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Video: Installing LibreWolf in GNU/Linux Using LibreWolf's Flatpak Package

Video download link | md5sum a6c931bcf2c2eb7160ba21d5bc07a276

Summary: Like LibreOffice, LibreWolf offers a way out of notorious corporate grips such as Oracle's or Mozilla's (yes, is Apache now, but it's way out of date and not safe to use anymore); we take a look at how LibreWolf gets installed on GNU/Linux distros using Flatpak (there are other ways)

THE LibreWolf project is still quite young. Months ago it decided to delete GitHub (we pushed it in this direction) and it already has some Debian scripts in place, ready to help wider adoption. In addition, they've adopted AppImage and Flatpak packages, just like Lagrange. When we say "they" we mean quite a few people who got involved and they're nowadays openly shunning Startpage, knowing its true owners. I wasn't particularly interested in LibreWolf until recently when I discovered they had deleted GitHub (RockyLinux did the same, moving in a similar direction). So today I decided to move what's left of Mozilla Firefox on my machine (Debian 10, but the video above is distro-agnostic) -- a browser I only use about 10% of the time anyway. I use Falkon, Konqueror, and NetSurf the rest of the time. I have a bunch of others installed, but I very rarely use them because they're niche players.

"Firefox and LibreWolf can be run in parallel amid transition, so there's no conflict."As we've argued before, the end goal is getting off the Web, wherever possible, in order to escape the direction the WWW has gone in (trajectory of DRM and GAFAM browsers only). But we recognise that many things like online banking demand something like GAFAM, to which Mozilla has become like a subsidiary. Incidentally, there's a new update to Gemini Protocol, announced only hours ago, but that will be the subject of another post.

We've mentioned LibreWolf quite recently as an alternative to Mozilla Firefox, mostly a clone which removes the known malicious 'features' that Mozilla keeps subjecting Firefox users to. Ryan has been experimenting with LibreWolf for quite some time now. Today I joined him and I decided to document the installation process as a video, without any prior preparation. What I've seen so far is very encouraging and we urge existing Firefox users to follow suit. Firefox and LibreWolf can be run in parallel amid transition, so there's no conflict.

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