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InteLeaks: An Introduction

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Summary: Intel has long been covered here, with focus on its underhanded tactics; as we shall show in the coming days, there may be more scandals on Intel's lap and geeks are running out of legitimate reasons/motivations to keep Intel/x86 monoculture afloat

THE company that has earned names like "chipzilla" and is generally notorious for its defective chips with back doors in them is still in business. It serves not the customers (or so-called 'consumers') but various partners, including the government of the United States and its military.

"We're going to show a lesser-known side or Intel and expose some of the inner workings."Intel has long wanted to portray itself as a friend and ally of geeks. In the far east it pays pop bands for advertisements that contribute to the "cool" factor; Intel wishes to be seen as fun, playful, and "Smart" (or intelligent) when it practice it embeds back doors in a lot of devices (ones that cannot be disabled without modifying silicon at a micrometer scale). Intel works for intelligence agencies, not for intelligent people. It helps proprietary software giants carry out their obligations to intelligence officers; you might think you buy and therefore "own" the chips. But you don't. They own you. They control you. It's only getting worse over time.

InteLeaksGeek fatigue over Intel's countless abuses (which include attacking charities in Africa and later pretending that removing words from code would make Intel "woke" and "against racism") is a major factor leading people to things such as Raspberry Pi and alternative architecture (rejecting x86 and its patent pools altogether).

Over the next few days or weeks we'll focus on leaks. We're going to show a lesser-known side of Intel and expose some of the inner workings. Let's just say that geeks who receive a very large salary from Intel are themselves becoming increasingly fed up. They know Intel from the inside. They know "Intel Inside". And they don't like what they see.

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