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InteLeaks - Part VI: A Deeper Dive Into the Technical Incompetence at Intel

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Summary: Intel is under fire from GNU/Linux folks who rightly bemoan clueless leadership that does not understand GNU or Linux; moreover, as this series will show, they're more or less in Microsoft's pocket

THIS series will be a very long one. We keep receiving additional information from informed individuals. What we show here isn't being shown elsewhere, so we're in no rush to release it quickly and we'd rather do it patiently and correctly (accurate explanations).

"Much of the redaction won't be of fine details or sensitive information; rather, it's about names as we don't wish to admonish or embarrass the wrong people."In previous parts (please refer back to introduction, Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, and Part V because we'd rather not repeat what was already shown) we presented several frustrating details about Intel's (mis)handling of Linux. Have a look at this, which ought to be quite a giveaway in visual form:

Intel Windows

Our intention is to redact names and release all the relevant material by this series' end (it keeps getting longer as more people speak to us). In the video it is possible that redaction will be a little less lenient; we suppose fewer people watch the videos than study the images and by conservative estimates the risk of retribution based on something in a video frame is vastly lower than in text or images. Much of the redaction won't be of fine details or sensitive information; rather, it's about names as we don't wish to admonish or embarrass the wrong people. So if a name shows up, we won't read it out loud. It might not be occluded, either.

"I think the closest hint at Intel's double agenda is the fact that they decided to launch a Lakefield processor and platform that explicitly targets Windows, as if the whole GNU/Linux revolution over the past 3 decades hasn't happened at all," told us a person who knows Intel from the inside. MinceR asserts that "maybe different suits at Intel have different agendas..."

The Intel insider said "we discussed this a few months ago, but for me it was a sign that they don't actually care or it was a confirmation of their renewed interest in promoting Windows..."

MinceR asserts that "maybe the Redmond mafia twists their arm from time to time..."

We'll show more about that later in the series.

The Intel insider said, "as far as compilers and support for FGPAs are concerned I have Quartus installed and could use it for creating circuits, but maybe there are some other components that are still Windows-only..."

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