_doug"Windows Vista affected by 50 percent fewer vulnerabilities than other desktop operating systems"Nov 20 16:31
_doug 20 16:31
_doug"some IT professionals .. point to the OS's security as a major plus as compared to Windows XP"Nov 20 16:31
*kentma1 ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 20 16:31
_doug"With Vista we can keep unwanted software and configurations out of our environment without needing third-party tools and with less effort than in previous versions of Windows." Kinex Medical Center ..Nov 20 16:32
*kentma has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Nov 20 16:33
_doug"An Austrian security vendor has found a vulnerability in Windows Vista that it says could possibly allow an attacker to run unauthorized code on a PC"Nov 20 16:35
_doug 20 16:35
_doug"Researchers .. have found two different ways to cause a buffer overflow that could corrupt the memory of the operating system's kernel"Nov 20 16:35
*lucian ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 20 16:41
*jose ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 20 16:42
_dougIs Yahoo done with search?Nov 20 16:46
_doug 20 16:46
_dougIn order to view comments on you need to enable JavaScript.Nov 20 16:47
_dougIf you are using Firefox and NoScript addon, please mark as trusted.Nov 20 16:47
_dougI've spotted this recently, on tech sites mostly, they peobably realize that the techies can't see the adverts ..Nov 20 16:48
josei read itNov 20 16:49
_dougOf course, most sites are unusable with javascript disabled, enabling it, allows adverts to get in, as well as any malscript ..Nov 20 16:49
josewe'll see if the search group ends up at microsoftNov 20 16:49
josealright i hadn't read it all...Nov 20 16:52
joseaccording to it, yahoo is still as serious as ever if not more about searchNov 20 16:52
josethey probably would like a deal where they leverage google or something like thatNov 20 16:53
josethere are too many crazy theories that are possibleNov 20 16:54
_dougIt's curious that MS is hiring on Yahoos' search staffNov 20 16:54
joseit didn't say that did it?Nov 20 16:55
*MinceR_ (n=mincer@unaffiliated/mincer) has joined #boycottnovellNov 20 16:55
josebiggest bang for buckNov 20 16:55
joseit's illegal depending on where and the circumstancesNov 20 16:55
joseborland settled with ms for having a significant part of their dev team targeted aggressively and ultimately wooed awayNov 20 16:56
*seller_ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Nov 20 17:00
_doug"Sean Suchter just left for Microsoft .. Rumor has it that Yahoo already lost a search executive, Qi Lu, to Microsoft"Nov 20 17:01
_dougjust a co-incidence ?Nov 20 17:02
_dougSuchter : I run Yahoo’s Web search engine ..Nov 20 17:03
trmanco 20 17:05
_dougBoomTown Pick for Microsoft ..Nov 20 17:05
_doug 20 17:05
_dougwould that be like Asimovs positronic brain ?Nov 20 17:06
_doug"BIGGISH BLUE .. to create computing systems to simulate and emulate the brain"Nov 20 17:06
*MinceR has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Nov 20 17:07
_dougwhat ever happened to neural nets?Nov 20 17:07
_doug 20 17:08
trmancoI sounds weirdNov 20 17:09
trmancoa computer like the human brain...Nov 20 17:09
trmancosoon we will find our selves controlled by these brains:-PNov 20 17:10
trmancojust like in TerminatorNov 20 17:10
_dougback on topic: MS fails to buy Yahoo-search, MS hires on Yahoo search people, co-incidence ..Nov 20 17:11
_dougbblNov 20 17:11
*_doug has quit ()Nov 20 17:11
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 20 17:11
PetoKraushehe, gmail introduced themes :)Nov 20 17:13
*lucian_ ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 20 17:16
neighborleePetoKraus, woo , my life is complete ;)Nov 20 17:17
PetoKraus:)Nov 20 17:17
PetoKrausit's a good tweak thoNov 20 17:17
neighborleeatm my legal worries are front and center so if that sounded unkind I apologise ;)Nov 20 17:17
neighborleeyup..I use and enjoy gmail very muchNov 20 17:17
PetoKrausneighborlee: what are they?Nov 20 17:17
neighborleewellllllllllNov 20 17:17
PetoKrausif you want to talk about them...Nov 20 17:17
neighborleesomething I never thought I would have to endurNov 20 17:18
neighborleeyup I can do thatNov 20 17:18
PetoKrausi've got my share as wellNov 20 17:18
neighborleeheheNov 20 17:18
neighborleeone moment,Nov 20 17:18
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_douganother day .. another Vista virus ..Nov 20 18:06
_dougwhat's lin32.exe doign on this here machine ?Nov 20 18:08
trmancoUnsealed Microsoft Emails Show Early Vista Woes: 20 18:11
trmanconice wormNov 20 18:12
*kentma has quit ("Leaving.")Nov 20 18:16
neighborleetrmanco,yeah vista is hardly the crowning achievement of the almightyless M$ ;)Nov 20 18:17
_douganyone know what it does ?Nov 20 18:17
trmanco_doug, look for it on GoogleNov 20 18:17
trmanco 20 18:18
neighborleeeven M$ engineers types whom has purhcased suposed computers reading 'ready for vista', had troubles and abandoned the devices LOLNov 20 18:18
trmanco 20 18:19
_dougguess what, it don't show up in normal file viewer :ONov 20 18:19
trmancous linux to delete that crapNov 20 18:20
trmancouse*Nov 20 18:20
_dougI do, every time I go home, and check the USB devices, they show up extra files ..Nov 20 18:21
trmancolooolNov 20 18:21
_dougautorun.inf nar.vbs E:\Restore\...\lin32.exeNov 20 18:21
trmancoI also find a lot of crap when a plug in my friend USB disks...Nov 20 18:22
_dougis this a normal part of Vista ?Nov 20 18:22
trmancowhat? E:?Nov 20 18:22
_dougThe usb device is on E:Nov 20 18:23
_dougis created those files on a clean USB device ..Nov 20 18:24
MinceRlooks very suspiciousNov 20 18:24
_dougthe local techie said run a virus-scan, I said the virus would block the scan :oNov 20 18:24
MinceRiirc autorun.inf is supposed to specify what windows will automatically run if that device is insertedNov 20 18:24
_dougThen he tried to find it with windows search ...Nov 20 18:24
MinceR(ingenious idea, straight from MICROS~1)Nov 20 18:25
_dougYes and here is the script ..Nov 20 18:25
MinceRit's kind of lame if it needs two executables though :>Nov 20 18:25
trmancoWindows is lame so ...Nov 20 18:26
_doug o n   e r r o r   r e s u m e   n e x tNov 20 18:28
_doug..Nov 20 18:28
_doug a u t o r u n   =   " [ a u t o r u n ] " & v b c r l f & " s h e l l e x e c u t e = w s c r i p t . e x e   n a r . v b s "Nov 20 18:28
_doug s e t   t e x t = m f . o p e n a s t e x t s t r e a m ( 1 , - 2 )Nov 20 18:28
_doug d o   w h i l e   n o t   t e x t . a t e n d o f s t r e a mNov 20 18:28
_doug n a r s o u r c e = n a r s o u r c e   &   t e x t . r e a d l i n eNov 20 18:28
_doug n a r s o u r c e = n a r s o u r c e   &   v b c r l fNov 20 18:28
_doug l o o pNov 20 18:28
_doug...Nov 20 18:28
_doug     t o _ F i l e . w r i t e   n a r s o u r c eNov 20 18:28
_doug....Nov 20 18:28
_doug d o   w h i l e   ( i n _ W i n D i r   =   1 )Nov 20 18:28
_doug f o r   e a c h   d i s k _ D r i v e   i n   f s o . d r i v e sNov 20 18:28
_doug ..Nov 20 18:28
_doug s h e l l . r e g w r i t e  ..Nov 20 18:28
_doug w s c r i p t . s l e e p ( 6 0 0 0 0 )Nov 20 18:28
_doug l o o pNov 20 18:28
_doug..Nov 20 18:28
_dougDoes that look like a key-logger or what ?Nov 20 18:28
MinceRwhat's with the spacing?Nov 20 18:28
_dougThe way it cut and pasted ..Nov 20 18:28
trmancoyeah, letter spacing is screws up the readingNov 20 18:29
_dougthe dots are snipped bits ...Nov 20 18:29
MinceRlooks like it's written to spreadNov 20 18:29
MinceRthe first part writes the autorun.infNov 20 18:29
trmancothat sleep doesn't look goodNov 20 18:29
trmancothe loopNov 20 18:29
trmancothe last loop doesn't look goodNov 20 18:30
_dougI guess it's involved in writign itself to all drives ..Nov 20 18:30
MinceRyeah, it looks for drives to infect every minute, it seemsNov 20 18:30
_dougbut what else does it do ?Nov 20 18:30
MinceRperhaps you could pastebin the file for usNov 20 18:30
_dougwhat's pastebin ?Nov 20 18:30
MinceRfor example 20 18:31
_dougwait ..Nov 20 18:31
MinceR  this one allows uploadsNov 20 18:32
_dougI can't see it in Windows file view :)Nov 20 18:33
_dougis hidden :)Nov 20 18:33
MinceRset it to show hidden filesNov 20 18:34
_doug 20 18:34
MinceRohNov 20 18:34
MinceRit's spaced out because it's utf-16Nov 20 18:35
MinceRor ucs-2Nov 20 18:35
_dougand autorun.infNov 20 18:36
_doug 20 18:36
_dougsetting to show hidden files, and it's still hidden, cause the virus hides itself, cause it's running in memory ... !!!Nov 20 18:37
trmancoit is hard to readNov 20 18:37
_dougWhen I'm on Linux, I'll copy the whole thing and uplaod it somewhere, for youall to peruse ...Nov 20 18:38
trmancoit sure tries to spread itselfNov 20 18:39
_dougok, enough seconds off my life wasted with Microsoft Windows Viruses۩Nov 20 18:39
trmancololNov 20 18:39
MinceRin vim, :%s/\v(.) /\1/g makes it somewhat more readableNov 20 18:40
_doug$strings ..Nov 20 18:41
MinceRlooks like the vbscript only tries to spread itselfNov 20 18:42
MinceRi suspect that lin32.exe is another malwareNov 20 18:42
MinceR(which probably uses a very similar mechanism to spread)Nov 20 18:42
_dougthey are related, lin32.exe gets executed by autorun.inf, creates the three on any mounted device ..Nov 20 18:43
_dougseconds off my life: ten seconds to find the virus, twenty  minutes to convince the 'technical' people ..Nov 20 18:45
_dougI'm going home .. :oNov 20 18:46
_dougScrew you guys, I'm going home!" .....Nov 20 18:46
MinceRno uNov 20 18:47
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Nov 20 18:47
_dougno u ??Nov 20 18:48
*_doug is now known as cartmanNov 20 18:48
*cartman is now known as Guest53532Nov 20 18:48
Guest53532I really have to go, there is someone sitting next to be who is hygenically chalenged and eating like a pig ..Nov 20 18:49
Guest53532gtg ..Nov 20 18:49
*Guest53532 has quit ()Nov 20 18:49
trmanco 20 18:57
trmancoMicrosoft May Sell Debt in First-Ever Bond Offering (Update1): 20 18:58
trmanco"Microsoft, based in Redmond, Washington, rose 13 cents to $18.42 at 1:07 p.m. New York time in Nasdaq Stock Market trading. The shares had fallen 49 percent this year before today. "Nov 20 18:59
*anivar (i=75c064ec@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellNov 20 19:03
*anivar has quit (Client Quit)Nov 20 19:04
*seller_ ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 20 19:24
*lucian__ has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))Nov 20 19:24
schestowitz"GNU/Linux and the open source community stand on their own merits. There is absolutely no good reason for a company to align itself with Redmond.  If Redmond wants to collaborate, they can open their code and drop the patent threats. If their product is as good as they claim, they won't lose any customers."Nov 20 19:30
schestowitzFrom 20 19:30
twitterHo ho, AAA language from just fanished.Nov 20 19:32
twittervanishedNov 20 19:32
MinceRfamishedNov 20 19:33
twittervanished fanboy language is more like it.  They also nuked BS about strong foreign demand.Nov 20 19:33
twitterThe basics of the fairy tale are still there, just muted to be less obvious and more objective looking.Nov 20 19:34
twitterThe story also does not link back to the author's earlier work denoting the purpose and lack of transparency of the dealings. 20 19:35
*MinceR has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Nov 20 19:36
*MinceR (n=mincer@unaffiliated/mincer) has joined #boycottnovellNov 20 19:45
*MinceR_ (n=mincer@unaffiliated/mincer) has joined #boycottnovellNov 20 19:54
neighborleebtw..did we ever find out if fedora dvd installer comes with mono , meaing mono is only gone from livecd ?Nov 20 20:02
schestowitzI think it's gone.Nov 20 20:03
neighborleeand whichever that is..why fedora is scared only of moonlight on the restricted program page ?Nov 20 20:03
neighborleeschestowitz, hmNov 20 20:03
schestowitzI have a long post about Mono and Fedora coming.Nov 20 20:03
neighborleeahhhhNov 20 20:03
schestowitzGuest postNov 20 20:03
neighborleeoh man if so,,thats ROCKS my world ;)Nov 20 20:03
neighborleeicNov 20 20:03
schestowitzneighborlee: wait...Nov 20 20:03
neighborleekNov 20 20:03
schestowitz 20 20:04
schestowitzYour buddy...Nov 20 20:04
neighborleeeeeeeeeeeekNov 20 20:04
neighborleenot agggggggainNov 20 20:04
neighborleecheckingNov 20 20:04
*MinceR has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Nov 20 20:05
neighborleeis this person really a heNov 20 20:05
neighborleefew guys , go by JO,,last I checked anyway,,and on his one page I saw he does   use I think JO(Jospeh),,SHRUGNov 20 20:05
neighborleeoh wellNov 20 20:05
schestowitzMicrosoft Equipt just died too: 20 20:05
schestowitz"Microsoft’s Equipt — which Microsoft launched in July of this year — is dead and Microsoft is having to go back and pull copies of Equipt from the channel (Circuit City in the U.S. and DSGI in the U.K.). Microsoft is offering customers a pro-rated refund for the service and allowing purchasers to keep Office Home & Student edition for free forever, Microsoft officials said."Nov 20 20:06
*MinceR_ is now known as MinceRNov 20 20:07
schestowitzJo is directhexNov 20 20:07
neighborleeyup I knowNov 20 20:07
neighborleeI just meant,,that spelling is slightly uncommon for a guyNov 20 20:07
schestowitzPushing .NET into the most popular GNU/Linux distro for self gain, IMHONov 20 20:07
neighborleefaik anyway..but no matter just a thoughtNov 20 20:07
neighborleeschestowitz, thats been obvoius for quite sometime, but yeah ;)Nov 20 20:08
neighborleeschestowitz, he works at novel as I recall, and is a c# programmer ?Nov 20 20:08
neighborleeI know thelater is true, not sure about the formerNov 20 20:08
schestowitzWhat?!!?!?Nov 20 20:08
schestowitzWorks at Novell?Nov 20 20:08
schestowitzPlease find out.Nov 20 20:08
schestowitzIf that's true, it's majorNov 20 20:08
neighborleeI could easily be wrongNov 20 20:08
neighborleesomehow my mind seems to think I read it somewhere..Nov 20 20:09
neighborleebut im positive about the c# part.Nov 20 20:09
schestowitzNothing here... 20 20:09
neighborleethat part I think Isaw at his ubunt about pageNov 20 20:09
neighborleeso sure,,of course he's going to come out in vehement support of mono ;)Nov 20 20:09
neighborleewhich is easy to do to uneduated groups of people ;)Nov 20 20:10
schestowitzI see nothing of relevance... 20 20:10
neighborleekinda like what the government does, hoping we dont' see before things are passed into law <haha>Nov 20 20:11
twitterHere's a round up of M$ incompetence and fraud.  Going into debt, 20 20:11
twitterNot selling Windows 7, 20 20:11
neighborleeschestowitz, prob. nothing then, no idea atm where I thought I heard that so its prob. nothingNov 20 20:11
twitterbig investor complaints, 20 20:12
*MinceR has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Nov 20 20:13
neighborleeschestowitz, has anyone contacted debian asking why they even have this in the repo..all things considered Id say its a fair question ;)Nov 20 20:14
schestowitzRe: 7, this chap links to BN: (The Seven is a lie)Nov 20 20:14
schestowitzneighborlee: yes, I spoke to a Debian devNov 20 20:15
schestowitzThey are at least becoming more awareNov 20 20:15
schestowitzI can't publish the coversationsNov 20 20:15
twittergood.Nov 20 20:15
neighborleeschestowitz, at least that is something...Nov 20 20:16
schestowitzI chatted for like 3 hours today about the economy. Interesting stuff, but not for BN.Nov 20 20:17
*MinceR (n=mincer@unaffiliated/mincer) has joined #boycottnovellNov 20 20:21
schestowitzSpeaking of bad files via USB: US Army bans USB devices to contain worm < >Nov 20 20:22
schestowitzAnother dying market: Don't Write Online Advertising's Obituary Just Yet < >Nov 20 20:22
neighborleeschestowitz, I think we should also continue to ask gtk to be more selective in its support of current non-free open standards like c# , and instead java where at least n ow great work has been done in that direction and from a company that has never been convicted of , well ahem you know ;)Nov 20 20:25
schestowitzYes, obviouslt. Nov 20 20:28
neighborlee:)Nov 20 20:28
schestowitz*ly. I'm going to do some more posts about it soon.Nov 20 20:28
neighborleekNov 20 20:28
schestowitzSo much is happening these days.Nov 20 20:28
neighborleesure isNov 20 20:29
schestowitzMicrosoft is drowning and it's trying desparately to sink its #1 competitor with it.Nov 20 20:29
schestowitzMyhrvold troll, Mono poison, VMware hijack, Yahoo agitation...Nov 20 20:29
twitterM$ has always tried to sink competitors, it's just easier to see now.  Had they tried to compete instead of sabotage, they would not be sinking.Nov 20 20:32
schestowitz Smithsonian reopens < >. There's MS/Gates cronyism inside there...Nov 20 20:32
schestowitzIt was busy hypnotising.Nov 20 20:33
twitterM$FT 52 week low,  17.58Nov 20 20:33
schestowitzSpending billions bribing journos, buying shills vis W-E et al and using Motley Fool to say it has infinite wealthNov 20 20:33
schestowitzBulls*itNov 20 20:33
schestowitzMicrosoft's own finance guy blew the whistle on fraud.Nov 20 20:33
schestowitzThat too belongs in Slashdot.Nov 20 20:33
schestowitzMicrosoft paid him $4 million just to shut up about it. And now the company that claims tens of billions in revenue is going into debtNov 20 20:34
schestowitz "Where is the accountability for the lateness ofthe Windows Vista operating system and its poor design and performance?"Nov 20 20:35
schestowitz"Where are the tangible results of the billions spent on R&D?"Nov 20 20:35
twitterIt's the really ugly personal stuff that bothers me most.  The career ruining smears that underlined their attacks on competitors, 20 20:36
twittercompetitors and commentatorsNov 20 20:36
twitter"Nothing would please me more than being able to hire ten programmers and deluge the hobby market with good software" Bill Gates, 1976 20 20:38
twitterdelugeNov 20 20:38
twitterdoucheNov 20 20:39
schestowitz"Kick them out of the club" (something like that?)Nov 20 20:39
schestowitzVanity comes as standard when one is born a tyrant with a silver spoon in his mouth.Nov 20 20:40
twitter"They are the ones who give hobbyists a bad name, and should be kicked out of any club meeting they show up at"Nov 20 20:41
schestowitzMozilla dependent on Google < > Well, Duh.Nov 20 20:41
schestowitzGates.. what a charitable gentleman.. "[Nigerian kids?]  should be kicked out of any club meeting they show up at""Nov 20 20:42
twitterSlashdot has a story about the IRS investigating Mozilla.  Meanwhile Gates fraud sails on buying independent newspapers and requiring grant recipients to "respect" IP and use windoze.Nov 20 20:42
schestowitzWell, at least he doing some business in Nigeria (oil), suffocating them to death..Nov 20 20:43
schestowitzBut to the camera he doesn't pose under these insidious investments; he poses with a kid pretending to be saving lives. For background, see these videos (which not many people are aware of): 20 20:44
schestowitzCitigroup gear... good for GNU/Linux.. "A lot of them had laptops, most of them had a PC, which all adds up to a huge amount of gear all of which is going to go on the second-hand market.' 20 20:44
schestowitzWait until China buys the big mega-corps (former) for peanuts with all their 'precious' IP. Abu-Dahbi will then inherit some other assets and become the NYC/London of the newer world.Nov 20 20:45
schestowitzOr Dubai rather.Nov 20 20:45
twitterSomeone was just predicting China would be the next imaginary property champion.  It was plain to see that selling them all the real means of production was a bad idea.Nov 20 20:49
schestowitzThey make their own standards.Nov 20 20:49
schestowitzThat someone was Glyn Moody BTWNov 20 20:49
schestowitzMaybe it's their turn to 'pull a $2/hr Nike' on other countries.Nov 20 20:50
twitterIt would serve us right for the greedy folly of IP.Nov 20 20:50
twitterI saw from the start that trade with China was going to cost western rights far more than it would benefit people in China.Nov 20 20:52
twitterOur money has made the oppressors stronger.Nov 20 20:52
twitter52 week low,  17.50Nov 20 20:53
schestowitzThey stay in the black.Nov 20 20:53
twitterwho?Nov 20 20:54
schestowitzWith debt culture, one lives in a future fantasy, always in the redNov 20 20:54
schestowitzA professor I spoke to today wants to synchronise our workouts because he can't stop talking about this, either. Like many others, he's furious.Nov 20 20:54
twitterI'm in the red now.  The last 10 years have wiped me out.Nov 20 20:55
schestowitzYou catch up with a lot of people who quietly become "redundant"Nov 20 20:55
twitterthose with jobs work till they dieNov 20 20:56
schestowitzMy friend who used to play national rugby (he was even in England Sevens) is now just catching at a gym.Nov 20 20:56
schestowitzBut it's due to injuries.Nov 20 20:56
schestowitzWell, no dead person get to 'take the money' him/her, so..Nov 20 20:56
schestowitzWealth became a status thing... means for keeping score.Nov 20 20:56
schestowitzIn some countries, people are honoured not for numbers (or cars or whatever), but there's lot of unbrainwashing to be done (education 'undone') to get there.Nov 20 20:57
schestowitzIt took some nerve of Microsoft to interfere with education, even in the UKNov 20 20:58
schestowitzThey brainwash the kids with IPRNov 20 20:58
schestowitz 20 20:58
schestowitzI saw Android in action today. Very nice! 20 21:00
trmanco7 year old Vulnerability is actually 15, but who cares?: 20 21:00
schestowitzThat's a goodie, thanks.Nov 20 21:02
trmanco:-PNov 20 21:03
trmanco15 years, how about that...Nov 20 21:04
schestowitz(Sigh): Another BBC Ad for Microsoft < >Nov 20 21:07
trmancoanother stupid non standard website: 20 21:07
trmancoit even says that IE is used by 90% of the internet usersNov 20 21:08
twitterThat 15 year old bug article is M$ apologist blither, " It has certainly been demonstrated many times in penetration testing settings, but its actual use “in the wild” has never been documented (despite comments by Sir Dystic that suggest how easily this could be done via an email.)"Nov 20 21:08
schestowitzAnother reason to put Apple in the trashcan: "And, oh look: since you're using a closed system there is nothing you can do about it: payback time for that Faustian pact, people." < >Nov 20 21:08
schestowitz "One aspect of our global expansion is in our user base. By the end of 2007, nearly fifty percent of Firefox users chose a language other than English. In a fast forward, the first country in which Firefox usage appears to have crossed the 50% mark is Indonesia, surpassing 50% in July 2008. A set of European countries (Sovenia, Poland, and Finland) see FirNov 20 21:09
schestowitzefox usage above 40%."Nov 20 21:09
trmancoefox?Nov 20 21:10
schestowitz90% for IE, eh?  Is there no law against lying and blocking? does the right thing.Nov 20 21:10
schestowitztrmanco: the quote got choppedNov 20 21:10
trmancooh, I see nowNov 20 21:10
twitterThat supposed Mac attack is one aimed at all playback devices and screens, HDMI.Nov 20 21:10
twitterAll of them are supposed to refuse playback at the hardware level.Nov 20 21:11
trmancoschestowitz, I hope there was a very strict law against these non standard lying trollsNov 20 21:11
*firus ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 20 21:11
*firus ( has left #boycottnovellNov 20 21:12
trmancooh, did I mention they run on .aspxNov 20 21:12
trmancoor .Net, or whatever MS website technology is calledNov 20 21:13
trmanco"Why doesn't everyone just run Linux?" 20 21:16
trmancoBecause you need to be a genius to understand its simplicity....Nov 20 21:17
schestowitz 20 21:17
trmancoyeah, I noticed that some days agoNov 20 21:18
schestowitztwitter: Apple should play ball with the MAFIAANov 20 21:18
schestowitzNeither should those who use Linux and try to gently introduce (or disguise) DRMNov 20 21:18
trmanco | What will they remove know? They kernel? or maybe Paint and notepad to save up some disk spaceNov 20 21:27
schestowitzPromotional garbageNov 20 21:35
schestowitzThey had loads of media on Vista's DVD. They try to sell that impression that "7" = light (it's not)Nov 20 21:35
*zoobab_ ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 20 21:35
schestowitzMy mom can't tell the difference between disk space and RAMNov 20 21:36
trmancoshe doesn't need to :-PNov 20 21:39
trmancoas long as the system is working smoothlyNov 20 21:39
MinceRsteve jobs is "against" drm again: 20 21:43
schestowitzHaha. F* him.Nov 20 21:43
schestowitzPR stuff. One side of the mouth says "I'm not interested", the other says "shag me"Nov 20 21:44
schestowitzIt's a boring and useless routine. Microsoft, unlike DRM, goes on the record promoting DRM though.Nov 20 21:44
schestowitzVIA claims to have been rehabilitated: 20 21:47
twitterI'm hanging on to my non DRM'd hardware.Nov 20 21:52
twittermulls Via claims.  Sad.Nov 20 21:58
twitterTheir spec release was so promising.Nov 20 21:59
twitterFree software 3D acceleration and low power requirement hardware are a very attractive combination.Nov 20 21:59
schestowitzThey have gpl-violations in the house.Nov 20 22:00
schestowitz'My' bug is being hunted :-) 20 22:01
twitterDo I have to wait for some Chinese company to make a decent video card?Nov 20 22:01
schestowitzMSBBC ship-jumping: MSNBC VP jumps to news startup < >Nov 20 22:04
schestowitzMicrosoft investors 'hang on to dream' < >Nov 20 22:04
Omar87schestowitz: What people don't seem to understand is that SLES and RHEL are meant for corporate use.Nov 20 22:11
Omar87schestowitz: Which means that Red Hat has to maintain their product in a way that satisfies the needs of their client company, and to do that, they have to limit the client company's  ability to modify the code.Nov 20 22:13
schestowitzNot all is lost for Yahoo! ( Yahoo, T-Mobile announce mobile search deal )Nov 20 22:17
schestowitzMicrosoft has just opened the door for yahoo search deal though. They want to BUY some market share. Deal with Google -- BAD! With Microsoft, according to the convicted monopolist, it's OKNov 20 22:18
schestowitzomer the trolls just pointed out trademarksNov 20 22:19
schestowitzYou can get RHEL for free: startcom, xos, Scientific, Unbreakale, centos, etcNov 20 22:19
schestowitzYou just need to remove logos, that's allNov 20 22:19
schestowitzSee the last comment from Beranger. The trolls were caught with their pants down, againNov 20 22:19
schestowitz"The long-scheduled announcement came hours after Microsoft Chairman Steve Ballmer told an audience that, while he has no interest in reviving any attempts to purchase Yahoo, he is interested in a partnership pegged to searches."Nov 20 22:21
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 20 22:22
Omar87schestowitz: They're so ignorant. :)Nov 20 22:29
PetoKrausoh godNov 20 22:29
PetoKrausi am half deafNov 20 22:29
schestowitzWhy?Nov 20 22:29
schestowitzAlrm goes off?Nov 20 22:29
PetoKrausnah, been to Uriah Heep gigNov 20 22:30
PetoKrausbloody freaking brilliantNov 20 22:30
PetoKrausthough virgin really freaking annoys me :/ i should get installation charge discount; but they didn't put it trough yet.Nov 20 22:31
schestowitzBlankenhorn defending the Vole... Errr.. response: 20 22:32
schestowitzWipe away the tears... Linus Torvalds’ old company acquired and gone < > They make it sound like he owned the companyNov 20 22:33
schestowitz "Once again, we see that Apple is no better than Microsoft, and is (in many ways) worse. We're actually lucky that Microsoft became the criminal monopolist rather than Apple; things would have been much worse had Apple gained Microsoft's stranglehold over the industry."Nov 20 22:33
neighborlee < interesting thread..I've thought the same thing for ages, though when I mentined it you would think I was asking for interdimensional space travel or something :)Nov 20 22:38
schestowitzUbuntu: let's make us the standard?Nov 20 22:44
*Slated (n=[H]omer@ has joined #boycottnovellNov 20 22:49
*ChanServ gives channel operator status to SlatedNov 20 22:49
*seller_ has quit (Remote closed the connection)Nov 20 22:51
schestowitz*pong SlatedNov 20 22:51
neighborleeschestowitz, not sure what you mean, or was that just facetous regarding making ubuntu a standard ;)Nov 20 22:59
neighborleeif so..ICK yeah definitely not.Nov 20 22:59
neighborleenot unless mono is goneo ;)Nov 20 22:59
schestowitzBad ideasNov 20 22:59
neighborleebrb dog barkingNov 20 22:59
schestowitzWithout individualism and choice, FOSS is deaNov 20 22:59
schestowitz*d . It attracts devs because they conttol the code, own it, fork it, etc.Nov 20 23:00
schestowitzThat's like giving people crayons and saying "paint only trees"Nov 20 23:00
schestowitz"draw only vegetation"Nov 20 23:00
schestowitz 20 23:02
twitterDreaming is supposed to be free.Nov 20 23:03
twitterM$ dream .... greedNov 20 23:03
twitterCult:   -="I love Microsoft. I believe in the company. It is my only individual stock still left in my portfolio," said investor Karen Robbins of Seattle. "I'm still hanging on to Microsoft and the dream. =-Nov 20 23:04
schestowitzStock portfolio=dreamNov 20 23:05
schestowitzIf seller-liar was here, he'd have something good to say. Like "Sick people"Nov 20 23:05
twitterThat woman is sick.Nov 20 23:05
MinceRit's a dream alrightNov 20 23:05
MinceRa nightmare.Nov 20 23:05
schestowitzWhen I grew up I got love and toys, not stock portfolioNov 20 23:06
schestowitzI'm not sure about the Gates (senior) mansion where young Gates yelled at his mother.Nov 20 23:06
schestowitzThe childhood stories are priceless. I'd have to dig that up one day. He was a brat as a youngster too.. before the speeding arrest and all... long before... I'm sure SteveB was the same... probably abused by his $$ dadNov 20 23:07
neighborleewell I did too.. tons of love and some toysNov 20 23:07
neighborleeive just known too many people who jumped from one distro to another never knowing quite where to stand, to feel warm and fuzzy about this supposed choice we all have ;)Nov 20 23:08
neighborleeif no choice in relation to software was that bad, I'd think people would avoid windows like the plagueNov 20 23:08
*neighborlee runsNov 20 23:08
twitterThese dreamy investors are a world away from those who have been speaking out lately, 20 23:08
twitterEither the meeting was well staged or Todd Bishop fell down on the job.Nov 20 23:09
neighborleeie: do windows users really enjoy  free software so less than linux users ?..I cant buy that stuck using windows for some things 'atm' but that dones't mean I dont find foss superior for obvious reasons ;)Nov 20 23:09
twitterhmmmm, the other investor was also interviewed by Bishop.Nov 20 23:10
twitterThis guy was more straight forward and bailed instead of bitching, 20 23:12
schestowitzYesNov 20 23:13
schestowitzBishop relies on MSFTNov 20 23:13
schestowitzPeople like him and Wilcox must be terrified of a world'd w/e MS. It renders their expertise moot and redundant.Nov 20 23:13
PetoKraus 20 23:18
MinceRlolNov 20 23:23
MinceRniceNov 20 23:23
twitter"So, Mr. Ballmer, what year do you predict the best is yet to come?"  2010, the year of Windows.  Ha ha.Nov 20 23:24
MinceRso, windows will finally be ready for the desktop in 2010? :>Nov 20 23:24
schestowitzDangermouse?Nov 20 23:25
schestowitzhe was one of the early ones to lash at the MAFIAANov 20 23:25
schestowitzI downloaded some of his songs (legally)Nov 20 23:25
schestowitz2010, eh?Nov 20 23:25
schestowitzHow much in debt would Microsoft be then? How deep in 'IP' suits?Nov 20 23:26
twitterVista was not ready for the desktop.  They promise Vista 7 won't be as bad.Nov 20 23:26
MinceRwow, he's the guy who does Darths & DroidsNov 20 23:26
twitterAnother reporter covers the same event 20 23:28
twitterPortrait of a deluded user and share holder.  http://blog.seattlepi.nwsourc...Nov 20 23:30
neighborleetwitter, well to be fair..they dont say 'not to use' vista right now,,just tha 7 will be supposedly 'enhanced/better', but they said that about all their OS'sNov 20 23:30
neighborleeunless I have missed news which is entirely possible ;)Nov 20 23:31
schestowitzVapourware does not ageNov 20 23:33
twitterto really be fair, you have to look at how other people have described Vista, and are good places to start.Nov 20 23:33
schestowitzThey should be sued for it, just like they were before.Nov 20 23:33
neighborleebut yeah I totally agree, all those 'vista capable' logos were immoral as hellNov 20 23:40
neighborleebad M$Nov 20 23:40
neighborleetheir own employees were bitten even on that one ;)Nov 20 23:40
neighborleeand as I recall, their genera manager said , we should clean this mess up now, instead of spending major bucks and major PR hurdles later...Nov 20 23:41
schestowitzneighborlee: 20 23:41
twitterAhha, the shareholder's dream seems to be her career as a children's book writer!  She has confused Windows with her career goals.Nov 20 23:47
schestowitzShe should just set up a siteNov 20 23:47
schestowitzBooks are passeNov 20 23:47
twitterIt's so slimy for Bishop to make it look like her dream was some kind of M$ think.  Here's what she said, "Twenty years ago, I started my dream to be a children's writer.  Bill Gates and Microsoft totally changed my career. I just wanted to thank you.  I love Microsoft. I believe in the company. It is my only individual stock still left in my portfolio. I'm still hanging on to Microsoft and the dream.  I remember I sat in this verNov 20 23:48
schestowitzThey rely on the assumption that you need producers of phyisical goods to pass knowledgeNov 20 23:48
twitterYes, that's another confusion she has.Nov 20 23:48
schestowitzRMS no longer seems to publish in paper because GNU/FSF/Webzines get his word out to a BROADER audience... not just people hunting down his books.Nov 20 23:48
schestowitzWhy did you quote that.Nov 20 23:49
schestowitzI have to grab a bucket now.Nov 20 23:49
schestowitz"I just wanted to thank you.  I love Microsoft."Nov 20 23:49
twitterShe may also think that she is entitled to rewards the physical constraints of paper publishing gave her but denied others.Nov 20 23:49
schestowitzSaid who? Yang? Noorda?Nov 20 23:49
twitterI quoted it to show that her dream was actually .... writing books.Nov 20 23:49
schestowitzOh, I seeNov 20 23:50
schestowitzSloppy reporting, but Todd is usually OKNov 20 23:50
twitter Karen Robins, a children's book author, said it.Nov 20 23:50
schestowitzPJ recommends his tooNov 20 23:50
MinceRgnNov 20 23:50
schestowitzHe's also not tied to $$ from some companies, but his interests are another matter. gn, MinceR Nov 20 23:50
twitterThe editor may have been at fault.  Some kind of M$ cult wishful thinking.  The truth is not much better but it shows many fundamental confusions.Nov 20 23:51
twitterThe statement is a good example of something else too.  The core sin of non free software that RMS warns about is that the user is so grateful for what the software does that they will do as the programmer says.Nov 20 23:55
neighborleehmNov 20 23:59


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Android Rising (Windows Down to All-Time Lows, Internationally)
This month was a bloodbath for Microsoft
HexChat Looks for Successors to Keep IRC Growing
IRC is far from dead
[Meme] Just Make Him Happy
Y U no produce more monopolies?
End of a Long February
top 10 posts
[Meme] The EPO's Relationship With Patent Examiners
Nobody is "safe"
New Pension Scheme (NPS) at the European Patent Office Explained at the General Assembly
Investing in the future, or...
Donald Trump & FSFE Matthias Kirschner election denial
Reprinted with permission from Daniel Pocock
Over at Tux Machines...
GNU/Linux news for the past day
IRC Proceedings: Tuesday, February 27, 2024
IRC logs for Tuesday, February 27, 2024
Links 27/02/2024: PlayStation Layoffs and More Oppressive New Laws for Hong Kong
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Gemini Links 27/02/2024: Facebook as Containment Field and Depression Driven Development (DDD)
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They're Adding Warnings Now: The Site "It's FOSS" is Not FOSS
It's better that they at least explicitly state this
Links 27/02/2024: Nevada Versus End-To-End Encryption, Birmingham Bankrupt
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End of an Era
The Web isn't just filled with marketing spam but actual disinformation
[Meme] Onboarding New EPO Staff
You read the patent application and grant within hours
The Legacy Prolific Writers Leave Behind Them
"Free Software Credibility Index" after more than 15 years
The Ongoing Evolutionary Process of News-Reading (or News-Finding) on the World Wide Web
it gets worse
Phoronix in Google News
congratulating or welcoming Embrace, Extend, Extinguish (E.E.E.)
Google Fired Many Employees Working on Google News (Which Had Deteriorated and Became Gulag Noise, Littered and Gamed by Blogspam, Plagiarism, and Chatbot/Translator-Generated Spew), Now Comes the Likely 'Phase-out'
No wonder many yearn for the days of DMOZ and Web directories in general
IRC Proceedings: Monday, February 26, 2024
IRC logs for Monday, February 26, 2024
Over at Tux Machines...
GNU/Linux news for the past day
"It's Obvious There's No Future For Any of Us from Blizzard at Microsoft"
The rumours suggest that more Microsoft layoffs are on the way
[Meme] Who's the Boss?
"I thought EPC governed the Office"
Salary Adjustment Procedure (SAP) at the EPO and Why Workers' Salary is Actually Decreasing Each Year (Currency Loses Its Purchasing Power)
outline and update on a years-old blunder
Exposed: FSFE, Legal & Licensing Workshop (LLW), Legal Network & Modern Slavery
Reprinted with permission from Daniel Pocock