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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: December 5th, 2008 - Part 1


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schestowitz"We have strong indicators that is written by a man (96%)." 05 00:05
schestowitz"We think is written by a man (87%)." < >Dec 05 00:05
schestowitzWe have strong indicators that is written by a man (100%). < >Dec 05 00:06
schestowitzIt wants IP-convertible addresses, so it might cheap with a whoisDec 05 00:07
schestowitzEMC-Microsoft snuggle: 05 00:11
schestowitzPetoKraus was right. Bergy goes ballistic on Her Majesty... :-(Dec 05 00:26
schestowitzHehe. "What a fucked up world... and I am supposed to trust the mainstream medicine?" < >. Not if one trusts the government's recommendations that are the results of corruption: 05 00:27
*neighborlee_ (n=neighbor@unaffiliated/neighborlee) has joined #boycottnovellDec 05 00:40
schestowitz 05 00:52
schestowitzneighborlee_: Fedora 10 Live DVD is mono-ladenDec 05 00:52
Omar871schestowitz: I can see that Michael B. Trausch has successfully twisted the entire subject into another one showing how much of geek-a-tron he is.. -_-Dec 05 00:53
Omar871NOTDec 05 00:53
schestowitzOmar871: I wouldn't bother with itDec 05 00:55
schestowitzI corresponded with Michael before. He's one of the good guys... has a young family. I just hope he'll read the links I gave him.Dec 05 00:55
Omar871schestowitz: lol. :DDec 05 00:55
schestowitz << tied up by MicrosoftDec 05 00:55
schestowitzASUS: "cirrently, we're tried up with Microsoft"Dec 05 00:56
Omar871schestowitz: By the way, what do you think of my latest post?Dec 05 00:56
schestowitzAntitrust, where art thou?Dec 05 00:56
schestowitzIt's nice.Dec 05 00:56
Omar871Thanks. :)Dec 05 00:56
schestowitzI don't like posts that are afraid of criticismDec 05 00:56
schestowitzYours are right to the pointDec 05 00:56
schestowitz.I liked to it some days ago: 05 00:57
Omar871Glad to hear that. Thanks. :)Dec 05 00:57
neighborlee_schestowitz, actually its not, at least not tomboy, no fspot and nothing else..maybe some of the libs, but the apps arent  there..I can prove it with screenshots if you want ;)Dec 05 00:57
neighborlee_schestowitz, I dont know who's telling you otherwise, but they are not lucid ;)Dec 05 00:57
schestowitzHold on.Dec 05 00:57
schestowitz<NZheretic> Just a quick note on how to remove Mono from the default DVD install ( with development ) of Fedora 10 ...Dec 05 00:57
schestowitz<NZheretic> rpm -e mono-addins mono-winforms mono-core mono-data mono-data-sqlite mono-extras mono-web tomboy gtk-sharp2 gnome-desktop-sharp ndesk-dbus ndesk-dbus-glib gmime-sharp gnome-sharpDec 05 00:57
schestowitz<schestowitz> HeyDec 05 00:57
schestowitz<MinceR> there goes the theory that fedora comes without mono :>Dec 05 00:57
schestowitz<schestowitz> The Live CDDec 05 00:57
schestowitz<schestowitz> Not the Live DVDDec 05 00:57
schestowitz<NZheretic> The Live CD does not have them, the DVD does.Dec 05 00:57
neighborlee_correct possiblyDec 05 00:58
neighborlee_BUT what he's not telling youDec 05 00:58
neighborlee_isDec 05 00:58
neighborlee_that the livecd is the recommended installerDec 05 00:58
Omar871Thank you for making famous Roy! You own man..! ;-)Dec 05 00:58
neighborlee_and Im right about debian too..debian lenny installer , which installs gnome has no mono there,,,Dec 05 00:59
neighborlee_nor the appsDec 05 00:59
neighborlee_I brought that up, to  make it clear ubuntu is one of the 'hold outs' so far..along with mandriva.Dec 05 01:00
neighborlee_http://fedoraproject.or... < seeDec 05 01:01
neighborlee_coupled with the fact that moonlight isn't even allowed into fedora ( and moonlight requires mono now I think), I find it odd the dvd ( upgrade) option would include mono, yet the livecd not, since earlier v ersions of the livecd had mono.Dec 05 01:03
schestowitzOmar871: I'm on the RSS feed. If you post on the topic, I'll spread it.Dec 05 01:03
schestowitzYes, the moonlight issue is convincing.Dec 05 01:03
neighborlee_but we all know the supporters will do what they can to spin it their way , but I suspect most people install it eitgher by yum upgrade, or grab the livecd, which honeslty is a alot smaller download..( dvd is a whopping 3.4gb) ;)Dec 05 01:05
neighborlee_honeslty im happy to see moonlight, nor ooXML taking ahold ;))Dec 05 01:06
neighborlee_sometimes I just used  default when edting a document in say wordpad, but anymore I always make sure I use OO and odf for all my windows editing...;)Dec 05 01:09
neighborlee_schestowitz, but anyway, how are things going royDec 05 01:10
neighborlee_Omar871, how about you ;)Dec 05 01:10
schestowitzneighborlee_: I'm doing an important post now.Dec 05 01:11
schestowitzSo I was distracted.Dec 05 01:11
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neighborlee_schestowitz, no need ,,I get your busy alot ;))Dec 05 01:18
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Omar871neighborlee_: Everything's going well. Thanks. ;)Dec 05 01:19
neighborlee_:)Dec 05 01:19
schestowitzYou'll see the post in a moment. I proofread.Dec 05 01:21
schestowitzit's pretty big.Dec 05 01:21
schestowitzNa... I'll do it in the morning. Too tired...Dec 05 01:23
neighborlee_hehDec 05 01:36
schestowitzI'm still here.Dec 05 01:37
neighborlee_OO has auto checkingDec 05 01:37
schestowitzI just need to watch it with a fresh mind.Dec 05 01:37
schestowitzIt has weasel words in it.Dec 05 01:37
neighborlee_ahDec 05 01:37
schestowitzI can't have this published somewhere respectable.Dec 05 01:37
schestowitzautochecking of /what/?Dec 05 01:37
neighborlee_well,,you said you were proofreading itDec 05 01:38
schestowitzYes, but not spellingDec 05 01:38
neighborlee_nvm you meant for content , not spelling ;)Dec 05 01:38
schestowitzAnd grammar would have flase positives.Dec 05 01:38
schestowitzThere's no alternative to reading.Dec 05 01:38
neighborlee_ok- ;)Dec 05 01:38
Omar871schestowitz: oh, by the way, regarding the spelling and grammar faults in my post, I corrected a three or four hours ago. ;)Dec 05 01:39
schestowitzIt's the task I hate the mostDec 05 01:40
schestowitzIt adds nothing but a chance to get less nitpicking from the likes of AlexHDec 05 01:40
schestowitz"Well, the post is fine, but you have a typo"Dec 05 01:40
schestowitzOr "you exaggerate a bit there"Dec 05 01:40
Omar871schestowitz: That's AlexH who once told you that?Dec 05 01:41
schestowitzNo.Dec 05 01:42
schestowitzBut if people don't like something, they find non-factual things to use as ammunition against the messageDec 05 01:42
schestowitzAnother technique is "shoot the messenger" (not the typos)Dec 05 01:42
Omar871Yeah, that's true.Dec 05 01:42
Omar871Especially when they got no proof to the point they're making, they tend to find any to attack you with if it's got nothing to do with the subject of the discussion.Dec 05 01:44
schestowitzProofread is like cutting your toenails versus taking a shower or dressing upDec 05 01:44
neighborlee_schestowitz, if all one has to call their deeds in life is nitpicking someones spelling i'd think thats a life not many would be proud of  ;)Dec 05 01:48
schestowitzneighborlee_: there are factual inaccuracies sometimes, but it's subjective in circumstances of interpretation.Dec 05 01:50
neighborlee_schestowitz, I worry about my posting overall like anyone else does, but if all they have is a nickpick, then they have already lost.Dec 05 01:50
neighborlee_schestowitz, right yesDec 05 01:51
schestowitzNickpick tooDec 05 01:51
schestowitzThat would be eetDec 05 01:51
schestowitzPicking different name to hide his identityDec 05 01:51
neighborlee_eet is the worst of themDec 05 01:51
schestowitzHe has proxies tooDec 05 01:51
neighborlee_Jo is behind him alongside alexDec 05 01:51
schestowitzHe still uses them, but he's predictable.Dec 05 01:51
schestowitzProgressive chaps.Dec 05 01:52
neighborlee_yes his posts are the most abusive overallDec 05 01:52
schestowitzLet Linux just merge with Redmind.Dec 05 01:52
schestowitz*RedmondDec 05 01:52
neighborlee_yes welDec 05 01:52
neighborlee_lDec 05 01:52
neighborlee_to me thats very KEY to who they are..most linux users do not have that in common with either of the 3 ;)Dec 05 01:52
neighborlee_It's not just one thing or the other , its everything taken as a whole which paints trusting much of anything from MIcrosoft in ridiculously high suspicion  and anyone not getting that doesn't get the value and responsibility foss has to its userbase ;)Dec 05 01:54
schestowitzI guess we attract this loud minorityDec 05 01:57
schestowitzMost readers never commentDec 05 01:57
schestowitzThere's a loud set of protesters.Dec 05 01:57
schestowitzTake today for example. Other than personal attacks we got about 200 comments (for about 30,000 pageviews). Almost all the comments are from hecklers that attack me or the message.Dec 05 01:58
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PetoKrausummDec 05 02:57
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twitterI wonder if you will qualify for a call from M$ as a site that needs IE 8 help. 05 03:26
twitterI don't think so because they are only supposed to be calling on the hundreds of high traffic sites that "optimized" for older versions of IE.Dec 05 03:27
twitter"make your site work with our browser, please"  how amazing.Dec 05 03:27
twitterThe other day, you asked for an interpretation of the Vista EULA.  I found one here 05 03:29
twitterYes, it was worse than the XP EULA.Dec 05 03:29
twitterfound here 05 03:30
schestowitzSomeone leaked some juicy details out. :-) This shows how an actual voucher deal with Novell/Microsoft comes about: ( How Novell and Microsoft Cooperate Behind the Scenes )Dec 05 03:31
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schestowitzSite is down. I wonder how long for...Dec 05 08:59
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schestowitzCool! They are using the banners I made.Dec 05 09:02
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MinceRhayDec 05 09:12
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schestowitzCarlin's brilliant: 05 10:49
*Eruaran has quit (Remote closed the connection)Dec 05 11:19
schestowitzProtest photos (with BN graphics :-) ) I keep my eye on Microsoft blogs in order to find how if they will try to misguide developers. There used to be an article with the healing "Microsoft seems to have hijacked Linux Asia" at . This is something that repeats itself occasionally.Dec 05 12:17
schestowitzI've found a copy in the Web Archive: 05 12:17
schestowitz"As far as making the source code available, we at MS strongly feel thatDec 05 12:17
schestowitzthere is a need to protect intellectual property (IP) as it is theDec 05 12:17
schestowitzeconomic incentive to create better solutions. However, we do not refuteDec 05 12:17
schestowitzthe other school of thought, which is why we have created platforms likeDec 05 12:17
schestowitzCodeplex. Microsoft is a part of all standard bodies, and we activelyDec 05 12:17
schestowitzparticipate in creating open standards for our customers."Dec 05 12:17
schestowitzLike corrupting ISO officials? Intellectual monopolies? That's revolting.Dec 05 12:18
schestowitzIt's the same old story (not the exception). Dec 05 12:18
schestowitzWarner Music Pitches Music Tax To Universities: You Pay, We Stop Suing < >Dec 05 13:07
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EruaranI should have known being able to comment at Fort 25 is not open to Joe Public.Dec 05 13:36
schestowitzDid you try?Dec 05 13:38
EruaranyesDec 05 13:38
schestowitzThey used to get the abuse they deserves there.Dec 05 13:38
schestowitzWhat happened when you tried?Dec 05 13:38
schestowitz*deservedDec 05 13:38
EruaranWhen I attempted to submit my commentDec 05 13:39
EruaranThe page just resetDec 05 13:39
schestowitzAh, so it's only the ILLUSION that they are open to feedback.Dec 05 13:39
EruaranyesDec 05 13:39
schestowitzWas JS enabled?Dec 05 13:39
EruaranyesDec 05 13:39
schestowitz"Submit" button is the "illusion you have control"Dec 05 13:39
schestowitzKind of like the tickbox for automatic updates in Windows.Dec 05 13:40
EruaranI checked by reloading the story... it still had 0 comments.Dec 05 13:40
schestowitzEven when you refuse it, it ignores (overrides) the settings as though Microsoft owns your PCDec 05 13:40
schestowitzMaybe it entered moderationDec 05 13:40
EruaranI don't think soDec 05 13:40
schestowitzIf it doesn't show up tomorrow, tell me and I'll post about itDec 05 13:41
EruarankDec 05 13:41
schestowitzIt's typical of Microsof to ignore feedbackDec 05 13:41
schestowitzMany people know that if you mail them, it bounces, calling it "SPAM"Dec 05 13:42
schestowitz"Report bug" isn't even used by themDec 05 13:42
schestowitzIt's just for you to feel like you're helping fix it...Dec 05 13:42
schestowitzThey sometimes collect stats and then just decide which bugs are worth bother with... can't be arsed to actually fix much as long as crime prevents ral competition.Dec 05 13:43
schestowitzBruce Perens: "Crimes Microsoft Gets Away With - So Far ... News publications are cautious about making accusations, and because of that,  some nasty acts of Microsoft are essentially being erased from the record. [...] | Microsoft convinced Baystar Capital to put $50 Million dollars into SCO's lawsuit against IBM and other Open Source users, and promised to "backstop" .."Dec 05 13:45
schestowitz"Baystar's investment if SCO lost money, according to this sworn testimony. But I'm told that one person's testimony, even sworn testimony, isn't proof." 05 13:45
EruaranI just added my KDE 4.1 Beta 1 sourceDec 05 13:45
EruaranThe updater has neatly appeared in my systrayDec 05 13:46
EruaranTime to take the plunge !Dec 05 13:46
EruaranAnd away she goes...Dec 05 13:47
schestowitzKDE 4.2 right?Dec 05 13:47
EruaranyesDec 05 13:47
EruaranohDec 05 13:47
Eruaranyes, I meant 4.2Dec 05 13:47
schestowitzI thought you did retro :-DDec 05 13:47
Eruaran:PDec 05 13:47
schestowitzLinuxToday is getting weird: 05 13:48
EruaranIts coming down the pipe fairly fast, so I'll be restarting X soonDec 05 13:48
schestowitzCarla adds so many items that have nothing to do with F/LOSS and GNU/LinuxDec 05 13:48
schestowitzMostly hardware and security. Isn't that what people read /other/ sources for?Dec 05 13:48
EruaranyesDec 05 13:48
Eruaranmaybe its just "filler"Dec 05 13:49
schestowitzI guess I could do politics in BN, but people have their /other/ sources for politics. It's not a one-stop all-you-can-eat buffet.Dec 05 13:49
schestowitzHere's the thing.Dec 05 13:49
schestowitzEven when she posts articles about H/W...Dec 05 13:49
EruaranThough it is called "Linux today"Dec 05 13:49
schestowitzI need to dig and see if it's Linux-related (which typically it's not)Dec 05 13:49
EruaranIf she's going to cover hardwareDec 05 13:50
EruaranShe should do an article on which motherboard is best supported by CorebootDec 05 13:50
EruaranAnd why being able to do a RAM dump when you shut down is goodDec 05 13:50
EruaranI think this is the first time I've ever downloaded Beta1 of anythingDec 05 13:56
schestowitzSun/Novell flamewar (ish) in the comments here: 05 13:57
EruaranThis is a classic Microsoft actionDec 05 13:59
EruaranDivide your enemiesDec 05 13:59
Eruaran(Not that I'd call Novell an enemy to Microsoft)Dec 05 13:59
EruaranIt divides the communityDec 05 13:59
schestowitzYesDec 05 14:00
schestowitzInstead of OpenOffice fighting MSOffice now you have Novell fighting Sun and OpenOffice.orgDec 05 14:00
schestowitzIn the same vein it has been said that Novell is now targeting Red Hat instead of Windows.Dec 05 14:00
EruaranyepDec 05 14:01
schestowitzFor the record, Boycott Novell never devided. It points out place where the friction is seen.Dec 05 14:01
schestowitzWe are too small the cause division. Sun, on the other hand, is pissed off.Dec 05 14:01
EruaranMicrosoft would be happy with something that echoes the Unix wars.Dec 05 14:02
schestowitzSo regardless of what people say, what developers /DO/ is what counts.Dec 05 14:02
schestowitz*divides (big typo up there)Dec 05 14:02
EruaranYou know that wallpaper Microsoft has been using in Windows 7 that appeared first at their PDC ?Dec 05 14:04
schestowitz"Kristin Shoemaker  [..] Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier makes the interesting observation on his "Community, Incorporated" blog that one of the reasons the Open Source Definition doesn't allow clauses restricting commercial use is that "commercial" is a slippery term to define, particularly on the web."Dec 05 14:05
schestowitzThere's something there. 05 14:05
EruaranIts basically a ripoff of one Vladstudio did last year, in 2007. The Vladstudio version is better.Dec 05 14:05
schestowitzShe covers a lot of OpenSUSE stuff and Zonker also is part of OStatic, so in essence, his presence there makes that site pro-OpenSUSE at times.Dec 05 14:05
EruaranIts called "underwater"Dec 05 14:05
schestowitzOh yeah...Dec 05 14:06
schestowitzGot a copy?Dec 05 14:06
EruaranKDE 4.x with "glassified" theme + Vladstudio's "underwater" is pretty much the same looking desktop as Windows 7Dec 05 14:06
EruaranAnd pre-dates itDec 05 14:06
EruaranyesDec 05 14:06
Eruaran 05 14:08
schestowitzHaha.Dec 05 14:09
EruaranFamiliar eh ?Dec 05 14:09
Eruaran:PDec 05 14:09
EruaranVlad did that in 2007Dec 05 14:09
schestowitzMicrosoft innova~1: "make it like... this"Dec 05 14:09
schestowitzThey also copy Apple systematically.Dec 05 14:10
schestowitzTheir whole company is based on stealing other people's ideas.Dec 05 14:10
schestowitzSometimes settling in court and brushing away the truth.Dec 05 14:10
EruaranJust use that wallpaper on your KDE 4.x desktop and set your Plasma theme to Glassified and voila... Windows 7.Dec 05 14:10
schestowitzNo.Dec 05 14:11
EruaranheheDec 05 14:11
schestowitzIt's better than Vista 7Dec 05 14:11
EruaranIt is actuallyDec 05 14:11
EruaranIt looks betterDec 05 14:11
schestowitzIt also runs more applications (with Wine), although it's arguable.Dec 05 14:11
EruaranVlad's version is betterDec 05 14:11
EruaranVlad makes great wallpapersDec 05 14:12
MinceRit also has better hardware support than vista7Dec 05 14:13
EruaranAnd runs great on netbooksDec 05 14:13
*Eruaran has quit (Remote closed the connection)Dec 05 14:17
*_doug (n=_doug@unaffiliated/confignak) has joined #boycottnovellDec 05 14:19
_dougYo .. wassup ?Dec 05 14:32
schestowitzNew: KDE 4.1 review: 05 14:33
schestowitzHey, _doug Dec 05 14:33
schestowitz"The aforementioned Plasma feature now works without a hitch, and ‘Plasmoids’ (Plasma applets) can be added, removed, scaled and rotated at will. The taskbar has had many improvements too, and its width and position can now be adjusted. "Dec 05 14:34
*mib_9p2nhr (i=3a58becb@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellDec 05 14:35
_doughi there ..Dec 05 14:36
*Omar871 has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Dec 05 14:39
_dougWhy is this considered news ?Dec 05 14:39
_doug 05 14:39
_doug'"AV-Comparatives, the Austrian team of experts dedicated to antivirus tests acknowledged as a reference point in the field'Dec 05 14:39
schestowitzIt's not news.It's an adDec 05 14:40
_doug'The best defence against unknown malware is to make an Operating System that don't get compromised by clicking on an URL or opening an email attachment ..'Dec 05 14:40
schestowitzLike the one for Zafara.Dec 05 14:40
schestowitz> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD < (30day free trail)Dec 05 14:40
schestowitz*30-day FREE!!! TrialDec 05 14:40
schestowitzThe world's biggest thief wants money from the President:  Bill Gates presses Obama on stimulus package, foreign aid < >Dec 05 14:42
trmanco:)Dec 05 14:42
schestowitz"He [Bill Gates] is divisive. He is manipulative. He is a user. He has taken much from me and the industry." --Gary KildallDec 05 14:42
schestowitzMore money.Dec 05 14:42
schestowitzMore money from Bill.Dec 05 14:42
trmancoI have to thank Gregory ShearmanDec 05 14:42
schestowitzFor Bill tooDec 05 14:42
trmancoon usenetDec 05 14:42
schestowitzWhat did he say?Dec 05 14:42
trmanco1 secDec 05 14:43
schestowitzI'll do a quick post about it.Dec 05 14:43
trmancoI'll get you the lnkDec 05 14:43
schestowitz_doug will be upset because I say the truth about Gates. :-)Dec 05 14:43
trmancololDec 05 14:43
schestowitz_doug: diplomatic does not mean lying to the publicDec 05 14:44
schestowitzI'll probably get mail again for not being nice to the Vole executives.Dec 05 14:44
trmancoschestowitz, 05 14:44
_dougmore H1 visas ?Dec 05 14:45
trmancoLOLDec 05 14:45
_doug 05 14:46
trmancowho would recommend HTML 4.01 againts XHTML 1.0Dec 05 14:46
trmanco...Dec 05 14:46
trmancoagainst*Dec 05 14:46
_dougWhy are the US citizens required to bailout the rich ?Dec 05 14:47
_doug"Bill Gates .. immediately craft a wide-ranging stimulus package"Dec 05 14:47
_dougThe richest 5% could bail out the US economy ..Dec 05 14:48
_dougH-1B == cheap foreign labor ...Dec 05 14:50
_doug"example of a Microsoft employee in China who was barred by the U.S. government from attending a meeting in the United States after she got married"Dec 05 14:51
_dougThis is interesting, Schest, could you find out the details ?Dec 05 14:52
schestowitz_doug: no idea whyDec 05 14:53
schestowitzGood idea about the rich bailing out the ecnomyDec 05 14:53
_dougIs it a made up story .. ?Dec 05 14:54
schestowitzIt's more likely they'll move to Hawaii with their fortune when a a devastated US crashes and burns, having been squeezed for its last ounce by the richDec 05 14:54
schestowitzHere's a theoryDec 05 14:54
schestowitz'Big' people give the illusion you must spendDec 05 14:54
schestowitz.So you buy, bu, buy... they make lots of cashDec 05 14:54
schestowitzThe state absorbs the debt of 10 trillionDec 05 14:54
schestowitzThen it blows up but the rich are prepared for thisDec 05 14:55
schestowitzMassive layoffs ensue and bailout is used to keep the big corps afloatDec 05 14:55
schestowitzWhat about that story about a Chinese guy who dies while in custody because he had cancer?Dec 05 14:56
*mib_9p2nhr has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Dec 05 14:56
_dougIt's the consumers that are going to pay for the bailout, for decades. Massive tax and prices increase, lower wages and longer hours ..Dec 05 14:56
schestowitzHe was an American citizen, but in the nation of "War on terror" he was seen as a suspect without need for any evidence. I could find the story. HUGELY shcoking.Dec 05 14:56
_dougdies in custody ?Dec 05 14:56
schestowitzcustody... yes... well, in border control, then locked upDec 05 14:57
schestowitzFor no reason... he has his wife and kids in the US (well, /had/ because they let him die)Dec 05 14:57
schestowitzI think that's it.Dec 05 14:58
schestowitzHold on, I'm reading it. 05 14:58
schestowitz'Earlier this month, a thirty-four-year-old Chinese computer engineer, Hiu Lui Ng, who overstayed his visa, died in a Rhode Island immigration detention center. He had cancer in his liver, lung and bones, and a fractured spine. Despite repeated complaints of severe pain, Mr. Ng was refused independent medical evaluation by immigration officials. Before Mr. Ng died on August 6th, he told his sister that the nurses at the Donald W. WDec 05 14:59
schestowitzyatt Detention Center in Rhode Island had told him to “stop faking” his illness.'Dec 05 14:59
schestowitzAnother recent one: "For some details:  CNN: 'Sister Green,' who died on hospital floor, was mother of six. "Dec 05 15:00
schestowitz"AlterNet: Woman Convulses and Dies, Ignored, in Waiting Room of New York City Hospital — €«A woman who had waited nearly 24 hours to be seen in a Brooklyn public hospital collapsed, fell face-down on the floor, convulsed and for nearly an hour — while several hospital staff members looked at her and one staff member even prodded her with her foot — received no aid. "Dec 05 15:01
schestowitz"Washington Post: Firings and Dismay After Woman's Death at Hospital — €«"I can't explain what happened there," the mayor said earlier this week. "Does it say anything about our society? 'I hope not' is the basic answer."€»"Dec 05 15:01
schestowitzHmmm.......... new one: Prisoner Escapes by Mailing Himself Out of Jail < >Dec 05 15:03
_dougin a "psychiatric" hospital .. people who work in them are known as low rent profesionals. To stupid to be real doctors, and too lazy to get a real job ..Dec 05 15:04
_doug 05 15:05
_dougWhat the dumbass security guard ..Dec 05 15:05
schestowitzHe took it easyDec 05 15:06
schestowitzIt's not his job /sarcasmDec 05 15:06
_dougI seen the same thing in the street, a woman collapses and everyone walks past ..Dec 05 15:07
_dougIBM Launches Microsoft-Free Linux PCs ..Dec 05 15:09
_doug 05 15:09
_doug"IBM teamed up with Canonical and Virtual Bridges to create the offering"Dec 05 15:09
_dougOpen Source versus commercial software ..Dec 05 15:12
_doug 05 15:12
_dougBBC and the fake, fake Nintendo story ..Dec 05 15:14
_doug 05 15:14
schestowitzYes, IBM..Dec 05 15:14
schestowitzAnother masterDec 05 15:14
schestowitzLike Apple.Dec 05 15:14
schestowitzThey should offer Free softwareDec 05 15:14
_dougIs it to do with the next version being region locked, and the current one isn't ?Dec 05 15:15
_doug 05 15:16
_doug"Nintendo DSi games to be region-locked"Dec 05 15:17
_doug'"Buy from a reputable or regulated site, and if purchasing from outside the UK or a new website research the site, check all the facts before you buy," said Pamela Rogers, HMRC's head of intellectual property rights.'Dec 05 15:19
_dougSchest: I didn't know HMRC required a head of intellectual property. Since when did HMRC become an arm of big business ?Dec 05 15:20
twitterThere's lots of IBM, Vista free, news today.Dec 05 15:21
twitterStuff about using your existing PCs as Ubuntu thin clients.  Bwa ha ha ha ha.Dec 05 15:21
schestowitzI mentioned that Computer Weekly article days ago.Dec 05 15:21
_douggtg ..Dec 05 15:22
schestowitzIt repeats an article and then appends to it some links to Microsoft/Partner Group FUDDec 05 15:22
*_doug (n=_doug@unaffiliated/confignak) has left #boycottnovellDec 05 15:22
twitterWSJ and others are running much less FUDed versions.Dec 05 15:22
schestowitzI hardly read themDec 05 15:23
schestowitzScale does not necessarily make reliabilityDec 05 15:23
schestowitzIt sometimes makes obedience.Dec 05 15:23
schestowitz 05 15:23
twitterWhen you compare the articles, the FUD evaporates but each one has at least on piece of crap in it.Dec 05 15:23
schestowitzWSJ helps Intel's denials of crimeDec 05 15:24
schestowitz3 mins ago I wrote about W-E: (got to love the picture)Dec 05 15:25
twitterTrue, that's why a nugget of truth from them is worth pointing at.  Good news from a hostile source is nice.Dec 05 15:25
schestowitzAt the top of each elite publication sits a rich man like MurdockDec 05 15:26
schestowitz*Murdoch (not Ian :-) )Dec 05 15:26
schestowitzSuch rich people have vested interest in the status quo, so they rarely challenge the system or bring change with their publication. They police conformance and obedience.Dec 05 15:27
twitterI took a journalism class once, so I know a little about how easy it is for reporters to be manipulated and in the dark.Dec 05 15:29
schestowitzYuck: Lobbyings. They should cuff them, not ask for their advice. They bring legalised corruption from the US through multi-nationals... to the EUDec 05 15:29
schestowitz"Peter Fleischer"...Dec 05 15:29
schestowitzSo tell us, Peter, what do you do for a living?Dec 05 15:30
schestowitzWell, well...Dec 05 15:30
schestowitz"I change the law to screw the people and help Google, which pays me to corrupt politicians"Dec 05 15:30
twitterJust the same, I thought the IBM effort was good news.  Pushing out M$ with GNU/Linux is always good.Dec 05 15:30
schestowitzThey should cap off the Lotus thingDec 05 15:31
schestowitzIt's proprietary JUNK.Dec 05 15:31
twitterWhy junk it when they could liberated it?Dec 05 15:31
twitterliberateDec 05 15:32
schestowitzThere is Free software they should market with those PCs. We don't need BIG blue back to "master" status. Just watch the abuses of Apple.Dec 05 15:32
schestowitzNew abuse from Apple:Dec 05 15:32
schestowitz 05 15:32
schestowitz"Sam Odio, operator of bluwiki, did what Jobs' Mob demanded only because he said he lacked the money to take on the fruit-themed toymaker. He told AP that, when a lawyer calls you up and implicitly threatens litigation that would bankrupt your little project, you obviously have no choice but to comply."Dec 05 15:32
schestowitzRMS is right.Dec 05 15:32
schestowitzOur target must not be just Microsoft although Microsoft is a top leader in crimes against programmers and usersDec 05 15:32
twitterThe target is freedom.  IBM's solution has more of that than M$.Dec 05 15:33
schestowitzMicrosoft hires Yahoo! search boss < >Dec 05 15:33
schestowitz"Buying the company person by person"Dec 05 15:34
schestowitzAgitate and destoryDec 05 15:34
schestowitz"Before joining Yahoo! Lu was a researcher for IBM - he holds 20 US patents."Dec 05 15:34
schestowitzTell Billg. He'll be salivating... patents!!Dec 05 15:34
twitterCooperation between industry and regulation has an inherent paradox - only industry people really know how industry works.Dec 05 15:35
schestowitzAnd others come from IndustryDec 05 15:35
schestowitzWhich means they are corruptible, with duties to former employersDec 05 15:35
schestowitzJust watch what happened to DOJ... Brothel is what it is.Dec 05 15:36
schestowitzAn army of cronies pretending to be hawks of justice.Dec 05 15:36
twitterYou want people who know what's going on, but you also want people to look after the public interest.  DOJ == Corruption.Dec 05 15:36
schestowitzWe should let robots become our leaders. :)Dec 05 15:36
twitterOnly if I can program the robots.Dec 05 15:37
schestowitzProgram them using code everyone can view and let them make decision based on this code everyone is happy with.Dec 05 15:37
schestowitzYesterday: ( DOJ Was Three Hours From Suing Google For Antitrust Violations )Dec 05 15:37
twitterIf I make the compiler, I can slip thing in on you.Dec 05 15:37
schestowitzIOW, Microsoft cronies threatened to sue Google if it didn't let Microsoft just destroy Yahoo! (and then Google)Dec 05 15:37
schestowitzAmerican politics makes me stick to the stomach and the UK is almost as bad.Dec 05 15:38
twitterYes, that's big time corruption.  The DOJ guy who did it resigned as soon as Google gave up.Dec 05 15:38
schestowitzAt least here there is choice at the elections. In the US it's always the same party that wins: the corporation.Dec 05 15:38
schestowitzYesDec 05 15:38
schestowitzHe quitDec 05 15:38
schestowitzMaybe he was under pressure, but I don't know.Dec 05 15:39
twittertook his money and ranDec 05 15:39
schestowitzI don't believe a reason was givenDec 05 15:39
schestowitzThere was another guy who Pj thought was the cronie responsible. I wrote about it in BN. Let me checkDec 05 15:39
schestowitzI can't remember his name..Dec 05 15:39
schestowitzStill looking... 05 15:41
schestowitz "Google is holding secret negotiations with the US Department of Justice to head off a full investigation into its ad-sharing deal with Yahoo!"Dec 05 15:42
schestowitzStill can't find it.Dec 05 15:42
schestowitz“Did you know that there are more than 34,750 registered lobbyists in Washington, D.C., for just 435 representatives and 100 senators? That’s 64 lobbyists for each congressperson.” – Dec 05 15:42
schestowitzI give upDec 05 15:43
schestowitzOh, wait.. maybe ralph something.Dec 05 15:43
twitterJournalists and jail, 05 15:45
schestowitz 05 15:45
schestowitzThis one is a good letter < >, but anyway, I can't remember the man's name. PJ wrote that he might be a Microsoft croniman... not in these words.Dec 05 15:46
schestowitzOh wait..Dec 05 15:46
schestowitzI can find it cause I mailed her about it..Dec 05 15:46
schestowitzNo, can't find it.Dec 05 15:49
twitterWow, check out this firehose spammer. 05 15:58
twitterhe's been submitting pure junk to clog the firehose for months.Dec 05 15:58
schestowitzDigg used to have spammers as well.Dec 05 15:59
schestowitzThey were like motors of junk... typically from IndiaDec 05 15:59
schestowitzTheir profiles made for front page for laughsDec 05 15:59
twitterThis one is so obvious.  Big huge html code cut and paste mixed with crap text.Dec 05 15:59
schestowitzBut this is just spamDec 05 16:00
schestowitzIt's not just poison to ruin the site's experience.Dec 05 16:00
twitterThis guy is pure poison.Dec 05 16:00
schestowitz"The parallel is a good one: just as the "war" on drugs is a total failure - putting millions needlessly in jail, costing billions, and succeeding only in boosting criminal activity - so a "war" on file sharing will be utterly disproportionate, and utterly futile." 05 16:02
*neighborlee_ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Dec 05 16:03
twitterIt's easier to do what RMS does, point out how copyright warriors harm society and then make them justify their crappy laws.Dec 05 16:06
schestowitzNOVL news (watch logo at the bottom): Dec 05 16:09
schestowitzNovell is still a loser: "Novell Announces 4Q Loss" < >Dec 05 16:10
schestowitzNovell: "No, no... we're doing very well with Microsoft... we're still losing lots of money."Dec 05 16:11
twitterand netware clients.Dec 05 16:13
twitterI wonder why the tech press is reporting the IBM deal today.  IBM announced it back in January. 05 16:14
twitterMust be a FUD attack.Dec 05 16:15
schestowitzThe O'Gara shill is resposting articles now.Dec 05 16:15
twitterThe kind M$ brews for months.Dec 05 16:15
schestowitzIt's not enough for her to do anti-Red Hat articles.Dec 05 16:15
schestowitzNow she's reposting someDec 05 16:15
schestowitzBecause Red Hat was upgraded and NOVL announced losses... whatever...Dec 05 16:15
twitterShe must be trying to get the readership numbers up.Dec 05 16:16
twitterI saw a page listing her articles and most had readership under 200.Dec 05 16:16
twitter200 page views..... sad.Dec 05 16:16
schestowitzThe press is SO stupidDec 05 16:16
schestowitzThey just echo Novell PEDec 05 16:17
schestowitzPRDec 05 16:17
schestowitzThey make it seem as though Novell's results (losses) are OK news.Dec 05 16:17
twitterJournalists are kept too busy to think.Dec 05 16:17
schestowitzSys-con does not thinkDec 05 16:17
twitterIf they do think, they get fired.Dec 05 16:17
schestowitzIt reposts press releasesDec 05 16:17
schestowitzSometimes you can see how they edit them slightly and then postDec 05 16:17
schestowitzI gave examples in BNDec 05 16:17
schestowitzIt's against the law, I think.Dec 05 16:18
twitterNot in the US.Dec 05 16:21
twitterIt's slimy and poor journalism but not strictly against the law.Dec 05 16:21
schestowitzMOG is also pimping PlaeSpin (NOVL) at the momentDec 05 16:22
schestowitzVery fishyDec 05 16:22
schestowitzNot surprising.Dec 05 16:22
schestowitzI think it's illegal in Japan (from what I've read somewhere)Dec 05 16:23


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