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Reckless, Feckless and Factless Campinos 'Doing a Donald Trump' on the Staff Union of His Office

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Summary: The message discussed above is important; it shows that Campinos became another Battistelli even faster than Battistelli had done the same

THE dispute at the EPO was publicised by António Campinos, who chose to defend Benoît Battistelli and his collaborators (instead of defending his staff from those crooks; see Part I, Part II, and Part III).

"Campinos is already trusted by almost nobody and he knows it. He's an "empty suit". He's weaponising a site trying to incite the staff, just like the American "Orange One"..."A critical reading of the message from Campinos is done above, in the form of a video, which is easier, faster, and more nuanced. Many analogies seem fitting here; it's one of those astounding scenarios where those engaging in (or complicit in, or cover up for) crimes claim to be "protecting" something like "manners" or "ethics" or "respect". We see a lot of that in the realm of computing; for instance, companies that facilitate bombings of civilians, internment camps, kidnapping of kids, forced (and racist) sterilisation campaigns say that their critics (or those who merely bring up such issues) are "toxic" and "rude".

February 16th, just 2 days after a day of love being celebrated, will likely be remembered as the day EPO staff began to truly loathe Mr. Campinos. He's using the EPO's digital resources to demonise and to post arguably "libellous" things about the staff's elected representatives. Campinos is already trusted by almost nobody and he knows it. He's an "empty suit". He's weaponising a site trying to incite the staff, just like the American "Orange One"... always looking for scapegoats to avoid or to dodge discussion about the real issues. Mr. coy-with-sneakers fools nobody and halfway through his term it looks like he gave up completely. He chooses to govern like a dictatorial autocrat, sanctioning and threatening elected representatives. Mama expected better from you, Tony.

Funeral de Jorge Campinos
Image source: Funeral de Jorge Campinos

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