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Financialization of the EPO Will Doom Europe's Largest Patent Office

Is the EPO an investment bank
Busy turning the Office into a "24/7" "day and night" bank, working around the clock and treating monopolies as products

Summary: The EPO is being killed off and effectively sold by Benoît Battistelli and his close friend António Campinos, who comes from a rogue banking sector; they've lowered the legitimacy of patents very considerably (now they pursue a court system which would/can allow European software patents) as well as the quality of examination/examiners because it's more profitable to just allow everything

LAST year we noted and quoted that “[t]he EPO is wasting money on stock market gambling,” having spoken to another person who further asserted that “they start to bring in more money through gambling than through the normal work activities. At that point the normal work activities become a charade at best, so they can pretend that they are active in a particular field of endeavor. More often the normal work activities just get in the way of the gambling so in response any staff still involved in normal work activities get fired in one way or another.”

"They pretend things are improving, even as they rapidly get a lot worse and slip out of hand (or tongue)."Remember that the EPO is gradually being privatised (even outsourced to Belarus, way outside the EPO and outside the EU) and eventually treated like a for-profit corporation; see the job titles in today's top-level management of the EPO. Suffice to say, the quality of work/workers/service is deliberately lowered for the sake of "profits" and of course part of that is just lying about "customer experience" etc.

They pretend things are improving, even as they rapidly get a lot worse and slip out of hand (or tongue). These are not public servants but self-serving autocrats.

As our associate put it today, "the privatisation scam is hitting the EPO, soon they will move to financialization and patents won't even be a charade/fascade, they will simply spend all their time and money "investing" in stocks all the while declaring themselves a patent office."

See the paper "Beware Financialization, Attractive and Dangerous, but Mostly Dangerous" by Donald Tomaskovic-Devey.

Beware Financialization, Attractive and Dangerous, but Mostly Dangerous

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